West Bengal Police SI Prelims

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  • Written by aparna
  • Last Modified on 13-01-2023
  • Written by aparna
  • Last Modified on 13-01-2023

About Exam

About Exam

Exam Brief

WB Police SI Prelims: The West Bengal Police Recruitment Board (WBPRB) has released the exam dates for the post of WB Police SI, Sub-Inspectress and Sergeant. The exam is going to be held on 27th March, 12 noon to 1.30 P.M. The admit card has also been released and candidates who have applied for the exam can download their admit cards online from the link given in this article.

WBRPB has already released the online applications and notification for the recruitment of Sub-Inspectors/Sub-Inspectresses (Unarmed Branch) and Sergeants in Kolkata Police (West Bengal). Read on to find more about WB Police SI Prelims!



For any information related to the recruitment, refer to the West Bengal Police SI Prelims Notification PDF.

Exam Summary

West Bengal Police will soon be recruiting candidates for the posts of Sub Inspector and sergeants, according to State Home Secretary Alpana Banerjee. A bill has already been introduced that outlines the recruitment process. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will take important decision regarding this massive recruitment push in the coming days. Candidates who are interested can learn more about it by visiting the official website.

The mission of serving in the West Bengal Police is:

To provide the required public service in the most efficient manner possible by staying ahead of all current and foreseeable difficulties through optimal and innovative resource and technology adaptation.

To assist in the establishment of the rule of law by preventing and detecting crime and maintaining public order without fear or favour, and to gain and leverage the trust and confidence of all segments of society.

Primary Values
Courage, integrity, fairness, and a focus on service

Official Website Link


Number of Posts/Vacancies

To Be Notified

Number of Seats

To Be Notified

Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern

Selection Process

The West Bengal Police Recruitment will fill the posts of Sub-Inspector/Sub-Inspectress (Unarmed Branch) and Sergeant in Kolkata Police on the basis of passing the Preliminary Examination, which will serve as a screening examination, followed by the Physical Measurement Test (PMT), Physical Efficiency Test (PET), Final Combined Competitive Examination, and Personality Test.

Stages of Exam

The West Bengal SI recruitment (also called WBP SI Recruitment) process shall consist of the following stages:

  1. Preliminary Examination (screening examination)
  2. Physical Measurement Test (PMT)
  3. Physical Efficiency Test (PET)
  4. Final Combined Competitive Examination (to be conducted by the West Bengal Police Recruitment Board)
  5. Personality Test (conducted by the West Bengal Police Recruitment Board.)

Exam pattern details - Scoring pattern (+/- Marking)

Highlights of Exam Pattern

Organisation Name

West Bengal Police Recruitment Board (WBPRB)

Name of Exam 

WB Police SI

WB SI Vacancy

To be Notified

Job Type

WB Government Job

Number of Exams


Level of Exams

Preliminary Exam


Final Competitive Exam

Personality Test

Negative Marking

-0.25 marks for each wrong answer

Before we get into the WB Police SI Syllabus, let us first have a look at the preliminary exam pattern. The WB Police SI Prelims Exam Pattern gives an insight into the sections or subjects that the Exam will have:

  • The Pre-exam (Screening Test) will be Written Objective Type.
  • A Preliminary Examination will be held on General Studies, Logical & Analytical Reasoning, and Arithmetic.
  • A Preliminary Examination will consist of a total of 200 Marks.
  • There will be negative marking for each wrong answer in the preliminary examination. ¼th of the allotted marks for a particular question will be deducted for each wrong answer.

A. Preliminary Examination (Total Marks: 200)

Eligible candidates would be called for a Preliminary Examination (screening test for appearing in the Physical Measurement Test and Physical Efficiency Test.). The total duration/interval of the examination will be 90 minutes.

Exam Pattern Details – Number of Questions Subject-wise 

Subject Name Number of Questions Marks Composite Time Exam Language
General Studies 50 100 Composite Time of 90 Minutes Both English and Bengali Languages
Numerical & Mental Ability Test 25 50
Logical & Analytical Reasoning 25 50
Total 100 200

The marks obtained in the preliminary examination will not be factored into the final merit list.

B. Physical Measurement Test (PMT), and Physical Efficiency Test (PET)

Candidates who passed the Prelims test must take the Physical Measurement Test (PMT) (which includes height, weight, and chest measurements). Only PMT qualified candidates will be allowed to participate in the PET (Physical Efficiency Test).
Minimal Physical Requirements: You must meet the minimum physical requirements listed below.

Name of the Post Category Height (in cm) Chest (in cm) Weight (in Kg)
Sub-Inspector of Police [Unarmed Branch (UB) in West Bengal Police] Candidates of all categories (except Gorkhas, Rajbanshis, Garwalis and Scheduled Tribes) 167 cm 79 cm with a minimum expansion of 5 cm 56 Kg
Gorkhas, Rajbanshis, Garwalisand Scheduled Tribes 160 cm 76 cm. with a minimum expansion of 5 cm 52 Kg
Sub-Inspectress of Police [Unarmed Branch (UB) in West Bengal Police] Candidates of all categories (except Gorkhas, Rajbanshis, Garwalis and Scheduled Tribes) 160 cm 48 Kg
Gorkhas, Rajbanshis, Garwalisand Scheduled Tribes 155 cm 45 Kg
Sub-Inspector of Police [Armed Branch (AB) in West Bengal Police] Candidates of all categories (except Gorkhas, Rajbanshis, Garwalisand Scheduled Tribes) 173 cm 86 cm. with a minimum expansion of 5 cm 60 Kg
Gorkhas, Rajbanshis, Garwalisand Scheduled Tribes 163 cm 81cm. with a minimum expansion of 5 cm 54 Kg

Physical Efficiency Test

Name of the Post Test
West Bengal Police is looking for male candidates for the posts of Sub-Inspector of Police (UB) and Sub-Inspector of Police (AB). 800 m run within 3 minutes
Sub-Inspectress (Unarmed Branch) in Kolkata Police 400 m run within 2 minutes.

Only those applicants who pass both the PMT and the PET will be allowed to take the Final Combined Competitive Examination.

C. Final Combined Competitive Examination (Total Marks: 200)

The Final Combined Competitive Examination will be made up of three papers (all of which will have traditional style questions):

a) Paper I: General Studies and Arithmetic, worth 100 marks (of which 50 marks will be allotted to General Studies, and 25 marks to Logical & Analytical Reasoning and the rest 25 marks are for Arithmetic). This part will last for two hours.
b) Paper-II: There will be only one section of English in this paper, with 50 marks and a time limit of one hour. c) Paper-III: This paper will have a 50-mark Bengali/Hindi/Urdu/Nepali part with a 1 hour duration. We have summarised the above points in the given below table.

