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Maharashtra Board Class 10 Important Topics 2024


Approximately 1.7 lakh students yearly appear for the  10th Maharashtra board exams. If you want to stand out of the crowd and score excellent marks, you must leave no stone unturned during your exam preparation. Since Class 10 will be the first board exam of your life, you must ensure that you go through each and every topic of the chapters thoroughly.

Many may tell you that scoring 90+ marks is difficult. However, it is not impossible if you study all the topics carefully. Although there are numerous topics that you need to go through for the Maharashtra Board SSC exams, you can easily understand the same concepts by watching the videos on Embibe. The topics are described via videos on the app that will help you prepare for your exams meticulously. There are 120+ informative and 3D videos on the app covering the topics, which will help you properly clarify the concepts. Continue reading to get

Latest Update:
— With Maha Board SSC 2024 exams scheduled from March 1 to 22, 2023, enrolled students do not have much time left. Therefore, it is recommended that they gear up for the exam as promptly as they can and practice important topics below.

Maharashtra Board SSC Subject-wise Important Topics

Students appearing for Maharashtra board SSC must focus on important topics in each subject. Once you have an idea about the important topics and what the marks division is, you can easily focus on learning. You can, therefore, prepare a strategy that will allow you to learn efficiently. 

All the important topics are available as videos on the Embibe app. 3D videos can play an important role in making learning fun and interesting. As soon as you have gone through the chapters, you can move on to practice these topics.

Embibe also has chapter-wise segregated mock tests to help you understand how prepared you are for the final exams. As a result, you will be able to get better clarity on what each topic deals with. The mock tests at Embibe will provide you with a detailed analysis/feedback of your preparation, thereby helping you strategise your preparation in a better manner. 

Maharashtra Board SSC Topics: Science

If the question, ‘How is this (any particular thing) intriguing you?’, means that you are interested in that particular topic. Nothing around us happens just like that. Science has an important role to play in it all. Moreover, Science is also an important subject for board exams. If you wish to score higher marks in Science, you must refer to all the important topics on Embibe. 

In the table below, we have provided the important topics for Maharashtra board Class 10 Science:

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
Force and Motion
Kepler’s Laws
Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation
Earth’s Gravitational Force
2Periodic Classification of ElementsClassification of Elements
Dobereiner’s Triads
Mendeleev’s Periodic Table
Modern Periodic Law
Modern Periodic Table: Long Form of the Periodic Table
3Energy Transfer in an Electric Circuit
Heating Effect of Electric Current
Right-Hand Thumb Rule
Magnetic Field Produced by Current Through a Circular Loop of a Conducting Wire
Magnetic Field Due to a Current in a Solenoid
Chemical Reaction
Chemical Equations
Writing a Chemical Equation
Balancing a Chemical Equation
Types of Chemical Reactions
4Bonds in Carbon Compounds
Carbon: A Versatile Element
Hydrocarbons: Saturated and Unsaturated
Straight Chains, Branched Chains and Rings of Carbon Atoms
Functional Groups in Carbon Compounds
Energy Transfer in an Electric Circuit
Heating Effect of Electric Current
Right-hand Thumb Rule
Magnetic Field Produced by Current Through a Circular Loop of a Conducting Wire
Magnetic Field Due to a Current in a Solenoid
5HeatLatent Heat
Anomalous Behaviour of Water
Dew Point and Humidity
Unit of Heat
6Refraction of LightRefraction of Light
Laws of Refraction
Refractive Index
Twinkling of Stars
Dispersion of Light
Ray Diagram for Refraction
Images Formed by Convex Lenses
Images Formed by Concave Lenses
Magnification (M)
8MetallurgyPhysical Properties of Metals
Physical Properties of Nonmetals
Chemical Properties of Metals
Reactions of Metals
Reactivity Series of Metals
9Carbon CompoundsBonds in Carbon Compounds
Carbon: a Versatile Element
Hydrocarbons: Saturated and Unsaturated
Straight Chains, Branched Chains and Rings of Carbon Atoms
Functional Groups in Carbon Compounds
10Space MissionsSpace Missions
Artificial Satellite
Orbits of Artificial Satellites
Satellite Launch Vehicles
Space Missions Away from Earth
11Heredity and EvolutionHeredity and Hereditary Changes
Transcription, Translation and Translocation
Evidences of Evolution
Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection
12Life Processes in Living Organisms Part-1 Living Organisms and Life Processes
Living Organism and Energy Production
Energy Production in Microorganisms Through Anaerobic Respiration
Energy From Different Food Components
Cell Division: An Essential Life Process
13Life Processes in Living Organisms Part-2Asexual Reproduction
Sexual Reproduction
Reproduction and Modern Technology
Reproductive Health
14Environmental ManagementEcosystem a Review
Relationship Between Environment and Ecosystem
Environmental Conservation
Need of Environmental Conservation
Environmental Conservation – Our Social Responsibility
15Towards Green EnergyEnergy and Use of Energy
Thermal Energy Based Electric Power Station
Power Plant Based on Nuclear Energy
Electric Energy Generation and Environment
Hydroelectric Energy
16Animal ClassificationHistory of Animal Classification
Traditional Method of Animal Classification
Criteria for New System of Classification
17Introduction to MicrobiologyApplied Microbiology
Industrial Microbiology
18Cell Biology and BiotechnologyCytology
Stem Cells
Commercial Applications of Biotechnology
Important Stages in Agricultural Development
19Social HealthFactors Disturbing the Social Health
Communication Media and Excessive Use of Modern Technology
Stress Management
20Disaster ManagementDisaster
Effects of Disaster
Nature and Scope of Disaster
Disaster Management
Structure of Disaster Management Authority

