Sikkim Board Class 10 Exam 2024

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  • Written by aparna
  • Last Modified on 31-05-2023
  • Written by aparna
  • Last Modified on 31-05-2023

Sikkim Board Class 10 Exam 2024

About Exam

The Directorate of Education in Sikkim is the Human Resource Development Department. To regulate Class 10 board examination in the state, Sikkim schools are affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi and the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE). Until September 25, 1985, the Board functioned as the Ministry of Education. On September 26, 1985, it was renamed the Ministry of Human Resource Development. It is chaired by the Minister of Human Resources Development, who has been a cabinet member.

The Sikkim Board Class 10 exam is a state-level board exam conducted by the Sikkim Department of Secondary Education for students in Class 10. Every year, the department conducts this examination for secondary school (Class 10) students to evaluate their proficiency based on their performance in the Sikkim SSLC Exam. Students can know the subject-wise syllabus, preparation tips, important dates from this article. Continue reading to know more about Sikkim Board Class 10 exam.

Sikkim Board Class 10 Exam Summary 2024

As Sikkim lacks an autonomous State Board of Secondary Education and Senior Secondary Education, Sikkim state is totally dependent on the CBSE, Delhi, for conducting this exam:

The Sikkim Board Class 10 time table 2024 is expected to be released soon by the Board. The timetable will be released on the official website. Students can take the reference of the tentative exam schedule provided in the article as the present timetable is yet to be released.

Particulars Details
Name of the Exam Sikkim SSLC Examination 2024
Name of the Board Sikkim Board of Secondary Education
Conducting Body CBSE
Exam Start Date March 2024
Exam End Date To Be Announced
Exam Timings To Be Announced


Sikkim Board Official Website

Sikkim Board Class 10 Latest Updates

Exam Pattern
  • The final examinations of Sikkim Board Class 10 were conducted in March 2023.

Sikkim Board Class 10 Exam Application Process 2024

The Sikkim Board of Secondary Education administers the Sikkim Board Class 10 examination. Students must complete their Sikkim Board 10th registration within the specified time frame in order to sit for the Sikkim Board final test.

Students must be particularly cautious when filling out the Sikkim Board 10th Registration Form, as any error could result in their registration being cancelled. The details of the Sikkim Board application form and links will be made available as soon they are announced.

Sikkim Board Class 10 Exam Pattern 2024

Each subject is scored for 100 marks; 20 of those marks are taken from internal assessments, which could be practical or project-based depending on the subject. In addition, 80 marks would be awarded based on the success in a board conducted exam. Class 10th Sikkim Board exam scheme is defined in the table below:




80 marks


20 marks

Sikkim Board Class 10 Exam Pattern Details: Total Time

The duration of the examination is 3 hours or 90 minutes. Before the commencement of the exam, students will be provided with an additional 15 minutes to verify documents and read their question papers.

Sikkim Board Class 10 Exam Syllabus 2024

Exam Syllabus

Students must know the subject-wise syllabus for Sikkim Board Class 10. It will allow them to create a detailed study routine and prepare for the exam well. The syllabus in detail can also be viewed and downloaded from CBSE official website. Alternatively, scroll down to view the syllabus of Mathematics, Science, Social Science, and English.

Sikkim Board Class 10 Mathematics Syllabus

The Sikkim Board Class 10 Mathematics syllabus is given below. Students preparing for the Maths exam should ensure they improve their problem-solving skills and practice the chapter-wise solutions.

Unit No. Unit Name
1 Number Systems
2 Algebra
3 Coordinate Geometry
4 Geometry
5 Trignometry
6 Mensuration
7 Statistics and Probability

Sikkim Board Class 10 Science Syllabus

To prepare for the Sikkim board Class 10 Science exam, students must prepare notes for every chapter so that they can easily prepare for the exams. The Sikkim Board Class 10 Science syllabus is given below:

Unit No. Unit Name
1 Chemical Substances – Nature and Behaviour
2 World of Living
3 Natural Phenomenon
4 Effects of Current
5 Natural Resources

Sikkim Board Class 10 Social Science Syllabus

As Social Science has multiple topics, it can become difficult for the students to memorise all the concepts. Therefore, students can maintain notes for each chapter to learn the concepts much effectively. The Sikkim Board Class 10 Social Science syllabus is given below.

