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UPTET Paper 2 Syllabus 2023


The UPTET exam comprises two papers- Paper 1 for aspirants who wish to teach classes 1 to 5 and Paper 2 for those who aspire to teach classes 6 to 8. To prepare effectively for the UPTET Paper 2 exam, aspirants must have a thorough understanding of the latest syllabus. The UPTET Paper 2 syllabus 2023 is designed to evaluate the knowledge and skills of candidates in the subject they choose to teach at the upper primary levels, such as Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Languages.

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In this article, we have provided detailed insights on the UPTET Paper 2 syllabus 2023, including the subject-wise topics, providing candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the syllabus. By understanding the syllabus thoroughly, candidates can prepare effectively and improve their chances of qualifying for the UPTET Paper 2 exam. Continue reading this article to get all details on UPTET Paper 2 syllabus 2023.

UPTET Paper 2 Subject-wise Syllabus 2023

The Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test (UPTET) Paper 2 is a state-level examination conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board (UPBEB) to select eligible candidates for positions of upper primary teachers in schools of the state. To have a better grasp of the UPTET Paper 2 syllabus, candidates must review the subject-wise syllabus to understand the topics covered in the exam. 

We have provided a comprehensive breakdown of the UPTET Paper 2 2023 syllabus for all the subjects included in the exam. By comprehending the subject-wise syllabus, candidates can plan their preparation effectively and focus on the topics that carry more weightage in the exam. The subjects included in the UPTET Paper 2 syllabus are as below:

  • Child Development & Pedagogy
  • Language I (Hindi)
  • Language II ( English, Urdu & Sanskrit)
  • Science/Mathematics or Social Science/Social Studies

Candidates can refer to the detailed UPTET Paper 2 syllabus in this article below.

How to Practice UPTET Paper 2 Questions at Embibe?

Regular practice of UPTET Paper 2 exam questions is crucial for candidates to improve their understanding of all the topics. Embibe offers UPTET Paper 2 practice questions that are aligned with the latest syllabus and accompanied by detailed explanations. To access these practice questions, candidates can follow the steps provided below.

  • 1st Step: Visit the official website of Embibe, i.e., embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Use the Mobile Number or Email ID to log in to the platform.
  • 3rd Step: Click on the menu bar titled “Getting a Government Job”
  • 4th Step: Select the Goal “Teaching” from the Dropdown and click on “Next”.
  • 5th Step: Search and Select “UPTET Paper 2” on the search bar and click on “Next”.
  • 6th Step: Select the preferred language (English or Hindi) and click on “Done”.
  • 7th Step: Click “Practice” from the Header Menu Section.
  • 8th Step: Scroll down to the “Subjects” section.
  • 9th Step: Click on any UPTET Paper 2 subject.
  • 10th Step: Scroll down and choose any chapter from the selected subject to start practicing the questions.

UPTET Paper 2 Child Development & Pedagogy Syllabus

Below are all the topics covered in the UPTET Paper 2 Child Development & Pedagogy syllabus:

The Meaning, Necessity, And Scope Of Child DevelopmentCommunication, Principles Of Teaching
Stages Of Child DevelopmentSources Of Teaching, Teaching Methods
Physical DevelopmentNew Methods Of Learning (Approach)
Mental DevelopmentBasic Teaching And Basic Skills Of Teaching
Emotional DevelopmentEducational Inclusion Means Identity, Type, Resolution, E.G., Excluded Class, Language, Religion, Caste, Region, Colour, Gender, Physical Skills (Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, And Speech/Bone Impaired), And Mental Efficiency
Language Development – Development Of Expressive Ability, Creativity, And Development Of The Creative AbilityEquipment, Materials, Methods, Tlm, And Observations Required For Inclusion
Basis Of Child Development And Factors Influencing Them – Inheritance, Environment (Family, Social, School, Communication Medium)Necessary Tools And Techniques For Testing The Learning Of Inclusive Children
Effective Methods Of Learning, Influencing The Meaning Of Learning (Learning)Special Teaching Methods For Including Children. Such As Braille Script Etc
Rules Of Learning – The Main Rules Of Learning Of The Thorndike And Their Importance In LearningGuidance And Counselling For Inclusive Children – Meaning, Purpose, Types, Methods, Requirements, And Fields
The Key Principles Of Learning And Their Practical Utility In Classroom TeachingDepartments / Institutions Supporting In A Consultation
Thorndike’s Attempt And Theory And Their Practical Utility In Classroom TeachingHow Children Think And Learn; How And Why Children ‘fail’ To Achieve Success In School Performance
Thorndike’s Theory Of Love And ErrorBasic Processes Of Teaching And Learning, Children’s Learning Strategies, Learning As A Social Activity, Social Context Of Learning
Pavlov’s Relation Theory Of ResponseChild As A Problem Solver And A ‘scientific Investigator.’
Skinner’s Introduced Learning TheoryAn Alternative Concept Of Learning In Children Understanding Child Errors As Important Stages In The Learning Process
Kohler’s Curve – Meaning And TypePerception And Sensations
Plateau Meaning In Learning And Cause And ResolutionMotivation And Learning
Meaning And Purpose Of TeachingTax Contributors To Learning – Private And Environmental

