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6th RBSE Study Material 2023


What makes pizzas so delicious? A strong base, a few layers of cheese and sauces, with an ample amount  of your favourite toppings. If you remove a single element from it, the pizza may become tasteless or bland. The same goes for  your studies. You need a strong base in all the chapters, followed by solving sample questions and toppings of mock tests. But where can you get all these ingredients for success? The answer is the Embibe application. 

Embibe provides a mine of 6th RBSE study material to help you learn each subject from scratch. It teaches all your chapters through 3D videos, which makes learning faster, and you can move to the practice stage. There are 30+ 3D videos on Science, Maths and Social Science subjects for Class 6 Rajasthan Board. You can access 1000+ sample questions for and gradually strengthen your knowledge in each chapter and subject. Thus, Embibe is your single-stop solution for the most comprehensive 6th RBSE study material. Check this page to access the study resources at your fingertips.

Access 6th RBSE Study Material on Embibe

The Class 6 RBSE study material on Embibe primarily  includes  reference books on Embibe, sample questions, and mock tests. Thus, if you follow a strategy and utilise all these materials, you can score maximum marks in the final exam. Also, with regular practice, you will not have to do rote-learning exercises. 

In this section, we have provided direct links to help you access the best Class 6 RBSE study material.

Class 6 Rajasthan Board Study Material: Books

The Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) prescribes the NCERT curriculum for Class 6. You can refer to the board-prescribed RBSE Books Class 6 and  the Embibe Big Book for learning and practice. Since you have the school textbooks and Embibe videos, you do not need to download notes from random websites on the internet. 

Refer to the table below for RBSE 6th books in video format:

Class 6 Rajasthan Board Study Material: Practice Questions

The practice questions for Class 6 RBSE on Embibe ask questions on all the topics. Thus, you will be ready to answer even the trickiest questions in the final exam. In Maths, they will help in building a strong base for analytical skills in students. In Social Science, you will be able to better understand the world that exists and how it evolved. Click on the links below to solve practice questions on RBSE Class 6 subjects:

Subject6th RBSE Practice Questions
MathematicsClass 6 RBSE Practice Questions
ScienceClass 6 RBSE Practice Questions
Social ScienceClass 6 RBSE Practice Questions

Class 6 Rajasthan Board Study Material: Mock Tests

Once you have developed a strong  base in  topics and practicing  questions, it is time to test yourself. Embibe mock tests help  you  find out how prepared you are for the final exam. You can also create your own tests on Embibe for a topic, chapter, subject, based on difficulty level of questions, etc. After submitting a test, Embibe provides an analytical feedback that tells  you your strengths and weaknesses so that you can work on the loopholes.

Subject6th RBSE Mock Test
MathematicsClass 6 RBSE Mock Test
ScienceClass 6 RBSE Mock Test
Social ScienceClass 6 RBSE Mock Test

FAQs on 6th RBSE Study Material

Here are some frequently asked questions about 6th RBSE study material:

Q.1: How many 6th RBSE practice questions are there for Maths on Embibe?

Ans: There are 500+ practice questions for Class 6 RBSE Maths on  Embibe. . 

Q.2: Are there  mock tests for Class 6 Rajasthan Board on Embibe?

Ans: Yes, there are mock tests for Maths, Science and Social Science subjects for RBSE 6th on Embibe.

Q.3: What is the ‘Create Your Own Test’ feature on Embibe?

Ans: ‘Create Your Own Test’ is a feature of the test module on Embibe. It allows you to design a test as per your requirement. You can select the subjects/chapters, set difficulty level, marking scheme, time duration for the mock test. 

Q.4: Is 6th RBSE Maths tough?

Ans: RBSE Class 6 Mathematics is not very tough. Gaining conceptual clarity in each topic will help you cover the entire syllabus easily.

Q.5: How many chapters are there in RBSE Class 6 Social Science?

Ans: In Rajasthan Board Class 6 Social Science, there are 28 chapters in total for History, Geography and Political Science.

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We hope this article on RBSE Class 6 study material was helpful to you. Stay tuned to Embibe for latest information on Rajasthan Board Class 6 exam.

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