Unit No. Unit Name
1 India and the Contemporary World II
2 Contemporary India – II
3 Democratic Politics – II
4 Understanding Economic Development 50 Periods Themes

Sikkim Board Class 10 English Syllabus

To score good marks in English, students must concentrate on improving their grammar and vocabulary so that they can deliver the answers qualitatively in the exams. The Sikkim Board Class 10 English syllabus is given below:

Sections Topics
Reading Question-based on the following kinds of unseen passages:
1. Discursive passage of 400-450 words.
2. Case-based passage (with visual input- statistical data, chart etc.) of 200-250 words.
3. (Total length of two passages to be 600-700 words)

Multiple Choice Questions / Objective Type Questions will be asked to assess inference, analysis, interpretation, evaluation and vocabulary.

Writing 1. Formal Letter based on a given situation in 100-120 words. One out of two questions is to be answered.
2. Writing an Analytical Paragraph (100-120 words) on a given Map / Chart / Graph / Cue/s . One out of two questions is to be answered.
Grammar 1. Tenses
2. Modals
3. Subject – verb concord
4. Reported speech
Commands and requests
Literature First Flight
1. A letter to God
2. Nelson Mandela – Long Walk todom
3. Two Stories About Flying
4. From the Diary of Anne Frank
5. Glimpses of India
6. Mijbil the Otter
7. Madam Rides the Bus
8. The Sermon at Benares
9. The Proposal (Play)
1. Dust of Snow
2. Fire and Ice
3. A tiger in the Zoo
4. How to Tell Wild Animals
5. The Ball Poem
6. Amanda!
7. The Trees
8. Fog
9. The Tale of Custard the Dragon
10. For Anne Gregory
Footprints Without Feet
1. A triumph of Surgery
2. The Thief’s Story
3. The Midnight Visitor
4. A Question of Trust
5. Footprints Without Feet
6. The making of a Scientist
7. The necklace
8. Bholi
9. The Book That Saved the Earth

Sikkim Board Class 10 Practical/Experiments List

Students can find the Class 10 practical syllabus as mentioned below:

Sikkim Board Class 10 Science Practical Syllabus

The list of experiments are:

  • Finding the pH of the following samples by using pH paper/universal indicator: Unit-I Dilute Hydrochloric Acid, Dilute NaOH solution, Dilute Ethanoic Acid solution, Lemon juice, Water, Dilute Hydrogen Carbonate solution
  • Studying the properties of acids and bases (HCl & NaOH) on the basis of their reaction with: Litmus solution (Blue/Red), Zinc metal, Solid sodium carbonate
  • Performing and observing the following reactions and classifying them into: Combination reaction, Decomposition reaction, Displacement reaction, Double displacement reaction, Action of water on quicklime, Action of heat on ferrous sulphate crystals Iron nails kept in copper sulphate solution, Reaction between sodium sulphate and barium chloride solutions
  • Observing the action of Zn, Fe, Cu and Al metals on the following salt solutions: ZnSO4(aq) FeSO4(aq) CuSO4(aq) Al2(SO4)3(aq)
  • Arranging Zn, Fe, Cu and Al (metals) in the decreasing order of reactivity based on the above result.
  • Studying the dependence of potential difference (V) across a resistor on the current (I) passing through it and determining its resistance. Also plotting a graph between V and I. Unit-IV
  • Determination of the equivalent resistance of two resistors when connected in series and parallel.
  • Preparing a temporary mount of a leaf peel to show stomata.
  • Experimentally show that carbon dioxide is given out during respiration.
  • Study of the following properties of acetic acid (ethanoic acid): odour solubility in water effect on litmus reaction with Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate Study of the comparative cleaning capacity of a sample of soap in soft and hard water.
  • Determination of the focal length of: Concave mirror Convex lens by obtaining the image of a distant object.
  • Tracing the path of a ray of light passing through a rectangular glass slab for different angles of incidence. Measure the angle of incidence, angle of refraction, angle of emergence and interpret the result.
  • Studying (a) binary fission in Amoeba, and (b) budding in yeast and Hydra with the help of prepared slides.
  • Tracing the path of the rays of light through a glass prism.
  • Finding the image distance for varying object distances in case of a convex lens and drawing corresponding ray diagrams to show the nature of the image formed.
  • Identification of the different parts of an embryo of a dicot seed (Pea, gram or red kidney bean).