UPTET Paper 2 Language I Hindi Syllabus

Check the Language I (Hindi) syllabus for the UPTET Paper 2 in the following table:

अधिगम और अर्जनहिंदी की सभी ध्वनियों के पारस्परिक अंतर की जानकारी विशेष रूप से – ष, स, ब, व, ढ, ड, क्ष, छ, ण तथा न की ध्वनियाँ
भाषा अध्यापन के सिद्धांतहिंदी भाषा की सभी ध्वनियों, वर्णों अनुस्वार एव चन्द्रबिंदु में अंतर
सुनने और बोलने की भूमिका: भाषा का कार्य तथा बालक इसे किस प्रकार एक उपकरण के रूप में प्रयोग करते हैसंयुक्ताक्षर एवं अनुनासिक ध्वनियों के प्रयोग से बने शब्द
मौखिक और लिखित रूप में विचारों के संप्रेषण के लिए किसी भाषा के अधिगम में व्याकरण की भूमिका पर निर्णायक संदर्शसभी प्रकार की मात्राएँ
एक भिंन कक्षा में भाषा पढाने की चुनौतियाँ भाषा की कठिनाइयाँ त्रुटिया और विकारविराम चिह्नों यथा – अल्प विराम, अर्द्धविराम, पूर्णविराम, प्रश्नवाचक, विस्मयबोधक, चिह्नों का प्रयोग
भाषा कौशलविलोम, समानार्थी, तुकान्त, अतुकान्त, सामान, ध्वनियों वाले शब्द
भाषा बोधगम्यता और प्रवीणता का मुल्यांकन करना: बोलना, सुनना, पढना, लिखनावचन, लिंग एव काल
अध्यापन – अधिगम सामग्रियां: पाठ्यपुस्तक, मल्टी मीडिया सामग्री, कक्षा का बहुभाषायी संसाधनप्रत्यय, उपसर्ग, तत्सम तद्भव व देशज, शब्दों की पहचान एव उनमें अंतर
उपचारात्मक अध्यापनलोकोक्तियाँ एव मुहावरों के अर्थ
अपठित अनुच्छेदसन्धि – (1) स्वर सन्धि – दीर्घ सन्धि, गुण सन्धि, वृद्धि सन्धि, यण सन्धि, अयादि सन्धि (2) व्यंजन सन्धि (3) विसर्ग सन्धि
हिंदी वर्णमाला (स्वर, व्यंजन)वाच्य, समान एव अंलकार के भेद
वर्णों के मेल से मात्रिक तथा अमात्रिक शब्दों की पहचानकवियों एव लेखकों की रचनाएँ
वाक्य रचना

UPTET Paper 2 Language II English Syllabus

The following is a detailed overview of the Language II (English, Urdu & Sanskrit) syllabus for the UPTET Paper 2 2023 exam:

Unseen passageMasculine and feminine gender
Nouns and their kindsPunctuation
Pronoun and its kindsSuffix with root words
Verb and its kindsPhrasal verbs
Adjective and its kinds & degreesUse of Somebody, Nobody, Anybody
Adverbs and their kindsParts of speech
A preposition and its kindsNarration
Conjunction and its kindsActive voice and passive voice
IntersectionAntonyms & synonyms
Singular and pluralUse of Homophones
Subject and predicateUse of requests in sentences
Negative and interrogative sentencesSilent letters in words

UPTET Paper 2 Language II Urdu Syllabus

Refer to the table below for Language II (Urdu) syllabus:

Unseen passageIsm and its Aksam, Fail, Sifat, Jamir, Tazkiron Tanias, Tzad’s deemed
Knowledge of language masters of the tongue.Information about correct tamarind and Arab
Understanding of MukhtalifAsnaafAdabHamd, Ghazal, Qasida, Marcia, Masnavi, Geet, etc., and their differenceIdioms, acquiring speech from JurbalAmsal
To get information about the situation of the poets and their well-being through the life of the many poets and lovers.Knowledge of saints
Achieving eloquence with the help and importance of the Urdu language in Mushtaraka Tehzeeb of the countryThe political, social, and ekhalaki mainsail’s being beseeched and keep their attitude on it.

