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RBI Assistant Salary 2022: Get Pay Scale, Allowances and Benefits


RBI Assistant Salary 2022: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), offers a great salary package along with a number of perks and other incentives to its employees. It is a prestigious and lucrative job for a banking aspirant. Apart from prestige and excellent salary, a job in the RBI provides candidates with a growing career trajectory and also leads to their personal growth.

Having a clear idea of the RBI Assistant salary structure, perks, and allowances will motivate the candidates to work hard to achieve this highly sought-after job. Post the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission, the RBI Assistant’s gross salary has increased to Rs. 45,050/- per month. Read the complete article to get the full picture about the breakdown of the Assistant salary, job profile, perks, and the lavish lifestyle that RBI offers to its employees. Read the following article for gross salary, in-hand salary and perks, and allowances offered to RBI Assistant 2022

RBI Assistant Salary 2022: Overview

Before going into the details of the RBI Assistant Salary, let us have a quick glance at the most fundamental information about this job at the apex bank of India.

Exam conducting BodyReserve Bank of India (RBI)
Type of JobBanking Job
Exam LevelNational
Phases in Selection ProcessPrelims, Mains and Language Proficiency Test
Official Siterbi.org.in

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In-hand RBI Assistant Salary 2022

An Assistant will receive a monthly in-hand salary of approximately Rs. 40,000/-. The monthly RBI Assistant salary will increase with annual increment and with the internal promotions, the salary will increase even more.

Salary DetailsAmount
Basic PayRs. 20,700/-
Additional Special PayRs. 400
Grade AllowanceRs. 3500
Dearness Allowance (DA)Rs. 9,718
Transport AllowanceRs. 1200
Special Prerequisite AllowanceRs. 2753
Special AllowanceRs. 3788
City Compensatory AllowanceRs. 2515
Gross PayRs. 45,050/-

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RBI Assistant Salary Deductions 2022

The net salary of an RBI Assistant depends on the gross monthly salary and the deduction amounts as well.

Net Salary = Gross Salary – Deductions

Let us take a look at the deductions of an RBI Assistant Salary.

EE NPS Contribution AmountRs. 3635
License FeeRs. 63
Meal Coupon DeductionRs. 160
MAFRs. 225
All India RBI EmployeeRs. 50
Sports Club SubscriptionRs. 40
TotalRs. 4,173
In-hand SalaryRs. 42,801

Allowances Received by an RBI Assistant

An Assistant receives several allowances in his RBI Assistant Manager salary slip. These allowances are listed below:

  1. Accommodation- Apart from the RBI Assistant Salary, RBI provides Housing accommodation. However, as the provision of accommodation is subject to availability, sometimes they are reimbursed their rent as an alternative.
  2. Dearness Allowance- Government pays DA to the employee to mitigate the impact of inflation.
  3. Transport Allowance- An RBI employee is given TA by the government so that they can meet travelling expenses between their residence and office or any place where official duty is to be performed.
  4. City Compensatory Allowance- An RBI employee is paid CCA by the government to compensate for the higher cost of living in a metropolitan or Tier-1 city compared to a Tier-2 city or village.

Job Profile of Reserve Bank Assistant

Reserve Bank of India provides its employees with ample opportunities for professional growth. Job Profile/ Work of an Assistant involves performing the following tasks:

  1. They must maintain files, balance tally, collect receipts, maintain the ledger, etc.
  2. The employee would be a part of the process of issuing and circulating a new currency.
  3. They have to verify all the documents.
  4. He/She will have to maintain a record of emails sent and received and also respond to e-mails.
  5. An RBI Assistant has a role in ensuring financial stability in the market.

Note: An RBI employee has 5 working days in a week and leaves on all national holidays.

Promotion Opportunities for RBI Assistant

Other than the highly competitive RBI Assistant salary, job security, and work-life balance, there are benefits to working in RBI such as excellent intra-organisation growth through periodic internal promotional examinations. These exams lead to promotion to a better position for the employees. After a promotion, an employee has more responsibilities and therefore receives a higher salary.

Other Benefits of RBI Assistant Job

The salaries of government employees saw a huge hike after the 7th pay commission. Other than the salary, the employee enjoys many perks. Some of these perks are given below:

  1. Excellent work-life balance– The employee has to only work 5 days a week for duration is 8 hours a day i.e. from 9:15 AM to 5:15 PM and has off on weekends. This gives the employees time for their personal matters after work.
  2. Accommodation facility– If the employee gets transferred he/she is provided with accommodation wherever they are transferred to in the form of quarters.
  3. Housing loan facility– RBI provides housing loans up to Rs.30 lakhs at nominal interest rates to its employees.
  4. Medical benefits– RBI provides medical coverage for the employee and their family members. This offers huge relief for employees during medical emergencies. Most of the facilities are either of cost or charged at a very nominal rate.
  5. Leaves– RBI offers a higher number of leaves compared to other banking jobs. An RBI also enjoys paid holidays.
  6. Education loan– The children of RBI employees can avail of educational loans up to Rs.20 lakhs at a very nominal interest rate. The children are also given scholarships.
  7. Work– Employees face comparatively less work pressure. This enables the employee to perform to the best of their ability without taking stress.
  8. Promotions-Employees have periodic departmental promotional examinations through which they can get promoted to the level of Assistant Manager.
  9. No public dealing– The job role of an Assistant is purely office work. So, it does not involve dealing with the public in any way.
  10. RBI Brand value– RBI is the central bank of India and all the banks, public or private come under it. Therefore, it is the peak of banking in India. There is no better banking career in India than a job in RBI.
  11. Posting locations– RBI employees are mostly appointed in urban areas as RBI doesn’t have any rural branches. When compared to other banks, postings are both in urban and rural areas.

FAQs on RBI Assistant Salary

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked doubts about RBI Grade B Salary:

Q. How much is the basic pay that an RBI assistant gets?
Ans: The basic monthly RBI Assistant salary received by an Assistant as per the 7th pay commission is Rs. 20,700/-.
Q. What different allowances are given along with RBI assistant salary 2022?
Ans: Other than the basic pay, an RBI assistant’s salary package also consists of the following perks-
Accommodation, travel allowance, house rent allowance, transport allowance, dearness allowance, city compensatory allowance, medical allowance, and miscellaneous benefits.
Q. How are the career growth options as an RBI assistant?
Ans: There are departmental promotional examinations followed by interviews that are conducted regularly within RBI. Any employee who has worked in the current job role for at least 3 years is eligible for the examinations.
Q. What are the duties of an RBI assistant?
Ans: The duties of an RBI assistant include maintaining files, verifying documents and bank details, managing currency circulation and making sure it is proper, and maintaining the ledger.
Q. What are the working hours of an RBI Assistant?
A. An RBI Assistant is expected to work 5 days a week, for a minimum of 8 hours everyday, usually from 9.15 A.M to 5.15 P.M.

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Now that you have all the information regarding the RBI Assistant Salary 2022, we sincerely hope you make the best out of your exam and come out with joyous colours. Candidates can start focusing on preparing for the upcoming exam by taking the mock test at Embibe.

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