Meghalaya Board Class 10

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  • Written by aparna
  • Last Modified on 19-06-2023
  • Written by aparna
  • Last Modified on 19-06-2023

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Exam 2024

About Exam

The Meghalaya Board of School Education, MBOSE, was established in 1974 to educate and empower students and the teaching community. MBOSE administers the Class 10 (SSLC) examination, designs the syllabus, assesses and certifies the results. The curriculum is designed with the intent to help students with physical, intellectual, emotional, and artistic development.


The board conducts the Class 10 exam annually. Class 10 is one of the most important stages in a student’s life as it paves the way for higher education and impacts the career choices of a student. This article talks about the Meghalaya Board Class 10 exam 2024 and all exam related information like the syllabus, exam date, exam pattern, and many more. Continue reading this article to learn more about MBOSE Class 10.

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Exam Summary

The Meghalaya Board of School Education conducts exams for all the students registered for Class 10. The exam is usually conducted in March every year. There are 6 main subjects in the curriculum – Language I, Language II, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Science, Physical Health and Education. The question paper will be in English for all the subjects apart from language. The exam duration is 3 hours, and the total mark for each paper is 100. Before going into the details of the exam, let us look at an overview of the Meghalaya Board Class 10 exam.

Particulars Details
Name of the exam Meghalaya Board of School Education
Level of the exam State-level
Mode of registration Online/Offline
Mode of exam Offline
Class 10 Language Subjects English, Hindi, Khasi, Assamese, Bengali, Garo, Nepali, Urdu, Mizo
Class 10 Academic Subjects Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Science, Computer Science, Physical Health and Education, Work Experience, Creative Expression, Environmental Education
Frequency of exam Once in a year
Exam date March 2024
Exam duration 3 hours
Admit card To Be Announced
Result To Be Announced

Meghalaya Board Official Website Link


Meghalaya Board Class 10 Latest Update


Latest Updates 2022-23

  • MBOSE declared the Class 12 results on May 25, 2023. (Direct Link)
  • MBOSE declared the Class 10 results on May 25, 2023. (Direct Link)
  • The exams were conducted from March 3 to March 17, 2023.

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Exam Registration Process 2024

Exam Pattern

Students who have passed the Class 9 exam must register themselves for the Class 10 board exam in order to be eligible to appear for the exam. The registration process have to be completed before the exam starts so that students can get their admit cards. The registration forms have been released on the website. Usually the school authorities download the forms and fill in on behalf of the students. And they just have to pay the registration fees. Below are the steps to download the registration form from the board’s website.

1st Step: Visit the board’s website, i.e.,

2nd Step: On the homepage, under ‘Notification’, click on ‘SSLC Exam Form 2024.’

3rd Step: School authorities must fill in all the mandatory fields.

4th Step: Pay the registration fees and submit the form.

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Exam Pattern

Exam Syllabus

Students appearing for the Meghalaya Board SSLC exam must be aware of the exam pattern to prepare thoroughly for the exam. The exam duration is 3 hours and the full marks for each paper are 100. 80 marks are for theory, while 20 marks are for practicals or project works or assignments. The passing mark for each subject is 30 and candidates must secure at least 30% of their aggregate marks to pass the MBOSE Class 10 exam.

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Exam Pattern Details – Scoring Pattern (+/- Marking)

The exam pattern remains similar for all the subjects included in the Meghalaya Board Class 10 curriculum. The total number of questions differ from one paper to another but the marking scheme has a similar pattern. The MBOSE Class 10 question paper usually consists of the following type of questions:

Question Type Mark
Very short answer questions 1 mark
Short answer type questions-I 2 mark
Short answer type questions-II 3/4 mark
Long answer type questions 5/6 mark

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Exam Pattern Details – Total Time

The time duration of a theory exam is 3 hours. Students will get 15 minutes to read the instructions, fill in details in the question paper, and answer sheet. There is no negative marking in theory and the practical exam. 

