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RRB Group D Cutoff 2022 (OUT): Check Qualifying Marks


RRB Group D Cutoff 2022: The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) released the RRB Group D cutoff for the CBT exam on December 24, 2022. The board announced region-wise cutoffs for different categories. The cutoff marks are the minimum qualifying marks that aspirants need to secure in the Group D examination to proceed to the next level.

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The officials decide the cutoff depending on various factors, including the number of candidates who appeared for the exam, their performance, the difficulty level of the exam, and vacancies. In this article, we have provided all the details regarding the RRC Group D cutoff marks. So, continue to read ahead to find out more.

RRB Group D 2022: Important Dates

Check out the important dates related to RRB Group D cutoff 2022 from the table below:

RRB Group D CBT-1 ExamAugust 17, 2022, to October 11, 2022
RRB Group D Answer Key October 14, 2022
RRB Group D Result December 22, 2022
RRB Group D Cutoff December 24, 2022
RRB Group D PET DatesJanuary 2023

RRB Group D Cut Off 2022

Check out the region-wise RRB Group D cutoff 2022 released by RRB on its region-wise official websites from the below tables.

RRB Chandigarh Group D Cutoff

Normalised Marks70.9860.0850.1864.7757.75
Normalised Marks40.0332.4430.1840.21

RRB Mumbai Group D Cutoff

Open96.76876  91.14303 85.6844794.5610681.77030
Normalised Marks64.10801    51.8939244.3553758.1521340.00000
Ex-SM82.84641 70.6537570.58607
Normalised Marks41.24492 30.4221230.42212

RRB Allahabad Group D Cutoff

Open98.00447   93.4196683.3370696.3054991.76955
Normalised Marks66.48579  52.3582735.5540559.9365748.83271
Ex-SM86.61691 79.7073678.45995
Normalised Marks40.15225 31.5759831.57598

RRB Ajmer Group D Cutoff

Open97.45229    91.3665791.3952495.16873 88.14747
Normalised Marks68.32994     54.0257554.0803461.6661448.76577
Ex-SM81.78425    71.2114484.4001670.8054088.59409
Normalised Marks40.11113    30.4384943.3390130.0290649.47681

RRB Kolkata Group D Cutoff

Open96.6220390.6714883.76549 94.8849985.45969
Normalised Marks69.60526 58.4271148.2836265.89208 50.46005
Ex-SM75.89393 64.71957 66.3007263.64558
Normalised Marks40.00777 30.85707 31.98892 30.01119

RRB Ahmedabad Group D Cutoff

Normalised Marks62.6750.8149.1858.4351.66
Normalised Marks40.3542.4945.2130.3451.48

RRB Bhubaneswar Group D Cutoff

Open96.96366 88.26087 84.33973 93.57418 88.0170
Normalised Marks66.49810 49.13464 44.13481 58.36622 48.77533 
Ex-SM80.74159 72.2578874.61424 70.87433 
Normalised Marks40.18912 31.78484 33.71859 30.63973

RRB Bhopal Group D Cut Off

Normalised Marks65.8749.3344.8458.5340
Normalised Marks4130.4031.1630.84

RRB Patna Group D Cut Off

Normalised Marks66.2050.1243.3561.8852.45
Normalised Marks40.0834.8330.0549.73

RRB Ranchi Group D Cutoff

Normalised Marks70.6454.2946.9564.6453.97
Normalised Marks40.2631.3030.9962.93

RRB Bangalore Group D Cutoff

Normalised Marks66.3252.5148.6760.2650.08
Normalised Marks43.0933.9930.30

RRB Chennai Group D Cutoff

Normalised Marks60.9549.8943.5855.6540
Normalised Marks40.1232.3230.64

RRB Guwahati Group D Cutoff

Normalised Marks60.3147.4736.9050.2340.03
Normalised Marks43.3737.9640.9641.19

Practice Unlimited RRB Group D Questions

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  • 3rd Step: Click on the menu bar “Getting a Government Job” 
  • 4th Step: Select the Goal “Railways” from the dropdown and click on “Next”.
  • 5th Step: Search and select “RRC Group D CBT” on the search bar and click on “Next”.
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Factors Affecting RRB Group D Cutoff

There are many factors that affect the Group D cutoff. Check the list below to understand the determining factors:

  • Number of candidates applying for Group D posts
  • Category cutoff set by the Indian Railways Authority
  • Difficulty level of the examinations
  • Minimum cutoff score set by the RRB Indian Railways Authority as per the norms

How To Check RRB Group D Cutoff?

