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Rajasthan Board Class 11 Topics 2023


Now that you have come to Class 11, doesn’t life feel more exciting? You are making new friends and learning new academic topics. Everything looks new, and you may see things from a fresh perspective. We wish that your academic life sees the same excitement and you swiftly learn your Rajasthan Board Class 11 topics. To ensure that, Embibe has developed AI-powered study resources to help you learn all the concepts in an interesting way.

Embibe explains Rajasthan Board Class 11 topics in the form of 3D videos. So instead of textual content, you can learn any topic through graphical representation. For your 11th Rajasthan Board subjects, there are 30+ Embibe Big Books, our exclusive reference books that teach your syllabus with the help of videos. There are over 300+ practice questions so that you can solve easy to difficult questions without any doubt. The Class 11 topic-wise videos are created to ensure your learning journey goes on without a glitch. Read on to access the 11th Rajasthan Board topics.

Rajasthan Board Class 11 Subject-wise Topics

Learning can be difficult and stressful with so many chapters and topics in the Rajasthan Board Class 11 syllabus. However, no one can predict which questions will be asked from which topics, and skipping any topic could be a huge mistake. Thus, to learn, understand, and retain so much information in Class 11 Rajasthan Board Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology subjects, access 3D interactive videos at Embibe.

Learning has never been easier than this. What are you waiting for? Go through this section and study the 11th Rajasthan Board topics directly.

Rajasthan Board Class 11 Maths Topics

How long does it take you to understand a single chapter in Maths? No matter how much time you take, understanding the concepts efficiently matters. And to help you with that, here at Embibe, we have 3D videos to help you understand the concepts in-depth. Refer to the below table to know the chapter-wise topics.

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1SetsPractical Problems on Union and Intersection of Two SetsSubsets, Sets and Their RepresentationsTypes of SetsComplement of a SetOperations on SetsDifference of SetsVenn Diagrams
2Relations and FunctionsRelationsFunctionsCartesian Products of SetsDomain and Range of FunctionsAlgebra of Real FunctionsSpecial Functions and Their GraphsLogarithmic Function and its Properties
3Trigonometric FunctionsTrigonometric EquationsIntroduction to Trigonometric FunctionsTrigonometric Functions of Sum and Difference of Two AnglesAngles
4Mathematical InductionThe Principle ofAlgebra of Complex NumbersComplex NumbersThe Modulus and the Conjugate of a Complex NumberArgand Plane and Polar RepresentationQuadratic Equations Mathematical Induction
5Complex Numbers and Quadratic EquationsAlgebra of Complex NumbersComplex NumbersThe Modulus and the Conjugate of a Complex NumberArgand Plane and Polar RepresentationQuadratic Equations.
6Linear InequalitiesSolutions of Linear Inequalities in One VariableTypes of InequalitiesSolutions of Linear Inequalities in Two Variables
7Permutation and CombinationCombinationsFundamental Principle of CountingPermutationsFactorial NotationPermutations when All the Objects are Not Distinct ObjectsPermutations when All the Objects are Distinct
8Binomial TheoremGeneral and Middle TermsBinomial Theorem for Positive Integral IndicesMultinomial Theorem
9Sequences and SeriesArithmetic ProgressionRelationship Between Arithmetic Mean and Geometric MeanGeometric ProgressionIntroduction to Sequences and SeriesArithmetic MeanSum to n Terms of Special SeriesGeometric Mean
10Straight LinesSlope of a LineDistance of a Point From a LineVarious Forms of the Equation of a Line
11Conic SectionsHyperbolaCircleEllipseSections of a ConeParabola
12Introduction to Three-Dimensional GeometryDistance Formula in 3DCoordinate Axes and Coordinate Planes in 3DSection Formula in 3D
13Limits and DerivativesDerivatives of Polynomials and Trigonometric FunctionsAlgebra of Derivative of Functions
14Mathematical ReasoningStatementsNew Statements from OldLogical Connectives and Quantifiers
15StatisticsAnalysis of Frequency DistributionsMeasures of DispersionMean Deviation
16ProbabilityRandom ExperimentsAxiomatic Approach to Probability
17Properties of TriangleRelations among Sides Angles of a Triangle

Rajasthan Board Class 11 Physics Topics

Now you no longer need to skip or delay learning any topic in 11th Rajasthan Board Physics. Any concept like flow of current, laws of gravitation, thermodynamics, and others, is made easy with the 3D videos at Embibe. Refer to the table below and focus on each topic to learn the whole chapter in no time!

