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Goa Board Class 12 Books 2023


Last year, the overall pass percentage of the Goa Board class 12 exam was 92.6%, which was good. Class 12 board exams are important in a student’s academic career. The pass percentage might be impressive, but it can boost when all students can refer to and study from the best books. Finding good books is a hassle, but Embibe makes it more convenient by offering all the study materials in a single platform.

Embibe offers 25+ books with video solutions for your overall preparation. The platform ensures that you gain the best learning experience. You can read the books and learn the chapters and topics with the help of 3D videos. The platform aims to make learning fun so that you briefly understand the concepts and complete the chapters quickly. It also provides study resources like practice questions and mock tests. Scroll down to find the books for Goa Board Class 12.   

Subject-wise Books for Goa Board Class 12

Referring to a lot of books will lead to confusion, but it is ideal for reading the best reference provided by us. Students preparing for the Class 12 board must refer to the additional books to gain a better understanding. After all, your Class 12 scores determine your eligibility to your dream college for the undergraduate programmes. Scroll down to check the books for Goa Board Class 12 exams.

Goa HSSC Physics Books 

Physics has vast topics like units, measurements and various numerical problems. Refer to the books below to practice the questions. In the below table, we have provided Physics books for Goa Board Class 12:

PHYSICS PART 2 TEXTBOOK FOR CLASS 12PHYSICS PART 2 TEXTBOOK FOR CLASS 12Physics Part 1 Textbook for Class XIINCERT Exemplar Physics – Class 12

Goa HSSC Mathematics Books

Mathematics is the toughest subject, but the books below will help you learn all the problems quickly. Refer to the Mathematics books for Goa Board Class 12 in the below table: 

NCERT Exemplar Mathematics – Class 12MATHEMATICS PART I Textbook for Class XII
Embibe Big Book for Mathematics Class 12

Goa HSSC Chemistry Books

Chemistry comprises reactions and names. It builds your knowledge of the chapters so that it is helpful in higher classes. Take a look at the Chemistry books for Goa Board Class 12 given below: 

NCERT Exemplar Chemistry – Class 12Chemistry Part I Textbook for Class XIIChemistry Part 2 Textbook for Class 12Textbook for Class 12 Chemistry Part

Goa Board Class 12 Biology Books

Biology is a very interesting subject if you are a medical course aspirant. You must practice diagrams to score well in a theoretical subject. The Biology books for Goa Board class 12 are given below: 

Embibe Big Book for Biology for Class 12
NCERT Exemplar Biology – Class 12
TRUEMAN’S ELEMENTARY Biology VOL. II For XII Class of 10+2

How To Download Books for Goa Board Class 12 on Embibe

The steps to access all the books for Goa Board Class 12 at Embibe are as below: 

  • 1st Step: Visit embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Login with your mobile number or email ID. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number or email address. 
  • 3rd Step: Select your ‘goal’ after successfully logging in as Goa Board class 12. 
  • 4th Step: Click on Next. 
  • 5th Step: Select the language ‘English’.
  • 6th Step: You will find the subject-wise books for Goa Board class 12 under the ‘Learn’ tab. 

Some of the frequently asked questions with answers about Goa Board Class 12 are given below: 

Q: Where can I find books for Goa Board Class 12?

Ans: You can get all the books for Goa board class 12 on Embibe. 

Q: How will Embibe books help me learn the Goa Board Class 12 chapters?

Ans: With the help of the books provided by Embibe, you will learn the chapters practically with 3D visualisation. You can grasp the topics quickly and finish the chapters in less time. 

Q: Is it important to practice questions for Goa HSSC?  

Ans: Yes, you must take practice questions for Goa HSSC to gain confidence and score a good percentage in the examination.

Q: What are the total marks for theory papers in Goa Board Class 12?

Ans: The total mark for the theory paper in Goa board class 12 is 70.

Q: What is the duration of the Goa Board Class 12 exam?

Ans: The Goa Board class 12 exam duration is 2.5 hours.

I hope this article about Goa Board Class 12 books is helpful for you in preparing for the exam. 

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates about Goa Board Class 12.

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