Andhra Pradesh Board Class 9

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  • Written by Rahul Khatake
  • Last Modified on 2-06-2023
  • Written by Rahul Khatake
  • Last Modified on 2-06-2023

About Andhra Pradesh Board Class 9 2024

About Exam

The Board of Secondary Education (BSE), Andhra Pradesh is responsible for maintaining and managing the education system from classes 6 to 10 in the Andhra State. Besides, designing the curriculum, the board also suggests the syllabus and exam pattern, the conduct of the exam, devising the exam schedule and more. The Higher Secondary Education i.e. class 12th examinations are organised by the Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education.

Higher Education at the college and university level is regulated by the Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE). It looks into the functioning of Academic and Advisory and Planning and Coordination. The State Board of Technical Education was established in the year 1982 in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Class 9 is a crucial year given the fact that the students have their Board exams in Class 10. Keeping in that mind, we’ve provided in-detail information about Andhra Pradesh Board Class 9, scroll down to read more. 

About Andhra Pradesh Board Class 9 Summary

The Andhra Pradesh Board Class 9 syllabus has been specifically designed to help students understand the logic and develop improved reasoning skills. 

The topics covered under the Class 9 Syllabus have also been designed to provide a wide variety of opportunities to students to think and understand the main concept based on their daily life experiences. Apart from this, by the end of the curriculum, students are expected to express their opinions, logic, views, and ideas. The AP board Class 9 syllabus enables students to:

  • Stimulate their curiosity – to perform new things and ask questions.
  • To share and integrate their experiences with school knowledge besides duplicating textual knowledge.

Andhra Pradesh Board Class 9: Overview

Before getting into the details, let us have a brief overview of the AP board Class 9 exams below:

Particular Details
Name of the Board Board of Secondary Education, Andhra Pradesh
Abbreviated As BSE AP
Established In 1953
Headquarters Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
Official Website


Official Website Link

Andhra Pradesh Board Class 9 Syllabus 2024

Exam Syllabus

It is important for the students to know the syllabus of BSE, Andhra Pradesh Class 9. Students must have detailed knowledge of the curriculum. Here we have provided the Science, Social Science, and Mathematics syllabus. 

AP Board Class 9 Physical Science Syllabus

The chapters covered in the AP Board Class 9 Physical Science syllabus are provided below:

  • Chapter 1 – Matter Around Us
  • Chapter 2 – Motion
  • Chapter 3 – Laws of Motion
  • Chapter 4 – Is Matter Pure?
  • Chapter 5 – Atoms & Molecules
  • Chapter 6 – What is inside the atom?
  • Chapter 7 – Gravitation
  • Chapter 8 – Floating Bodies
  • Chapter 9 – Work & Energy
  • Chapter 10 – Sound 

AP Board Class 9 Biology Syllabus

The topics covered in the AP Board Class 9 Biology syllabus are mentioned below:

  • Chapter 1 – Cell: Its Structure & Functions
  • Chapter 2 – Plant Tissues
  • Chapter 3 – Animal tissue
  • Chapter 4 – Movement of Materials Across the Cell Membrane
  • Chapter 5 – Diversity in Living Organisms
  • Chapter 6 – Sense Organs
  • Chapter 7 – Animal Behaviour
  • Chapter 8 – Challenges in Improving Agricultural Products
  • Chapter 9 – Adaptations in Different Ecosystems
  • Chapter 10 – Soil Pollution
  • Chapter 11 – Bio-Geo Chemical Cycles

AP Board Class 9 Mathematics Syllabus

Below we have provided the AP board Class 9 Maths syllabus:

  • Chapter 1 – Real Numbers
  • Chapter 2 – Polynomials & Factorisation
  • Chapter 3 – The Elements of Geometry
  • Chapter 4 – Lines & Angles
  • Chapter 5 – Coordinate Geometry
  • Chapter 6 – Linear Equations in Two Variables
  • Chapter 7 – Triangles
  • Chapter 8 Quadrilaterals
  • Chapter 9 – Statistics
  • Chapter 10 – Surface Area & Volumes
  • Chapter 11 – Areas
  • Chapter 12 – Circles
  • Chapter 13 – Geometrical Constructions
  • Chapter 14 – Probability
  • Chapter 15 – Proofs in Mathematics