Subject Name Marks Time Duration
Paper-I (General Studies and Arithmetic) 100 2 hours
Paper-II (English) 50 1 hour
Paper-III (Bengali/Hindi/Nepali/Urdu) 50 1 hour
Total 200 4 hours

The Final Combined Competitive Examination will be held on the same day as the previous three examinations. The Final Combined Competitive Examination’s Paper I (General Studies & Arithmetic) will be held in three languages (English, Bengali and Nepali).

D. Personality Test: (Total Marks: 30): Candidates who pass the Final Combined Competitive Examination will be invited to take the Personality Test. WBPRB administers a personality assessment test, and candidates must score 8 out of 30 to pass. If they do not, they will be disqualified. Their paperwork will also be verified at this time. The ability of the candidate to speak Bengali fluently will be assessed in this Personality Test.


  • The personality test has a minimum passing score of 8 out of 30.
  • Candidates who do not pass the personality exam with a minimal score will be disqualified (irrespective of the marks obtained in the Final Combined Competitive Examination).
  • The final merit list will be compiled using the total marks earned by selected applicants in the three papers of the Final Combined Competitive Examination as well as the results of the Personality Test. Candidates who do not achieve the required passing score on the personality test will be rejected.
  • If two or more applicants receive the same total (aggregate) marks in the Final Combined Competitive Examination, their seniority in the final merit/selection list will be determined by their marks in the Final Combined Competitive Examination. The candidate with the highest score in the Final Combined Competitive Examination will be placed first on the Merit List. If the candidates’ grades in Paper-I (General Studies & Arithmetic) of the Final Combined Competitive Examination are the same, seniority will be determined by the candidates’ marks in Paper-I (General Studies & Arithmetic) of the Final Combined Competitive Examination. In the Merit List, the candidate with the highest score in Paper I (General Studies & Arithmetic) in the Final Combined Competitive Examination would be given priority. If the marks obtained in Paper I (General Studies and Arithmetic) of the Final Combined Competitive Examination are also equal, seniority will be established by age. In the Merit List, the applicant who is older will be ranked higher than the others. The Board will decide on the concept of determining seniority if the dates of birth are the same.
  • Shortlisted candidates from Darjeeling and Kalimpong districts’ Hill Sub-Divisions must present their domicile certificate for document verification during the Personality Test.

Exam Syllabus

Exam Syllabus

Exam Syllabus

A. Paper I of the Final Combined Competitive Examination
General Studies and Arithmetic

  1. General Studies: In this section, questions will be designed to test the General Knowledge of candidates in different spheres such as Politics, Science, Economics, Current Events, Inventions and Discoveries, Economics, History, Culture and Arts.
  2. Logical and Analytical Reasoning: Here, questions will be designed to test the logical and analytical ability of candidates.
  3. Arithmetic Questions: will be asked on the basis of the syllabus of the Madhyamik Examination of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education.

B. Paper II & Paper III of Final Combined Competitive
Paper-II (English): Questions would be asked on any or all of the following topics:

  1. Report Drafting from the points or material shared in the question paper.
  2. Translation Questions (from Bengali/Hindi/ Urdu/ Nepali languages into the English Language.)
  3. Making a prose passage (summary/precis) from a given paragraph.
  4. Candidates should be able to make correct use of words, correction of sentences, use of common phrases, synonyms and antonyms etc.

Paper III (having questions in Bengali / Hindi /Urdu /Nepali): Questions would be asked on all or any of the following items:

  1. Report Drafting from the points or material shared in the question paper.
  2. Translation Questions (from the English language to Bengali/Nepali language and translation from Hindi/Urdu to the Bengali language as per language selection). The translation question will be 20 (twenty) marks.

General Studies, Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Arithmetic, English, and a chosen Indian Language will all be covered in the preliminary and competitive exams. The following is the post’s subject-by-subject syllabus:

General Studies
  • Politics
  • Science
  • Economics
  • Current Events
  • Inventions and Discoveries
  • Economics
  • History
  • Culture and Art

Logical and Analytical Reasoning

  • Statements and Conclusions
  • Networks and Directions
  • Similarities and Differences
  • Semantic Analogy
  • Relationship Concepts
  • Ordering and Sequencing
  • Space Visualisation
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Classification
  • Embedded Figures
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Time and Distance
  • Linear Equations
  • Tables and Graphs
  • Profit and Loss
  • Polygons
  • Decimals
  • Fractions
  • Percentage
  • Square Roots
  • Time and Work
  • Trigonometry
  • Identities
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Idioms
  • Sentence Structuring
  • Correct Use of Language

Indian Language (Bengali/Hindi/Nepali/Urdu)

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Idioms
  • Sentence Structuring
  • Correct Usage of Language

Study Plan to Maximise Score

Study Plan to Maximise Score

Preparation Tips

A specific study plan and preparation technique is required to pass the WB Police SI Prelims. It is important to understand your strengths and weaknesses before preparing for the exam.

Logical & Analytical Reasoning

This section is very scoring. Candidates must concentrate on the questions designed to evaluate their mental abilities. Candidates must practice puzzles, coding-decoding, and mirror problems. Candidates should read the questions carefully to avoid confusions.


This section requires a lot of practice on a regular basis. Candidates should study the formulas extensively. Candidates should practise with a time constraint and pay attention to the time and speed with which they answer the questions. Candidates should practise these parts extensively. It covers topics such as Square Root, Trigonometry, Polygons as well as the relationship between them, Time and Distance, Ratio and Proportion, and more. Use the MCQ question’s value of options to your advantage.

Exam Taking Strategy

Below we have provided some of the exam taking strategy for WB Police SI exams:

  • When we take example of professional sportsmen, singers, and actors, it’s clear why they achieve success in their respective industries solely via constant practice. Malcolm Gladwell, a psychologist, once advocated the 10,000-hour rule, which states that a person becomes an expert in any profession after 10,000 hours of effort.
  • Attempting mock test will give you a fair idea about the real exams. The questions in the mock test are in the same format as the real exam, and you must answer them in the same amount of time. A mock test will give you a good idea of what to expect in the real exam.
  • A mock test will help you identify areas of difficulty while also assuring you that you understand all the concepts thoroughly.
  • It’s critical to believe in yourself in order to acquire good grades in the exam and gain a better understanding of various topics. This will not only help you in acing your exam but will also benefit you in the long run. Always remember to plan ahead of time and work hard to reach your goals.

Detailed Study plan

A proper and managed plan surely helps overcome exam fear. Some of the important factors that are required are given below:

  1. Time Management: Time management is important as it gives you a fair idea about your preparations. This factor can be improved by practising a lot of problems within a limited time.
  2. Accuracy: Accuracy is one of the crucial factors for this exam because there is always a penalty for wrong attempts. So, do not try to mark random guesses.
  3. Sectional Test: Sectional tests are very important as they help in practising a complete section covering all the questions based on it. They aim at strengthening and clearing your concepts regarding a single subject. So, try to answer one sectional test for each section daily.
  4. Mock Test: Mock tests allow students to track our progress and find your weaknesses and strengths regarding each topic. By giving mock tests, you can become aware of many different types of questions before the exam. Also, devote some time to yoga and meditation, which help to improve concentration and reduce stress and anxiety.

