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Goa Board Class 9 Important Topics


Do you know how much the important topics will help you in exam preparation? When you appear for Class 9 exams, you might need help figuring out what to study. Isn’t it? Well, that’s mostly because you will appear for the board exams next year. Therefore, you need to keep your basic knowledge strong. Hence, practising the important Goa board Class 9 topics can help you.

If you wish to be the topper of your class, you must study for the exams thoroughly. But how do you get everything under one roof? The Embibe app is one of the best places to start your Goa board Class 9 studies. It has over 150+ videos that explain the concepts easily. The video lectures provide thorough explanations to help you understand the concepts clearly.

Enhance Your Preparation with 9th Goa Board Important Topics

As a student of the 9th Goa board, you may need help finding the important topics. Since you will appear for board exams next year, you must keep your base extremely strong. Therefore, knowing the important topics will allow you to focus properly. Most of the Class 10 topics will be related to Class 9. Therefore, you may refer to them to enhance your preparation. All the important topics are available on Embibe in the form of an Explainer and 3D videos. You can watch the videos, grasp the concepts and prepare notes to help you better prepare for exams.

Goa Board Class 9 Topics: Maths

What are real numbers? What are rational numbers? There are just too many things to learn in Maths. It would be best if you got all your concepts cleared. Why? Next year, you will be appearing for board exams. Obviously, you don’t want to miss out on anything.

Refer to the table below to get the Goa Board Class 9 important Math topics:

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1.Number SystemBasic Number System
Irrational Numbers
Real Numbers and Their Decimal Expansions
2.PolynomialPolynomial in One Variable
Zeros of a Polynomial
Remainder Theorem
3.Coordinate GeometryIntroduction to Coordinate Geometry
Cartesian System
Plotting of a Point in The Plane if its Coordinates are Given
4.Linear Equation in Two VariablesLinear Equations
Solution of a Linear Equation
Graph of a Linear Equation in Two Variables

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Goa Board Class 9 Topics: Science

Science can be really fun and interesting. Therefore, you must go through the concepts really carefully. All the topics to learn for Goa board Class 9 are listed on Embibe. You can go through the table below to start your exam preparation:

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1.Matter in Our SurroundingsPhysical Nature of Matter
Characteristics of Particles of Matter
States of Matter
2.Is Matter Around Us Pure?Mixture
Suspensions and Colloids
3.Atoms and MoleculesLaw of Chemical Combination
Verification of Law of Conservation of Mass
Law of Definite Proportions
4.Structure of the AtomCharges Particles in Matter
The Structure of an Atom
Distribution of Electrons in Different Orbits (Shells)

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FAQs on Goa Board Class 9 Topics

Check some frequently asked questions on Goa Board Class 9 important topics:

Q. How many chapters are there in Goa Board Class 9 Science?

Ans. There are 15 chapters in Goa board Class 9 Science. 

Q. How do I know the important topics for Goa board Class 9?

Ans. Embibe lists all the important topics for Goa board Class 9 for Science and Maths. All the topics are listed within the chapters. The subject matter experts handpick these topics to make it easier for you to prepare for exams.

Q. What are the benefits of following all the topics for the 9th Goa board?

Ans. If you want to be a topper or score 90%+ marks, you need to kickstart your preparation efficiently. You can refer to all the topics for Goa board Class 9 given on Embibe. This would play a key role in exam preparation. 

Q. When will the Goa board Class 9 exams be held?

Ans. Goa Board Class 9 exams will be conducted from March 15 to 31, 2023.

Q. In how many languages are the topics available?

Ans. The Goa board Class 9 topics are available only in English on Embibe. 

As a Goa Board Class 8 student, you must have found all the important topics that you need to prepare for exams. Stay tuned to Embibe to receive the latest information about Goa Board Class 8.

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