To get more information on the important topics for Maharashtra Board SSC Science, you can visit Embibe.

Maharashtra Board SSC Topics: Maths

If you thoroughly prepare for it, you have no reason to dread or fear Maths. However, you must refer to the right sources for this thorough preparation. Embibe has all the topics you must prepare to score higher marks in your Maharashtra board Class 10 board Maths exams. 

In the table below, we have provided the important topics for the Maharashtra Board SSC:

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1Linear Equations in Two VariablesSimultaneous Equations
Graph of a Linear Equation in Two Variable
Graphical Method
Determinant Method (Cramer’s Rule)
2Quadratic EquationsStandard Form of the Quadratic Equation
Roots of the Quadratic Equation.
Solutions of a Quadratic Equation by Factorisation
Solution of a Quadratic Equation by Completing the Square
Formula for Solving a Quadratic Equation
3Arithmetic ProgressionTerms in a Sequence
Arithmetic Progression
Nth Term of an A. P.
Sum of First n Terms of an A. P.
Applications of A. P.
4Financial PlanningTax Invoice
GST in Trading Chain
Comparison of FV and MV
Rate of Return – RoR
Sample Space
Probability of an Event
6StatisticsMean from Classified Frequency Distribution
Direct Method
Assumed Mean Method
Step Deviation Method
Median for Grouped Frequency Distribution
7SimilarityRatio of Areas of Two Triangles
Basic Proportionality Theorem
Converse of Basic Proportionality Theorem
Property of an Angle Bisector of a Triangle
Property of Three Parallel Lines and their Transversals
8Pythagoras TheoremPythagorean Triplet
Similarity and Right-Angled Triangle
Theorem of Geometric Mean
Pythagoras Theorem
Converse of Pythagoras Theorem
9CirclesCircles Passing through One, Two, Three Points
Secant and Tangent
Tangent Theorem
Converse of Tangent Theorem
Tangent Segment Theorem
10Geometric ConstructionsConstruction of Similar Triangle
Construction of a Tangent to a Circle at a Point on a Circle
To Construct Tangents to a Circle from a Point Outside the Circle
11Coordinate GeometryTo Find Distance between Any Two Points on an Axis
To Find the Distance between Two Points If the Segment Joining These Points is Parallel to Any Axis in the Xy Plane
Distance Formula
Division of a Line Segment
Segment Formula
12TrigonometryCosec, Sec and Cot Ratios
Trigonometric Identities
Application of Trigonometry
13MensurationFrustum of a Cone
Sector of a Circle
Area of a Sector
Length of an Arc
Segment of a Circle

You can find more information on Maharashtra board SSC Maths important topics by visiting Embibe.

FAQs on Maharashtra Board SSC Important Topics

Some of the FAQs about the 10th Maharashtra Board important topics are as follows:

Q: Where can I get the important topics for Maharashtra board SSC?

Ans: All the important topics for Maharashtra board SSC are available for on Embibe. Therefore, you can check the platform and start the preparation by practising the important questions.  

Q: How can I score 90+ marks in Maharashtra board Class 10?

Ans: If you want to score higher marks in Maharastra Board Class 10 and stay ahead of your peers, you can check the basic details in this article. Embibe provides the benefits of taking mock tests that will help you understand how much you should be preparing for the exams. 

Q: What is the importance of knowing the Maharashtra board Class 10 exam pattern?

Ans: Knowing the Maharashtra board Class 10 exam pattern is very important for students. It will help them understand the difference between the more and less important topics. Therefore, the students can schedule their learning properly and stay ahead of their peers. Therefore, they can study and score the marks accordingly. 

Q.: Are Maharashtra board SSC exams hard? 

Ans: No, the Maharashtra board SSC exams aren’t hard. If you prepare well enough for the exams, passing the Maharashtra board SSC exams won’t be hard as the passing marks are only 35 per cent. 

Q: When will the Maharashtra board Class 10 exams be conducted?

Ans: The Maharashtra board Class 10 exams will be conducted from March 1 to 22, 2024

We hope the article has helped you get all the important topics you must study for the 10th Maharashtra Board exams. For further updates on the Maharashtra Board Class 10 exams, you can subscribe to Embibe.

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