Previous Year Analysis

Previous Year Analysis

Previous Year Cut-off

Below we have provided the previous years’ cut-offs for the Unarmed and Armed branches (Male candidates).

Unarmed Branches (Male)

Category Names Cut-off Marks (2019-2020)
General 118
OBC 114.4
ST 103.8
ST 92.1
OA 114.4

Armed Branches (Male)

Category Names Cut-off Marks (2019-2020)
General 105.6
OBC 95.5
ST 87.25
ST 91.6
OA 92.2

Important Dates

About Exam

Application Form Filling - Start & End Date

To be Announced

27 March, 2022 - 12 noon to 1.30 P.M

To be Announced

Interview Date

To be announced

Result Date

To be announced

Application Process

About Exam

Dos and Donts of Form Filling


  1. After the last date and time for submission of applications, no applications will be received. To avoid delayed submission due to server problems or any other technical faults, including postal delays, applicants are strongly advised to submit their applications well in advance without waiting for the last date and time of submission. The West Bengal Police Recruitment Board will not be held liable for any delays (including postal or application delays). As a result, applicants should make sure that their applications arrive at the Board of Directors’ office before the deadline.
  2. Applications that are defective, incomplete, or have a fuzzy photograph of the candidate will be automatically rejected.
  3. Only ONE application form should be submitted by each candidate. Those that submit more than one application form will be automatically disqualified and their application costs will be forfeited.
  4. Any inconsistency of data between the applicant’s application form and supporting testimonials at any point of the recruiting process will result in the candidature being immediately rejected.
  5. If the applicant’s submitted signature is in block letters, is unreadable, or does not match the candidate’s name, the application will be refused.
  6. Admission to the test is only provisional and will be subject to eligibility verification. Therefore, the candidature of any candidate would be rejected straightway if discovered not eligible at any level, even after the appearance in the tests/examinations.
  7. Candidates must follow directions issued by the examination venue’s examination officials or personnel. If the candidate fails to do so or engages in disorderly or improper behaviour, he or she would be subject to expulsion from the test hall and/or any other penalty imposed by the West Bengal Police Recruitment Board.
  8. Candidates from the OTHER states who are SC/ST/OBC–A/OBC–B shall be classified as UNRESERVED (General) category candidates. SC/ST applicants from the OTHER states will not be eligible for the non-payment of application fees concession, as they will be classified as UNRESERVED (General) candidates for the purpose of fee payment.
  9. Candidates will not be reimbursed for travel expenses to and from the Preliminary Examination, PMT & PET, Final Combined Competitive Examination, and Personality Test. They will have to pay for their own selection tests. The Recruitment Board will not be held liable for any harm or injury caused to a candidate as a result of the testing process.
  10. Except for the religion question, all fields on the application form must be filled out. If any of the fields on an application are left blank, the application will be summarily rejected without any notification to the applicant or resort to representation.
  11. The Board maintains the right to correct any errors or omissions that may have occurred during the administration of the examination and the final declaration of the results.
  12. If a candidate is found ineligible in terms of the advertisement notice at any point after receiving a letter of appointment, his or her candidature will be cancelled without further notice.
  13. A candidate who has been reported by the examination venue’s Venue-in-Charge for violating any of the instructions, or for using unfair means at the arena/venue/examination hall, or for using electronic gadgets such as hearing/listening/speak-in devices, earpieces, smartphones, etc. in the examination hall, will have his/her candidature cancelled and will also be fined.
  14. Canvassing in any manner automatically disqualifies a candidate.
  15. It is strongly urged that applicants do not fall prey to unscrupulous touts. The Recruitment Board’s recruitment process is completely transparent.
  16. The Selection Board’s decision in all aspects including eligibility, location, date, manner of selection, acceptance or rejection of candidature is final and binding on the candidates.
  17. The Board’s assessment and evaluation of the OMR/answer script shall be final and not subject to inspection by any external body.
  18. Any candidate who reveals his or her identity by writing his or her name, roll number, or any other identifying markers inside the OMR/answer script of any of the papers will be disqualified and their candidature will be summarily rejected.
  19. Candidates who are dissatisfied with their Physical Measurement Exam during the field test may file a written appeal with the Selection Board/Committee Chairperson on the same day as their test.
  20. In the future, no appeals in this matter will be considered. At the discretion of the Board, the candidate’s height may be re-measured at any time during the process, including during the Personality Test, and the Board’s decision shall be final and binding on the candidates.
  21. Only shortlisted candidates will be asked to bring all relevant original and valid certificates, as well as self-attested photocopies to the Personality Test for verification, failing which their nomination would be dismissed without further consideration.
  22. The candidates’ mobile numbers and e-mail addresses are collected solely for the purpose of communicating with the Board regarding the recruiting process. Under no circumstances will the Board require or advise the applicant to provide any extra personal information, additional fees, or payment of any kind of fee to any official associated with or unassociated with the Board. Candidates should report any such incidents to a member of the West Bengal Police Recruitment Board, along with appropriate documentation (documentary/electronic).
  23. If online applicants are shortlisted, the Postal Department will not provide an admit card for the preliminary, PMT & PET, Final Combined Competitive Examination, and Personality Test. Candidates must download e-Admit Cards from the websites and keep an eye out for alerts in newspapers and text messages sent to their registered mobile numbers and email addresses.
  24. Applicants are advised to communicate either by phone (Contact No. 7044108689 & 7044109346) during office hours (10 AM to 05:30 PM) Monday to Friday and 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM on Saturdays (except Government Holidays) or by email ([email protected]) if they have any difficulties downloading the off-line application form or submitting the on-line application form.

Candidates should check the West Bengal Police website (www.wbpolice.gov.in) or the Kolkata Police website (www.kolkatapolice.gov.in) for updates on the recruiting process.

Offline Submission of the Form

  1. The offline Application Form can be downloaded from the West Bengal Police (wbpolice.gov.in) or Kolkata Police (kolkatapolice.gov.in) websites from any Cyber Cafe or Personal Computer having internet access. Before downloading the application form, the applicant must first select the position for which he or she wishes to apply. To download the offline Application Form, the applicant must complete the following necessary fields:
  2. Post applied for – Non-Editable
  3. State of Permanent Address – Select
  4. Permanent Address District – Select
  5. Gender – Select
  6. SI (KP)/Sergeant with Preference (Post option & preference) – Select
  7. Marital Status – Select
  8. Name in the full – Text entry
  9. Mother’s Name in the full – Text entry
  10. Father’s Name in the full – Text entry
  11. Husband’s Name in full (for married female applicants) – Text Entry
  12. Category – Select
  13. Departmental Employee in KP – Select
  14. Date of Birth – Select (Calendar Control)
  15. Age as of 01/01/2022 – Auto calculated field*
  16. Mobile No. – Numeric entry
  17. Qualification Graduation – Checkbox
  18. Should be able to Speak, Read & Write -Auto entry based on district selection
  19. Language Selection for Paper – III of Final Combined Competitive Examination – Select
  20. E-mail ID. – Text Entry

Note: When the applicant’s date of birth is selected, the applicant’s age as of January 1, 2022, is automatically presented. As a result, the candidate is not required to fill up this area. The applicant must click the “Save and Download” option after filling out the essential blanks. He or she will automatically receive an Application Form with the fields pre-printed and an 08-digit Unique Application Sl. No. A bar code will be printed on the Application Form, as well as an algorithm-generated checksum value/number at the bottom. Applicants are urged to keep track of their Unique Application Serial No. for any future correspondence with the Board.

