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KCET Important Chapters 2023: Get Chapter-wise Weightage


KCET Important Chapters 2023: Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) will, tentatively, conduct the Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET) in July 2023. This exam is conducted to select candidates for Engineering, Homoeopathy, Pharmacy, Ayurveda, and other UG courses in various colleges in Karnataka. So, candidates appearing for KCET 2023 must know the important topics and focus on them to score better marks.

Through KCET, candidates can seek admission to B.Tech, B.Pharma and other health sciences courses offered at colleges in Karnataka. Candidates planning to crack KCET 2023 should make sure that they are well acquainted with the KCET syllabus and equipped with the relevant study material. This article provides information on the important chapters of KCET 2023 for Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics.

KCET Important Chapters 2023

The list of the most important chapters for KCET 2023 is available here. In order to access the important chapters for KCET 2023, candidates must follow the steps given below:

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe’s official website, i.e., embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Login through your mobile number/email.
  • 3rd Step: Then select your Goal as ‘KCET (UG)’ under Engineering.
  • 4th Step: Click Next and select your preferred language.
  • 5th Step: Once done, click on the below-mentioned links to know the important chapters.
Physics Important Chapters for KCET 2023Mathematics Important Chapters for KCET 2023Chemistry Important Chapters for KCET 2023
Semiconductors and Communication SystemMatrices and DeterminantsChemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
Alternating CurrentApplication of DerivativesP block Elements
Electromagnetic WavesVectorSome Basic Concepts of Chemistry Mole Concept
Electromagnetic Induction Alternating CurrentProbabilityChemical Kinetics
Current ElectricityStatisticsHaloalkanes
ElectrostaticsFunctionsBiomolecules and Polymers
NucleiThree-dimensional Geometrical SystemClassification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
Motion in PlaneDifferential EquationsS block Elements Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals and Hydrogen
GravitationInverse Trigonometric FunctionsThermodynamics
OscillationsMathematical ReasoningGeneral Organic Chemistry

KCET Important Chapters: Get Chapter-wise Weightage

Check the table given below to know about the chapter-wise weightage for the KCET exam 2023:

Mathematics ChaptersWeightage (%)Physics ChaptersWeightage (%)Chemistry ChaptersWeightage (%)
Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations5Gravitation8Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry8
Permutation And Combination6Motion in a Straight Line7Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties8
Introduction to 3D Geometry6Oscillations7Some p – Block Elements7
Linear Inequalities7Thermodynamics7s – Block Elements6
Continuity and Differentiability4Mechanical Properties of Solids4Thermodynamics4
Statistics3Mechanical Properties of Fluids4Redox reactions4
Principle Of Mathematical Induction5Kinetic Theory4Hydrogen3
Matrices and Determinants5Units and Measurement3Solid State7

KCET 2023 Marks Distribution

Along with the important KCET chapters, candidates must check out subject-wise marks distribution before starting their KCET exam preparation. Please check the subject-wise marks distribution in KCET 2023 below.

 Biology/ Mathematics60

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FAQs on Important Chapters of KCET 2023

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the KCET’s important chapters in 2023.

Q. What are the KCET important chapters for Mathematics?

Ans: The KCET important topics for Mathematics are Matrices, Probability, Statistics, Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations, and the Application of Integrals. Check this article to know all the important topics and their weightage.

Q. What are the important chapters for KCET Physics?

Ans: The KCET Physics Important Chapters include Gravitation, Electrostatics, Wave, Oscillation, Force and other chapters.

Q. Which chapters are important for KCET Chemistry?

Ans: The important KCET Chemistry topics are chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, p-block elements, and solutions. Check this article to know the important topics and their weightage.

Q. Can I prepare for the KCET exam in 1 month?

Ans: Yes, candidates can prepare for the KCET exam in one month with complete dedication and concentration. It is advantageous if candidates are already preparing for other engineering entrance exams like BITSAT, JEE Main, etc.

Q. Is Mathematics a compulsory subject in KCET?

Ans: Mathematics is not compulsory for the KCET exam. Candidates can choose between Mathematics or Biology as per their preference.

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We hope this detailed article on KCET’s important chapters 2023 helps you prepare well for the upcoming exam. If you are preparing for KCET 2023, try our KCET Main mock tests to reinforce your concepts.

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