Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8

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  • Written by nikhil
  • Last Modified on 22-05-2023
  • Written by nikhil
  • Last Modified on 22-05-2023

Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 Introduction

About Exam

The Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) was established in 1965 to regulate and supervise the secondary level education system in the State. The MPBSE is responsible for conducting the annual exam for classes 5, 8, 10, and 12 (for all other classes, the exams are done at the school level under the syllabus and guidance of the Board). The MP Board Class 8 timetable 2023 will be released online in December or January. Candidates can access the MPBSE Class 8 Class exam schedule 2023 after the Board’s official announcement.

Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh is a state board for school-level education. The Board follows the CBSE curriculum for academic structure. The 8th Madhya Pradesh Board Exam is not an internal school-level exam, it is a board-level exam. Any student who has been admitted into grade 8 in any Madhya Pradesh Board-affiliated school is eligible to take part in this exam. Scroll down to read more.


Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 Exam Summary


Below, we have tabulated all the important details about the MP Board Class 8 exams conducted by MPBSE. The table provides accurate information about the exam, conducting authority, frequency of the exams, etc.

Name of the Exam Madhya Pradesh Class 8 Board Examination
Conducting Body Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh
Frequency Yearly
Theory Exams 80 Marks
Internal Assessment/ Practical/ Project Work 20 Marks
Overall Passing Marks 33% Marks
Frequency of the Exam Twice a year
(1) Term I Examination
(2) Term II Examination/Year-end Examination
Official Website

Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern

All the necessary information for Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 exams are as follows:

3 language subjects Hindi
(Third Language)
Social science

Exam Calendar

Exam Syllabus

The MP Board Class 8 exams are scheduled to commence in April 2023. The exams would continue till April second week of 2023. The Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 exams will be held from morning 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM. Below we have provided the MP Board Class 8 timetable for your reference:

First language
(Hindi/English/Urdu/Marathi, et al)
To be Announced
General Hindi (for English, Marathi
and Urdu-medium students)
To be Announced
Science To be Announced
Mathematics/Music for visually
impaired students
To be Announced
General Sanskrit/Urdu/Punjabi,
& Painting for deaf and dumb students
To be Announced
Social Science To be Announced
General English (second language) To be Announced

Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 Exam Syllabus

Study Plan to Maximise Score

If one knows the Madhya Pradesh syllabus he/she knows in what order they must prepare for their exam. The syllabus enables a student to focus their efforts and attention on their strengths and weaknesses significantly. The MPBSE devises the Class 8 syllabus, which includes all of the topics that must be covered during that academic session. 

Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 syllabus consists of various subjects and each subject has a different syllabus. 

Below, we have mentioned the MP Board Class 8 Maths, Science and Social Science syllabus is given below:

Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 Mathematics Syllabus

Below we have provided the Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 Math syllabus:

Chapter Description
1 Rational Number
2 Linear Equations in One Variable
3 Understanding Quadrilaterals
4 Practical Geometry
5 Data Handling
6 Squares and Square Roots
7 Cubes and Cube Roots
8 Comparing Quantities
9 Algebraic Expressions and Identities
10 Visualising Solid Shapes
11 Mensuration
12 Exponents and Powers
13 Direct and Inverse Proportions
14 Factorisation
15 Introduction to Graphs
16 Playing with Numbers

Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 Science Syllabus

Below we have provided the Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 Science syllabus:

Chapter Description
1 Crop Production and Management
2 Microorganisms: Friend and Foe
3 Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
4 Materials – Metals and Non-Metals
5 Coal and Petroleum
6 Combustion and Flame
7 Conservation of Plants and Animals
8 Cell – Structure and Functions
9 Reproduction in Animals
10 Reaching the Age of Adolescence
11 Force and Pressure
12 Friction
13 Sound
14 Chemical Effects of Electric Current
15 Some Natural Phenomena
16 Light
17 Stars and The Solar System
18 Pollution of Air and Water

Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 Social Science Syllabus

Below we have provided the Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 Social Science syllabus:

