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6th RBSE Topics


We have always been taught to take one step at a time. Do you realise how important it is for our educational excellence as well? You can’t just go through it all at once when you have lots to study. Therefore, taking small steps and going through the 6th RBSE topics step-by-step will help you significantly in your overall learning.

As a student of Rajasthan Board Class 6, you must focus on completing each topic rather than panicking about how to finish the syllabus. When you go through the topics one by one, learning becomes seamless. Embibe provides the benefit of learning the chapters from the 100+ topic-wise 3D videos. For your ease of understanding, real-life examples are given so that you can master the topics easily. Continue reading to know the 6th RBSE topics.

Get RBSE Class 6 Chapter-wise Topics

If you wish to top your school exams, you must start your preparation with Embibe. Since all the topics are explained using 3D videos, learning becomes a lot simpler. Moreover, these 3D videos hold your attention, ensuring you learn the concepts easily. Rather than monotonously reading the concepts, you get to visualise them, which makes it easier for you to retain them for a longer time.

After learning the topics, you can also start practising them. There are over 500+ practice questions for every chapter covering all the topics, allowing you to master them easily. You can also take subject-wise mock tests from Embibe to understand how well-prepared you are for that subject. You can learn about the RBSE Solutions Class 6 from Embibe, which will help you learn better. You can get the topics of the RBSE 6th Class syllabus from the sections below.

RBSE Class 6 Topics: Maths

Maths can become fun and interactive with Embibe. Whether word problems or numerical problems, Embibe has video solutions for all, making learning engaging and interesting. If you want to learn more about RBSE Class 6 Maths topics, start your preparation by referring to the table below:

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1Knowing Our NumbersComparing Large Numbers
Large Numbers in Practice
Estimation of Large Numbers
2Whole NumbersIntroduction to Whole Numbers
The Number Line
Properties of Whole Numbers
3Playing with NumbersFactors and MultiplesPrime and Composite NumbersPrime Factorisation
4Basic Geometrical IdeasPoint
Line Line and Its Properties
5Understanding Elementary ShapesMeasuring Line Segments
Perpendicular Lines
6IntegersNegative Numbers
Introduction to Integers
Addition of Integers
7FractionsProper and Improper Fractions
Equivalent Fractions
Like Fractions
8DecimalsBasics of Decimals
Comparing Decimals Using Decimals
9Data HandlingIntroduction to Data Handling
Bar Graph
11AlgebraIntroduction to Algebra
Expression with Variables
Introduction to Equation
12Ratio and ProportionRatio
Unitary Method
13SymmetryIntroduction to Symmetry
Figures with Multiple Lines of Symmetry
Reflection and Symmetry
14Practical GeometryThe Circle
Line Segment

RBSE Class 6 Topics: Science

Science not only requires rote learning but requires you to have a proper understanding of the concepts. If the concepts of Science excite you, it is time to start preparing for those with Embibe. You may refer to the table below to get the topics for all chapters of RBSE Class 6 Science:

Chapter No. Chapter NameTopics
1Food – Where does it come from?Food Variety
Food Materials and Sources
Animal Parts and Animal Products as Food
2Components of FoodFood and Its Components
Biochemical Tests
Importance of Nutrients
3Fibre to FabricVariety in Fabrics
Plant fibres
4Sorting Materials into GroupsObjects Around Us
Properties of Materials
5Separation of SubstancesIntroduction to Separation of Substances
Methods of Separation
Water as a Solvent
6Changes Around UsReversible and Irreversible Changes
Ways to Bring About Changes
7Getting to Know PlantsRoots
8Body MovementsHuman Body and Its Components
Gait of Animals
9The Living Organisms and Their SurroundingsOrganisms and Surroundings
Habitat and Adaptation
Characteristics of Organisms
10Motion and Measurement of DistancesModes of Transport
Measurements of Length
Units of Measurements
11Light, Shadows and ReflectionShadows
Pinhole Camera
Mirrors and Reflections
12Electricity and CircuitsElectric Cell
Electric Circuit
Electric Switch
13Fun With MagnetsDiscovery of Magnets
Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Materials
Poles of Magnet
14WaterSources of Water
Water Cycle
Conservation of Water
15Air Around UsPresence of Air Around Us
Composition of Air
Oxygen, Soil and Water
16Garbage In, Garbage OutDealing with Garbage
Recycling of Paper