Description Details
Mode of exam offline
Total time duration 3 Hours
Qualifying marks 30 Marks in each subject and 30% aggregate
Negative marking No

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Exam Syllabus

Study Plan to Maximise Score

The Meghalaya Board of School Education has set the syllabus to meet the demands of modern-day education. The concepts taught are intended to instill critical thinking, improve problem-solving and enhance conceptual understanding in students. The subjects offered by the Class 10 Meghalaya Board are given in the table below. The sections below provide the Meghalaya Board Class 10 subject-wise syllabus.

Sl. No. Subjects
1 English
2 Hindi
3 Khasi
4 Assamese
5 Bengali
6 Garo
7 Nepali
8 Urdu
9 Hindi
10 Mizo
Core Subjects
11 Mathematics
12 Science and Technology
13 Social Science
14 Physical Health and Education
Additional Subjects
15 Work Experience
16 Creative Expression
17 Environmental Education
18 Computer Science

Meghalaya Board Class 10 English Syllabus

The Meghalaya Board Class 10 English syllabus is designed to improve the reading and writing skills in students. Moreover, it also aims to develop a keen interest in learning the subject as a language. Check the Meghalaya Board Class 10 English Syllabus in the table below:

Section/Unit Chapter Name
I. Prose (Pieces to be read) Powder and Arms – R. L. Stevenson
Great Expectations – Charles Dickens
Romeo and Juliet – Charles and Mary Lamb
The Demon with the Matted Hair – Indian Folktale
The Monkey’s Paw – W. W. Jacobs
Fourteen – Alice Gerstenberg
II. Poetry (Pieces to be read) Life – Charlotte Bronte
The Gift of India – Sarojini Naidu
The Solitary Reaper – William Wordsworth
Exiled – Edna St. Vincent Millay
The Village Schoolmaster – Oliver Goldsmith
III. Rapid Reader Rapid Reader- Oliver Twist
IV. Grammar & Composition Tenses
Active and Passive Voice
Reported Speech
The Preposition
Miscellaneous Idioms
Letter-Writing (Formal)/Essay
E-mail Writing
Article Writing
Story Writing

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Mathematics Syllabus

The syllabus teaches students that Mathematics is relevant to their lives and experiences. It also emphasises the development of a child’s Mathematical understanding and reasoning. Therefore students should have a clear understanding of the concepts and their applications. Refer to the table below for the MBOSE Class 10 Maths syllabus.

Unit/Section Chapter Name
Number System Real Number
Algebra Polynomials
Pair of Linear Equations In Two Variables
Quadratic Equation
Arithmetic Progression
Trigonometry Introduction to Trigonometry
Trigonometric Identities
Heights And Distances
Coordinate Geometry Lines(In Two Dimensions)
Geometry Triangles
Mensuration Areas Related to Circles
Surface Areas And Volumes
Statistics And Probability Statistics

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Science & Technology Syllabus

Science is an interesting area for students since it provides a variety of activities, experiments, and projects to focus on. The syllabus allows students to understand concepts intuitively by focusing on fun activities, experiments, and projects. The table below provides the Meghalaya Board Class 10 Science syllabus:

Unit/Section Chapter Name
Physics Reflection and Refraction of Light
The Human Eye and the Colourful World
Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
Chemistry Chemical Reactions
Acids, Bases and Salts
Metals, Non-metals and Metallurgy
Carbon and its Compounds
Classification of Elements
Biology Life Processes
Control and Coordination
Reproduction in Plants and Animals
Heredity and Evolution

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Social Science Syllabus

Social Science is an important aspect of general education because it strives to foster an empirical, logical, and humanitarian attitude. History, Civics, Economics, and Geography are the categories covered in the Social Science curriculum. Students can find the Meghalaya Board Class 10 Social Science syllabus in the table below:

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Social Science Syllabus
Section/Units Chapter Name
History Events and Processes
The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
Non-Cooperation and Civil Disobedience Movements
Livelihoods, Economies and Societies
Industrialisation (1850s-1950s)
Urbanisation and Urban Lives
Culture, Identity and Society
Print Culture and Nationalism
Financial Education
Electronic Commerce (e-commerce)
E-Commerce and Financial Regulatory Bodies of Country
Information Technology in Insurance Sector
Insurance Ombudsman
Geography Resources
Water Resources
Forest Resources
Minerals and Energy Resources
Manufacturing Industries
Lifelines of National Economy
Meghalaya: An Overview
Planning Ahead: by the People, for the People
Civics Role of Caste in Indian Politics and Communalism
Nature of Indian Federal Structure
Popular Struggles and Movements
Political Parties
Challenges to Democracy
Voters’ Awareness and its Importance
Women’s Rights in India
Supreme Court’s Ruling on Child Abuse
The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016
Financial Education: Commodity Futures Market
Economic Depression
Investing in Shares
Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Economics Sectors of the Indian Economy
The Story of Development
Money and Financial System
Globalisation and the Indian Economy
Consumer Rights
Financial Education: Benefits of Insurance
Learning to Trade
Stock Exchange and Economy

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Health & Physical Education Syllabus

Health & Physical Education Syllabus helps to keep society healthy, happy and peaceful. It plays an important role in the nature and nurturing of the child. Students can find the Meghalaya Board Class 10 Health and Physical Education syllabus in the following table:

Unit/ Section Chapter Name
Growth and Development How Mature Are You?
You and Your Family
Marriage and Family Life
Diseases Some Defence Measures Against Diseases (Immunity and Immunisation
National Health Programme
Importance of Pupil’s and People’s Participation in the Implementation of These Programmes
Primary Health Care, Meaning and Scope, Health Care Set-Up in Rural and Urban Areas
Consumer Education Consumer Education – Consumer Rights, Making Correct Choices While Buying Different Items, Food Adulteration
Systems of Medicine and Quackery
Drugs, Medicines and Self-Medication
International Health Importance of International Health
Life Skills Education Teenage Pregnancy
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Basic Facts About HIV/AIDS
Prevention Against HIV/AIDS

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Environmental Education Syllabus

The syllabus aims at protecting our environment by making students aware of types of pollution, its effects, prevention method, etc. It also focuses on saving our environment, and natural resources and balancing the environmental conditions. Students can refer to the table below for the Environmental Education syllabus.

Unit/ Section Chapter Name
Restoring Balance in Ecosystem Need for Conservation and Management of Water
Conservation and Management of Forests, Grasslands and Semi-Arid Ecosystems
Conservation and Management of Soil
Conservation and Management of Wildlife Relevance of
Indigenous Practices
Pollution Sources of Pollution and Major Pollutants
Effects of Pollution on Environment, Human Health and Other Organisms
Abatement of Pollution
Issues of the Environment The Decline in Productivity; Resettlement and Rehabilitation of People
Energy Crisis – Urban and Rural Sectors
Greenhouse Effect, Climatic Changes and Global Warming
Acid Rain and Ozone Layer Depletion
Striving for a Better Environment Use of Efficient and Eco-friendly Technology
Ecological Restoration and Conservation

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Computer Science Syllabus

In the developing world, computer knowledge has become a basic requirement for individuals. To achieve it Computer Science Syllabus lays the strong foundation for it. Students can find the Computer Science syllabus for Meghalaya Board Class 10 from the table below.

Chapter Topics
Computer Fundamentals Types of Software
System Software
Operating System
Language Translators
Application Software
Basic Commands in Operating Systems
What is Data?
How to Measure Computer Data?
Number System
Logic Gates
Logic Circuits of Primary and Secondary Gates
Internet Basics Internet
How Does the Internet Work?
Wired and Wireless connection
World Wide Web (WWW)
Web Browser
Web Server
Web Page
Web Address
IP Address
Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
HTML Editor
Creating and Viewing HTML Documents
HTML Element
Structure of an HTML Document
HTML Heading Tag
HTML Paragraph tag
Line Break tag
Horizontal Rule tag
Text Formatting Tags
Comment Tag
List Tags
Images In HTML Tables In HTML
Linking In HTML
Frames In HTML
Object Oriented Programming I – C++ What is OOPs?
Introduction to C++
Structure of a C++ program
Data types
Variables in C++
Escape Sequences
Input / Output in C++
Precedence of operators
Control Structure
Loop Structure
Bug and Debug
Object Oriented Programming II – Java Characteristics of Java
Different Forms of Java
Java Program
Data Types
Operators In Java
Programming Structure in Java
Some Examples of Java Programs
Societal Impacts of IT – II Virus
Internet Hacking
Protect the Computer
Backup and Recovery Tools
Information Security Provisions in E-commerce
Ways for safety computing

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Exam Blueprint 2024

Previous Year Analysis

The exam blueprint gives students an idea about the marks distributions of different units or sections of a subject. Knowing this can help students prioritise their studies according to the weightage. It gives them a sense of making a strategic study plan to help them ace the exam. The sections below provides the subject-wise blueprint for the Meghalaya Board Class 10. 