Chapter Details
Our Pasts III Part 1 – Textbook for History for Class 8
1 How, When and Where
2 From Trade to Territory: The Company Establishes Power
3 Ruling the Countryside
4 Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of a Golden Age
5 When People Rebel 1857 and After
6 Colonialism and the City: The Story of an Imperial Capital
Our Pasts III Part 2 – Textbook for History for Class 8
7 Weavers, Iron Smelters and Factory Owners
8 Civilising the “Native”, Educating the Nation
9 Women, Caste and Reform
10 The Changing World of Visual Arts
11 The Making of the National Movement: 1870s-1947
12 India After Independence
2. Social and Political Life
A. Unit One: The Indian Constitution and Secularism
1 The Indian Constitution
2 Understanding Secularism
B. Unit Two: Parliament and The Making of Laws
3 Why do we need a Parliament?
4 Understanding Laws
C. Unit Three: The Judiciary
5 Judiciary
6 Understanding Our Criminal Justice System
D. Unit Four: Social Justice and The Marginalised Chapter
7 Understanding Marginalisation
8 Confronting Marginalisation
E. Unit Five: Economic Presence of the Government
9 Public Facilities
10 Law and Social Justice
3. Geography
1 Resources
2 Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources
3 Mineral and Power Resources
4 Agriculture
5 Industries
6 Human Resources

Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 English Syllabus

Below we have provided the Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 English syllabus:

MP Board Class 8 English Special Series Syllabus

Sr. No. Chapters
1 Don’t Quit
2 The Making of the Missile Man
3 The False Flight
4 The Narmada: The Lifeline of Madhya Pradesh
5 Trees are the Kindest Things I Know
6 How Mowgli Joined the Pack
7 Nothing You Can’t Do
8 English is Amazing (Poem)
9 To the Rescue
10 The Sacrifice
11 Children who are Wanted Every Hour
12 The Cherry Tree
13 How I Thought my Grandmother to Read
14 The Jet Age
15 Ahilyabai – A Great Indian Queen
16 To the New Year
17 Manav Sangrahalaya: One of Its Kind
18 Handy Andy at the Post Office
19 Bismillah Khan: The Shehnai Maestro
20 Yoga: A Way of Life
21 Work is Worship

MP Board Class 8 English General Series Syllabus

Sr. No. Chapters
1 Another Chance
2 Thrills of Kanha Kisli
3 The Ungrateful Jeweller
4 Trees: Our Saviours
5 The Miser and his Gold
6 Measure for Measure
7 Water Water Everywhere
8 The Moon
9 Kalpana: The Star
10 The Balloon Man
11 Save Water Save Life
12 Know More About
13 Virtue Pays
14 Azad: The Martyr
15 A Secret

Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 Exam Blueprint

Previous Year Analysis

MPBSE releases instructions for all the state-level schools. Board assessment for Class 8th is conducted by MPBSE yearly in March. 

The exam blueprint for the exam has not yet been made available by the board on their website. Madhya Pradesh Board will give the notice regarding the availability of the blueprint. 

The students can then download the Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 blueprint from the website and start planning for the test.

Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 Important Dates

Candidates can find the tentative important dates for Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 below:

Application Form Filling – Start and End Date

Aspirants can find the tentative application form filling start and end dates below:

4th week of Nov 2022 and 2nd week of Dec 2022

3rd week of Jan 2023

Exam Date

Aspirants can find the tentative exam date below:

2nd week of Jan 2023

Result Date

February-March 2023

Study Plan to Maximise Score

Preparation Tips

Given below are a few tips to help you prepare for the MP Board Cass 8 examination.

Organise your study space

  • Choose a proper room or space inside your house that you feel is the best for your studies. 
  • Arrange all your textbooks, exercise books, notes, pens, pencils and other items necessary for studies. 
  • Get rid of all the possible items or things that may cause distractions, that may disrupt your attention.
  • Make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible and able to focus without any sort of disturbance. 

