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Kerala Board Class 9 Topics: Get List of Subject-wise Important Topics


Ever heard the phrase, “Little drops of water make the mighty ocean”? It is from the poem, Little Things, written by Julia Carney. It is a widely used phrase that means small things are significant and one day can amount to something big. Similarly, you must take small steps while preparing for the 9th Kerala Board exam. You can start by learning the subjects’ topics thoroughly. Once you master the topics, giving the final exam will be a piece of cake for you. 

Embibe helps you comprehend the topics in a fun and engaging way. Every topic is explained through 3D videos that help you better visualise and relate to concepts. The real-life examples you get for the topics help you grasp them more easily and faster. So let go of the procrastination and start studying the 9th Kerala Board topics immediately.

Kerala Board Class 9 Subject-wise Topics

Studying all the topics for the exam is crucial as it gives you a well- rounded knowledge of the subject. It gives you a comprehensive knowledge of the subject and gives you an edge in the exam. To help you understand the topics in-depth, you can refer to the video explanation at Embibe with relevant examples. These videos are easily accessible, efficient and cost-free. Scroll down to get the Kerala Board Class 9 subject-wise topics.

9th Kerala Board Maths Topics

Studying  Maths isn’t as tough as many students think. In fact, it is a subject that has many applications in our daily life, and once you understand the underlying concept, solving  problems will not be difficult. We have provided the 9th Kerala Board Maths topics in the table below. So check them out and kickstart your exam preparation.

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics

AreaTriangles on the Same Base and the Same ParallelsConstruction of TrianglesArea of Quadrilateral Using TriangleProperties of Triangles
2.Decimal FormFractions and DecimalsRecurring Decimals
3.Pairs of EquationsWord Problem Based on a Pair of Equations
4.New NumbersIntroduction to SurdsOperations on Surds
5.CirclesCircles and LinesPoints and CirclesCircumcircle of a Triangle
6.Parallel Lines Basic Proportionality Theorem
7.Similar TrianglesBasics of Similarity of TrianglesProperties of Similar Triangles
8.PolynomialsIntroduction to PolynomialsPolynomials in One Variable
9.Circle MeasuresCircle and PolygonsRelation Between Perimeter, Area and Diameter of a CircleLength of the Arc and Area of a Sector
10.Real NumbersReal Numbers on a Number LineAbsolute Value
11.PrismsSurface Area and Volume of a PrismSurface Area and Volume of a Cylinder
12.ProportionProportionDirect and Inverse Proportion
13.StatisticsMean of  DataFrequency Distribution Table

9th Kerala Board Science Topics

Science is one of the most interesting subjects to study. It explains the world around us from the smallest particle to the largest galaxy, from the tiniest unit of life to the complex mechanisms in living organisms. You can now master the 9th Kerala Board Science topics from the table below.

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1.Forces in FluidsBuoyancyArchimedes’ Principle and FloatationRelative DensityPascal’s LawCapillarity
2.Equations of MotionGraphical Representation of MotionsEquations of Motion
3.Motion and Laws of MotionBalanced and Unbalanced ForcesNewton’s First Law of MotionNewton’s Second Law of MotionNewton’s Third Law of MotionLaw of Conservation of MomentumCircular Motion
4.GravitationUniversal Law of GravitationEarth’s GravityMass and WeightFall
5.Work, Energy and PowerWork Energy Power
6.Current ElectricityElectric Circuit, Cell, Battery and EMFElectric CurrentOhm’s LawResistorsCommon Tools Related to Electric Circuits
7.Wave MotionWave MotionTransverse WavesCharacteristics of WavesSoundReflection of Sound
8.Structure of  AtomDalton’s Atomic TheoryScientists, Experiments and FindingsRutherford’s Planetary Model of AtomBohr’s Model of AtomMass Number and Atomic Number
9.Chemical BondingElectronic Configuration and StabilityIonic BondingCovalent BondingElectronegativityPolar Nature

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FAQs on 9th Kerala Board Topics

Below are some frequently asked questions on the 9th Kerala Board topics:

Q. Where can I get the 9th Kerala Board topics?

Ans: You can get the 9th Kerala Board topics on Embibe.

Q. How can I score good marks in Kerala Board Class 9 Maths exam?

Ans: To score good marks in Kerala Board Class 9 Maths you must be thorough with all the topics and practice questions related to them.

Q. Are the 9th Kerala Board Science topics tough to understand?

Ans: The 9th Kerala Board Science topics are not tough to understand. With the right study materials, you can learn them with ease.

Q. Where can I learn the 9th Kerala Board topics in Malayalam?

Ans: You can learn the 9th Kerala Board topics in Malayalam on Embibe.

Q. Can I access the 9th Kerala Board topics for on Embibe?

Ans: Yes, you can access the 9th Kerala Board topics for on Embibe. . 

We hope this article was useful to you. Stay tuned to Embibe to get all the study materials for the 9th Kerala Board. 

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