Meghalaya Board Class 10 English Blueprint

Knwoing the English blueprint can help students know what section carries how many marks. In this way they can plan their studies to complete their syllabus on time. Below we have provided Meghalaya Board Class 10 English blueprint:

Units/ Sections Marks
(i) Prose 25
(ii) Poetry 15
(iii) Rapid Reader 10
(iv) Grammar & Composition 30
Total Marks 80

Marking Scheme for English Internal Assessment

Units/ Sections Marks
Listening Skills 5
Speaking Skills 5
Writing Skills 5
Miscellaneous Skills 5
Total 20

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Mathematics Blueprint

Students should go throught the Maths blueprint properly. It will give them an idea of each unit’s weightage and thus they can map their timetable to the weughtage. Below we have provided Meghalaya Board Class 10 Mathematics blueprint:

Units/ Sections Marks
Number System 04
Algebra 20
Trigonometry 12
Co-ordinate Geometry 08
Geometry and Construction 16
Mensuration 10
Statistics and Probability 10
Total 80

Marking Scheme for Mathematics Internal Assessment

Units/ Sections Marks
Test 10
Project Work 05
Any 2 Skill 02
Total 20

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Social Science Blueprint

Social Science has a vast syllabus with numerous chapters. Therefore, referring to the blueprint can help students plan their studies and allocate adequate time for each unit or section. Below we have provided Meghalaya Board Class 10 Social Science blueprint:

Marking Scheme for Social Science Internal Assessment (Practicals)

Units/ Sections Marks
History 5
Civics 5
Economics 5
Geography (Including map works and Disaster Management) 5
Total 20

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Science & Technology Blueprint

Science is a subject that has a great relevance in our daily lives and it is essential to study all the topics thoroughly. Students can refer to the blueprint to make a proper timetable for the subject. Below we have provided the Meghalaya Board Class 10 Science blueprint:

Units/ Sections Marks
Physics 26 Marks
Chemistry 26 Marks
Biology 28 Marks
Total 80 Marks

Marking Scheme for Science & Technology Internal Assessment

Units? Sections Marks
Physics 6
Chemistry 6
Biology 8
Total 20

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Health and Physical Education Blueprint

Health and Physical Education teaches students a lot about maintaining health, its importance and how they can help spread awareness. Below we have provided Meghalaya Board Class 10 Health and Physical Education blueprint:

Units/ Sections Marks
Growth and Development 15
Diseases 20
Consumer Education 25
Life Skills Education 20
Total 80

Marking Scheme for Health and Physical Education Internal Assessment

Assessment Marks
Written tests 10
Assignments 5
Project works 5
Total 20

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Computer Science Blueprint

To prepare for the Computer Science exam, students should thoroughly study all the chapters. They can refer to the blueprint to know what are their weightage. Below we have provided Meghalaya Board Class 10 Computer Science Blueprint:

Units/Chapters Marks
Computer Fundamentals 20
Internet Basics 18
Object Oriented Programming I – C++ 18
Object Oriented Programming II – Java 16
Societal Impacts of IT – II 08
Total 80

Marking Scheme for Computer Science Internal Assessment (Practicals)

Practicals Marks
Computer Fundamentals 5
Internet Basics 5
Object Oriented Programming I – C++ 5
Object Oriented Programming II – Java 5
Total 20

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Exam Date 2024

The Meghalaya Board of School Education has released the exam routine for 2022-23. Knowing the timetable, students can prepare for the exam according to the subjects that will be conducted first. The MBOSE Class 10 exam will be held from March 2024. Students can check the Meghalaya Board Class 10 (SSLC) exam date sheet below:

Date Subjects
(Exam Time: 10 AM to 01 PM)
March 2024 English
March 2024 Science and Technology
March 2024 Social Science
March 2024 Mathematics
March 2024 Health and Physical Education/ Computer Science/ Vocational
March 2024 Indian Languages/ Additional English

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Admit Card 2024

The admit card for the Meghalaya Board Class 10 exam is released on the website a few weeks before the exam starts. Students have to collect their admit cards from the respective schools and carry it on their exam day to the examination hall. The school authorities have to download the admit card from the website and distribute it to the students. Below are the steps to download the admit card for the Meghalaya Board Class 10 exam 2024.

1st Step: School authorities have to visit the website, i.e

2nd Step: On the homepage, click on the ‘SSLC Admit Card 2024’ link

3rd Step: Log in using user id and password.

4th Step: Fill in the candidate’s name or registration number and date of birth.

5th Step: The admit card will open and can be downloaded.

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Study Plan to Maximise Score

Topper List Success Stories

To excel in the exam, students must thoroughly study the subjects. It cannot be denied that hard work is the only way to nail the exam, but having a study plan helps make the process easier and smoother. Students can follow the preparation tips and detailed study plan to effectively learn all the subjects and ace the exam. Here are some study plans and tips for the students. 

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Preparation Tips

Class 10 Board Exams play an important role in students’ education, laying the base for competitive exams and securing a good position in future jobs. It is essential that students study primarily from their Meghalaya Board Class 10 textbooks and then move on to other study resources. The below exam tips will helpful to perform in the MBOSE SSLC exam 2024:

  • Check the MBOSE SSLC syllabus and marking scheme thoroughly before beginning the exam preparation.
  • Give importance to those chapters that carry more weightage and highlight them. Prepare from these important topics first, and then move on to the lesser-weightage chapters.
  • Always make notes while studying and write unique answers for the exams.
  • Always clear doubts on time from the teachers, mentors or peers. Never leave them unaddressed until the last moment. 
  • Practice from sample papers and solve previous year’s question papers. 
  • Revise at least one month before the exam.
  • Eat healthily, and take plenty of rest between the exam preparation schedule.

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Detailed Study Plan

To get good grades in the exam, students need a thorough approach and a study plan.

One should be aware of his or her own talents and shortcomings and prepare accordingly. Here is the subject-wise study strategy for Meghalaya Board Class 10.

Study Strategy for Mathematics: 

For many students, Mathematics can be difficult to learn. The following are some Mathematics strategies to perform well in the Maths exam.

  • Develop a deep understanding of the concepts and important topics to increase the grades.
  • Practice problems and exercise questions daily. They can also get numerous questions on Embibe.
  • Study easy concepts first, followed by the difficult ones.
  • During practice sessions, avoid making silly mistakes and try to correct them.
  • Make a list of important equations in a book and revise it regularly.
  • Make use of short methods in the calculation to save time during the exam.
  • Know the blueprint and question pattern thoroughly. 
  • Solve a least the last 5-years question paper. Take mock tests on Embibe.

Study Strategy for Science and Technology

Study strategy for Chemistry

Due to the numerous equations, reactions, formulas, and experiments required in chemistry, it can be a complex subject sometimes. To get a good grade in Chemistry, follow the recommendations below:

  • Students must do a thorough study of the subject and put in a lot of practice.
  • Understand the basics before proceeding to more difficult topics.
  • Important formulas and equations should be written down on a piece of paper or a chart. Doing this will make recalling them during exams easier.
  • Utilise the laboratory regularly. It will help to gain practical knowledge and a better understanding of the basics.
  • Understand the blueprint as well as the question pattern.
  • Solve minimum last 5-years question papers and take mock tests on Embibe.

Study strategy for Social Science

It is a scoring and interesting subject. Here are a few tips for good grades in Social Science.

  • Make a list of important dates, events, names, formulas in economics, etc.
  • Read the textbook thoroughly.
  • Concepts like Public Administration, Civics, Economics, etc., learn by relating to daily life and present situations.
  • Learn the maps of the different geographical areas.
  • Give importance to the old question papers and mock tests. 

