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Mizoram Board Class 11 Topics 2023: Subject-wise Chapters & Important Topics


Has it ever happened to you that you sat down to study, began reading a chapter, and felt sleepy just 15 minutes after you started? You are not alone, as almost every other student feels the same. Thousands of students take the Mizoram Class 11 exam yearly, but only 5% of them score above 90%. The reason behind this tiny elite percentage is that most students find studying boring, and plain textbooks make it duller. On the other hand, learning becomes easier when the study material text holds our interest and is easy to memorise. Embibe provides 3D videos for the 11th Mizoram Board topics. All you need to do is play a video and learn the concept thoroughly. 

On Embibe, you can learn topics with the help of e-books, 3D videos, sample questions, mock tests, etc. You can also solve questions based on a particular topic till you gain confidence in it. Each Mizoram Board Class 11 subject contains several chapters. To help you prioritise the study sequence, we have listed some important topics for Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Read on to access the 11th Mizoram Board topics.

Mizoram Board Class 11 Subject-wise Topics

Are you confused about which topics to give more time and importance for the Mizoram Board 11th board exam? No need to worry anymore. In this section, we have listed the Mizoram Board Class 11 topics that are considered important. You are advised to study them thoroughly, but also prepare the remaining topics and do not skip any concepts, as you can improve your score when the whole syllabus is covered.  

Mizoram Board Class 11 Topics in Mathematics

In Class 11 Mizoram Board, you will learn about various concepts such as Sets, Relations and Functions, Trigonometry, Quadratic Equations, Permutation and Combinations, etc. If you learn all the topics well and practice enough sample questions, there are high chances that you will score full marks in Maths. Some of the topics in Mizoram Board 11th Maths are as below:

Chapter NamesTopics
Trigonometric FunctionsAngles
Trigonometric Equations
Introduction to Trigonometric Functions, and Trigonometric Functions of Sum and Difference of Two Angles
Permutation and CombinationFactorial Notation
Permutations when All the Objects are Not Distinct Objects
Permutations when All the Objects are Distinct
Permutations, Combinations, and Fundamental Principle of Counting
Sequences and SeriesRelationship Between Arithmetic Mean and Geometric Mean
Geometric Progression
Arithmetic Progression
Introduction to Sequences and Series
Arithmetic Mean
Geometric Mean
Sum to n Terms of Special Series

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Mizoram Board Class 11 Topics in Physics

One effective way of learning Physics in Class 11 is by watching the 3D videos on Embibe. If there are any concepts or chapters that you find very difficult to understand, we suggest you watch our videos with solutions for that topic, and we assure you that you will learn the concept easily. Some topics in Mizoram Board 11th class are given below:

Chapter NamesTopics
Physical WorldNature of physical laws
Physics, technology and society
Systems of Particles and Rotational MotionAngular Momentum in Case of Rotation about a Fixed Axis
Theorems of Perpendicular and Parallel Axes
The Vector Product of Vectors & Pure Rotational Motion
Work, Energy and PowerWork is done by a constant force and a variable force; kinetic energy
Work-energy theorem, power
The notion of potential energy
Potential energy of a spring, conservative forces

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11th Mizoram Board Topics in Chemistry

There are 15 chapters in Mizoram Board Class 11 Chemistry. You can study all topics in each chapter with the help of our 3D videos and understand them better. In the table below, we have provided some important topics.  

Chapter NamesTopics
Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and TechniquesFundamental Concepts in Organic Reaction Mechanism
Qualitative Analysis of Organic Compounds
Structural Representation of Organic Compounds & Electronic Effects
Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureBonding in Some Homonuclear Diatomic Molecules
Molecular Orbital Theory (MOT)Kossel-Lewis Approach to Chemical Bonding & Bond Parameters
EquilibriumFactors Affecting Equilibria, Equilibrium in Chemical Processes
pH Scale & Ionization of Weak Acids and Weak Bases

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11th Mizoram Board Topics for Biology

Biology is a subject in which body organs and functions are explained. In such a scenario, Embibe’s 3D videos with solutions make understanding biological concepts easy and interesting. In the table below, we have provided some important topics for the 11th class Mizoram Board Biology. You are advised to study them and the remaining Biology syllabus with concentration to score maximum marks in the subject.

Chapter NamesImportant Topics
Biological ClassificationIntroduction to Biological Classification
Kingdom Protista, Kingdom Plantae, Kingdom Animalia, Kingdom Monera, Kingdom Fungi
Viroids & Prions Lichens 
Animal KingdomSalient features and classification of animals
Non-chordates up to phyla level Chordates up to class level
Morphology of Flowering PlantsFruit, Flower, Semi-technical Description of a Flowering Plant, Stem, Leaf, Inflorescence
Description of Some Important Families
Root, Seed An Introduction to Morphology of Flowering Plants

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FAQs on 11th Mizoram Board Topics 2023

Below we have provided frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Mizoram Board Class 11 topics:

Q: Can I learn the 11th Mizoram Board Biology Plant Kingdom chapter on Embibe?

Ans: Yes. You can study the Mizoram Board Class 11 Biology chapter Plant Kingdom on Embibe for.

Q: Which is the best learning platform to understand the concepts of the 11th Mizoram Board?

Ans: Embibe is one the best learning platforms for Mizoram Board Class 11 exam preparation. We provide 3D videos to make the subjects engaging and easy to learn. The videos have been curated by the subject matter experts for an in-depth understanding of the concepts of all the subjects.

Q: How does Embibe help me score good marks in Mizoram Board Class 11 exams?

Ans: You can access all 11th Mizoram Board video lessons, sample questions and mock tests on each topic on Embibe. You can learn concepts from our 3D videos explained by the subject matter experts. On taking our mock test, you receive detailed feedback on your overall performance that helps you improve your preparation further.

Q: Is 11th Mizoram Board Mathematics tough?

Ans: Mizoram Board Class 11 Maths has some complicated chapters. But you can learn and ace them by doing sincere studies and referring to Embibe video lessons. Click on the links on this page to access them.

Q: Which is the most important topic in Mizoram Board Class 11 Biology subject?

Ans: One of the most important topics in Mizoram Board Class 11 Biology is Biological Classification. The chapter covers 65 concepts, which you can learn on Embibe with the help of our 3D videos.

We hope this detailed article on the 11th Mizoram Board Topics helps you prepare for the 11th Mizoram Board 2023 exam in the best way possible.

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