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Assam Board Class 9 Topics 2023


“It always seems impossible until it’s done” is a popular quote by the most famous activist and former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. This perfectly implies to students aiming to achieve high grades in Assam Board Class 9 final exams. With a single step at a time, you can achieve what you thought would be impossible! To start with, you can focus on studying 1-2 topics each day and complete all the Assam Board Class 9 topics before the final exams. This also leaves enough time to revise the Assam Board Class 9 syllabus.

At Embibe, you can understand Assam Board Class 9 topics in an engaging and interesting way. You can access 150+ 3D videos, 40+ ebooks, and 130+ mock tests that will make you highly proficient and capable of answering any type of question asked in the exam. Continue reading to know all the topics of the 9th Assam Board and how to master them easily.

Assam Board Class 9 Subject-wise Topics

Focusing on all the Class 9 subjects and revising the topics every day is the key to outshining in the exams. However, we wish we had interesting ways of studying the topics. To make it possible, we have provided all the topics of Assam Board Class 9 Science and Mathematics subjects and some additional features. You can click on the topic of your choice and learn the concepts easily.

Assam Board Class 9 Science Topics

Learning the concepts of Class 9 Science is a delightful experience in a true sense as we get to know some interesting facts. We learn about the fundamental unit of life, what an atom is made up of, why we fall ill and many more, all of which are thought-provoking. Scroll down to learn all the Class 9 Assam Board Science topics.

S.No.Chapter NameTopics
1.Matter in our SurroundingsPhysical Nature of MatterCharacteristics of Particles of MatterStates of MatterInterconversion of MatterEvaporation
2.Is Matter Around Us Pure?MixtureSolutionSuspensions and ColloidsSeparation of Components of a MixturePhysical and Chemical Changes
3.Atoms and MoleculesLaws of Chemical CombinationAtomMoleculeIonsWriting Chemical Formulae
4.Structure of The AtomCharged Particles in MatterThe Structure of an AtomDistribution of Electrons in Different Orbits (Shells)ValencyAtomic Number and Mass Number
5.The Fundamental Unit of LifeIntroduction to a CellStructural Organisation of a Cell
6.TissuesIntroduction to Tissue SystemsPlant TissuesAnimal Tissues
7.Diversity in Living OrganismsBasis of Classification of Living OrganismsClassification and EvolutionHierarchy of Classification GroupsKingdom PlantaeKingdom Animalia
8.MotionDescribing MotionMeasuring the Rate of MotionRate of Change of VelocityGraphical Representation of MotionEquations of Motion by Graphical Method
9.Force and Laws Of MotionBalanced and Unbalanced ForcesFirst Law of MotionInertia and MassSecond Law of MotionThird Law of Motion
10.GravitationIntroduction to GravitationFallMassWeightThrust and Pressure
11.Work and EnergyWorkEnergyRate of Doing Work
12.SoundProduction of SoundPropagation of SoundReflection of SoundRange of HearingApplication of Ultrasound
13.Why Do We Fall Ill?Health and its FailureDiseases and its CausesInfectious Diseases
14.Natural ResourcesIntroduction to Natural ResourcesThe Breath of Life: AirWater: A Wonder LiquidBiogeochemical CyclesOzone Layer
15.Improvement in Food ResourcesImprovement in Crop YieldAnimal Husbandry

Assam Board Class 9 Mathematics Topics

The basic principle to achieve better marks in Assam Board Class 9 Mathematics is great practice. But, before practising, you need to understand concepts and step-wise problem-solving methods. All the topics for the Assam Board Class 9 Maths are provided below. Click on the respective chapter link to understand the concepts in detail.

S.No.Chapter NameTopics
1.Number SystemsBasic Number SystemsIrrational NumbersReal Numbers and their Decimal ExpansionsOperations on Real NumbersExponents and Surds
2.PolynomialsPolynomials in One VariableZeros of a PolynomialRemainder TheoremFactorisation of PolynomialsAlgebraic Identities
3.Coordinate GeometryIntroduction to Coordinate GeometryCartesian SystemPlotting a Point in the Plane if Its Coordinates are Given
4.Linear Equations in Two VariablesLinear EquationsSolution of a Linear EquationGraph of a Linear Equation in Two VariablesEquations of Lines Parallel to x-axis and y-axis
5.Introduction to Euclid’s GeometryEuclid’s Definitions, Axioms and PostulatesEquivalent Versions of Euclid’s Fifth Postulate
6.Lines and AnglesBasic Terms for Angles between LinesIntersecting Lines and Non-intersecting LinesParallel Lines and a TransversalLines Parallel to the Same LineAngle Sum Property of a Triangle
7.TrianglesCongruence of TrianglesCriteria for Congruence of TrianglesProperties of a TriangleRHS and SSS Criteria for CongruenceInequalities in a Triangle
8.QuadrilateralsAngle Sum Property of a QuadrilateralTypes of QuadrilateralsProperties of a ParallelogramThe Mid-point Theorem
9.Area of Parallelogram and TrianglesUnderstanding Area of Plane FiguresParallelograms on the Same Base and between the Same ParallelsTriangles on the Same Base and between the Same Parallels
10.CirclesCircles and its Related TermsAngle Subtended by a Chord at a PointPerpendicular from the Centre to a ChordCircle through Three PointsEqual Chords and their Distances from the Centre
11.ConstructionsBasic ConstructionsConstructions of Triangles
12.Heron’s FormulaArea of Triangle Using Heron’s FormulaArea of Triangle Using Base and HeightArea of Quadrilateral Using Heron’s Formula
13.Surface Areas and VolumesSurface Area of a Cuboid and a CubeSurface Area of a Right Circular CylinderSurface Area of a Right Circular ConeSurface Area of a SphereVolume of a Cuboid
14.StatisticsCollection of DataPresentation of DataGraphical Representation of DataMeasures of Central Tendency
15.ProbabilityProbability – an Experimental Approach

FAQs on Assam Board Class 9 Topics

You can refer to some frequently asked questions related to the Assam Board Class 9 topics below:

Q: Where can I find all the Science and Mathematics topics of Assam Board Class 9?

Ans: You can find all the Science and Mathematics topics of Assam Board Class 9 at Embibe.

Q: What is the best way to understand all the topics of Assam Board Class 9 Mathematics?

Ans: To understand all the Assam Board Class 9 Maths topics, you should solve all the questions provided at the end of every chapter and practice as many sample problems as possible. This will build your proficiency in Class 9 Mathematics.

Q: Can I learn every topic of Assam Board Class 9 Science at Embibe?

Ans: Yes. At Embibe, you can learn every topic of Assam Board Class 9 Science in detail, as there are topic-wise video explanations provided for every chapter.

Q: Where can I find short notes for Assam Board Class 9 Science?

Ans: Yes. You can find short notes for Assam Board Class 9 Science at Embibe by referring to the ‘Points to Remember’ section provided after each chapter.

Q: What are the important chapters of Assam Board Class 9 Science?

Ans: Some of the important chapters of Assam Board Class 9 Science include Matter in our Surroundings, Is Matter around Us Pure, The Fundamental Unit of Life and Work and Energy.

We hope this detailed article on the Assam Board Class 9 Topics helps you prepare for the exam in the best way possible. Should you have any queries regarding the same or anything related to the exam, please feel to contact us via the live chat box, which is accessible when signed in.

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