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AP EAMCET Pharmacy Exam Analysis 2022: Know Exam Difficulty


Exam analysis is very helpful for all aspiring candidates as it will help them understand the pattern of questions asked and the weightage for each question. 

This article will highlight the detailed AP EAMCET pharmacy exam analysis for the previous year so that aspiring candidates can get acquainted with the level of difficulty. Keep reading to get insights into exam analysis for the AP EAMCET Pharmacy entrance test. 

AP EAMCET Pharmacy Exam Analysis 2022

It was assessed that the AP EAMCET pharmacy test was moderately difficult last year. Among all the topics, the Physics section was the most challenging, followed by the Chemistry section and the Biology section. The following table provides information on the difficulty level of the pharmacy exam:

SubjectsAP EAMCET Day 1 Shift 1 Analysis AP EAMCET Day 1 Shift 2 Analysis AP EAMCET Day 2 Shift 1 Analysis AP EAMCET Day 2 Shift 2 Analysis 
Physics DifficultToughDifficultDifficult 
ChemistryModerate to Difficult Easy to ModerateModerateDifficult
BiologyEasy to ModerateEasyEasy to ModerateModerate

AP EAMCET Pharmacy Marking Scheme

Candidates should be familiar with the AP EAMCET exam pattern, scoring system, and key chapters for each subject in the AP EAMCET. The following table highlights the same thing:

SubjectsNo. of QuestionsMarks per Section

AP EAMCET Pharmacy: Insights of Exam Analysis 

Check the following insights from the AP EAMCET Pharmacy exam 2022 and get a general understanding of the question paper, 

  • The majority of the questions were based on concepts from the Class 12 syllabus.
  • Nearly 140+ good attempts were thought to have been made.
  • The Botany section of the Biology paper carried more weightage than the Zoology section.
  • The chapters on Chemical Bonding, d- and f-block Elements, Electrochemistry and Organic Chemistry contained more questions than others.
  • The majority of the Biology section’s questions were simpler to attempt.

Check more details on the AP EAMCET exam analysis here.

FAQs on AP EAMCET Pharmacy Exam Analysis 

Here are some of the common questions about the AP EAMCET Pharmacy exam analysis that candidates may have on their minds:

Is the AP EAMCET Pharmacy exam difficult to crack?

AP EAMCET Pharmacy exam is comparatively easier than other competitive exams like NEET, and BITSAT Pharmacy.

Can Andhra Pradesh students take the AP EAMCET exam?

Yes, Andhra Pradesh students are qualified to take the AP EAMCET admission exam.

Where can I obtain the Pharmacy study materials for the AP EAMCET?

Embibe offers free access to study guides and chapter summaries for candidates studying for the AP EAMCET Pharmacy exam.

What should I study for the Pharmacy portion of the AP EAMCET?

The subjects that you should focus on studying for the AP EAMCET Pharmacy paper are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Which was the most difficult section in previous years’ AP EAMCET exam?

Physics was the most difficult section in the previous year’s AP EAMCET exam.

AP EAMCET Previous Year PapersAP EAMCET Exam Pattern

We hope this detailed article on the AP EAMCET pharmacy exam analysis helps you prepare for the AP EAMCET 2023 exam in the best way possible. Should you have any queries regarding taking the mock test or anything related to the exam, please contact us through our website or download the app. 

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