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NIACL Assistant Salary: Check Detailed Salary Structure


NIACL Assistant Salary:  The New India Assurance Company Limited is one of the topmost Insurance Companies in India. The NIACL will soon announce the NIACL Assistant recruitment to recruit assistants of the class III cadre posts. The NIACL Assistant salary is one of the major causes for the increase in the number of applicants in the insurance sector year by year.

NIACL Assistant Class III  is one of the best entry-level jobs in the insurance sector. The NIACL Assistant Salary is decent and there are other benefits and great opportunities for growth as well. The initial in-hand NIACL Assistant salary is Rs.23,500 in a metro city, and this increases gradually.  In this article, we will provide you with detailed information regarding NIACL Assistant salary, other benefits, job description, and career opportunities. Read on to find out.

NIACL Assistant Salary

As per the NIACL Assistant notification, the pay scale for NIACL Assistants is:

14435-840(1)-15275-915(2)-17105-1030(5)-22255-1195(2)-24645-1455(3}-2901 0-1510(2)-32030-1610(5)-40080.

Apart from the basics, the NIACL Assistant Salary includes other allowances, like Dearness Allowance (DA), Newspaper Allowance, etc. These allowances will vary depending upon the place of posting. Also, there are allowances depending upon the position a NIACL Assistant hold in office.

NIACL Assistant Salary: Other Benefits

Apart from the NIACL Assistant Salary, there are other benefits of this job:

NIACL Assistant Salary: Other Benefits
1. Accommodation benefits in major cities
2. Reimbursement of hospitalization expenses
3. Medical policies
4. Leave encashment
5. Leave travel subsidy
6. Other staff welfare schemes

NIACL Assistant Salary: Perks for NIACL Assistant

There are other advantages of working as a NIACL Assistant. These are tabulated below:

NIACL Assistant Salary: Advantages Of Working As An NIACL Assistant
1.       NIACL Assistant is a five days a week job.
2.       There is less workload in this job.
3.       There are good number of leaves available for NIACL Assistants.

NIACL Assistant Salary: NIACL Job Description

As NIACL Assistants, the main responsibility would be to assist the Administrative Officers of the department you are working in. The roles, responsibilities, and tasks of NIACL Assistants can be classified into the following three categories:

NIACL Assistants Roles And Responsibilities

UnderwritingThis is mostly a data-entry task that involves:  
1.       Entering and retrieving financial and other data using a computer,
2.       Writing various kinds of business correspondence,
3.       Issuing of policies,
4.       Gather data and information regarding finance, etc.
ClaimsVarious legal and non-legal aspects of claims of customers are involved here:  
1.       Reviewing and preparing the various claims and insurance policies, the related forms and other documents,
2.         Maintaining records,
3.       Settlement of claims,
4.       Provide customer service, etc.
AccountsThis involves various tasks related to accounts:  
1.       Balance sheets preparation,
2.       Payment,
3.       Financial transactions, etc.

NIACL Assistant Salary: NIACL Assistants Career Opportunities

Along with the NIACL Assistant Salary, NIACL Assistants have great career opportunities. There is great scope of growth in this job through internal promotions. You can get promotions to officer scale by clearing the necessary exams, provided you fulfill the eligibility criteria for the post.

There is also increment for every promotion you get.

It is to be noted that selected NIACL Assistants will be in a probation period for a minimum of six months. Also, NIACL Assistants will have to stay at their first location of posting for a minimum period of 5 years.

Frequently Asked Questions: NIACL Salary

Q. What other perks are provided to an Assistant apart from the NIACL salary?
Given below are the benefits and allowances that a NIACL Assistant can enjoy:
House Rent Allowances
Leave Travel Subsidy
Dearness Allowance
Medical Benefits
Benefits in Staff Insurance Schemes
Q. What is the in-hand salary for an assistant in NIACL?
The initial in-hand NIACL Assistant salary is Rs.23,500 in a metro city, and this increases gradually.
Q. What is the basic pay of an Assistant in NIACL?
The initial basic pay of a NIACL Assistant is Rs.14,435. As an employee grows in the organization, the salary also increases.
Q. What is the responsibility of an Assistant in NIACL?
The main responsibilities of a NIACL Assistant include issuing policies, analyzing the legal and non-legal aspects of claims, and preparing balance sheets, and maintaining accounts.
Q. What is the age limit for the post of NIACL Assistant?
The minimum age limit for the candidate is 21 years, and the maximum age limit is 32 years.
Q. What does NIACL do?
New India Assurance Company Limited is a general insurance bank belonging to the public sector. It got the name after separating from the General Insurance Corporation of India.

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We hope this detailed article on NIACL Assistant Salary helps you. If you have any query regarding NIACL Assistant Salary or the exam in general, drop a comment below and we will help you out.

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