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NIACL Assistant Syllabus 2021: Detailed Syllabus For NIACL Prelims & Mains


NIACL Assistant Syllabus 2021: The NIACL Assistant exam dates are not yet released, however, candidates who want to appear for the NIACL Assistant Exam must start their preparation. To start with the preparation candidates must be aware of the NIACL Assistant Syllabus and Exam Pattern. The NIACL Assistant selection process consists of 2 stages namely, Prelims & Mains examinations.

The NIACL Assistant exam comprises of English language, Quantitative aptitude and reasoning ability. The Main exam includes the same sections as the Prelims Examination. It also includes the Computer Knowledge section and General Awareness section. Understanding NIACL Assistant Syllabus 2021 and NIACL Assitant Exam Pattern will give a clear idea about the nature of the exam. We have provided you with detailed information on NIACL Assistant 2021 Syllabus in this article. Read on to find out.

NIACL Assistant Syllabus 2021 For Prelims And Mains

Before getting into the detailed syllabus of the NIACL Assistant exam, let’s have a look at the NIACL Assistant exam pattern:

NIACL Assistant Syllabus: Exam Pattern For Prelims

The various sections, number of questions in each section, and the maximum marks for the Preliminary exam of NIACL Assistant 2021 are tabulated below:

NIACL Recruitment 2021: NIACL Exam Pattern For Prelims

Sections Number of Questions / Maximum Marks
English Language 30/30
Reasoning Ability 35/35
Quantitative Aptitude 35/35
Total 100/100

NIACL Assistant Syllabus: Exam Pattern For Mains

The various sections, number of questions in each section and the maximum marks for the Main exam of NIACL Assistant 2021 are tabulated below:

NIACL Recruitment 2021: NIACL Exam Pattern For Mains

Sections Number of Questions / Maximum Marks
English Language 40/50
Reasoning Ability 40/50
Numerical Ability 40/50
Computer Knowledge 40/50
General Awareness 40/50
Total 200/250

As you can see, all three sections of the Preliminary exam are there in the Main exam as well. The syllabus for these three sections is the same for both Prelims and Mains. In addition to these three sections, the NIACL Assistant Main exam has the Computer Knowledge section and General Awareness section.

Let us now look into the detailed NIACL Assistant Syllabus for all these sections.

NIACL Assistant Syllabus For English Language Section (Prelims & Mains)

The English Language section tests your knowledge of basic English grammar, vocabulary and comprehension. The most important topics under the NIACL Assistant Syllabus for English Language are tabulated below:

NIACL Assistant Syllabus For English Language Section
1.       Antonyms & Synonyms
2.       Fill in the Gaps
3.       Direct & Indirect Speech
4.       Singular-Plural
5.       Phrases and Idioms
6.       Parts of Speech
7.       Subject Verb Agreement
8.       Comprehension Reading
9.       Passage Completion
10.   Spotting Errors
11.   Para Jumbles
12.   Error Corrections
13.   Sentence Improvement
14.   Cloze Tests
15.   Active & Passive Voice

NIACL Assistant Syllabus For Reasoning Ability Section (Prelims & Mains)

Your logical reasoning abilities will be tested in this section. The frequently asked topics for this section are tabulated below:

NIACL Assistant Syllabus For Reasoning Ability Section
1.       Syllogism
2.       Clocks and Calendars
3.       Puzzles
4.       Linear and Circular Sitting Arrangements
5.       Statements and Arguments
6.       Coding-Decoding
7.       Statements and Conclusions
8.       Mathematical Reasoning
9.       Alphabet Series
10.   Blood Relations
11.   Number Series
12.   Data Interpretation
13.   Mirror Images
14.   Distance and Direction
15.   Decision Making

NIACL Assistant Syllabus For Quantitative Aptitude (Numerical Ability) Section (Prelims & Mains)

Your basic mathematical and calculation skills are tested in this section. The important topics covered in the NIACL Assistant syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude are as under:

NIACL Assistant Syllabus For Quantitative Aptitude
1.       Number System
2.       Simple and Compound Interest
3.       Simplification
4.       Profit and Loss
5.       Time and Distance
6.       Problems on Ages
7.       Cistern and Pipe
8.       Percentage
9.       Time, Distance, Work
10.   Boats and Streams
11.   Mixture and Allegation
12.   Average
13.   Mensuration
14.   Ratio and Proportions
15.   Data Interpretation

NIACL Assistant Syllabus For Computer Knowledge Section (Mains)

This section is quite easy and scoring. You just need basic knowledge of Computer software and hardware:

NIACL Assistant Syllabus For Computer Knowledge
1.       History of Computers
2.       Fundamentals of Computer Systems
3.       Networking
4.       Memory and Storage
5.       MS Word
6.       MS PowerPoint
7.       MS Excel
8.       Operating System
9.       Input and Output Devices
10.   Database Management
11.   Keyboard Shortcuts
12.   Logic Gates
13.   Cyber Security
14.   Internet
15.   Computer Abbreviations

NIACL Assistant Syllabus For General Awareness Section (Mains)

The important topics for the General Awareness section of NIACL Assistant exam 2021:

NIACL Assistant Syllabus For General Knowledge & Current Affairs
1.       History of India
2.       Indian Economics
3.       Geography
4.       Indian Constitution
5.       Important Days
6.       Books and Authors
7.       Countries, Capitals and Currencies
8.       Awards, Honors and Recognition
9.       Science and Technology
10.   Inventions and Discoveries
11.   Financial Institutions – National and International
12.   National and International Organizations
13.   Current Affairs – National and International
14.   Indian Politics
15.   Finance, Budget, and Five Year Plans, etc.

With this detailed NIACL Assistant Syllabus handy, you can now create an effective NIACL Assistant preparation plan, keeping in mind your strong and weak sections and topics. You need to solve as many practice questions as possible for every topic in a time-bound manner. This will you improve your problem-solving abilities, both accuracy and speed. Once the whole NIACL Assistant Syllabus is finished, you must also take mock tests on a regular basis to keep track of your overall performance and test-taking skills.

As seen above, the NIACL Assistant Syllabus is same as the syllabus of most of the other government job exams. So, taking banking mock tests will be of great help in your preparation. You can take bank mock tests on Embibe.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is NIACL a Bank?
No. NIACLS is a public sector, General Insurance Bank. Earlier, it was a part of the General Insurance Corporation of India, but after the breakup of the latter, it came out as one of the parts with the name of NIACL.
Q. Is there a sectional cutoff in NIACL Mains Exam?
Yes. There is a sectional cutoff for each section in the NIACL Assistant Mains Exam. It is suggested that the candidate must know the basics of each section to clear the exam.
Q. Are the marks of Prelims added in the final result in NIACL Exams?
No. Marks in the Preliminary test are just for the selection/rejection of the candidates. It is just of qualifying nature.
Q. What is the syllabus of LIC assistants?
The LIC Assistant Prelims Syllabus 2021 consists of Numerical Ability, Reasoning Ability, and English Language. The LIC Assistant Mains Syllabus 2021 consists of General Awareness/Financial Awareness, Reasoning and Computer Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, and Hindi Language.
Q. What is the exam pattern of the NIACL assistant mains exam?
Main Examination will consist of Objective Test for 200 marks and carries 250 marks.
Q. What is the total number of sections given in the NIACL Assistant Mains Exam section?
The NIACL Assistant Mains exam consists of 5 sections.

We hope this detailed article on NIACL Assistant Syllabus helps you. If you have any query, feel to get back to us. We will help you out.

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