  1. The Board has authorised Sahaj Retail Ltd. to download these forms, along with copies of the ‘Information to Applicants,’ at a cost of Rs. 10/- each form, directly from the websites in front of the applicants and printing them. Applicants may download the form on their own or obtain it from a third party and print it out according to the specifications.
  2. The downloaded offline application form must be printed on 75 GSM A4 white paper, 600 dpi or above, Normal Print, using a MonoLaser jet printer. The Board will immediately reject any form that is not printed in the specified size, type, or manner.
  3. A unique Application Serial Number with barcode will show in each Application Form during download. The Board will not accept any form that does not include the Application Serial Number and Barcode.
  4. The application form must not be photocopied, typed, handwritten, mass-printed, or scanned. Such applications will be summarily denied.
  5. Because each Form has a unique Serial No. and Barcode, applicants must ensure that the form is downloaded and printed in front of them from the website. If this is not done, forms with the same Serial No. and Bar Code may be used by different applicants, resulting in the cancellation of all such applicants’ candidatures.
  6. The Board will not be held liable if a form is cancelled due to the use of a form with the same serial number. During the preliminary screening, any such candidates who submit a form with the same serial number would be automatically dismissed.
  7. The amount of application fees may be deposited in the following manner if applications are submitted offline.

Payment through Department of Post (DOP)

  1. Candidates can pay their application fees in any Post Office that accepts e-payments in the name of the “West Bengal Police Recruitment Board.” The service will be offered in 388 post offices across West Bengal’s districts [a list of post offices may be found on the West Bengal Police’s (www.wbpolice.gov.in) and Kolkata Police’s (www.kolkatapolice.in) websites] (www.kolkatapolice.gov.in).
  2. Applicants are recommended to visit Post Offices with a pre-printed “India Post Challan Form” containing the Application Sl. No., Name of the Applicant, and other information.
  3. Upon payment of Application and/or Processing Fees, the Post Office will provide a receipt comprising the above fields, which must be pasted in the space provided for affixing the receipt in the application form (Page – 2).
  4. In addition to the e-payment of ₹270/- (for all categories except Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe of West Bengal only) or ₹20/- (for Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe of West Bengal only), the applicants would have to pay a Service Charge of ₹10/- to the Postal Department.

Online Application And Collection of Fees Through Punjab National Bank (erstwhile United Bank of India)

  1. The West Bengal Police Recruitment Board now accepts payment of application and processing fees at the Punjab National Bank (erstwhile United Bank of India). During the application submission process, a deposit challan with the Application Sl. No. will be generated.
  2. Following receipt of the deposit challan, applicants must visit any of the PNB offices throughout India with the challan for payment of the Application and/or Processing Fees within 02 (two) banking days.
  3. On submission of the deposit challan, the branch will collect payment of fees, which will be returned to the applicant with the Bank’s stamp as acknowledgement. The applicants shall keep this deposit challan with the Application Sl. No. for future communication with the Board, if necessary.
  4. Each payment of ₹270/- (for all categories of candidates except Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe of West Bengal only) or ₹20/- (for candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe of West Bengal only) will require the applicants to pay a sum of ₹36/- (including GST) to the PNB Branch.
  5. The application will be auto-submitted after payment of the Application and/or Processing Fees at the Bank Counter, and the applicant will receive a system-generated SMS confirming the successful submission of his/her application form. After receiving the SMS, the applicant must print his/her Application form by login into the ‘My Account’ page.

List of Post Offices Having e-payment Facilities:

Pin Code Office Name Division Name Reg Status
700001 Kolkata GPO Self-Unit Active
700007 Barabazar H.O. Self-Unit Active
700027 Alipore H.O. Self-Unit Active
700010 Beleghata H.O. East Kolkata Active
700017 Circus avenue East Kolkata Active
700059 Deshbandhu Nagar East Kolkata Active
700039 Tiljala East Kolkata Active
700054 Kankurgachi East Kolkata Active
700009 R.R.Sarani East Kolkata Active
700091 Sech Bhawan East Kolkata Active
700048 Sree Bhumi East Kolkata Active
700014 Intally East Kolkata Active
700004 Shyambazar North Kolkata Active
700037 Belgachia North Kolkata Active
700108 ISI North Kolkata Active
700028 Dumdum North Kolkata Active
700006 Beadon street North Kolkata Active
700030 Ghughudanga North Kolkata Active
700002 Cossipore North Kolkata Active
700036 Baranagar North Kolkata Active
700005 Hatkhola North Kolkata Active
700029 Sarat Bose Road South Kolkata Active
700019 Ballygunge MDG South Kolkata Active
700008 Barisha South Kolkata Active
700034 Behala South Kolkata Active
700038 Sahapur South Kolkata Active
700031 Dhakuria South Kolkata Active
700024 Garden Reach South Kolkata Active
700053 New Alipore South Kolkata Active
700032 Jadavpur University P.O. South Kolkata Active
700060 Parnasree Pally South Kolkata Active
700092 Regent Estate South Kolkata Active
700040 Regent Park South Kolkata Active
700075 Santoshpur DSO South Kolkata Active
700061 Sarsoona South Kolkata Active
700033 Tollygunge South Kolkata Active
700012 Bowbazar Central Kolkata Active
700073 Chittaranjan avenue Central Kolkata Active
700013 Dharmatala Central Kolkata Active
700069 Esplanade Central Kolkata Active
700073 Kolkata University Central Kolkata Active
700016 Park street Central Kolkata Active
700017 Shakespeare sarani Central Kolkata Active
700012 Yogayog Bhawan Central Kolkata Active
700109 Agarpara North Presidency Active
700057 Aridaha North Presidency Active
700120 Barrackpore North Presidency Active
700056 Belgharia North Presidency Active
743123 Bhatpara North Presidency Active
700051 Birati North Presidency Active
743133 Garulia North Presidency Active
743134 Halisahar North Presidency Active
743145 Kanchrapara North Presidency Active
700117 Khardah North Presidency Active
743165 Naihati North Presidency Active
700110 Sodepur North Presidency Active
743145 Panihati North Presidency Active
743127 Shyamnagar North Presidency Active
743145 K.L.Shop North Presidency Active
700076 Dakshineswar North Presidency Active
713301 Asansol Hpo Asansol Active
713324 Barakar So Asansol Active
713213 Benachity Mdg Asansol Active
713212 Bidhannagar So Asansol Active
713325 Burnpur Mdg Asansol Active
713331 Chittaranjan Mdg Asansol Active
713208 Durgapur 08 Asansol Active
713211 Durgapur 11 Asansol Active
713216 Durgapur 16 Asansol Active
713201 Durgapur Ho Asansol Active
713205 Durgapur Steel Town East Asansol Active
713336 Jamuriahat Asansol Active
713343 Kulti So Asansol Active
713217 Oyaria So Asansol Active
713347 Raniganj Ho Asansol Active
713359 Sitarampur So Asansol Active
713303 Ushagram So Asansol Active
722101 Bankura Hpo Bankura Active
722202 Barjora Bankura Active
722122 Bishnupur Bankura Active
722132 Chhatna Bankura Active
722205 Indas Bankura Active
722143 Mejia Bankura Active
722144 Onda Bankura Active
722148 Ranibandh Bankura Active
722151 Simlapal Bankura Active
722207 Sonamukhi Bankura Active
722201 Akui Bankura Active
722203 Beliatore Bankura Active
722121 Bheduasole Bankura Active
722133 Gangajal Ghati Bankura Active
722136 Indpur Bankura Active
722102 Kenduadihi Bankura Active
722139 Kenjakura Bankura Active
722140 Khatra Bankura Active
722141 Kotalpur Bankura Active
722146 Rajagram Bankura Active
743222 Ashoknagar S.O. Barasat Active
743232 Bagdah Barasat Active
743235 Bangaon Mdg Barasat Active
700124 Barasat Ho Barasat Active
743411 Basirhat H.P.O. Barasat Active
743423 Deganga S.O. Barasat Active
743248 Duttapukur S.O. Barasat Active
743252 Gobardanga So Barasat Active
743263 Habra Barasat Active
743273 Khantura Barasat Active
743426 Hasnabad S.O. Barasat Active
700127 Hridaypur Barasat Active
700129 Madhyamgram Barasat Active
743289 Maslandapur S.O. Barasat Active
700126 Nabapally S.O. Barasat Active
700125 Noapara Barasat Active
700135 Rajarhat So Barasat Active
743429 Taki Barasat Active
731236 Sriniketan Birbhum Active
731204 Bolpur So Birbhum Active
731123 Dubrajpur Birbhum Active
731214 Illambazer So Birbhum Active
731302 Kirnahar So Birbhum Active
731234 Sainthia Birbhum Active
731221 Paikar Birbhum Active
731220 Nalhati Birbhum Active
731224 Rampurhat Birbhum Active
731235 Santiniketan So Birbhum Active
731101 Suri Birbhum Active
713125 Bhatar So Burdwan Active
713403 Budbud So Burdwan Active
713101 Burdwan H.P.O Burdwan Active
713104 Burdwan University So Burdwan Active
713406 Galsi So Burdwan Active
713128 Gushkara So Burdwan Active
713408 Jamalpur So Burdwan Active
713409 Kalna Mdg Burdwan Active
713130 Katwa H.P.O Burdwan Active
713144 Mankar Burdwan Active
713146 Memari Mdg Burdwan Active
713515 Nadanghat Burdwan Active
713421 Raina So Burdwan Active
713427 Uchalan Burdwan Active
700144 Baruipur Ho Kol South Presidency Active
743502 Bhangar So (Lsg) (Nf) Kol South Presidency Active
743503 Bishnupur S.O. Kol South Presidency Active
743329 Canning Town S.O. Kol South Presidency Active
743331 Diamond Harbour Kol South Presidency Active
700084 Garia So Kol South Presidency Active
743347 Kakdwip So Kol South Presidency Active
743355 Magrahat So Kol South Presidency Active
700150 Sonarpur So Kol South Presidency Active
743376 Taldi So Kol South Presidency Active
743372 Dakshin Barasat Kol South Presidency Active
743610 Madrat Kol South Presidency Active
743375 Usthi Kol South Presidency Active
721422 Balighai Contai Active
721423 Balisai Contai Active
721424 Belda M.D.G Contai Active
721401 Contai H.P.O Contai Active
721426 Dantan Contai Active
721429 Egra Contai Active
721133 Keshiary Contai Active
721437 Narayangarh Contai Active
721441 Ramnagar S.O. Contai Active
721454 Amarshi Contai Active
721425 Bhupatinagar Contai Active
721467 Dasagram Contai Active
721431 Janka Contai Active
721450 Junput Contai Active
721445 Khakurda Contai Active
721436 Mohanpur Contai Active
721444 Nachinda Bazar Contai Active
721458 Palpara Contai Active
721448 Paniparul Contai Active
721439 Patashpur Contai Active
721452 Satmile Contai Active
736121 Alipurduar Mdg Cooch Behar Active
736168 Bamanhat Cooch Behar Active
736207 Barobisha Cooch Behar Active
736101 Coochbehar Hpo Cooch Behar Active
736135 Dinhata Cooch Behar Active
735215 Hasimara Cooch Behar Active
736131 Bakshirhat Cooch Behar Active
736133 Baneswar Cooch Behar Active
736146 Mathabhanga So Cooch Behar Active
736159 Tufanganj Cooch Behar Active
736123 Alipurduar Junction Cooch Behar Active
736206 Saontalpur So Cooch Behar Active
735214 Hamilton Ganj Cooch Behar Active
736101 Banchatra Cooch Behar Active
734101 Darjeeling Ho Darjeeling Active
734011 Kadamtala So Darjeeling Active
734429 Naksalbari So Darjeeling Active
734013 North Bengal University So Darjeeling Active
734003 Pradhan Nagar So Darjeeling Active
