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Tamil Nadu Class 12 English Syllabus: PDFs


Tamil Nadu Class 12 English Syllabus: English is one of the highest scoring subjects in the Tamil Nadu Class 12 exams. Students can increase their overall percentage by scoring high marks in English exams. Reading comprehension, creative writing skills, and literature are all covered in the TN Syllabus for Class 12 English, with many sub-topics under each. The English curriculum for class 12 will not only help students prepare for exams but will also help them enhance their writing and communication skills.

The syllabus for Tamil Nadu’s 12th Class English is fascinating because pupils are exposed to the beauty of prose, poetry and drama! With the assistance of subject experts, Embibe helps the students practise the subject well. Continue reading to learn about the TN Board Class 12 English Syllabus, the TN Board Class 12 Syllabus of other subjects, and much more!

Tamil Nadu Class 12 English Syllabus: Overview

The table below contains all the necessary information about the Tamil Nadu Class 12th examination administered by the Tamil Nadu state board. The table provides a quick overview of the exam, including the regularity with which it is held, the many language options offered, the crucial Tamil Nadu State Board dates, and more. Before we get into the Tamil Nadu State Board English syllabus, let us see this overview. On August 1, 2010, this entry was published.

Name of the BoardTamil Nadu State Board
Exam Date   May 5 to 28, 2022
Availability of Tamil Nadu State Board class 12 exam admit card   April 20, 2022
Result announcement date   June 23, 2022
Article about   Tamil Nadu Board Class 12th Exams   
Official Website   tnresults.nic.in

Tamil Nadu 12th Board English Syllabus

Students will be able to improve their speaking, listening, and writing skills as a result of the English curriculum. The Tamil Nadu samacheer kalvi English syllabus for standard 12 may be seen in the table below.

Tamil Nadu Class 12 English Syllabus

ProseTwo Gentlemen of Verona, In Celebration of Being Alive, The Chair, On the Rule of the Road,
PoemOur Casuarina Tree, All the World’s a Stage, Ulysses, A Father to his Son,
SupplementaryGod Sees the Truth but Waits, The Midnight Visitor, All Summer in a Day,
GrammarTenses, Modal Auxiliaries, Reported Speech, Prepositions, Prepositional phrases, Conjunctions, Connectives or Linkers, Active and Passive Voice, Interrogatives, Kinds of Sentences, Conditionals, Non-finite verbs, Articles and Determiners, Degrees of Comparison, Agreement of the Subject with the verb

Important Topics To Cover In English Syllabus

Students can refer to the important topics under English TN board class 12 syllabus:

Meanings, syllabification, spellings, word formation, vocabulary improvement, phrasal verbs and idioms, foreign words and phrases.
Sentence patterns, conditional and concessional clauses, modal auxiliaries, reported speech, relative clauses, the transformation of sentences, passivization.
Comprehension passage containing six-eight lines, short passages, ease of breath, CNN news panel discussion, coherence,
Introduction to topics through group discussions, greeting, introduction, and giving information, disagreeing peacefully, projecting one’s image, expressing gratitude, welcome address, vote of thanks, and more.
Descriptive, argumentative, factual, and literary texts.
Scientific and factual discourse, interesting texts, reports, relevant situations, non-verbal information, projects, advertisements, et cetera.
Dictionaries, library facilities, internet, verbal and non-verbal texts, lectures, books and journals, essays of students, email language.
Report writing, presenting messages, picture composition, presenting facts and figures in a systematic method, advertisements, and more.
Samples of pupil language, areas of doubt, hesitation, and more.
Essay writing, poem writing, critical appraisal, scriptwriting for interviews, cartoon scripts, travelogues, captions for photographs, translation.

How To Prepare For the Tamil Nadu Class 12 Exam?

There are a lot of preparation tips which the students can follow in order to score maximum marks. Here are a few of them:

  • Keep in mind that you are your biggest contender. Make an effort to outperform your previous performance. Outperform your previous percentage and strive for higher scores at all times. Concentrate on improving your grades in specific topics. This can help you analyse the specific topics you want to improve, which can help you enhance your scores and percentages. Always aim for the best!
  • In the tough times of life, maintaining a good attitude is critical. With a positive attitude, it is possible to retain high levels of confidence and pass even the most difficult exams with flying colours. When the syllabus is vast, like the samacheer kalvi, students tend to see a negative side to it. But with a positive attitude and the will to complete everything on time, it is easier. A positive attitude and high confidence levels will assist students in easily answering challenging questions in Class 12th exams.
  • Apart from reference books, there are prescribed text books for any board exam that students can turn to. However, referring to numerous books at once can be perplexing. While studying, students should keep the exam syllabus in mind and devote more attention to textbooks as they provide the majority of the questions in the TN State Board Class 12 exam. Embibe is a good app to rely on for students.
  • Identify the weak areas and begin improving them so that the overall percentage does not suffer. Do not make the mistake of overlooking your weaker sections; instead, devote extra time to mastering them. It is easier that way, and students can get the maximum marks.

FAQs on Tamil Nadu Class 12 English Syllabus

Students will face numerous challenges while preparing for the TN Class 12 exams. Hence, to ease the student’s stress, we have collected a few frequently asked questions along with their solutions.

Q.1. What are the few important topics for the TN English class 12 exam?
Ans: Here we have provided a few important topics in the tabular format for the students to refer to easily:
Vocabulary and comprehensive passages
Sentence patterns
Phrasal verbs
Report verbs
Q.2. Is TN Class 12 English an easy subject?
Yes! With the right preparation and guidance, it is extremely easy for students to score high marks in the Tamil Nadu Class 12 exams. Students can refer to this article for better preparation tips. Embibe provides the best guidance in terms of any exam, and students can practise the mock tests for in Embibe.

Q.3. What is the total score for the TN Class 12 exam?
The total marks students write for the Tamil Nadu class 12 exams is 600. The minimum score to be secured is 210.

Q.4. When will the TN Class 12 results be announced?
The date of the TN class 12 results is June 20, 2022.

Q.5. Where can I get PDFs and links to previous year’s English question papers?
Students can get PDFs and links from Embibe. Embibe has got articles that can guide the students with links and practice them. It is very reliable to refer to the articles in Embibe since they are informative and provide accurate information

We hope that the article on Tamil Nadu Class 12 english syllabus helps the students in resolving the doubts. If any queries persist, feel to contact our team and we will be happy to help!

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