Given below are the steps to check your cutoff score:

  • 1st Step: Go to the RRB official website of the RRB region you applied for. You can look at the list of regions in the later sections.
  • 2nd Step: Click on the link that states “RRB Group D Cutoff”.
  • 3rd Step: The list of the respective state of the cutoff score will be displayed.
  • 4th Step: Save and download it for future reference.

Qualifying Marks for RRB Group D

Given below are the qualifying marks for the RRB Group D exam.

CategoryMinimum Qualifying Marks for RRB Group D Exam
OBC (Non-Creamy)30%

Previous Year RRB Group D Cutoff

Candidates are shortlisted for the Physical Efficiency Test (PET) on the basis of their performance in the computer-based test (CBT) along with the official cutoff scores. Here is the information related to RRB Group D Previous Year Cut Off scores.

RRB RegionsCommunityEx-servicemenCCAA in Railways
Ajmer UR: 73.73073
OBC: 70.10507
SC: 63.37549
ST: 60.62978
UR: 40.20650
OBC: 30.02539
SC: 30.47971
ST: 30.35898
UR: 40.04823
OBC: 30.34260
SC: 30.43260
ST: 32.58236
Allahabad UR: 74.57579
OBC: 69.78740
SC: 62.92684
ST: 50.12207
UR: 40.00081
OBC: 30.04608
SC: 32.55328
ST: 33.86401
UR: 41.16811
OBC: 30.34260
SC: 30.71590
ST: 36.44781
Ahemdabad UR: 71.86468
OBC: 66.77575
SC: 60.85283
ST: 57.85161
UR: 40.00159
OBC: 30.04044
SC: 30.38026
UR: 40.04823
OBC: 30.34260
SC: 30.34260
ST: 30.34260
Bangalore UR: 40.23986
OBC: 30.06408
SC: 30.04608
ST: 35.40327
UR: 40.23986
OBC: 30.06408
SC: 30.04608
ST: 35.40327
UR: 42.59145
OBC: 31.08919
SC: 30.71590
ST: 32.20906
Bhopal UR: 75.03355
OBC: 70.75118
SC: 63.51720
ST: 58.61426
UR: 40.06859
OBC: 30.05624
SC: 30.33041
ST: 0.00000
UR: 40.04823
OBC: 30.34260
SC: 30.34260
ST: 30.71590
Bilaspur UR: 70.22887
OBC: 66.07970
SC: 59.50198
ST: 52.73928
UR: 40.04764
OBC: 30.07200
SC: 31.01847
ST: 30.44739
UR: 40.04823
OBC: 30.34260
SC: 30.71590
ST: 30.34260
Bhubaneshwar UR: 73.86689
OBC: 69.13033
SC: 60.82752
ST: 55.83808
UR: 40.04823
OBC: 30.40393
SC: 30.51015
ST: 34.32121
UR: 40.79482
OBC: 30.34260
SC: 31.46248
ST: 31.46248
Chandigarh UR: 75.07613
OBC: 68.55507
SC: 34.39158
ST: 55.13337
UR: 40.00611
OBC: 30.05769
SC: 30.08656
ST: 36.19895
UR: 40.42153
OBC: 30.34260
SC: 30.34260
ST: 32.95565
Chennai UR: 71.53120
OBC: 68.63312
SC: 61.56750
ST: 55.32595
UR: 40.14442
OBC: 30.00703
SC: 30.13570
ST: 32.63244
UR: 41.54140
OBC: 30.34260
SC: 30.33041
ST: 30.71590
Gorakhpur UR: 73.90623
OBC: 69.27577
SC: 60.92724
ST: 54.35642
UR: 40.16889
OBC: 30.06729
SC: 32.36991
UR: 40.79482
OBC: 30.34260
SC: 31.46248
ST: 31.08919
Guwahati UR: 77.09933
OBC: 72.22287
SC: 67.39113
ST: 57.07288
UR: 40.86204
OBC: 30.45276
SC: 31.28844
ST: 31.46806
UR: 40.42153
OBC: 30.34260
SC: 30.34260
ST: 31.83577
Kolkata UR: 80.57238
OBC: 71.77651
SC: 71.60480
ST: 55.76072
UR: 40.01368
OBC: 30.16633
SC: 30.00703
UR: 40.04823
OBC: 30.34260
SC: 31.08919
Mumbai UR: 67.96106
OBC: 63.08909
SC: 58.88383
ST: 52.58975
UR: 40.16796
OBC: 30.08656
SC: 30.00360
ST: 37.62862
UR: 40.04823
OBC: 30.30418
SC: 30.34260
ST: 30.71590
Patna UR: 77.00350
OBC: 72.51232
SC: 61.64224
ST: 58.20304
UR: 40.19724
OBC: 30.05174
SC: 33.04063
ST: 30.54074
UR: 40.04823
OBC: 30.34260
SC: 30.71590
ST: 37.43518
Ranchi UR: 76.30354
OBC: 71.44115
SC: 62.41570
ST: 58.68276
UR: 40.09680
OBC: 30.18282
SC: 34.04212
ST: 30.07665
UR: 40.04823
OBC: 30.34260
SC: 30.34260
ST: 30.34260
Secunderabad UR: 69.79887
OBC: 65.69349
SC: 59.96240
ST: 56.68657
UR: 40.00159
OBC: 30.00360
SC: 30.39356
ST: 31.07579
UR: 40.42153
OBC: 30.34260
SC: 30.34260
ST: 31.94469