734001 Siliguri Hpo Darjeeling Active
734005 Siliguri Bazar Darjeeling Active
734012 Sushrat Nagar So Darjeeling Active
712601 Arambagh Hooghly North Active
712415 Saidpur Hooghly North Active
712414 Deulpara Hooghly North Active
712301 Bhandarhati Hooghly North Active
712101 Chinsurah Hooghly North Active
712302 Dhaniakhali Hooghly North Active
712512 Guptipara Hooghly North Active
712303 Gurap Hooghly North Active
712103 Hooghly Hooghly North Active
712406 Khanakul Hooghly North Active
712413 Mayapur Hooghly North Active
712149 Pandua Hooghly North Active
712104 Sahaganj Hooghly North Active
712222 Baidyabati Hooghly South Active
712306 Begampur S.O (Hooghly) Hooghly South Active
712232 Bhadrakali Hooghly South Active
712124 Bhadreswar Hooghly South Active
712136 Chandannagar Hooghly South Active
712233 Hindmotor Hooghly South Active
712304 Janai Hooghly South Active
712404 Jangipara Hooghly South Active
712405 Khamarchandi Hooghly South Active
712235 Konnagar Hooghly South Active
712203 Mallickpara Hooghly South Active
712701 Masat Hooghly South Active
712246 Nabagram Hooghly South Active
712248 Rishra Hooghly South Active
712201 Serampore Ho Hooghly South Active
712223 Sheoraphuli Hooghly South Active
712409 Singur Hooghly South Active
712410 Tarakeswar Hooghly South Active
712258 Uttarpara Mdg Hooghly South Active
712125 Telinipara Hooghly South Active
712221 Angus Hooghly South Active
712248 Bangur Park Hooghly South Active
712401 Champadanga Hooghly South Active
712222 Champdani Hooghly South Active
712136 Chandan Nagar Barasat Hooghly South Active
712136 Chandan Nagar R.S. Hooghly South Active
712702 Chanditala Hooghly South Active
712204 Chatra Hooghly South Active
712410 Chaulpatty Hooghly South Active
712235 Criper Road Hooghly South Active
712311 Dankuni Hooghly South Active
712310 Dankuni Coal Complex Hooghly South Active
712248 Gandhisarak Hooghly South Active
712137 Gondalpara Hooghly South Active
712403 Haripal Hooghly South Active
712201 Kalbazar Hooghly South Active
712234 Kanaipur Hooghly South Active
712138 Khalisani Hooghly South Active
712202 Mahesh-I Hooghly South Active
712248 Mahesh-2 Hooghly South Active
712245 Makhla Hooghly South Active
712250 Morepukur Hooghly South Active
712407 Nalikul Hooghly South Active
712249 Prabasnagar Hooghly South Active
712408 Rajbalhat Hooghly South Active
712706 Seakhala Hooghly South Active
712201 Serampore Court Hooghly South Active
712410 Tarakeshwar Math Hooghly South Active
712258 Uttarpara Bazar Hooghly South Active
711401 Amta Po Howrah Active
711302 Andul -Mouri Howrah Active
711303 Bagnan Po Howrah Active
711201 Bally Po Howrah Active
711202 Belur Po Howrah Active
711103 Botanic Garden Po Howrah Active
711109 Danesh Sk.Lane Howrah Active
711105 Dasnagar Po Howrah Active
711405 Domjur Po Howrah Active
711101 Howrah Hpo Howrah Active
711204 Liluah Po Howrah Active
711106 Salkia Hpo Howrah Active
711313 Sankrail Po Howrah Active
711104 Santragachi Howrah Active
711102 Shibpur Po Howrah Active
711315 Uluberia Howrah Active
732210 Baishnabnagar Malda Active
732123 Chanchal Sub Post Office Malda Active
732124 Gajol Malda Active
732144 Kotwali Malda Active
732101 Malda Ho Malda Active
732139 Samsi Malda Active
721201 Chandrakona Midnapore Active
721211 Daspur Midnapore Active
721127 Garhbeta Midnapore Active
721212 Ghatal Midnapore Active
721506 Gopi Ballavpur Midnapore Active
721155 Jalchak Midnapore Active
721301 Kharagpur Midnapore Active
721232 Khirpai Midnapore Active
721516 Lalgarh Midnapore Active
721101 Midnapore Collectorate Midnapore Active
721144 Sabang Midnapore Active
721147 Shalbani Midnapore Active
721101 Midnapore Ho Midnapore Active
721507 Jhargram Ho Midnapore Active
721505 Gidni Midnapore Active
721302 Kharagpur Technology Mdg Midnapore Active
721305 Inda Midnapore Active
721150 Keshpur Midnapore Active
721124 Ballichak Midnapore Active
721304 Nimpura Midnapore Active
721501 Belpahari Midnapore Active
721507 Raghunathpur(West) Midnapore Active
721126 Debra Bazar Midnapore Active
721128 Goaltore Midnapore Active
721515 Silda Midnapore Active
721102 Vidyasagar University Midnapore Active
742201 Aurangabad S.O Murshidabad Active
742133 Beldanga So Murshidabad Active
742101 Berhampore Ho Murshidabad Active
742135 Bhagabangola Murshidabad Active
742301 Bharatpur So Murshidabad Active
742202 Dhuliyan Murshidabad Active
742303 Dumkal Murshidabad Active
742304 Islampore Murshidabad Active
742213 Jangipur Murshidabad Active
742123 Jiaganj Murshidabad Active
742137 Kandi Ho Murshidabad Active
742148 Lalgola Murshidabad Active
742149 Murshidabad Murshidabad Active
742225 Raghunathganj Ho Murshidabad Active
742226 Sagardighi Murshidabad Active
742163 Saktipur Murshidabad Active
742401 Salar Murshidabad Active
742212 Farakka Barrage Murshidabad Active
742121 Amtala Murshidabad Active
742134 Bhabta Murshidabad Active
742102 Cossimbazar Raj Murshidabad Active
742305 Jalangi Murshidabad Active
742103 Khagra Murshidabad Active
742122 Azimganj Murshidabad Active
741161 Assannagar Nadia North Active
741163 Betai Nadia North Active
741126 Bethuadahari Nadia North Active
741167 Bhimpur Nadia North Active
741137 Debagram Nadia North Active
741139 Dhubulia Nadia North Active
741152 Karimpur Nadia North Active
741101 Krishna Nagar Nadia North Active
741153 Matiari Nadia North Active
741302 Nabadwip Nadia North Active
741156 Plassey Nadia North Active
741315 Swarupganj Nadia North Active
741160 Tehatta Nadia North Active
741501 Aranghata Nadia South Active
741127 Birnagar Nadia South Active
741222 Chakdaha Nadia South Active
741235 Kalyani Nadia South Active
741245 Madanpur Nadia South Active
741201 Ranaghat Nadia South Active
741404 Santipur Nadia South Active
741159 Taherpur Nadia South Active
723121 Adra Mdg Purulia Active
723202 Jhalda Purulia Active
723131 Manbazar Purulia Active
723201 Garhjaipur Purulia Active
723101 Purulia Hpo Purulia Active
723133 Raghunathpur Purulia Active
723102 Dulmi Nadiha Purulia Active
723127 Barabhum Purulia Active
723103 Namopara Purulia Active
723143 Rangadih Purulia Active
723142 Ramchandrapur Ashram Purulia Active
737101 Gangtok Ho Sikkim Active
721602 Durgachak Tamluk Active
721628 Mahishadal Tamluk Active
721636 Tamluk H.O Tamluk Active
721606 Haldia O/R Tamluk Active
721627 Kelomal Tamluk Active
721139 Panskura Tamluk Active
733101 Balurghat H.P.O West Dinajpur Active
733121 Buniadpur West Dinajpur Active
733201 Dalkhola West Dinajpur Active
733124 Gangarampur West Dinajpur Active
733126 Hili West Dinajpur Active
733202 Islampur(North Dinajpur) West Dinajpur Active
733129 Kaliyaganj West Dinajpur Active
733215 Karandighi West Dinajpur Active
733130 Karnojora West Dinajpur Active
733134 Raiganj Mdg West Dinajpur Active
733140 Rampur(South Dinajpur) West Dinajpur Active
733127 Tapan West Dinajpur Active
735204 Birpara Jalpaiguri Active
735210 Dhupguri So Jalpaiguri Active
735221 Mal Hpo Jalpaiguri Active
735224 Moynaguri So Jalpaiguri Active
735304 Mekhliganj So Jalpaiguri Active
735101 Kadamtala Jalpaiguri Active
735101 Jalpaiguri Ho Jalpaiguri Active