Sikkim Board Class 10 Exam Blueprint 2024

Knowing the marking scheme for Sikkim board Class 10 is very important to know which topics to concentrate on. We have mentioned the Sikkim board Class 10 exam blueprint for all the subjects. Students can note down the same from the below-mentioned tables.

Sikkim Board Class 10 Mathematics Exam Blueprint

The Sikkim Board Class 10 Mathematics exam blueprint is given below:

Unit Number Unit Name Marks Periods
1. Number System 06 15
2. Algebra 20 45
3. Coordinate Geometry 06 14
4. Geometry 15 31
5. Trigonometry 12 33
6. Mensuration 10 24
7. Statistics and Probability 11 28
  Total 80 190
  Internal Assessment 20  
  Grand Total 100  

The break-up of Sikkim Board Class 10 Maths internal assessment is as follows:

Internal Assessment Marks
Pen paper test and multiple assessments (5+5) 10
Portfolio 05
Lab Practical (Lab activities to be done on prescribed books) 05
Total Internal Marks 20

Sikkim Board Class 10 Science Exam Blueprint

The Sikkim Board Class 10 Science exam blueprint is given below:

Unit No. Unit Marks Periods
1. Chemical Substances – Nature and Behaviour 25 55
2. World of Living 23 50
3. Natural Phenomena 12 23
4. Effects of Current 13 32
5. Natural Resources 07 20
  Total 80 180
  Internal assessment 20  
  Grand Total 100  

Below is the  break-up of Sikkim Board Class 10 Science internal assessment:

Internal Assessment Marks
Periodic Assessment (5+5) 10
Portfolio 05
Subject Enrichment (Practical Work) 05
Total Internal Marks 20

Sikkim Board Class 10 Social Science Exam Blueprint

The Sikkim Board Class 10 Social Science exam blueprint is given below:

Unit No. Unit Marks Periods
1. India and the Contemporary World – II 20 60
2. Contemporary India – II 20 55
3. Democratic Politics – II 20 50
4. Understanding Economic Development 20 50
  Total 80 215

Students can refer to the table below to know the  break-up of Sikkim Board Class 10 Social Science internal assessment:

Internal Assessment Marks
Periodic Assessment (5+5) 10
Portfolio 05
Subject Enrichment (Project Work) 05
Total Internal Marks 20


Sikkim Board Class 10 English Exam Blueprint

The Sikkim Board Class 10 English exam blueprint is given below:

Sections Competencies Total marks Periods
Reading Comprehension Conceptual understanding, decoding, analysing, inferring, interpreting, and vocabulary. 20 50
Writing Skill and Grammar Creative expression of an opinion, reasoning, justifying, illustrating, appropriation of style and tone, using appropriate format and fluency, applying conventions, using integrated structures with accuracy and fluency. 20 60
Literature Textbook and Supplementary Reading Text Recalling, reasoning, appreciating, applying literary conventions illustrating and justifying, etc., extracting relevant information, identifying the central theme and sub-theme, understanding the writer’s message, and writing fluently. 40 60
Total   80 170

Sikkim Board Class 10 Exam Date 2024

Study Plan to Maximise Score

The Sikkim Board Class 10 exam timetable is yet to be released by the Board. Once the exam schedule is declared, we will update the Sikkim Board Class 10 exam dates 2024 here. Till then, students can refer to the tentative exam dates in the table below:

Exam Date Subjects
March 2024 Banking and Insurance, Security, IT, Info, & Comm., Tech, Introduction to FMG, Dynamic of Retail, Inter to Tourism, Introductory Agric, Food Production, Automobile Tech., Beauty and Wellness, Front Office Operation
March 2024 Hindi Course- A, B
March 2024 IT Foundation
March 2024 NCC, E-Publish and e-off, Element Book-K & Accy.
March 2024 English Language & Literature, English Communication.
March 2024 Music Per. Ins., Carnatic Music Vocal, Hind. Music MEL. INS, Hind. Music Vocal, Car. Music MEL INS.
March 2024 Science-Theory, Science without PR
March 2024 Nepali, Arabic, healthcare service, Tibetan
March 2024 Urdu Core, Panjabi, Tami, Urdu Elective, Manipur, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Sindhi, Assamese
March 2024 Social Science
March 2024 Home Science
March 2024 Mathematics
March 2024 Urdu Course-B, Communicating Sanskrit, French
March 2024 Elements of Business, Telugu- Telangana
March 2024 Painting

Sikkim Board Class 10 Exam Admit Card 2024

Previous Year Analysis

The Sikkim Board Class 10 admit card is released around ten days before the date of the exam. This admit card is also popularly referred to as the hall ticket. On the official website of the Sikkim Board of Secondary Education, students may get all important information about the notification and its related details. Students must bring their Sikkim Board 10th hall ticket to the exam hall.

They will not be permitted into the exam venue if they do not have their Sikkim SSLC hall ticket in hand. Students are also advised to double-check every data on the admit card against the information on the student’s id proof, as soon as they receive it. To avoid any problems with the Sikkim Board Class 10 exam paper, it is essential to ensure the accuracy of the information.

The details of the admit card will be updated in this article as soon as relevant information is released by the authority.

Below we have provided steps to download Sikkim Board Class 10 Admit Card:

  • 1st Step: Go to the official website at and look for the Sikkim SSLC Hall Ticket notification.
  • 2nd Step: Click on the appropriate link and enter the required credentials in the provided field.
  • 3rd Step: The admit card displays once the credentials are entered.
  • 4th Step: Check every detail carefully and report any errors or mistakes to the appropriate authority as soon as possible.
  • 5th Step: After verifying the information, save the Sikkim board 10th admission card to your system and take the printout of the admit card.


Sikkim Board Class 10 Study Plan to Maximise Score

A study plan is very important for students to know the best examination strategies. We have provided preparation tips and a detailed study plan to help students ace the Class 10 exams confidently. Students can use the below-mentioned tips of modify them as per their own requirement. 

Preparation Tips for Sikkim Board Class 10

Students should not depend on rote-learning. They should develop a strong understanding in the concepts and solve sample questions to deepen their knowledge in the topics. Here are a few important tips to help students ace their class 10 exams:

  • Students must set a timetable that is well-organised. Extra time should be dedicated to challenging subjects.
  • Time tracking is very important. All the subjects should be allocated equal time with regular breaks as spending too much time on one subject will impact the preparation for other subjects.
  • As much as possible, students must practice previous year’s question papers, sample and model papers. Students can improve the actual preparation levels by writing frequently.

Detailed Study Plan for Sikkim Board Class 10

Below-mentioned is the detailed study plan to help students score good marks in all the subjects effortlessly.

  • To score good marks in Maths, students must essentially practice the problems and revise the concepts everyday. The example problems must be followed thoroughly to learn the accurate stepwise procedure. Also, it is essential to memorise the formulas and know when and where to implement them to get the solution. Once the syllabus is completed, students must practice previous year question papers or sample papers for self assessment.
  • Scoring good marks in Science is quite easy if students follow the right preparation strategies. All the chapters of the subject must be learnt without missing any topic to ensure they do not miss out on important concepts. If students feel overwhelmed while studying Science, they can prioritise the topics based on their weightage. This ensures that the topics with higher weightage are completed first. Practising diagrams is equally important. Students must not miss out on any diagrams associated with important concepts.
  • As Social Science is categorised into 4 units with multiple topics in each unit, students must focus on completing a particular unit before proceeding to the next. This also increases the confidence level of students as they keep learning each chapter perfectly. Students must go through the previous year’s question papers to understand the question paper pattern and the types of questions being asked in the exam.
  • English is one of those subjects that must be learnt naturally by students. Instead of rote learning, students can understand the gist of each chapter and write the answers in their language. To do so, students must strengthen their vocabulary and grammar skills. They can also read magazines and newspapers during their time.

