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NCERT Solution for Class 8 Maths Chapter 9 Algebraic Expressions and Identities


NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 9: In the NCERT Class 8 Maths Chapter 9, students will deal with Algebraic Expressions and Identities. The Class 8 Maths Chapter 9 NCERT solutions will help students learn about monomials, binomials, and polynomials, multiplying a monomial by a monomial, etc. All the questions are solved considering the latest CBSE guidelines so that students can score maximum marks in the exam.

With the help of these NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths for Chapter 9, students can solve the in-text and miscellaneous questions well and improve their problem-solving speed and accuracy. Each topic under this chapter has over 200 questions for practice curated from over 30+ books to ensure students master every concept.

NCERT Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Chapter 9: Important Topics

The NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Mathematics Chapter 9 that Embibe provides covers 7 main topics such as Basics of Algebraic Expressions, Identities of Algebraic Expressions etc. There are 6 books on Embibe that students can refer to for an in-depth understanding of the topics.

Moreover, students can also refer to Embibe explainers, 3D videos to immerse themselves in the topic. The questions included after every topic are more than 700 to give students the confidence to appear in their exams. The table below lists the important topics covered under Algebraic Expressions and Identities chapter.

Topic No.Topic NameTopic No.Topic Name
9.1What are Expressions?9.8Multiplying a Monomial by a Polynomial
9.2Terms, Factors and Coefficients9.8.1Multiplying a monomial by a binomial
9.3Monomials, Binomials and Polynomials9.8.2Multiplying a monomial by a trinomial
9.4Like and Unlike Terms9.9Multiplying a Polynomial by a Polynomial
9.5Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Expressions9.9.1Multiplying a binomial by a binomial
9.6Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions: Introduction9.9.2Multiplying a binomial by a trinomial
9.7Multiplying a Monomial by a Monomial9.10What is Identity?
9.7.1Multiplying two monomials9.11Standard Identities
9.7.2Multiplying three or more monomials9.12Applying Identities

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Mathematics Chapter 9: Points to Remember

We have listed a few points to remember for Class 8 Mathematics Chapter 9 that students can refer to while practising.

  • The letters which are used to represent numbers are called literal numbers or literals.
  • A combination of constants and variables connected by the signs of fundamental operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is called an algebraic expression.
  • Various parts of an algebraic expression which are separated by the signs of ‘++’ or ‘−-’ are called the terms of the expression.
  • Some standard identities are,

(i) (a+b)2=a2+b2+2ab(a+b)2=a2+b2+2ab

(ii) (ab)2=a2+b2–2ab(a−b)2=a2+b2–2ab

(iii) (a+b)(ab)=a2–b2

NCERT Class 8 Solutions for Mathematics: All Chapters

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FAQs On NCERT Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Chapter 9

Q.1: Where can I get Maths NCERT Solutions for Class 8 chapter 9?

Ans: Students can download the NCERT solutions Class 8 Maths Chapter 9 from this article.

Q.2: What are the topics covered in NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths chapter 9?

Ans: Topics like Expressions, Identities of Algebraic Expressions, and many more are covered in the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 9.

Q.3: How many exercises are there in Class 8 Maths chapter 9 Algebraic Expressions?

Ans: There are 5 exercises in the Class 8 Maths Chapter 9 Algebraic Expressions.

Q.4: What is a constant?

Ans: A symbol having a fixed numerical value is called a constant.

Q.5: What is a variable?

Ans: A symbol which takes various numerical values is called a variable.

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