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Age Criteria

As of January 1, 2022, the candidates age must not be less than 20 years and more than 27 years. The candidate’s upper age limit might be relaxed by 5 years (for SC and ST tribes) and 3 years (for other tribes) (for OBC candidates of only West Bengal). The upper age limit for departmental candidates (of the Kolkata Police) is decreased to 35 years (if having requisite qualification). The upper age limit for departmental candidates would be lowered by 5 years for SC/ST applicants and 3 years for OBC applicants.


  • Only the date of birth as recorded in Madhyamik or a similar admit card/certificate will be considered as acceptable proof of age.
  • If shortlisted for Personality Test, an OBC-A or OBC-B candidate must present a revalidated/renewed or new OBC-A / OBC-B certificate issued by the competent authorities within 01 (one) year prior to 01.01.2022 during testimonial verification at the time of Personality Test. As a result, certificates issued before January 1, 2020, must be revalidated/renewed by the relevant authorities. Candidates who do not present a revalidated/renewed OBC-A/OBC-B certificate will not be classified as OBC-A or OBC-B, respectively. They may, however, be considered UR if they receive equal or higher marks than the final picked candidates in the UR category and are otherwise eligible for UR candidates in terms of age limit. OBC certificates that do not specify the relevant category (OBC-A/OBC-B) would be considered invalid.
  • If a candidate from the OBC-A/OBC-B category claims a relaxation in the higher age limit when submitting an application, but fails to present a revalidated/renewed OBC-A/OBC-B certificate when taking the Personality Test, his/her candidature will be summarily dismissed.
  • If selected for the Personality Test, applicants employed in any government organisation, as well as departmental applicants in Kolkata Police, must present a “No Objection Certificate” from the head of the office/disciplinary authority.

Education Qualification

Candidates for this position must hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognised university (in any discipline). Candidates who are still pursuing their 3rd year undergraduate degree course or have appeared in the final year examination may also apply for the examination.

Number of Attempts

Departmental candidates who have previously appeared three times in the recruitment process for Sub-Inspector/Sub-Inspectress (Unarmed Branch) and Sergeant in Kolkata Police (conducted by PSC or formerly KPRB) will be ineligible to apply.

Language Proficiency

  • The candidate must be able to communicate in Bengali and read and write it fluently (not applicable for permanent residents of hill sub-divisions of Darjeeling and Kalimpong Districts).
  • The West Bengal Official Language Act, 1961, would apply to applicants from Darjeeling and Kalimpong District’s hill sub-divisions.


  • On or before the date of publication of the advertisement, the applicants must possess the above-mentioned qualifications.
  • If it is discovered during the verification of testimonials at any stage that any candidate has obtained the above-mentioned qualifications after the date of publication of this post, his or her nomination will be summarily dismissed.

Admit Card

Admit Card

Admit Card Release Date

The admission card for WB Police Constable will be released a few days before the commencement of the examination! The admit card for the WB Police Sub-Inspector, Sub-Inspectress and Sergeant Exam 2022 will be officially posted on the West Bengal Police website. The West Bengal Police Recruitment Board (WBPRB) will release the announcement for WB Police Recruitment. WB Govt. will fill vacant Constable and Sub Inspector positions through this recruitment. Sub Inspector (SI), Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI), Staff Officer-cum-Instructor, Excise Constable, Lady Constable, and other West Bengal Police positions are up for grabs.

Ways to Download Admit Card

Candidates must download their WB Police SI admit cards prior to the exam date in order to appear in the exam. No candidate will be allowed to take the exam unless they have an Admit Card. The Admit Card will be available for download on the WBPRB official website soon, hence all applicants are recommended to keep checking the WBPRB official website.

Step 1: Go to http://wbpolice.gov.in for the first step.
Step 2: Click on the link that says “Recruitment for the post of Sub Inspector in West Bengal Police” under the “Recruitment” category.
Step 3: You’ll be redirected to a new page. Select “Download Admit Cards” from the drop-down menu.
Step 4: You’ll be redirected to a new tab after that. “Click Here to Download Call Letter for the Post of Sub Inspector” is the link to use.
Step 5: Type in your application number and birthday.
Step 6: Select “Click Here” from the drop-down menu.
Step 7: Your admit card will appear as a pdf file in a new tab.
Step 8: Print copies of your admit card after downloading it.


Cut off

Expected Cut-off

The projected cut-off scores for the WB Police SI Exam are determined by a variety of circumstances, but we have created a list of expected cutoff marks for the WBPRB SI Recruitment exam this year. This list is simply indicative because it is based on the prior year’s trends. After the appropriate selection stage is completed, the WBPRB releases the actual cut-off marks.

Expected Cut-off for Preliminary Exam

Category Expected Cut-off Marks
UR 140
OBC 135
SC 115
ST 90

Expected Cut-off for Final Combined Competitive Exam

Category WB Police SI Expected Cut-off Marks
UR 150
OBC 135
SC 120
ST 100

The personality test cut-off marks were specified in the official notification, with candidates needing to score more than 8 out of 30 to be considered qualified. This year’s personality test is expected to have a similar benchmark.

Actual Cut-off

How Can I Check West Bengal Police SI Cut-off Marks?
Once the WB Police SI cut-off marks are announced, candidates can check them on the WBPRB’s official website. The cut-off marks will help candidates in determining their chances of being chosen. The following are the measures that a candidate should take to verify the WB Police SI Cut Off Marks on the official website:

Step 1: Go to WBPRB’s official website.
Step 2: On the home page, click on the “Recruitment” tab.
Step 3: Select the Sub-Inspector Recruitment option (AB and UB).
Step 4: Select the Result of the West Bengal Police SI Preliminary Examination button.
Step 5: Select WBPRB Police from the drop-down menu.
Step 6: A PDF of the results will be displayed; candidates can download it and match their names to the PDF. The West Bengal Police SI cut-off marks will provide you with a good indication of the final merit list and your chances of being picked. Candidates can thus prepare for the day of the results ahead of time.

