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12th Goa Board Important Topics


As Goa Board class 12 board exams are approaching, are you thorough with all the topics from the chapters? If you are still finding it difficult to learn the topics, then don’t worry. We will help you cover all the topics in less time so that you get ample time to rigorously practice the questions to be perfect to face the board exam.

Embibe provides an adaptive learning platform with the help of 3D videos. The innovative technology has all the videos for the important topics you must focus on. The explanations are detailed with real-life examples to understand the topics and complete them in less time. You can watch the videos for prerequisite topics from the previous class to gain a better understanding. This technology in the field of education has assisted many students in fixing their learning gaps and simplifying the topics. 

Goa Board Class 12 Topics

Embibe offers 200+ explainer videos for Goa board class 12 aligned to the chapters and topics. If there is such a platform where you get to learn and revise the topics, then you need not browse multiple platforms that will confuse you. The platform has all videos of the topics in the chapters arranged sequentially. Now, let’s find the links to access the topics for Goa Board class 12:

Goa Board HSSC Physics Topics

Below are the Physics topics for Goa Board class 12: 

Sl.NoChaptersImportant Topics
1Electric Charges and FieldsElectric Charge
Conductors, Insulators and Semiconductors
2Electrostatic Potential and CapacitanceElectric Potential
Potential Due to A Point Charge
3Current ElectricityElectric Current
Electric Current in Conductors
4Moving Charges and MagnetismMagnetic Force
Motion in Magnetic Field
5Magnetism and MatterBar Magnet
Magnetism and Gauss’s Law

Note: Click here to get the complete list of Physics topics for Goa Board class 12: 

Goa Board HSSC Mathematics Topics

We have provided Mathematics topics for Goa Board class 12 in the below table:  

Sl.NoChaptersImportant Topics
1Relation and FunctionsTypes of Relations
Types of Functions
2Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsBasic Concepts in Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Properties of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
3MatricesBasic Matrices
Types of Matrices
Properties of Determinants
5Continuity and DifferentiabilityContinuity

Note: Click here to get the complete list of Mathematics topics for Goa Board class 12. 

Goa Board HSSC Chemistry Topics 

The Chemistry topics for Goa Board class 12 are as follows:

Sl.NoChaptersImportant Topics
1Solid StateGeneral Characteristics of Solid State
Amorphous and Crystalline Solids
2SolutionsTypes of Solutions
Methods of Expressing Concentration of Solutions
3Electro ChemistryElectro Chemical Cells
Galvanic Cells
4Chemical KinematicsRate of Chemical Reaction
Factors Affecting a Rate of Reaction
5Surface ChemistryImportance of Surface Chemistry

Note: To find the complete list of topics for Chemistry for class 12, click here.  

Goa Board HSSC Biology Topics

Find the topics for Biology from Goa Board class 12 in the below table:

Sl.NoChaptersImportant Topics
1Reproduction in OrganismsModes of Reproduction
Asexual Reproduction
2Sexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsSexual Reproduction in Plants
Flower Reproductive Organ in Plants
3Human ReproductionMale Reproductive System
Female Reproductive System
4Reproductive HealthReproductive Health Problems and Strategies
Population Stabilization and Birth Control
5Principles Inheritance and VariationHeredity and Variation
Inheritance of One Gene

Note: Click here to find all the Biology topics for the 12th Goa Board.  

FAQs on 12th Goa Board Important Topics

Below are the frequently asked questions about Goa Board class 12 topics:

Q: Can I find all the topics for the science stream for Goa Board class 12 on Embibe?

Ans: You can get the complete list of topics for the Science stream for Goa board class 12 on Embibe.

Q: Where can I practice questions on the topics for Goa Board class 12?

Ans: Yes, you can practice questions on the topics for Goa Board class 12 on Embibe. 

Q: What are the total marks for the Chemistry theory paper in the class 12 exams?

Ans: The total mark for the Chemistry theory paper is 70 for class 12 exams.

Q: Is the Goa board class 12 exam a board exam?

Ans: Yes, Goa board class 12 exams are board exams; the scores you obtain determine the college you get admission to for your undergraduate programs like degree, engineering or medical.

Q: How will Embibe help me understand the topics for Goa board class 12?

Ans: Embibe provides 3D videos for prerequisite and related topics; you can watch the videos to understand the topic for Goa board class 12 truly.

We hope that this information on Goa Board class 12 Topics has helped you. If you have any queries, then you can ask us, and we will answer you. Use the comment section below for any queries and comments.

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