Use visual aids, flow charts, videos and diagrams

Visual aids are helpful a lot for studying and revision. At the beginning of a topic, make a note for yourself to write down everything that you already know about a topic, and then identify the gaps and highlight those. As you are nearing the exam days, intensify your revision notes into as small as possible, preferably a one-page note or a one-page diagram. The idea is to narrow down the gaps gradually. 

Discuss your answers with others 

  • You may feel that you are preparing well. You may overlook your mistakes. But, it is possible that the answers that you are preparing may not be correct or may not be up to the standard. 
  • So, during your preparation time, discuss the answers prepared by you with people who have an understanding of the subject and topic. It may be your parents, siblings, peers, or your teacher. 
  • This helps you to get things clear in your head, and also to highlight any areas where you need to improve.

Take regular breaks

  • While you may think it is probably best to study for as many hours as possible, but, if you study at a stretch for a long time, this can actually be counterproductive. 
  • If you were preparing for a marathon race, you cannot try and run 24 hours a day. 
  • We recommend that you study for 45-50 minutes and then, take a break of 10 to 15 minutes to relax. Then again study for another 45 or 50 minutes. 

Plan your exam day 

  • Do keep all the stationery ready well in advance for the exam day. They are pens, pencils, geometry boxes, erasers, etc. 
  • Check all the rules and requirements for the exam.

Exam Taking Strategy

Below we have provided some of the important exam-taking strategies for MP Board Class 8 students:

  • Always reach the examination centre early to avoid the last-minute hassle and get enough time to relax, settle down and focus on the examination. 
  • Listen to all the instructions given by the examiner/invigilator in the exam hall. 
  • As soon as the question paper is distributed, read the instructions given in the question paper properly. 
  • Read all the questions and make a note of how many questions need to be answered in various sections. Identify the easier questions and the difficult questions. Make a note of the answer to all the questions you know very well first and then do the rest of the questions you’re not sure about. Accordingly, make a plan of the sequence of writing your answers. Quickly mark this sequence in the question paper and start writing.
  • Write your answer in a neat and clean manner. Answer the questions to the point. Write to the extent necessary.
  • Do not panic or lose confidence while facing difficult or confusing questions. Keep your mind calm.
  • Try to complete all the given questions in time. If you have answered all the questions in advance and saved some time, then do not leave the exam on time. Check your answers again and correct them if any error is there.

Detailed Study Plan

Work out a detailed study plan and appropriate guidance by the teachers, parents etc. to clear the Class 8 examination. Here are a few suggestions to help you with the same.

  • It is always advisable to maintain a timetable for each day in which all the subjects will get equal importance.
  • Spend a minimum of 3-4 hours each day by yourself in a detailed manner to study all the subjects.
  • Mathematics is a very time-absorbing subject, so it requires daily practice for a minimum of 2 hours.
  • One should study all the other subjects except Mathematics for a minimum of 30 minutes daily.
  • In Science, there are 3 sections, i.e., Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. One should thus allocate enough time for studying each of the required sections.
  • Social Science is divided into History, Geography, and Civics. Allocate at least 30 minutes to study this subject. One can study these sections on alternate days.
  • Literature subjects can be studied for 30 minutes on a given day.
  • One should not study continuously for long hours. Take short breaks of 10 to 15 minutes after every 45 to 50 minutes of study. 
  • Do some meditation at the start of each day. You can do yoga and exercise to keep fit and healthy and mentally alert. 
  • Take a balanced meal, the one that you like. Always keep your mind and body healthy.
  • Get a good amount of rest and sleep for about 7-8 hours per day.
  • Ensure you study on a daily basis to complete all the topics before your examination. Try and revise all the concepts before your exams.


Topper List Success Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the common questions are as follows,

Q1. When will the MP Board Class 8 exam begin?

Ans. The MP Board Class 8 exams will commence from April 2023 to April second week of 2023.

Q2. How to Download MP Board Class 8 Time Table 2023?

Ans. All interested students can download MP 8th exam schedule 2023 from the official website

Q3. Is MP Class 8 exam dates available for 2023?