Exam Result

Exam Result

Result Declaration

After each stage of the selection procedure, such as the preliminary exam, physical measurement and efficiency test, final competitive exam, and personality test, the West Bengal Police SI Result will be declared. On the WBPRB’s official website, a merit list with the names of selected candidates from each round is released. Candidates can download the West Bengal SI Results once released:

  • To qualify in the selection process, candidates must get a score equal to or higher than the WB SI cut-off values.
  • Only those who pass the preliminary test will be elligible to take the Physical Measurement Test (PMT) and the Physical Efficiency Test (PET) (PET).
  • Those who pass the PET and PMT will be elligible to take the final competitive exam.
  • Candidates who get the required score on the final competitive exam are entitled to take the personality test. Candidates who pass the personality exam would be considered for a West Bengal Police SI position.
  • The final merit list will be compiled based on the candidates’ performance in the competitive exam and personality test. Candidates must receive a minimum of 8 out of 30 on the personality exam, according to the WBPRB. Otherwise, regardless of their result in the competitive exam, their application will be cancelled.
  • Candidates who do not qualify or meet the eligibility criteria at any point during the selection process will be disqualified from further participation in the process.

How to Download WB Police SI Result?

The West Bengal Police SI Result is published on the WBPRB’s official website a few weeks after the individual examinations or tests have been completed. Candidates can use their registration numbers to log into their accounts and stay up to date with their results and the next steps in the selection process. The following are the methods to download the West Bengal Police SI Results:
Step 1: Visit the WBPRB’s official website, https://wbpolice.gov.in/.
Step 2: Locate and click on the link that states “Result of Written Preliminary Examination for the Post of Sub Inspector in West Bengal Police 2022,” or whatever other exam or test the candidate took.
Step 3: You’ll be taken to a new page. Choose a city, enter your West Bengal SI application number and date of birth in the appropriate fields, then click on “Submit.”
Step 4: A new page will open with the WB Police SI results in PDF format.
Step 5: You can download and take a print out of the results. Or Direct Link to Check WB Police SI Prelims Result


Freaquently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Is it mandatory for candidates to pass the Personality Test in order to be deemed qualified for the West Bengal Police SI Result?
A. Yes, candidates must obtain a score of at least 8 on the personality test; else, their application will be immediately cancelled.

Q.2. Is it necessary for a candidate to be able to communicate in Bengali in order to be considered for the West Bengal Police SI Result?
A. Yes, it is necessary, as the candidate will be working mostly in West Bengal, it is important that they are fluent in Bengali. Candidates who chose Hindi, Nepali, or Urdu as their Paper-III language must pass a departmental Bengali language exam during their probation period.

Q.3. What is the date for the West Bengal Police SI Result?
A. The date for the release of the West Bengal Police SI Result is yet to be determined. The dates will be announced on the official WBPRB website as soon as they are determined.

Q.4. Is the appointment as a SI verified after the West Bengal Police SI Result is released?
A. Candidates must complete different courses and a two-year probationary term, in order to be appointed as a Sub Inspector in the West Bengal Police Department.

Q.5. Where will the West Bengal Police SI Exam take place?
A. The examination centre for WB Police SI exams will be mentioned on your admit card.

Q.6. Is it possible for candidates from other states to apply for the West Bengal Police SI recruitment?
A. Yes, individuals from all Indian states are eligible to apply for this position. You will, however, need to travel to West Bengal to take part in the screening process.

Q.7. How frequently are employees selected as West Bengal Police SI promoted?
A. It is entirely dependent on the employee’s job. It can take as little as two years or as long as ten years for someone to be eligible for a promotion.

Q.8. How many hours of study is required to crack the WB Police SI Prelims?
A. One should study daily for at least 6-8 hours. If you are working, then study for 2-3 hours daily with half an hour for each section.

Q.9. What is the success mantra to pass in WB Police SI Prelims?
A. The key to success is practice. Plan your study, manage your time wisely and smartly, choose subjects wisely, read newspapers, etc.

Q.10. Is it necessary to give mock tests to crack WB Police SI Prelims?
A. Mock tests allow us to track our performance and find our weaknesses and strengths regarding each topic. By giving mock tests, we can get the feel and pressure of taking an actual exam and also become aware of many different types of questions before the exam.

Job Profile & Salary

salary structuire

Job Description

The following are the key responsibilities of a WB Police SI:

  • Keeping peace in their allocated area.
  • Ensure the protection of citizens within their domain.
  • Patrolling their jurisdiction on a weekly basis.
  • Keeping written and documented documents.
  • They are in charge of the police officers who work under them.
  • Managing and supervising the work of officials who report to them.
  • If necessary, filing a charge sheet.
  • Reporting to the senior officers on a regular basis.
  • Responding to people’s problems in a professional manner.

Post list & Vacancies

Vacancies for Unarmed Branch

Category Sub Inspector in Kolkata Police Sub Inspector (Female) in Kolkata Police Sergeant In Kolkata Police Total
Unreserved 101 10 60 171
SC 41 10 16 67
ST 9 2 25 36
OBC-A 19 2 12 33
OBC-B 11 3 9 23
Total 181 27 122 330

The candidates should keep the following points in mind:

  • The total number of vacancies listed above is simply indicative and subject to change (if needed).
  • If the Government so wants in the public interest, the selected applicants could be transferred from Kolkata Police (KP) to West Bengal Police (WBP).
  • At the time of application submission, candidates must list their preferred positions in order of preference.

Salary Structure

The Unarmed Branch Sub-Inspector/Sub-Inspectress and the Sergeant in Kolkata Police are paid at Level 10 in the pay matrix (₹32,100 - ₹82,900).

Medical allowances, House rent allowances, Dearness allowances, Travelling allowances, Pension, Child education allowances etc.

Additional Perks and Benefits
Once candidates have completed their probation period, they will be eligible for a variety of perks and additional incentives. Employees working for the West Bengal government receive a variety of benefits. Employees can take advantage of these benefits once they have completed their probation period, which is usually two years.

As a Police SI in West Bengal, you would be eligible for a number of benefits, which are:

  1. Medical Allowances: If the amount of the bill is within the permissible limit, employees will be compensated for their medical expenditures.
  2. Employees will be provided with a place to stay, and if they are residing in a rented residence, their rent will be refunded to a certain level.
  3. Employees would be eligible for Child Education Allowances from the West Bengal government when it comes to their children's education. The employee's children's education fees will be reimbursed.
  4. Dearness Allowances: Employees working as Police SI for the West Bengal government would receive Dearness Allowance as per the laws.
  5. Employees can only take advantage of these benefits if they are promoted for the first time. The West Bengal government will provide transportation for short distances.
  6. Employees will get a regular pension after retirement, which will be paid every month.

These are some of the benefits available to employees when they complete their probation period. Every year, these allowances are calculated and changed. With the promotion, the government may grant additional higher allowances based on the employee's performance.

Probation Period for WB Police SI Prelims

Selected individuals will be placed on probation for a period of two years. Employees will only be paid their in-hand salary during this time. During this time, the candidates will get no further benefits or allowances. Candidates must not engage in any illegal activity during this time; otherwise they risk being fired or having their allowances reduced. These allowances are reviewed every year, and depending on the employee's performance, the allowances may be increased, decreased, or maintained.

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