RBSE Class 6 Topics: Social Science

Knowing about the past and present is very important to have a bright future, and you can benefit from learning the topics of the Rajasthan 6th Class Social Science syllabus. If you are a student of Class 6 RBSE, focusing on Social Science topics will help you score higher marks in no time. You can get the RBSE Class 6 topics for Social Science from the table below:

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1What, Where, How and When?Knowing the Earliest People
Names of the Land
Finding Out About the Past
2From Hunting-Gathering to Growing FoodEarliest People as Hunter Gatherers
Names and Dates
Changing Environment
3In the Earliest CitiesSpecial Features of Harappan Civilization
Houses, Drains and Streets in Harappan Civilization
Life in Harappan Civilization
4What Books and Burials Tell UsOldest Books in the World
Ways of Studying Vedas
Words to Describe Vedic People
5Kingdoms, Kings and an Early RepublicRise of Rulers 3000 Years Ago
6New Questions and IdeasRise of Jainism and Buddhism
The Story of Buddha
The Sangha
7Ashoka, the Emperor Who Gave up WarMauryan Empire
Ruling the Mauryan Empire
Ashoka, A Unique Ruler
8Vital Villages, Thriving TownsSteps to Increase Production in Villages
Life in Village during Ancient India
Finding Out About Ancient Indian Cities
9Traders, Kings and PilgrimsNew Kingdoms Along the Coasts in Ancient India
India’s Relations with the West
The IndoGreeks
10New Empires and KingdomsSamudragupta’s Prashasti
Gupta Empire
Fa Hien’s Account of Gupta Period
11Buildings, Paintings and BooksMetallurgy during Ancient India
Buildings of Bricks and Stones in Ancient India
Paintings during Ancient India
12The Earth in the Solar SystemIntroduction to Celestial Bodies
The Solar System
The Earth and The Moon
13Globe: Latitudes and LongitudesGlobeImportant Parallels of Latitudes
Heat Zones of Earth
14Motions of the EarthRotation of Earth
Revolution of Earth
15MapsIntroduction to Maps
Types of Maps
Components of Maps
16Major Domains of the EarthDomains of Earth
17Major Landforms of the EarthLandforms of the Earth
18India: Climate, Vegetation and WildlifeClimate of India
Natural Vegetation and Wildlife of India
Conservation of Forests and Wildlife
19Our Country- IndiaSize and Location of India
India’s Neighbours
Political Divisions of India
20Understanding DiversityDifferences and Diversity
Unity in Diversity
21Diversity and DiscriminationDifferences and Prejudice
Inequality and Discrimination
22What is Government?Introduction to Government
Types of Government
Organs of the Government
23Key Elements of a Democratic GovernmentStory of Hector Pieterson
Ways of People’s Participation
Conflict Resolution
24Panchayati RajNeed and Importance of Local Government
Gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat
Levels of Panchayat
25Rural AdministrationBodies of Rural Administration
A New Law for Women
26Urban AdministrationBodies of Urban Administration
Case Study: A Community Protest
27Rural LivelihoodsEconomic Activities in Rural Livelihood
Agricultural Labourers and Farmers in India
Case Study: Kalpattu Village
28Urban LivelihoodsEconomic Activities in Urban Livelihood
Street Vendors in Urban Areas
Markets in Urban Areas

FAQs on RBSE Class 6 Topics

Below are some frequently asked questions about RBSE Class 6 topics:

Q: Can I use NCERT books as a reference for the 6th RBSE exams?

Ans: Yes, you may use the NCERT books for the 6th RBSE exams.

Q: When will the RBSE Class 6 exams be held?

Ans: The RBSE Class 6 exams are regulated by the board. However, the exam dates will be announced by the respective school authorities. 

Q: In what languages can I get the RBSE Class 6 topics on Embibe?

Ans: You can get the RBSE Class 6 topics in English and Hindi from Embibe. 

Q: Where can I find topic-wise practice questions for 6th RBSE exams?

Ans: You can find topic-wise practice questions for 6th RBSE exams for on Embibe. 

Q: Can I learn RBSE Class 6 Science topics with the help of 3D videos?

Ans: Yes, you can learn RBSE Class 6 Science topics with the help of 3D videos at Embibe.

If you are appearing for RBSE Class 6 exams, you must streamline your preparation in the right direction. Starting your preparation with Embibe will help you a lot in scoring higher marks in the exams. You can refer to all the topics for on Embibe. 

Till then, you can subscribe to Embibe to receive further updates and information on RBSE Class 6 exams. 

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