Rajasthan Board Class 8 Exam 2023

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  • Written by gnanambigai
  • Last Modified on 1-03-2023
  • Written by gnanambigai
  • Last Modified on 1-03-2023

Rajasthan Board Class 8 Exam 2023

About Exam

The Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan (BSER), is responsible for conducting school-level exams in the state of Rajasthan. BSER is known for offering quality education in schools that are affiliated with it. The headquarters for the board is at Ajmer. Students studying in BSER need to ensure that they are familiar with the details of the board so that they can prepare for the exam accordingly. 

Lakhs of students appear for BSER school-level exams each year. Students in Rajasthan board Class 8 need to prepare for the exams thoroughly. This makes it easier for them to score higher marks in the exams. Furthermore, students can refer to the basic details and kickstart their preparation. Read the article given below to learn about RBSE Class 8 in detail.

RBSE Class 8 Exam Summary 2023


Rajasthan Board schools are expected to conduct the Class 8 exams in March 2023. The RBSE 8th result 2023 will tentatively be released in June 2023. It is important for the students to successfully pass Class 8 exams as it is the only gateway to grade 9. Students need to create a strong study plan to improve their performance in BSER Class 8 examinations. 

It is further important for the students to have access to the detailed syllabus of the Rajasthan Board Class 8 exam syllabus that can be found in this article. Check the relevant information related to the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education as listed below:

Particulars Details
Board Name Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education, Ajmer
Exam Name RBSE Class 8
Last Date of Registration January 31, 2023
Exam Date To Be Announced
Official Website Rajasthan Board
Exam Pattern


RBSE Class 8 Exam Syllabus 2023

Exam Syllabus

Knowing the syllabus plays a vital role in middle school education. When students refer to the syllabus, they can get an overview of the subject and know what chapters and topics are covered for that particular academic year. As a result, being familiar with the syllabus will ensure that students can prepare well for the exams. Therefore, they can score higher marks in the exams. Students can find the subject-wise syllabus for the Rajasthan Board Class 8 in the sections below.

Rajasthan Board Class 8 Maths Syllabus 2023

Class 8 Maths forms the foundation for concepts that will be taught in the higher classes. Therefore, students should study thoroughly to clear their concepts and ace the exam. We have provided the Rajasthan Board Class 8 Maths syllabus below:

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 Rational Numbers
2 Linear Equations in One Variable
3 Understanding Quadrilaterals
4 Practical Geometry
5 Data Handling
6 Square and Square Roots
7 Cube and Cube Roots
8 Comparing Quantities
9 Algebraic Expressions and Identities
10 Visualising Solid Shape
11 Mensuration
12 Exponents and Power
13 Direct and Inverse Proportions
14 Factorisation
15 Introduction to Graphs
16 Playing with Numbers

Rajasthan Board Class 8 Science Syllabus 2023

Class 8 Science introduces students to concepts like microorganisms, coal and petroleum, friction, and many more. These concepts are directly associated with the concepts that students will learn in their higher classes. We have provided the Rajasthan Board Class 8 Science syllabus below:

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 Crop Production and Management
2 Microorganisms: Friend and Foe
3 Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
4 Materials: Metals and Non-Metals
5 Coal and Petroleum
6 Combustion and Flame
7 Conservation of Plants and Animals
8 Cell- Structure and Functions
9 Reproduction in Animals
10 Reaching The Age of Adolescence
11 Force and Pressure
12 Friction
13 Sound
14 Chemical Effects of Electric Current
15 Some Natural Phenomena
16 Light
17 Stars and the Solar System
18 Pollution of Air and Water


Rajasthan Board Class 8 Social Science Syllabus 

Social Science is a subject that helps students understand the past of humans, the earth’s regions and resources, political ways, and governance of society. The syllabus for Class 8 contains topics from History, Geography, and Civics. Students can find the Rajasthan Board Class 8 Social Science syllabus in the table below:

Chapter No. Chapter Name


India Our Country


Rajasthan General Introduction


Water Resources


Land Resources and Agriculture


Mineral and Energy Resources


Industrial Scenario




Tourism and Transport


Contemporary Indian Society


Social Justice


Concept of Development


Our Constitutions


Our Fundamental Rights and Duties


Union Government


Law and Indian Judiciary


National Security


Decline of the Mughal Empire and 18th century India


The Revolt of 1857


Social Reforms and Ideological Changes in India


Impact of British Rule in Indian Economy


Indian Administration under the British Rule


National Movement


India after Independence


Our Pride

Rajasthan Board Class 8 Time Table 2023

Study Plan to Maximise Score

Students appearing for the Rajasthan Board Class 8 exams need to know the timetable in advance to plan a study schedule accordingly. The timetable is usually announced by the respective schools. 

The Rajasthan Class 8 exams are usually conducted in the month of March. As of now, the tentative details about the Rajasthan board Class 8 time table:

Dates (Tentative) Subject
March 2023 Mathematics
March 2023 English
March 2023 Hindi
March 2023 Social Science
March 2023 Science
March 2023 Sanskrit/Urdu/Sindhi/Punjab

Rajasthan Board Class 8 Study Plan to Maximise Score

Previous Year Analysis

It is always better to follow a strategic approach while preparing for exams. Students need to be well aware of the topics that are included in the syllabus to be able to prepare their study plan accordingly. To help students ace their exam, we have provided some preparation tips and a detailed study plan in the following section that students can refer to.