UPTET Paper 2 Language II Sanskrit Syllabus

Check the following table for Language II (Sanskrit) syllabus:

Unseen PassageOrnamentation
Sandhi – Vowels, consonantsSuffix
CompoundNouns – Knowledge of the forms of all the inflections and words of the following words – The word masculine, The word feminine, The word neuter, Inexplicable masculine, Inexplicable feminine, Inexplicable neuter, Postpartum masculine, Postpartum feminine, Postpartum neuter, Ecomant feminine, Ecomant masculine, Ecomant neuter, Rakaranta masculine
Use of gender, speech, and timePronouns

UPTET Paper 2 Science Syllabus

Below is the complete UPTET Paper 2 Science syllabus:

Science in daily life, important discoveries, importance, anthropology, and technologyEnergy
Fibres and textiles, from races to textiles. (process)Computer
Living, non-living matter – fauna, classification of living organisms, classification of plants and animals based on flora and fauna, adaptation in organisms, changes in animals and plants.Sound
Animal Structure and FunctionsStatic electricity
Microorganisms and their classificationLighting and lighting equipment
Cell to organAir quality, composition, necessity, utility, the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect
Adolescence, disabilityWater requirement, utility, source, quality, pollution, water conservation
Food, health, sanitation and disease, crop production, nitrogen cycle.Part, groups of substances, separation of substances, structure, and nature of substances
Animal nutritionChanges in the neighbourhood, physical and chemical changes
Nutrition, reproduction, beneficial plants in plantsAcids, bases, salts
Respiration, excretion in organisms, beneficial animalsEnergy and heat
MeasurementMan-made goods, plastic, glass, soap, clay
Electric currentMinerals and Metals
MagnetismCarbon and its compounds
Speed, Force, and EquipmentAlternative sources of energy

UPTET Paper 2 Mathematics Syllabus

Candidates can check all topics in the UPTET Paper 2 Mathematics syllabus below:

Natural numbers, whole numbers, rational numbersTangent lines to the circle
Integer, parenthesis, least common multiple, and greatest common factor.Commercial Mathematics – Ratio, Proportion, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Tax, Barter System
Square rootBanking – Current Currency, Bills and Cashmemo
Cube rootStatistics – Classification of data, pictograph, mean, median and polymer, frequency
IdentitiesPie and bar chart, picture of unclassified data
Algebra, Concept – variables, constant numbers, powers of variable numbersProbability (probability) graph, bar diagram, and mixed bar diagram
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of algebraic expressions, coefficients of terms and terms of algebraic expressions, homogeneous and non-homogeneous terms, degrees of expressions, the concept of one, two, and tripartite expressionsCartesian floor
Simultaneous Equations, Square Equations, Linear EquationsMensuration
Parallel lines, quadrilateral compositions, trianglesExponential
Circle and cyclic quadrilateral

UPTET Paper 2 Social Science Syllabus

Here is the rundown of all the UPTET Paper 2 topics in Social Science syllabus:

Social and Political ScienceDiversity, Government, Local Government, Making a Living, Democracy, State Government, Understanding Media, Unpacking Gender, The Constitution, Parliamentary Government, Social Justice, and the Marginalised.
HistoryWhen, Where, and How, The Earliest Societies, The First Farmers and Herders, The First Cities, Early States, New Ideas, The First Empire, Contacts with Distant lands, Political Developments, Culture and Science, New Kings and Kingdoms, Sultans of Delhi, Architecture, Creation of an Empire, Social Change, Regional Cultures, The Establishment of Company Power, Rural Life and Society, Colonialism and Tribal Societies, The Revolt of 1857 – 58, Women and reform, Challenging the Caste System, The Nationalist Movement, India After Independence.
GeographyGeography as a social study and as a science, Planet: Earth in the solar system, Globe, Environment in its totality: natural and human environment. Air, Water, Human Environment: settlement, transport and communication, Resources: Types- Natural and Human, Agriculture.
Teaching Related IssuesConcept & Nature of Social Science/Social Studies, Class Room Processes, activities, and discourse, Developing Critical thinking, Enquiry/Empirical Evidence, Problems of teaching Social Science/Social Studies, Sources – Primary & secondary, Projects Work.

FAQs on UPTET Paper 2 Syllabus

Candidates can find the list of frequently asked questions on the UPTET syllabus 2023 below:

Q: Where to download the syllabus of UPTET Paper 2?

Ans: Candidates can download the UPTET Paper 2 exam syllabus from the official website of UPBEB.

Q: What are the subjects in UPTET Paper 2?

Ans: The subjects in UPTET Paper 2 are Child Development & Pedagogy, Language I (Hindi), Language II (English, Urdu & Sanskrit), Science, Mathematics, and Social Science/Social Studies.

Q: Who releases the UPTET Paper 2 syllabus?

Ans: The Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board (UPBEB) the syllabus of UPTET Paper 2.

Q: When will the UPTET Paper 2 2023 be conducted?

Ans: The Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board (UPBEB) is yet to release notification for the UPTET Paper 2 2023 exam dates. 

Q: What is the UPTET Paper 2 English syllabus?

Ans: The Paper 2 English syllabus will consist of topics like Adverbs and their kinds, Parts of speech, A preposition and its kinds, Narration, Conjunction and its kinds, Active voice and passive voice. Aspirants can refer to this article for the complete syllabus.

We hope this detailed article on the UPTET Paper 2 Syllabus 2023 helps you. Candidates looking to maximise their preparation can access the UPTET Paper 2 mock tests on the Embibe app. Sign up on the app to begin your practise.

Stay tuned to Embibe to get all the updates about the UPTET Paper 2 exam 2023.

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