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8th RBSE Study Materials


If you are aiming to prepare well for RBSE class 8 and come out with flying colours then a proper study plan with relevant study materials are essential. Often students find it challenging  to get the complete study materials which impacts their preparation and marks. To help you with the top-level preparation, we provide all the required study materials in a single platform so that your efforts are not stalled. 

Embibe is a AI-enabled platform that changes your approach towards learning, gives a good practice and tracks your progress with the help of practice questions and mock tests. It offers 1400+ books, 3D videos to help you learn, 1000+ practice questions and several mock tests. You get a comprehensive understanding and learning with help of Ebooks as 3D vidoes which are mapped to the books. The platform makes your preparation more convenient with the best resources and lots of benefits. 

In this article, we will provide the study materials like books, practice questions and mock tests, click on the links to access the books, practice questions and take mock tests. 

Rajasthan Board Class 8 Study Materials: Books

Embibe provides 30+books and 1000+ 3D videos. The books offer a fascinating learning experience as books come alive with 3D visualisation to make you understand the chapters. So when learning is a fun activity, why not make the use of the books to a gain aan exceptional knowledge on the topics. Want to access the books for RBSE class 8th? Then click on the links provided below:   

RBSE Class 8 Social Science Books 

The Social Science books for Rajasthan Board class 8 are given below: 

Note: To find all the books for class 8 Social Science, click here.  

RBSE Class 8 Science Books 

Let’s have a look at Science books for RBSE board class 8 in the below table:  

Note: Click here to find all the Science books for RBSE board class 8: 

RBSE Class 8 Maths Books 

In the below table, we have provided Maths books for Rajasthan board class 8: 

Note: To find all the Mathematics books for Rajasthan Board class 9, click here.  

Rajasthan Board Class 8 Study Notes: Practice Questions

To remember the answers and important points for RBSE board class 8, you must practice questions and solve problems as much as possible. While practicing questions, you get step-wise guidance and hints to get the right answers. You also get an opportunity to improve you problem solving and time management skills with a detailed speed vs accuracy report. Find the links below to practice questions for Maths, Science and Social Science   

Sl.NoSubjectsPractice Questions
1Social SciencePractice Questions for RBSE Class 9 Social Science
2SciencePractice Questions for RBSE Class 9 Science
3MathematicsPractice Questions for RBSE Class 9 Mathematics

Rajasthan Board Class 8 Study Materials: Attempt Free Mock Tests on Embibe

Mock tests play a vital role in help you achieve your ultimate goal. It’s mandatory to take mock tests once you have completed your preparation. The AI-integrated platform tracks your progress. You can take mock tests anytime as it provided for free. It offers a great practice where you will be know the weaknesses. The personalised feedback gives an overview of your performance. It helps build your confidence to face the real exam and manage time. Click on the links below to attempt mock tests for Rajasthan Board Class 8: 

Sl.NoSubjectsMock Tests Links
1Social ScienceClick Here
2ScienceClick Here
3MathematicsClick Here

Also, take test series for Rajasthan Board class 8 

Social Science Paper-1 Full TestsScience Paper-1 Full TestsMathematics Paper-1 Full Tests
Social Science Paper-2 Full TestsScience Paper-2 Full TestsMathematics Paper-2 Full Tests

FAQs on 8th RBSE Study Materials

The most commonly asked questions with answers about Rajasthan Board class 8 study materials:

Q: Where can I find practice questions for Rajasthan Board class 8?

Ans: You can practice questions for Rajasthan Board class 8 on Embibe application. It offers 1000+ practice questions. 

Q: What are the benefits of taking mock tests on Embibe for class 8 Rajasthan Board?

Ans: Mock tests at Embibe are curated by experts to make you acquainted with the exam pattern, with the feedback analysis, you will progress and improvise your scores and gain confidence. 

Q: Can I access the books for RBSE class 8 on Embibe?

Ans: Yes, you can find all the best books for RBSE class 8 on Embibe. 

Q: Does Rajasthan board follow NCERT syllabus?

Ans: Yes, Rajasthan board follows NCERT syllabus. 

Q: Where can I find syllabus for RBSE class 8?

Ans: You can find the syllabus for Rajasthan Board class 8 on Embibe.  

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