RBSE Class 8 Preparation Tips

Preparation tips are helpful when students are preparing for the exam as they can elevate their preparation level by following them. It gives them an edge that smoothens their learning process. Students can refer to the RBSE Class 8 preparation tips below to ace the exam.

  • Prepare a Timetable: A timetable should be curated beforehand by listing down the subjects that need to be covered for the exam. While planning the study timetable, students should pair a tough subject with an easy one as a combination. In this way, students will efficiently cover different topics of different subjects in a day.
  • Learning Techniques: Videos related to various subjects can be watched on Embibe, and visualisation should be used to understand the core topics of a subject.
  • Practice Questions: The key point for scoring higher marks is continuously attempting many questions and taking tests. Students should practice questions and ask their teachers for previous year’s questions. Students can get numerous questions for practice and mock tests on Embibe.
  • Prepare Notes: Students should make their own notes as it will help them to remember concepts in a better way. Writing things down helps our brain remember them for a longer period. So, our own study notes should be prepared and should be revised periodically at least one month before the exam. This will definitely increase the chances of scoring better.

RBSE Class 8 Detailed Study Plan

A detailed study plan helps students study all the subjects thoroughly to score good marks in all. It allows students to study systematically and complete the syllabus on time. We have provided a detailed study plan for students preparing for RBSE Class 10 exams: 

  • Be prepared: We all know there is no substitute for good preparation. If students have not studied throughout the year or they have not revised prior to test day, or if they do not know the test material, then no amount of strategies will save them. 
  • Students should revise regularly: Students should revise the concepts learned regularly to avoid forgetting them. They can also take mock tests to know how prepared they are and serve as a revision technique.
  • Students should listen attentively to the instructions given by the instructor: It is almost common for teachers to alter exam details at the last minute. If exam instructions are missed, then exam-taking anxiety will increase. If exam instructions are missed, then students should not hesitate or be scared of asking them to be repeated.
  • Do a memory dump: A memory dump is a method that involves writing down information like formulas, equations, dates, etc., on the answer sheet during an examination. This helps in keeping the fear of forgetting away throughout the exam.
  • Time management: Students should estimate how much time they will have for each question of each section of the exam. They can improve this while taking mock tests where they know how much time they take to solve questions that are tough and easy accordingly. They can attempt mock tests for Science, Maths, and Social Science on Embibe.
  • All questions should be answered: Even if students are running out of time, it’s important to attempt them. There is step marking in the answers, so even if it is partially answered, some marks will be given to that particular question. So, every question should be attempted.

FAQs on Rajasthan Board Class 8 Exam 2023

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Rajasthan Board Class 8 exam 2023

Q: Where can I get practice questions for RBSE Class 8 subjects?
Ans: Embibe provides numerous questions for RBSE Class 8 Maths, Science, and Social Science.

Q: Where can I take mock tests for Rajasthan Board Class 8 exam?
Ans: Students can take mock tests on Embibe for the Rajasthan Board Class 8 exam.

Q: Where can I get the Rajasthan Board Class 8 syllabus?
Ans: Students can get the Rajasthan Board Class 8 syllabus on this page.

Q: Does RBSE use NCERT books?
Ans: Yes, RBSE follows the NCERT syllabus.

Q: What are the full marks for Rajasthan board Class 8?
Ans: The full mark for the Rajasthan Board Class 8 is 100 marks.

RBSE Class 8 List of Educational Institutions

Various schools in Rajasthan are affiliated with RBSE. Choosing the right school is important help students develop their conceptual knowledge and other lifeskills. The list of educational institutions for RBSE Class 8 are mentioned in the table below:

S.No. Name of School Location School Type
1 Government Jawaher Senior Sec. School Ajmer Government School
2 Government Oswal Jain Sr.Sec. School Ajmer Government School
3 Government Rajender Senior Sec. School Ajmer Government School
4 Government Mahatma Gandhi Senior Sec. School Ajmer Government School
5 Government Senior Sec. School Topdara Ajmer Government School
6 Government Senior Sec. School Police Line Ajmer Government School
7 Government Sindi Senior Sec.School Khari Kui Ajmer Government School
8 Government Center Girls Se.Sec. School Ajmer Government School
9 Government Girls Se. Sec. School Gulabbar Ajmer Government School
10 Government Girls Se. Sec. School, Nagra-Bhajanganj Ajmer Government School
11 Government Sr. Sec. School Ramganj Ajmer Government School
12 Saraswati Sr. Sec. School Ajmer Government School
13 GuruNanak Girls Sr.Sec. School Ajmer Government School
14 Government Gandhi Bhawan Middle Primary School Topdara Ajmer Government School
15 Government Middle Primary School Kachhari Road Ajmer Government School

RBSE Class 8 Future Exams

Topper List Success Stories

Students in Rajasthan Board Class 8 may appear in various competitive and board exams. Therefore, it is crucial that the students are familiar with the different future exams they can take and eventually score higher marks in the exams. This will make it easier for the students to test their skills. Given below are some of the competitive exams students in the Class 8 Rajasthan board can take.

  • International Science Olympiad (ISO)
  • International Maths Olympiad (IMO)
  • English International Olympiad (EIO)
  • General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)
  • International Computer Olympiad (ICO)
  • International Drawing Olympiad (IDO)
  • National Essay Olympiad (NESO)
  • National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO)

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