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Tamil Nadu 12th Exam Day Guidelines: Important Instructions


Tamil Nadu 12th Exam Day Guidelines: Students appearing for Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 need to ensure that they follow the Tamil Nadu 12th exam day guidelines thoroughly. The board had released their examination schedule for the 2021-22 session on March 2. 

The Tamil Nadu Class 12 exams were conducted from May 5 to May 28, 2022. The students appearing for the exam were expected to report to the board. Furthermore, it was expected that the students follow the instructions and guidelines carefully. The failure to do so can often result in the cancellation of exam guidelines. 

Tamil Nadu 12th Exam Day Guidelines

The guidelines for 12th Tamil Nadu are mentioned on the official website along with the time table. When the board announces the time table, students must consider checking the guidelines too. This helps to ensure that the students are not making any major mistakes during the exam day. 

Students must follow the Tamil Nadu 12th exam day guidelines 2022 given below:

Security and Covid Protocols

The Tamil Nadu Board is very strict when it comes to maintaining safety and security protocols for the students. The board has made specific arrangements to ensure the Tamil Nadu +2 exams are conducted fairly. The board ensures that the students follow the Covid-19 guidelines carefully to maintain safety and security. Any student who is found to not obey the rules will be penalised. 

Admit Cards are Mandatory

One of the most important 12th exam Tamil Nadu guideline to follow is that students carry the admit cards and hall tickets. Students will not be allowed entry to the respective exam centre if they do not have the ticket. The students must carry the legitimate admit card or hall ticket and verify the information that is given on the admit card. 

Exam Time

The 12th Tamil Nadu exam begins at 10 AM till 1:15 AM. Students must report to the examination centre before the mentioned time to ensure they don’t miss out on any important detail. Students are given 10 minutes to go through the question paper and then answer the questions. During the 10 minutes provided for reading the paper, the students must also enter their credentials. 

Reporting Time

As per the Tamil Nadu 12th exam day guidelines, the students must reach the examination one hour before the scheduled time. While the exam starts at 10 AM, the students must consider reaching the exam centre by 9 AM. 

No Cheating

The Tamil Nadu Board follows very strict guidelines for cheating. The board deploys strict measures to ensure no student is cheating in the examination. There are security arrangements such as flying square and surveillance to ensure there is no risk of cheating or malpractices. Any student who defies the rule will be penalised. 

No Electronic Gadgets

Since the Tamil Nadu Class 12 exams are one of the major board exams, the students must refrain from carrying any electronic gadgets. Students must not carry smartwatches, smartphones, smart bands, headphones or feature phones. These only contribute to hampering the sanctity of appearing in the examination. As a result, it can be a problem later on. 

Carry the essentials

Students appearing for Tamil Nadu Class 12 exams must know what they should carry and what not. While electronic gadgets are strictly banned, they can carry stationery items. Students are also advised to carry hand sanitiser and transparent water bottles to the exam hall. Students are often encouraged to not talk to each other in the exam centre to ensure that there is no risk of cheating and so on. 

Social Distancing

With social distancing becoming a norm in today’s world, the students are expected to maintain social distancing in the exam centre as well. Students must avoid visiting crowded areas. 

Wearing Masks

Masks are compulsory for students. Similar to social distancing students must wear masks regularly whenever they’re visiting the exam centre. Not following the social distancing norms can eventually prove to be a problem in the long run. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Tamil Nadu Class 12 Exam Day Guidelines

Some of the frequently asked questions about Tamil Nadu Class 12 exam day guidelines include the following:

Q.1: What are the passing marks for Tamil Nadu Class 12 exams?
Ans: Students in Tamil Nadu Class 12 exams must score an average of 35% on aggregate and each subject to pass their examinations. 

Q.2: Is there any penalty for students who do not follow the guidelines?
Ans: Yes. Students who do not follow the Tamil Nadu Class 12 guidelines will be penalised. 

Q.3: How many students appeared in Tamil Nadu Class 12 exams 2021-22?
Ans: Approximately 9 lakh students appeared for Tamil Nadu Class 12 exams 2021-22 session. 

Q.4: When were Tamil Nadu Class 12 exam results declared? 
Ans: Tamil Nadu Class 12 exam results were declared on June 20, 2022. 

Q.5: How can I check the Tamil Nadu Class 12 results? 
Ans: Students can check the Tamil Nadu Class 12 results from the official website.

The concerned authorities for the Tamil Nadu board follow strict guidelines for conducting the exams. It is advisable that the students follow the guidelines given by the board to avoid any problems, especially from getting penalised during examinations. After their Class 12 exams, the candidates can start preparing for their higher studies. Students can take mock tests for JEE and NEET for from Embibe and improve their preparation strategy accordingly.

We hope this article on Tamil Nadu exam day guidelines was helpful for you. Students must follow the instructions given by the board to appear for the examination without any problem. Subscribe to Embibe to stay updated on the latest information or updates in the Tamil Nadu board examinations.

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