Sikkim Board Class 10 Exam Result 2022-23

Around two months from the commencement of the exam, the Sikkim Board Class 10 result is expected to be released. Students can visit the official website to keep updated about the notification and other important information about the Sikkim SSLC results. For the Academic year 2022-23, the 10th Sikkim Board is expected to announce the result in the month of June/July 2023.

How to Check Sikkim Board Class 10 Results 2022-23?

The Sikkim Board Class 10 results 2022-23 will be declared online. Students should how to check their scorecards. Students will need to enter their roll number and date of birth to access their results. Refer to the steps below to check the Sikkim Board Class 10 results.

  • 1st Step: Visit the official website of Sikkim Board Class 10 at
  • 2nd Step: Find the Sikkim Board Class 10 result link on the home page.
  • 3rd Step: Enter the required details like roll number and date of birth in the space provided and click on submit.
  • 4th Step: The Sikkim Board Class 10 results 2022-23 be displayed on the screen.
  • 5th Step: Download the results report and take a printout for future reference.

FAQs on Sikkim Board Class 10 Exam 2024

About Exam

Here are some frequently asked questions on the Sikkim Board Class 10 exam:

Q: Who conducts the secondary and higher secondary exams in Sikkim State?
Ans: The CBSE board is responsible for the implementation of higher secondary and senior secondary education and exams in the state. The CBSE board is linked with all of the schools in the state.

Q: Where can I get the syllabus for Sikkim Board Class 10 subjects?
Ans: Students can get the Sikkim Board Class 10 syllabus on this page.

Q: When will the Sikkim Board Class 10 exam 2024 be held?
Ans: The Sikkim Board Class 10 exam 2024 will tentatively be conducted in March 2024.

Q: How to score the best marks in Sikkim Board Class 10 exams?
Ans: To score top marks in Sikkim Board Class 10 exams, students can practice the mock tests of Sikkim board Class 10 at Embibe.

Q: Where can I access the conceptual learning videos to prepare for Sikkim board Class 10 exams?
Ans: Embibe provides 3D learning videos related to Sikkim board Class 10 to help students easily understand the concepts.

List of Educational Institutions for Sikkim Board

About Exam

Students can find all the details related to Sikkim Board Class 10 schools and colleges from the below mentioned list. In Sikkim, there are four districts, and the state government has provided that school education is easily accessible in even the most remote areas of each district. 

Schools in East District of Sikkim

Sr.No. School Name Locality
1 Aho-Shanti Government Secondary School Chaney-Shanti
2 Amba Government Junior High School Amba
3 Aritar Government Secondary School Aritar
4 Bojoghari Government Secondary School Bojoghari
5 Dalapchand Government Secondary School Upper Dalapchand
6 Dikchu Government Secondary School Dikchu
7 Duga Government Secondary School Duga
8 Lingtam Government Secondary School Lingtam Sombong
9 Linkey Government Secondary School Linkey
10 Lower Samdong Government Secondary School (East) Lower Samdong
11 Lower Sumin Government Secondary School Lower Sumin
12 Lower Syari Government Secondary School Syari
13 Luing Government Secondary School Luing, P.O. Rajbhawan, Luing Sub- P.O

Schools in West District in Sikkim

Sr. No. School Name Locality
1 Bongten Government Secondary School Bongten
2 Chumbong Government Secondary School Chumbong
3 Daramdin Government Secondary School Daramdin
4 Darap Government Secondary School Darap
5 Dodak Government Secondary School Dodak
6 Gelling Government Secondary School Gelling
7 Gerethang Government Secondary School Gerethang
8 K.B.Limboo Government Secondary School Sreepadam
9 Kamling Government Secondary School Su Dung/Kamling
10 Khandu Government Secondary School Khandu Village
11 Khaniserbong Government Secondary School Khaniserbong
12 Khechuperi Government Secondary School Na
14 Legship Government Secondary School Legship West Sikkim
15 Lingchom Government Secondary School Lingchom Block

