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Goa Board Class 11th Important Topics:


Every year, the Goa Board Class 11 exam is held in March or April. Time flies, and within the blink of an eye, your exams will come knocking at the door. Thus it is wise to start preparing for your exam without wasting another minute. Approximately 20000 students are preparing for the Class 11 Goa Board exam. And the more you prepare yourself for the Class 11 exam, the better you can even perform in the Class 12 board exam.

Therefore to help you make the most of your preparation, academic experts at Embibe have compiled together the subject-wise chapters and important topics so that you can learn and practice them. The topics are explained through videos, experiments and examples, making the learning authentic and engaging. You can get 500+ videos to strengthen your concepts and practice questions to enhance your problem-solving skills. Scroll down to get the 11th Goa Board Class 11 topics.

Goa Board Class 11 Subject-wise Topics

Now you must be wondering why you should start your exam preparation like an early bird. Firstly, the concepts taught in Class 11 form the base for Class 12. Secondly, preparing for the exam early gives you enough time to revise. With the subject-wise important topics, you can master the concepts and refer to them during your revision as well. The sections below give you Goa Board Class 11 subject-wise topics.

Goa Board Class 11 Exam Physics Topics

Physics includes numerous topics such as thermodynamics, waves, motion and much more. Check the table below for the important topics for Goa Board Class 11 exam Physics. 

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1Physical WorldUnderstanding PhysicsScope of PhysicsFundamental Forces of Nature
2Units and MeasurementsPhysical QuantityMeasurement of MassMeasurement of Time
3Motion in a Straight LineSleep and VelocityAccelerationRelative Velocity
4Motion in a PlaneScalar and VectorProjectile MotionUniform Circular Motion
5Laws of MotionForceLaw of InertiaNewton’s Law of Motion

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Goa Board Class 11 Exam Mathematics Topics

Do you want to fully grasp the concepts before solving numerical problems in Maths? Check the important topics below and start learning them right away. 

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1SetsSets and Their RepresentationsTypes of SetsOperations on Sets
2Relations and FunctionsCartesian Product of SetsRelationsFunctions
3Trigonometric FunctionsAnglesTrigonometric Functions of Sum and Difference of Two AnglesTrigonometric Equations
4Mathematical InductionThe Principle of Mathematical Induction
5Complex Numbers and Quadratic EquationsComplex NumbersAlgebra of Complex NumbersArgand Palne and Polar Representation

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Goa Board Class 11 Exam Chemistry Topics

Finding Chemistry difficult because of the numerous equations, chemical reactions and IUPAC nomenclature? Know the important topics for Goa Board Class 11 Exam Chemistry topics and start learning now. 

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopic
1Some Basic Concepts of ChemistryNature of MatterDalton’s Atomic TheoryAtomic and Molecular Mass
2Structure of AtomDalton’s Idea of AtomsAtomic ModelsAtomic Spectra
3Classification of Elements and Periodicity in PropertiesNeed for Classifying ElementsGenesis of Periodic ClassificationElectronic Configuration and Types of Elements
4Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureIonic or Electrovalent BondBond ParametersHybridisation
5States of MatterThe Gaseous StateGas LawIdeal Gas Equation

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Goa Board Class 11 Exam Biology Topics

Biology consists of many scientific terms, theories, diagrams and concepts. To help you ace the Goa Board Class 11 Biology exam, we have provided the important topics in the table below. 

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1The Living WorldCharacteristics of Living OrganismsDiversity in the Living WorldTaxonomic Categories of Organisms
2Biological ClassificationKingdom MoneraKingdom FungiKingdom Plantae
3Plant KingdomAlgaeGymnosperms Angiosperms
4Animal KingdomBasis of Classification of AnimalsClassification of Animals
5Morphology of Flowering PlantsRootStemLeaf

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FAQs on 11th Goa Board Topics

Below we have provided some Frequently Asked Question on 11th Goa Board Topics

Q.1: Where can I find important topics for the Goa Board Class 11 exam?

Ans: You can find important topics for the Goa Board Class 11 exam on Embibe.

Q.2: Are the 11th Goa Board topics enough to score well in the final exams?

Ans: The 11th Goa Board topics are useful while revising for the final exams. While you should study all the topics, you can refer to the important topics as they are more likely to come up in the exams.

Q.3: Are the Goa Board Class 11 topics on Embibe as per the latest syllabus?

Ans: The Goa Board Class 11 topics on Embibe are designed as per the latest syllabus so that students do not miss out on anything important.

Q.4: How can Embibe help me prepare for the Goa Board Class 11 exam in a better way?

Ans: Embibe allows you to get a 360-degree learning experience through the learn, practice and test tabs you can access on the app. The concepts are thoroughly explained through 3D videos and relevant examples. You can practice questions, take tests and implement the feedback you get after each test to prepare for the Goa Board Class 11 exam.

Q.5: How many chapters are there in Goa Board Class 11 Physics?

Ans: There are 15 chapters in Goa Board Class 11 Physics.

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