Study strategy for English

English is also a scoring subject and needs comparatively less preparation time than Mathematics and Science. Therefore give the best in the exam, which helps to increase the overall percentage in the exam. Here are a few useful tips for scoring good marks in English.

  • Read newspapers, storybooks, novels, science fiction, etc., which help the students improve their English language knowledge and indirectly help the board exam.
  • Give more importance to the sections like unseen passage, note-making, etc., as it does not need much preparation.
  • Grammar is an important part of the language. Be thorough on the basics of grammar. 
  • Avoid spelling mistakes.

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Exam Result 2022-23

Exam counselling

The MBOSE Class 10 result was released on May 25, 2023. The result is an important document that helps students get into their desired institute and stream. Institutes will refer to their results to help decide a student’s admission into a chosen field. Students can download them from the official website.

  • Step 1: Click on the official link, MBOSE Results.
  • Step 2: Click on the link “Results of Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination” link.
  • Step 3: On the new page, enter the roll number and give Captcha. Click on the Submit option.
  • Step 4: Download the result displayed on the screen for future reference.

Students must collect their original mark sheet directly from the respective school.



Meghalaya Board Class 10 Previous Year Topper List

Exam talks

Students can obtain the names of the toppers from the MBOSE Class 10 Toppers List link. Knowing this allows them to understand the competition and the bar set for them to achieve. Here is the list of the five top merit students for the Meghalaya Board of School Education Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination, 2023.

Rank Roll No. Names of Students and Institutions
1 41292 Kevinstrong Lawriniang
St. Thomas Higher Secondary School, Mairang
2 54418 Wanteibok Pator,
Sawlyngdoh Higher Secondary School, Mowkaiaw
3 23494 Kashish Samee
St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Shillong
59617 Mridumay Sahayou
Sherwood School, Tura
4 27476 Iaphilarisa Khongbuh
Synod Higher Secondary School, Shillong
5 65655 Asif Zaman
Jawaharlal Nehru Higher Secondary School, Phulbar

Frequently Asked Questions on Meghalaya Board Class 10 Exam 2024

About Exam

Read some of the most frequently asked questions about Meghalaya Board Class 10 below: 

Q: How can I check Meghalaya Board Class 10 result?

Ans: Students can check the Meghalaya Board Class 10 result from the website. The steps to check the result are mentioned on this page.

Q: Where can I get details about the Meghalaya Board Class 10 exam?

Ans: Students can get detailed information about the Meghalaya Board Class 10 exam on this page.

Q: Where can I get practice questions for Meghalaya Board Class 10?

Ans: Students can get practice questions for Meghalaya Board Class 10 on Embibe

Q: Where can I take mock tests for Meghalaya Board Class 10?

Ans: Embibe provides mock tests for Meghalaya Board Class 10 exam.

Q: Where can I get the syllabus for Meghalaya Board Class 10?

Ans: Students can get the Meghalaya Board Class 10 syllabus from this page.

Meghalaya Board Class 10 List of Educational Institutions

About Exam

In Meghalaya Board, a total of 783 schools are present in seven districts.

The details of the number of schools, their address, the number of students in each school, results, etc., can be obtained from the official website Department of Education, Government of Meghalaya. The official website for several schools in Meghalaya Schools in Meghalaya.

Meghalaya Board Class 10 List of Future Exams

Eligibility Criteria

To pass class 10, students must take a board examination conducted by the Meghalaya Board of School Education. Aside from this board exam, several additional national and worldwide competitive exams exist. Exams like these are one way to bring out a student’s interests, abilities, knowledge, and potential. The following are some of the competitive tests that Class 10 pupils can take:

  • Indian National Olympiad (INO)
  • National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)
  • Indian National Earth Science Olympiad
  • National Science Olympiad (NSO)
  • National Standard Examination in Astronomy
  • International Olympiad of English Language (IOEL)
  • National Biotechnology Olympiad or (NBO)
  • International English Olympiad
  • International Informatics Olympiad (IIO)
  • Zonal Informatics Olympiad
  • National Science Talent Search Exam (NSTSE)
  • National Interactive Maths Olympiad (NIMO)

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