Chapter No. Chapter NameTopics
1  Physical WorldScope of PhysicsUnderstanding PhysicsNature of Physical LawsFundamental Forces of Nature
2  Units and MeasurementsErrors in MeasurementMeasurement of LengthDimensional Formulae Equations
3  Motion in a Straight LineKinematic Equations for Uniformly Accelerated MotionPositionPath Length and Displacement
4  Motion in a PlaneProjectile MotionPosition VectorDisplacementVelocity and AccelerationUniform Circular Motion
5  Laws of MotionForceFriction Circular Motion Newton’s Second Law of MotionApplications of Newton’s Laws of Motion
6  Work, Energy and PowerWork and Power
7  Systems of Particles and Rotational MotionAngular Momentum in Case of Rotation about a Fixed AxisTheorems of Perpendicular and Parallel Axes
8  GravitationUniversal Law of GravitationKepler’s LawsWeightlessnessEarth SatellitesAcceleration Due to Gravity of the Earth
9  Mechanical Properties of SolidsElastic Behaviour of SolidsHooke’s Law Modulus of ElasticityStress and Strain Curve
10  Mechanical Properties of FluidsSurface TensionBernoulli’s Principle and its ApplicationsPascal’s LawStokes Law
11  Thermal Properties of MatterConductionSpecific Heat Capacity and Molar Heat CapacityConvection
12  ThermodynamicsThermal EquilibriumFirst Law of ThermodynamicsSecond Law of ThermodynamicsHeat
13  Kinetic TheorySpecific Heat Capacity of GasesMolecular Nature of MatterKinetic Theory of an Ideal Gas
14  OscillationsSimple Harmonic Motion Uniform Circular MotionOscillations of a Spring
15  WavesStanding WavesBeatsTransverse and Longitudinal wavesSpeed of a Travelling WaveDoppler Effect in sound

Rajasthan Board Class 11 Chemistry Topics 

There are 14 chapters in Class 11 Rajasthan Board Chemistry. All these chapters are different from one another. Thus, to help you learn each of them properly, we have provided 3D videos for each topic. Now all you have to do is play the videos, pay attention, and understand what you are being taught.

Check the chapter-wise topics for Rajasthan Board 11th Chemistry here:

Chapter No.  Chapter NameTopics
1Some Basic Concepts of ChemistryProperties of Matter and Their MeasurementDalton’s Atomic TheoryUncertainty in Measurement
2Structure of AtomAtomic Models Atomic Spectra
3Classification of Elements and Periodicity in PropertiesNeed for Classifying ElementsModern Periodic Law Present Form of the Periodic Table
4Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureIonic or electrovalent bondBond ParametersValence bond theoryand Molecular orbital theory (MOT)
5States of MatterThe Gas LawsKinetic Energy and Molecular SpeedsIdeal Gas EquationIntermolecular Forces Thermal Energy
6ThermodynamicsFirst Law of Thermodynamics
7EquilibriumEquilibrium in Physical ProcessesEquilibrium in Chemical processesIonic Equilibrium in Solution
8Redox ReactionsBalancing of Redox ReactionsRedox Reactions Electrode Processes
9HydrogenHydrogen peroxide
10The s-Block ElementsGeneral Characteristics of Compounds of the Alkaline Earth MetalsGeneral Characteristics of the Compounds of the Alkali Metals
11The p-Block ElementsAllotropes of CarbonGroup 13 Elements: The Boron FamilyImportant Trends Anomalous Properties of Boron
12Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and TechniquesFundamental Concepts in Organic Reaction MechanismQualitative Analysis of Organic Compounds
13HydrocarbonsAlkanesAlkenesArenes Aromatic HydrocarbonsAlkynesCarcinogenicity and Toxicity
14Environmental ChemistryWater PollutionStrategies to Control Environmental PollutionEnvironmental PollutionGreen Chemistry

Rajasthan Board Class 11 Biology Topics

Biology is a theoretical subject, and you need to write comprehensive answers to score maximum marks in the exam. Also, diagrams form an important part of the answers. To learn the topics thoroughly, write detailed answers, and do diagram practice regularly. Refer to the table below for Rajasthan Board Class 11 Biology topics:

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1  The Living WorldCharacteristics of Living OrganismsDiversity in the Living WorldTaxonomic Categories of Organisms
2  Biological ClassificationIntroduction to Biological ClassificationKingdom PlantaeKingdom AnimaliaKingdom Protista
3  Plant KingdomAlgaeIntroduction to Plant KingdomAngiospermsDivision PteridophytaGymnosperms
4  Animal KingdomBasis of Classification of AnimalsClassification of Animals
5  Morphology of Flowering PlantsThe FruitThe FlowerSemi-Technical Description of a Flowering Plant The StemThe Leaf
6  Anatomy of Flowering PlantsPlant Tissue SystemAnatomy of Dicotyledonous and Monocotyledonous PlantsPlant Tissues
7  Structural Organisation in AnimalsCockroach- Morphology and AnatomyAnimal Tissues
8  Cell: The Unit of LifeCell TheoryThe Cell- An overviewProkaryotic CellCell – The Unit of LifeEukaryotic Cell
9  BiomoleculesBond Linking Monomers in Polymers
ProteinsConcepts of Metabolism for LivingAnalysing Chemical composition
10  Cell Cycle and Cell DivisionCell Cycle, Meiosis, and Mitosis
11  Transport in PlantsLong Distance Transport of WaterMeans of Transport in PlantsPlant Water Relations
12  Mineral NutritionMechanism of Absorption of ElementsMetabolism of NitrogenEssential Mineral NutrientsSoil as Reservoir of Essential Elements
13  Photosynthesis in Higher PlantsPhotosynthesis as Means of Autotrophic NutritionSites of PhotosynthesisPhotorespiration
14  Respiration in PlantsRespiratory Balance SheetAmphibolic PathwayFermentationAerobic Respiration
15  Plant Growth and DevelopmentPhotoperiodismDevelopment in PlantsVernalizationPlant GrowthPlant Growth Regulators
16  Digestion and AbsorptionDigestion of Food in HumansDisorders of Human Digestive SystemThe Human Digestive System
17  Breathing and Exchange of GasesDisorders of Respiratory SystemExchange of GasesRegulation of RespirationTransport of Gases
18  Body Fluids and CirculationDouble CirculationRegulation of Cardiac ActivityBloodDisorders of Human Circulatory System
19  Excretory Products and their EliminationAccessory Excretory OrgansMicturitionHuman Excretory SystemRegulation of Kidney Functions
20  Locomotion and MovementSkeletal System of HumansDisorders of Human Skeletal Muscular SystemsJoints
21  Neural Control and CoordinationNeuron-The Structural and Functional Unit of Neural SystemNeural SystemCentral Neural System
22  Chemical Coordination and IntegrationMechanism of Hormone ActionEndocrine Glands and HormonesHormones of HeartKidney and GI Tract

FAQs on Rajasthan Board Class 11 Topics

Here are some frequently asked questions about Rajasthan Board Class 11 topics:

Q: Where can I learn the Rajasthan Board Class 11 topics for?

Ans: You can learn all the Rajasthan Board Class 11 topics on Embibe. 

Q: How many chapters are there in Class 11 Rajasthan Board Maths?

Ans: There are 17 chapters in 11th Rajasthan Board Maths.

Q: Which topics will I study in Rajasthan Board Class 11 Biology?

Ans: The chapter-wise topics for Rajasthan Board Class 11 Biology are provided on this page for your reference.

Q: Where can I find topic-wise practice questions for Rajasthan Board Class 11 Maths?

Ans: You can find topic-wise practice questions for Rajasthan Board Class 11 Maths at Embibe.

Q: What are the important topics in the Class 11 Rajasthan Board Chemistry chapter Redox Reaction?

Ans: The important topics you need to study in 11th Rajasthan Board Chemistry chapter Redox Reactions are Balancing of Redox Reactions, Redox Reactions and Electrode Processes, Redox Reactions and Titration, Types of Redox Reactions, Classical Idea of Redox Reactions, and Oxidation Number.

We hope this article on Rajasthan Board Class 11 Topics is useful to you. Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates on the 11th Class Rajasthan Board exams.

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