Ans. No, the Madhya Pradesh Board Class 8 exams will be announced soon.

Q4. How can I check my 2023 MPBSE Class 8 result?

Ans. To see the 2023 MPBSE result, the students can go to the website and see the result. Follow the steps:

Step 1: Go to the official website 

Step 2: Click on the result tab. 

Step 3: Click on the MPBSE 8th result

Step 4: Input your data

Step 5: The result is displayed on your screen.

Q5. When will the MP Board Class 8 results be declared?

Ans. The MP Board Class 8 results will be released in May 2023 tentatively.

Q6. Will MP Board Class 8 students follow the NCERT syllabus?

Ans. The Governmental Board of School Education has made it mandatory for schools affiliated with MP Board from High School to use the syllabus published by NCERT.

List of Educational Institutions

Exam counselling

There are 1000+ schools affiliated with the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education. There are numerous schools in Madhya Pradesh. Check out the list of schools and exam boards in Madhya Pradesh.

Some of the schools are given below:

Sl no Name of School
1 Girls P.S. Agar Chawani
2 Girls M.S. Agar Chawani
3 P.S. Lasu Dli
4 Gudness Public School Agar Malwa
5 Govt. Hs. Excell. Agar
6 The Shepherd School
7 P.S. Bhayana
8 P.S. Lakhman Khedi
9 M.S. Bhayana
10 Boys M.S. Agar Chawani
11 Govt. Hss Model Agar
12 M.S. Lakhman Khedi
13 M.S. Bhadwa
14 P.S. Kishanpura
15 Praivt Hss Pushpa Convent Agar
16 M.S. Malikhedi
17 M.S. Nipania Baijnath
18 Madarsa Ishan Islamiya Agar Chawani
19 Satellite Shala Banskhedi Agar
20 P.S. Chikli Goyal

Best Government-run Colleges

List of few best government schools are given below:

Sl no Name of the School
1 Govt. H. S. Girls . Kanad
2 Govt. Hs Chandangaon
3 Govt. Hs. Excell. Agar
4 Govt. Hss Model Agar
5 Govt. Hs Girls Tanodiya
6 Govt. H.S.S. Tanodiya
7 Govt. Hs Gundikalan
8 Govt. H.S. Piplon Kalan
9 Govt. Hs Palda Agar
10 Govt. H.S.S . Kanad

Best Private Colleges

List of a few best private schools are given below:

Sl no Name of the School
1 Girls P.S. Agar Chawani
2 Gudness Public School Agar Malwa
3 Praivate Hss Pushpa Convent Agar
4 Satellite Shala Banskhedi Agar
5 Shri Jyotiba Fule Vidhya Vihar
6 The Great Envento School Narwal
7 Vivekanand Vidhya Niketan Bhayana
8 Bal Bharti Vidya Mandir Bhayana
9 Satellite Shala Kankar Bardi Arniya
10 Holy Public School Chhavani
11 Privt. Hss Saraswati Gyan Mandir Agar
12 Satellite Shala Basant Barda Chikli
13 Royal Rajput International Samgimana
14 Baba Saheb Aashray Kendra Mathurakhedi

Future Exams

Exam talks

The list of exams that an 8th Class student under the Madhya Pradesh Board has to appear for his/ her future progression of study are given below:

S.No. Exams
1 9th Madhya Pradesh Board Exam
2 10th Madhya Pradesh Board Exam

Even while studying in the same grade (8th), the students can appear for the exams listed below for their own skill improvement, merit certificates and scholarships.

S.No. Name of the Exam
1 International Science Olympiad (ISO)
2 International Maths Olympiad (IMO)
3 English International Olympiad (EIO)
4 English International Olympiad (EIO)
5 General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)
6 International Computer Olympiad (ICO)
7 International Drawing Olympiad (IDO)
8 National Essay Olympiad (NESO)
9 National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO)
10 NTSE (National Talent Search Examination)

Master 8th Madhya Pradesh Board Concepts with 3D Videos