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  • Written By Alice_J
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AP EAMCET Preparation Tips 2023: Tips to Crack

AP EAMCET Preparation Tips 2023: AP EAMCET is a gateway for candidates to get admission in various institutes offering engineering, agricultural, and medical programmes. Hence, preparing an effective study plan can help candidates secure their seats in their desired institutes. To begin with, candidates must be well aware of the exam pattern and syllabus.

The syllabus will help candidates prepare a timetable based on the difficulty level. The exam pattern will help them know important details like the marking scheme, exam duration and other details. Candidates can also regularly solve previous years’ papers and mock tests to improve their preparation levels. Continue reading the article to learn more about the best preparation tips and tricks that candidates can include in their study plan.

AP EAMCET 2023 Preparation Tips: Exam Pattern

The candidate must be aware of the AP EAMCET exam pattern before planning the study plan. A total of 160 questions make up the question paper. This includes 80 questions in Maths, 40 questions in Physics, and 40 questions in Chemistry. There is no negative marking scheme. Each question carries one mark and is of the objective kind (multiple choice). As a result, the engineering stream will receive a total score of 160.

The AP EAMCET exam pattern is below:

SubjectNumber of QuestionsMarks per QuestionTotal Marks
Total160 160

AP EAMCET Total Time

The duration of the AP EAMCET exam is listed below for candidates’ reference.

ExamTotal Time
Engineering03 hours
Agriculture & Pharmacy03 hours

How to Prepare for AP EAMCET 2023?

Candidates can go through the following AP EAMCET preparation tips that will help candidates prepare an effective and well-structured study plan:

Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Candidates must be well aware of the AP EAMCET syllabus as it will help candidates prepare a well-structured study plan as will help them distribute topics accordingly. Knowing the exam pattern will help candidates understand the marking scheme, the marks distribution, total questions asked, total marks and more.

Study Material

Candidates must ensure that they have access to all the materials while studying. Although the exam syllabus covers the Andhra Pradesh 12th standard syllabus, candidates should not rely solely on those textbooks. Candidates can enhance their preparation by consulting new publications and collections of previous exams.

Create a Practical Study Plan

Make a schedule for studying and revision after reviewing the material and exam format. It’s crucial to plan the schedule according to their abilities. Allow brief breaks to recharge before beginning another study session. Make sure to get up early to devote more time to studying.

Daily Revisions

The greatest way to perform well on the test is through revision. Candidates must give adequate time in the study timetable to go over the material they have already learned. Candidates can retain what they study by frequently reviewing what they learned. Candidates will be able to determine what needs more study as a result. To adequately prepare for the entrance exam, candidates must do revisions daily.

Previous Years Question Papers

Candidates can go through the AP EAMCET previous year question paper can help them get an idea of the previous year’s exam trends like the marking scheme, question weightage and frequently asked questions.

AP EAMCET Mock Tests

Mock tests are a great source of revision that helps candidates improve their preparation levels. Solving AP EAMCET mock tests regularly can help candidates analyse their preparation and improve their mistakes and weak areas.

Candidates can attempt mock tests provided by Embibe for free. These mock tests are created as per the latest updates i.e. the latest exam pattern and syllabus. The Embibe mock tests are created with an increasing difficulty level to challenge the candidate’s preparation level. Solving these mock tests can help candidates get a prior experience in the examination.

EAMCET Preparation Tips for MPC

Candidates can go through the subject-wise EAMCET preparation tips for MPC below:

AP EAMCET Tips and Tricks for Chemistry

Candidates can check out the AP EAMCET tips and tricks for Chemistry below:

  • Analyse the section of the paper that helps candidates scores the best in chemistry.
  • Read the textbook because it will be the source of 90% of the exam questions.
  • After finishing the textbook entirety, purchase the TELEGU AKADEMI EAMCET materials and work through the questions there.
  • Solve the textbook examples of difficulties.

AP EAMCET Tips and Tricks for Physics

Candidates can check out the AP EAMCET tips and tricks for Physics below:

  • Candidates should learn every idea from the textbook and be familiar with how to approach challenges.
  • Physics is not that difficult; candidates just need to put in a little more work and practise in order to tackle challenges.
  • They should practice as many practice questions as they can and learn the formulas.
  • Candidates can consult Deepti Physics and Telugu Akademi EAMCET Materials for assistance with issues.

AP EAMCET Tips and Tricks for Mathematics

Candidates can check out the AP EAMCET Tips and Tricks for Mathematics below:

  • To solve the math portion of the test, practise more.
  • They can complete the Math portion of the test faster if they practice plenty of questions and pick up speed.
  • They should be sure that they fully understand every concept outlined in the textbook.
  • Candidates can use the Deepthi, Nishith, and Akash EAMCET materials to solve a range of questions.
  • Next, they should work through all of the problems in the TELUGU AKADEMI EAMCET materials.
  • There are several common issues that candidates can resolve quickly by making use of shortcuts.

FAQs on AP EAMCET Preparation Tips 2023

Read some of the most frequently asked questions about AP EAMCET Preparation Tips 2023 below:

Q: Can candidates from other states write the AP EAMCET exam in 2023?

Ans: Only Andhra Pradesh candidates are permitted to take the AP EAPCET 2023. Before applying for the exam, candidates must also review educational and state-specific eligibility requirements.

Q: How is practicing the AP EAMCET question papers from prior years helpful?

Ans:  It assists a candidate in learning the nature of the exam’s questions, the degree of difficulty, their level of preparation, their strong and weak points, and gives more insight into their practices.

Q: Why is it important to understand the AP EAMCET syllabus?

Ans: Candidates should be familiar with the syllabus because it aids in developing a solid strategy for exam preparation. Depending on their preferences, they can plan their study time for the simple and challenging chapters.

Q: How should I plan my time for the AP EAMCET 2023?

Ans: By practising the question papers before the exam, one may manage their time effectively. It will help determine which section needs more focus in order to save time.

Q: What are the best strategies for passing the AP EAMCET in 2023?

Ans: The effective strategies for passing the AP EAMCET in 2023 include familiarity with the material, taking notes, frequent review, practising questions from previous years’ tests, taking part in mock exams, maintaining a healthy diet, and regular exercise.

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