Schools in North District in Sikkim

Sr. No. School Name Locality
1 Gor Government Secondary School Gor, Lower Dzongu North
2 Lachen Government Secondary School Na
3 Lachung Government Secondary School Lachung
4 Lingdong Government Secondary School Lingdong
5 Mangshila Government Secondary School Rural
6 Manul Government Secondary School Manul North Sikkim
7 Phensong Government Secondary School Phensong
8 Singhik Government Secondary School Singhik Sentam
9 Swayam Governmentjunior High School Na
10 Tasa Tengay Government Secondary School Chungthang
11 Tingvong Government Secondary School Tingvong Upper Dzongu

Schools in South District in Sikkim

Sr.No. School Name Locality
1 Alleydara Governmentjunior High School Alleydara
2 Ben Government Secondary School Ben
3 Bikmat Government Secondary School Bikmat
4 Borong Government Secondary School Borong
5 C.M.Rai Government Secondary School Omchu Omchu
6 Chandra Man Rai, Government Secondary School Jurong Jarrong
7 Damthang Government Secondary School Damthang
8 Jerman Lepcha Government Secondary School Turung
9 Kabrey Government Secondary School Kabrey Busty
10 Kamrang Government Secondary School Kamrang
11 Kewzing Government Secondary School Kewzing
12 Kitam Government Secondary School Kitam
13 Lingee Government Secondary School Lingee

Sikkim-based Private Schools Affiliated to CBSE 

As stated previously, the Central Board of Secondary Education is associated with both government and private institutions in Sikkim that provide education beyond the 8th grade. The following are some of Sikkim’s top CBSE-affiliated schools:

Sr. No. School Name
1 Army Public School
2 Assam Rifles School
3 Bahai’S School
4 Burul Secondary School
5 C M Rai Government Secondary School
6 Daffodil’S Home Sec. School
7 Dav Public School
9 Eklavya Model Residential School
10 Eklavya Model Residential School

List of Future Exams After Sikkim Board Class 8

Eligibility Criteria

Competitive exams are now at the centre of our education systems. While many students and parents believe that competitive tests are only conducted for students in grades 12 and up, this is not the truth. Even for students in Class 10, there are a number of competitive exams and scholarship schemes. These competitive exams are held to test a student’s mental ability and intelligence quotient, and those who pass the exam are granted scholarships. To enjoy the benefits, every student and their parents must become aware of competitive exams, as awareness is the first step toward preparation.

  1. National Talent Search Examination (NTSE): A national-level examination cum scholarship programme (NTSE) is a competitive exam for students in high school. The National Talent Search Exam (NTSE) is designed to identify children who have outstanding academic talent and intellectual capacity. Students are tested on the NCERT syllabus, which includes Science, Math, Social Science, and Mental Ability. Students who pass this two-tier exam will get a scholarship for the entire academic year. The exam is divided into two parts: Mental Ability Test (MAT) and Scholastic Ability Test (SAT).
  2. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT): The SAT is a well-known standard test. The College Board Organization of the United States organises it. It is for students who want to study in another country. Almost all abroad institutions require the SAT as a precondition. The test focuses on three essential criteria that the student must meet: Essay Writing and English Grammar are used to assess writing skills Critical Reading comprehension is assessed by analysing performance on passages Maths This test is needed for all students who wish to study in a foreign country. SAT scores are increasingly being accepted as a substitute to entrance exams in Indian universities.
  3. Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KYPY): The motive of the exam is to attract the students to pursue basic science courses and research career in science, The exam helps in identifying the candidates suitable for reserach and motivates them to choose the research career on Science.

It is a National Program of Fellowship in basic sciences. The department of Science and Technology of Inida is responsible for funding the exam. Students can view the advertisement for the KVPY Fellowship on the May 11 in all national duties. They can also view it every year on second Sunday of July.

Students who perform well in the aptitude test are short-listed and called for interviews. Student’s performance in both aptitude and interview is important to qualify for the fellowship.

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