Region-wise RRB Official Websites

As mentioned above, there are 21 regions of the Railway Recruitment Board. The Cutoff and the Result will be declared separately for each region. The links to the official websites of each of the RRB regions from where you can check your RRB Group D result and cutoff are tabulated below:

RRB RegionOfficial Website
RRB Ahmedabadrrbahmedabad.gov.in
RRB Ajmerrrbajmer.gov.in
RRB Allahabadrrbald.gov.in
RRB Bangalorerrbbnc.gov.in
RRB Bhopalrrbbpl.nic.in
RRB Bhubaneswarrrbbbs.gov.in
RRB Bilaspurrrbbilaspur.gov.in
RRB Chandigarhrrbcdg.gov.in
RRB Chennairrbchennai.gov.in
RRB Gorakhpurrrbgkp.gov.in
RRB Guwahatirrbguwahati.gov.in
RRB Jammurrbjammu.nic.in
RRB Kolkatarrbkolkata.gov.in
RRB Maldarrbmalda.gov.in
RRB Mumbairrbmumbai.gov.in
RRB Muzaffarpurrrbmuzaffarpur.gov.in
RRB Patnarrbpatna.gov.in
RRB Ranchirrbranchi.gov.in
RRB Secunderabadrrbsecunderabad.nic.in
RRB Siligurirrbsiliguri.org
RRB Trivandrumrrbthiruvananthapuram.gov.in

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FAQs on RRB Group D Cutoff

The most commonly asked questions about RRB Cutoff marks are answered below:

Q: When will the RRB release its cutoff marks?

A: The Railway Recruitment Board released the RRB Group D cutoff for the CBT exam on December 24, 2022.

Q: How can I check the RRB cutoff for the Group D exam?

A: You can check the cutoff on the respective RRB website. The step to check the result are given in this article.

Q: Does the normalisation process followed in the calculation of the RRB Group D cutoff?

A: Yes, RRB Group D selection follows the normalisation norms. You can read about the normalisation process in our RRB Result article.

Q: What are the qualifying marks for different categories apart from the RRB Group D cutoff?

A: The minimum qualifying mark for SC/ ST/ OBC non-creamy layer is 30%, while that of the unreserved and EWS category is 40%.

Q: Is there any sectional cutoff in the Group D exam?

A: No, there is no sectional cutoff in the RRB Group D exam.

We hope that this detailed article on RRB Group D Cutoff 2022 helps you. Feel to check our website or download our app if you have any queries.

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