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NCERT Solutions Class 6 Science Chapter 8 Body Movements


NCERT Solutions Class 6 Science Chapter 8: Students who are studying in Class 6 must go through this article to find all the detailed NCERT Solutions Class 6 Science chapter 8, Body Movements. The chapter provides knowledge on bones, cartilage, formation of the skeleton in the human body. You can find detailed answers in this study material that helps you with different aspects of body movement.

CBSE Class 6 Science Chapter 8 talks about the Gait of Animals, Organs for Locomotion, the Muscular System, and many other important concepts. Embibe provides more than 470 practice questions for all the sub-topics of the ‘Body Movements’ chapter. Students must find answers to all the questions and memorise them to perform well in the exams. Keep scrolling to access answers to all the questions of Class 6 Science chapter 8.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science Chapter 8: Important Topics

Body Movements is one of the easiest and most interesting chapters of Class 8. Once you start solving the NCERT exercise questions, you can use the solutions for Class 6 Science chapter 8 notes (solutions) provided here as a reference. The solutions for Class 6 Science chapter 8 extra questions will also help in understanding the chapter in-depth. Using these NCERT solutions as a reference, you will be able to complete your assignments on time.

At Embibe, students can find free NCERT solutions for all the questions of Chapter 8 textbooks based on the latest syllabus. Along with free NCERT solutions, Embibe also provides NCERT 3D Videos, NCERT Exemplars, Embibe Explainers, etc., for free.

In the following table, students can find the list of topics in Chapter 8 of Science Body Movements.

S.NoTopic Name
1Human Body and its Movements
2Gait of Animals

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science Chapter 8: Points to Remember

Some of the important points related to Class 6 Science Chapter 8 Body Movements are mentioned below:

  • Movement and Locomotion: (i) Movement is the change in position of only a part of the body.
    (ii) The act of moving the body from one place to another is called locomotion.
    (iii) Locomotion in humans is brought about by skeletal and muscular systems.
  • Human skeleton: (i) Skeleton is the framework of the body formed by bones and cartilages. 
    (ii) Skeleton system performs the functions of protection, movement and providing shape to the body.
    (iii) Endoskeleton are the internal skeleton, made of bones, as in humans.
    (iv) Exoskeleton are the external skeleton, as found in insects and snails.
  • Joints and its types: (i) Joint is the place where two or more bones meet
    (ii) Ligament: Tough structures which hold the bones together at a joint.
    (iii) Different types of joints occur in the human body; the type of joint determines the direction of movement.
    (iv) Hinge joint, ball and socket joint, pivotal joint are some examples of different types of joints.
  • Muscles: (i) Muscles work by contraction and relaxation. Muscles work in pairs – one contracts and the other relaxes.
    (ii) Two muscles have to work together to move a bone.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science: All Chapters

The detailed NCERT Class 6 solutions for all the chapters of Science are provided below for your reference:

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science Chapter 8

Q.1: Explain the Pivotal Joint.

Ans: The joint where our neck joins the head is a pivotal joint. It allows us to bend our head forward and backwards and turn our head to our right or left.

Q.2: What are the benefits of practising NCERT solutions from Embibe?

Ans: By following the NCERT solutions at Embibe, students can easily understand the concepts as they are mentioned in a detailed and comprehensive manner. The solutions are mentioned in an easy-to-understand language yet precise.

Q.3: Are the NCERT Solutions for Chapter 8 of Class 6 Science available for free at Embibe?

Ans: Yes, students can find all the solutions to Chapter 8 Class 6 Science for free at Embibe.

Q.4: Where can I find the complete NCERT for Class 6 Science Chapter 8 of the NCERT book?

Ans: Students can read the complete Chapter 8 of the Class 6 Science NCERT book on the Embibe platform for free. Students can also find direct links to chapter 8 Notes, practice papers, mock tests, important questions, and much more.

Q.5: Where and how can I download the NCERT Solutions for CBSE Science Class 6 Chapter 8 Body Movements?

Ans: The links to download the NCERT Solutions for CBSE Science Class 6 Chapter 8 Body Movements can be found in this article. Embibe’s subject experts and professionals have prepared them in accordance with the guidelines of NCERT.

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