AP Board Class 9 Social Science Syllabus

Below we have provided the AP board Class 9 Social Science Syllabus:

  • Chapter 1 – Our Earth
  • Chapter 2 – The Natural Realms of the Earth
  • Chapter 3 – Hydrosphere
  • Chapter 4 – Atmosphere
  • Chapter 5 – Biosphere
  • Chapter 6 – Agriculture in India
  • Chapter 7 – Industries in India
  • Chapter 8 – Service Activities in India
  • Chapter 9 – Credit in the Financial System
  • Chapter 10 – Prices & Cost of Living
  • Chapter 11 – The Government Budget & Taxation
  • Chapter 12 – Changing Cultural Traditions in Europe 1300-1800
  • Chapter 13 – Democratic and Nationalist Revolutions 17th and 18th Centuries
  • Chapter 14 – Democratic and Nationalist Revolutions 19th Century
  • Chapter 15 – Industrialisation and Social Change
  • Chapter 16 – Social Protest Movements
  • Chapter 17 – Colonialism in Latin America, Asia and Africa
  • Chapter 18 – Impact of Colonialism in India
  • Chapter 19 – Expansion of Democracy
  • Chapter 20 – Democracy – An Evolving Idea
  • Chapter 21 – Human Rights and Fundamental Rights
  • Chapter 22 – Women Protection Acts
  • Chapter 23 – Disaster Management
  • Chapter 24 – Traffic Education

AP Board Class 9 English Syllabus

Below we have provided the AP board Class 9 English syllabus for your reference:

1. Humour

  • The Snake and the Mirror
  • The Duck and the Kangaroo (Poem)
  • Little Bobby

2. Games and Sports

  • True Height
  • What Is a Player? (Poem)
  • V.V.S. Laxman, Very Very Special

3. School Life

  • Swami Is Expelled from School
  • Not Just a Teacher, but a Friend (Poem)
  • Homework

4. Environment

  • What Is Man Without the Beasts?
  • The River (Poem)
  • Can’t Climb Trees Any More

5. Disasters

  • A Havoc of Flood
  • Grabbing Everything on the Land (Poem)
  • The Ham Radio


  • A Long Walk todom
  • Freedom (Poem)
  • An Icon of Civil Rights

7. Theatre

  • The Trial
  • Antony’s Speech (Poem)
  • Mahatma Gandhi, Pushed out of Train

8. Travel and Tourism

  • The Accidental Tourist
  • Father Returning Home (Poem)
  • Kathmandu

Study Plan to Maximise Score for AB Board Class 9 2024

Study Plan to Maximise Score

The AP board Class 9 students should follow the exam-taking strategies to ace their exams. The following are some exam-taking strategies:

  • Students must arrive at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the exam. This way the AP board Class 9 students will have an additional 15 minutes to refer to the exam question papers.
  • Pay close attention to instructions provided by the invigilator.
  • Do not leave any questions unanswered. Ensure that you write down the question and probable steps.
  • Plan well on which questions to attempt first as per the difficulty level.
  • Do not try copying answers or employing any unethical methods. You might be prohibited from the exam hall for copying.
  • Do not carry any electronic devices, such as calculators or cell phones. 
  • Do not write anything on your AP board Class 9 question paper.

Andhra Pradesh Board Class 9 Study Plan 2024

Students must refer to some good preparation tips to plan their studies well and obtain good marks in the examination. A set of good preparation tips will help you prepare effectively and efficiently for the examination. Below we have provided some of the preparation tips for AP board Class 9 students:

  • Understand the Basic Concepts: It is the first and the most important tip for the students of class 9. Before learning or memorising a topic, you must first understand its basic concept. You can easily learn the topic once you are well-versed with the basics. This way, you don’t have to worry about memorising the chapter; you can write in your own words as per your understanding of the concept. 
  • Study Regularly: As you are a student of class 9, you must spend at least 6 hours studying for the examinations. Standard 9th lays the foundation for class 10. It teaches you the basics so you understand the concepts in class 10. Also, studying for 5-6 hours will help you build a habit so that you would not face any difficulty in higher classes. But make sure that you don’t exhaust yourself. 
  • Make Short Notes: Always keep a pen and notebook handy while preparing for your exams. It will help you take note of the important concepts you come across while studying. To note things for later is always a bad idea, as you might miss it. Also, try to make shorter notes so that you can easily go through them quickly and understand the summary of the chapter without having to read the entire chapter. 
  • Everyday Revision: Try to revise the topics you study every day. A daily revision will help you prepare for the exam in an effective manner. Revision is not only important right before the day of your exam, but it is important every day. It helps you absorb better and more quickly. 
  • Practice Mock Tests: Make sure to take mock tests twice or thrice a month. Mock tests are the most effective way to prepare for examinations. These are designed in such a way that students feel they are taking their final exams. Mock tests have a time duration as well marking system. It helps students to analyse their performance and know which topics need improvement.
  • Make a Study Timetable: Try to make a proper study timetable. It will help you strategise and plan your studies well. You can then give equal time to each subject instead of focusing on just one or two subjects. Moreover, it will result in the preparation of the entire syllabus on time. Once you are done preparing, you can spare some time for revision. 
  • Solve Sample Question Papers: Solving the sample papers will help you better understand the exam pattern. You will be familiar with the question paper and solve it on time. It will help you improve your problem-solving skills, writing speed, and accuracy.

Andhra Pradesh Board Class 9 FAQs

Freaquently Asked Questions

Q1. Where can I find the detailed information for BSE Andhra Pradesh Class 9?
Ans. Students can get detailed information for BSE Andhra Pradesh class 9 on the official website of BSE AP or in this article. You can get all the information related to the latest syllabus, mock tests, preparation tips and more.

Q2. How to score high marks in the class 9 final examination?
Ans. In order to score high marks in the class 9th final exams, you must prepare effectively for the examination, revise on a daily basis, solve mock tests etc. You can take a look at the ‘preparation tips’ section of this article to know more about how to score well in the examination.

Q3. Is the BSE Andhra Pradesh class 9 exam tough to qualify?
Ans. No, you can easily prepare for the exam and qualify with good marks if you study effectively, with dedication and on time. We advise you to focus on all subjects equally.

Q4. How many chapters are there in Mathematics?
Ans. There are a total of 15 chapters in Mathematics. The students are required to prepare all the chapters as they are part of the exam syllabus. To get details on the chapters you can visit the ‘exam syllabus’ section of this article, or you can also check on the official website of BSEAP.

Q5. Which books should I refer to for my exam preparations?
Ans. You can take reference from this article’s ‘important books section’. Or you can also visit and get numerous references for the best books to prepare from.

Q6. How do mock tests help in exam preparation?
Ans. Mock tests are prepared in a way that makes you feel you are giving your final examination. It has various questions based on your syllabus and exam pattern and also comes with a scoring system and time duration. Solving these mock tests can improve your problem-solving skills as well as writing speed, leading you to score high marks in the exam.

Q7. Who is eligible to take the AP Class 9 exams?
Ans. Students who have passed their Class 8 exams and are associated with the BSEAP-accredited schools are eligible for AP board Class 9 exams.

List of Schools/Colleges in AP

About Exam

Private Schools in Andhra Pradesh

Below we have provided some of the best schools in Andhra Pradesh so that you can take a quality education for a brighter future:

Name of the School Location
Gowtham Model School (Nandyal) Kurnool
Sarada High School Kurnool
K.N.R. Central School Kurnool
Z.P. High School Kurnool
Sumedha Educational Academy English Medium High School Kurnool
Ravindra English Medium School Kurnool
Rainbow EM Concept School Kurnool
Sri Balasai Residential High School Kurnool
Milton Grammar English Medium School Kurnool
Alfa English Medium School Kurnool

Government Schools in Andhra Pradesh

Name of the School Location
Bharat Public School Khammam
Aurobindo Public School Nalgonda
Anantha Vidya Niketan Anantapur
Bhashyam Public School Visakhapatnam
Christopher Public School Krishna
Arunodaya Public School East Godavari
Chaitanya Public School and Residential High School Krishna
Chandamama Public School Prakasam
Asha Noble Public School Krishna

Day Schools in Andhra Pradesh

Name of the School Location
DPS, Vijayawada Vijayawada
Accord School, Tirupati Tirupati
Narayana E-Techno School, Kurammanapalem, Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam
Ramakrishna Mission School, Narottam Nagar Narottam Nagar
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Tadepalligudem Tadepalligudem
Sainik School, Korukonda Korukonda
SDA Higher secondary school, Nuzvid Nuzvid

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