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MHT CET Important Topics — Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics


Are you juggling through different study materials online and still can’t find the important topics for your upcoming MHT CET exam? If this is the situation you’re in, you have come to the right place. You will get all the chapter-wise important topics and solutions at one stop here at Embibe, that too for. All you have to do is create a account, select the exam name and you are good to go.

Referring to multiple books to complete the MHT CET syllabus can be confusing. This is where the Embibe big book comes in, bringing the study of MHT CET important chapters and solutions to life. You can even download videos and watch them later whenever you want. Wondering how this entire process works? Keep reading to learn more!

MHT CET Subject-wise Important Topics

The MHT CET 2023 important chapters for each topic are given here, along with Embibe’s STUDY pages. These study sheets will be very helpful in obtaining alterations at the last minute. To access the question links on certain subjects, you can use the links provided below:

SubjectsTopicsDirect Links
MathematicsThree-Dimensional Geometrical SystemStudy Now
ProbabilityStudy Now
Point and Straight LineStudy Now
VectorStudy Now
Mathematical ReasoningStudy Now
Indefinite IntegrationStudy Now
Differential EquationStudy Now
Application of DerivativesStudy Now
Differential CoefficientStudy Now
Matrices and DeterminantsStudy Now
Continuity and DifferentiabilityStudy Now
PhysicsWave OpticsStudy Now
Waves and soundStudy Now
Properties of Matter and Fluid MechanicsStudy Now
Semiconductors and Communication SystemStudy Now
Oscillations SHMStudy Now
Rotational MotionStudy Now
ElectrostaticsStudy Now
Current ElectricityStudy Now
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating CurrentStudy Now
Photoelectric Effect and Electromagnetic WavesStudy Now
Chemistryp-Block ElementsStudy Now
Biomolecules and PolymersStudy Now
d and f block elementsStudy Now
Chemical ThermodynamicsStudy Now
General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metals MetallurgyStudy Now
Amines and Diazonium SaltsStudy Now
Chemical KineticsStudy Now
Some Basic Concepts of  Chemistry Mole ConceptStudy Now
ElectrochemistryStudy Now
Solutions and Colligative PropertiesStudy Now

FAQs on MHT CET Topics

Following are some of the common questions on MHT CET topics that you may have on your mind:

Q.1: How many subjects are there in the MHT CET Engineering exam?

Ans: MHT CET engineering exam focuses on three subjects:- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Q.2: Where will I find SHM chapter notes for?

Ans: You can download the study materials of the SHM chapter for from here at Embibe. 

Q.3: How many hours of study are needed for MHT CET preparation?

Ans: On average, you need to study 78 hours daily for your MHT CET exam.

Q.4: Are Class 12 concepts enough for the MHT CET exam?

Ans: Yes, you canfocus on the 10+2 concepts for your MHT CET exam. However, for more guidance on preparation, you can try out the study materials which are available for at Embibe.

Q.5: Where to find the best reference book for MHT CET Physics?

Ans: Embibe Big Book for MHT CET Physics will help you tremendously. You can also make the most out of chapter notes and other study materials in live 3D videos to aid your exam preparation and understanding.

We hope this detailed article on the MHT CET Topics helps you prepare for the MHT CET 2023 exam in the best way possible. Should you have any queries regarding taking the mock test or anything related to the exam, please contact us via the live chat box, which is accessible when signed in. 
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