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Gujarat Board Class 7 Topics: Access List of Subject-wise Important Topics


Are you someone who selectively studies certain topics, or do you try to cover as many topics as possible while preparing for your exam? Whichever method you follow, you know it is important to study all the topics to have a firm foundation. And sometimes, it gets too dreary to keep studying one topic after another. What if there was an interesting way to study all the Gujarat Board Class 7 topics and help you revise quicker when you are in a time crunch?

Now the experts at Embibe have ensured that the topics are explained in an easy and relatable way to help you thoroughly understand them. Instead of studying all the topics continuously, you can watch  3D videos of two or three topics,  practice the questions for a change, and then return to watching videos. You can choose between Gujarati and English to learn over 100+ topics. What’s better is if you have doubts, you can ask MB – an AI assistant that can help you 24×7, ensuring smooth learning. Continue reading to get the list of 7th Gujarat Board topics.

Gujarat Board Class 7 Subject-wise Topics

Knowing all the topics while preparing for the exam ensures that you can answer any question that is asked in the final exam. To help you cover all the topics without feeling overwhelmed, you can watch the 3D videos and get a complete grasp of the concepts. We have provided the subject-wise topics in the section that follows. What are you waiting for? Get the list of subject-wise topics for 7th Gujarat Board and start learning immediately.

7th Gujarat Board Maths Topics

Class 7 Maths introduces you to different topics which are useful for higher classes and also help you understand real-life applications. With the right explanation, it is not difficult to be efficient in the subject. At Embibe, the topics are thoroughly explained with solved examples to give you better clarity. Get the 7th Gujarat Board Maths topics from the table below. 

Chapter NameTopics
IntegersInteger and Its Representation on Number Line, Properties of Addition and Subtraction of Integers, Multiplication of Integers
Fractions and DecimalsBasics of Fractions, Multiplication of Fractions, Basics of Decimal numbers, Division of Fractions
Data HandlingBasics of Data Handling, Arithmetic Mean, Mode
Simple Equations Basics of an Equation, Solution of Equation
Line and AnglesRelated AnglePair of LinesChecking for Parallel Lines
The Triangle and Its PropertiesTriangle and Its TypesMedian of a TriangleAltitude of a TriangleExterior of a Triangle and Its PropertyAngle Sum Property of a Triangle
Congruence of TrianglesCongruence and Congruence of Plane FigureIntroduction to Congruence of TriangleCriteria for Congruence of TrianglesCongruence Among Right Angled Triangles
Comparing QuantitiesComparison of Quantities Using RatioEquivalent RatiosPercentageUse of PercentageCost Price and Selling PriceSimple Interest
Rational NumbersRational Numbers and Its Representation on Number LineComparison of Rational NumbersOperations on Rational NumbersRational Number Between Two Rational Numbers
Practical GeometryConstruction of a Line Parallel To Given LineConstruction of TrianglesConstruction of Right-Angled Triangle Using RHS Criterion
Perimeter and AreaPerimeters and Areas of Squares and RectanglesArea of a ParallelogramArea of a TriangleCirclesConversion of UnitsApplication of Perimeters and Area
Algebraic ExpressionsVariables and ConstantsTerms of an ExpressionLike and Unlike TermsMonomials, Binomials, Trinomials and PolynomialsAddition and Subtraction of Algebraic Expressions
Exponents and PowersBasics of ExponentsLaws of ExponentsDecimal Number SystemExpressing Large Number in Standard Form
SymmetryLines of SymmetryLines of Symmetry for Regular PolygonsRotational SymmetryLine Symmetry and Rotational Symmetry
Visualising Solid ShapesPlane Figures and Solid ShapesFaces, Edges, and VerticesNets for Building 3D ShapesDrawing Solids in Flat SurfaceViewing Different Sections of a Solid

7th Gujarat Board Science Topics

Learning Science topics can be more fun and relatable when you can visualise the topics. At Embibe, you can explore your imagination through 3D videos and learn the topics faster and easier.  Get the 7th Gujarat Board Science topics from the table below.

Chapter NamesTopics
Nutrition in PlantsIntroduction to Nutrition, Modes of Nutrition in Plants, Photosynthesis
Nutrition in AnimalsIntroduction To  Nutrition in Animals, Different Modes of Food Intake, Digestion in Humans, Digestion in Grass Eating Animals, Feeding and Digestion in Amoeba
Fibre to FabricAnimal Fibres WoolAnimals That Yield WoolFrom Fibres to WoolAnimal Fibres-SilkLife History of Silk MothFrom Cocoon to Silk
HeatHot and ColdTemperature and Its MeasurementLaboratory ThermometerHeat Transfer in ConductionHeat Transfer by Convection
Acids, Bases and SaltsIntroduction to Acids and BasesNatural IndicatorsNeutralisationsNeutralisations in Everyday Life
Physical and Chemical ChangesPhysical ChangesChemical ChangesRusting of IronCrystallisation
Weather, Climate and Adaptation of Animals to ClimateWeatherClimateClimate and Adaptation
Winds, Storms and CyclonesAir Exerts Pressure, Low Pressure Due to High-Speed Winds
SoilIntroduction to Soil, Soil Profile, Soil Types
Respiration in OrganismsRespirationBreathingHuman Respiratory SystemBreathing in Other AnimalsRespiration in Plants
Transportation in Animals and PlantsCirculatory SystemExcretory SystemTransport of Substances in Plants
Reproduction in PlantsModes of ReproductionSexual ReproductionFruits and Seed FormationSeed Dispersal
Motion and TimeMotionSpeedMeasurement of TimeMeasuring SpeedDistance Time Graph
Electric Current and Its EffectsSymbols of Electronic ComponentsHeating Effect of Electric CurrentMagnetic Effect of Electric CurrentElectroMagnetElectric Bell
LightLight Travels Along a Straight LineReflection of LightImage Formed by a Plane MirrorImages Formed by Spherical Mirror
Water: A Precious ResourceNeed and Consumption of WaterSources of WaterForms of WaterDepletion of Water TableWater Management
Forests: Our LifelineForest EcosystemDeforestation
Wastewater StoryImportance of WaterSewerage SystemWasteWater Treatment PlantSanitation and DiseaseSanitation at Public Places

FAQs on Gujarat Board Class 7 Topics

You can find the most frequently asked questions about the Gujarat Board Class 7 topics below.

Q. Where can I get chapter-wise topics for Gujarat Board Class 7?

Ans: You can get chapter-wise topics for Gujarat Board Class 7 on Embibe.

Q. Is learning the Gujarat Board Class 7 topics sufficient to score good marks in the final exam?

Ans: Learning the Gujarat Board Class 7 topics helps you understand the concepts, but you must practice questions too to score good marks in the final exam.

Q. In how many languages can I learn the Gujarat Board Class 7 topics on Embibe?

Ans: You can learn the Gujarat Board Class 7 topics in Gujarati and English on Embibe.

Q. Can I refer to the NCERT books for the Gujarat Board Class 7 topics?

Ans: Yes you can refer to the NCERT books for the Gujarat Board Class 7 topics and they are available for free on Embibe.

Q. What are the topics from the chapter, Lines and Angles in Gujarat Board Class 7 Maths?

Ans: The topics from the chapter, Lines and Angles in the Gujarat Board Class 7 Maths are Related Angles, Pair of Lines and Checking for Parallel Lines.

We hope this article was useful to you. Stay tuned to Embibe to get all the study materials for the Gujarat Board Class 7 exam.

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