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Rajasthan Board Class 12 Exam Pattern 2024


Rajasthan Board Class 12 Exam Pattern 2024: The Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) conducts the Rajasthan Board class 12 exam. The class 12 exams are anticipated to be held in March 2024, tentatively.

This article provides details on the Rajasthan board’s recommended exam pattern for the RBSE 12th exam 2024. The exam lasts 3 hours and 15 minutes in total. The total number of questions asked in the exam is 30, according to the RBSE 12th exam pattern. To ace the exams, students must start their RBSE 12th Preparations as early as possible. Read the article for more details.

What is the RBSE 12th 2024 Exam Pattern?

The class 12 RBSE students would benefit in many ways by completing schoolwork and the curriculum on time, having plenty of time for revision, and answering questions side-by-side, among other things. Additionally, they must look into the Rajasthan Board class 12 exam pattern too for prioritising topics and creating study plans. 

RBSE 12th Subject-wise Exam Pattern 2024

Check the subject-wise RBSE 12th exam pattern in the table below: 

SubjectsTotal Marks
Political Science80
Maths 80
Home Science56+14
History 80
Accountancy 80

Rajasthan Board Exam Pattern for Class 12 English Language

Students can refer to the RBSE 12th Exam Pattern for English in the table below: 

Textbook- Flamingo28

Rajasthan Board Exam Pattern for 12th Chemistry

Check the following table for information on the RBSE exam pattern for 12th Chemistry:

UnitsMarks Allotment
Bio Atom3
Chemical Bonds/ Coordinate Complex3
Chemical Kinetics4
Chemistry in Everyday Life3
d and f- block elements3
Electro Chemistry4
Halogen Derivatives4
Nitrogen-containing functional groups carbonic compounds3
Oxygen-containing functional groups 14
Oxygen-containing functional groups 23
p-block elements4
Principles and process for Extraction of Elements2
Solid State3
Stereoscopic Chemistry3
Surface Chemistry4

Rajasthan Board Class 12 Exam Pattern for Maths

Refer to the table below for the class 12 exam pattern for Maths:

Linear Programming4
Relations and Functions7
Vectors and three dimensional Geometry16

RBSE Exam Pattern for Class 12 Physics

The following table shows details regarding the RBSE exam pattern for class 12 Physics:

Atomic and Nuclei6
Current Electricity5
Dual Radiation4
Electro-Magnetic Induction and Alternate Current7
Magnetic effects of Electric current4
Magnetism and Matter3

Rajasthan Board Exam Pattern for 12th Business Studies

Check the table below for the RBSE exam pattern for 12th Business Studies:

Business Environment3
Consumer Protection7
Financial Management8
Financial Markets7
Principles of Management7

Rajasthan Board 12th Exam Pattern 2024 for Political Science

The table below shows details on the RBSE 12th exam pattern 2024 for Political Science:

Alternative Centres of Power4
Challenge to and Restoration of The Congress System4
Challenges of Nation Building4
Contemporary South Asia5
Environment and Natural Resources4
Era of One-Party Dominance3
Globalisation 4
India’s External Relations 5
International Organizations4
Politics of Planned Development 5
Recent Developments in Indian politics5
Regional Aspirations5
Rise of Popular Movements4
Security in The Contemporary World4
The Cold-War Era6
The Crisis of the Democratic Order5
The End of Bipolarity6
US Hegemony in World Politics4

FAQs on the Rajasthan Board Class 12 Exam Pattern 2024

Here are a few questions on the RBSE class 12 exam pattern:

Q: What is the duration of RBSE Class 12 exams?

Ans: The RBSE 12th exams are conducted for three hours. Additionally, 15 minutes are given for reading the question paper. 

Q: Where can I find the RBSE class 12 exam pattern 2024?

Ans: Students can find the RBSE class 12 exam pattern 2024 in this article.

Q: What are the passing marks for the Rajasthan Board 12th exam?

Ans: In order to pass the Rajasthan board 12th result, students must obtain 33% in each subject.

Q: When will the RBSE class 12th exam be conducted?

Ans: The RBSE class 12th exam will be conducted in March 2024, tentatively.

Q: What is the exam pattern for Rajasthan Board Class 12 Business Studies?

Ans: The exam pattern for the Rajasthan Board class 12 Business Studies is given in this article.

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