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Goa Board Class 7 Important Topics: Subject-wise Chapters


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Here you can also access the study materials that will be of great help.

Goa Board Class 7 Science Topics

Start your journey to Learn the Goa Board Class 7 Science Topics from the links below:

Chapter No. Science Chapter NamesScience Topics
1.Nutrition in PlantsIntroduction to Nutrition
Modes of Nutrition in Plants
2.Nutrition in AnimalsIntroduction To  Nutrition in Animals
Different Modes of Food Intake
3.Fibre to FabricAnimal Fibres Wool
Animals That Yield Wool
4.HeatHot and Cold
Temperature and Its Measurement
5. Acids, Bases and SaltsIntroduction to Acids and Bases
Natural Indicators
6. Physical and Chemical ChangesPhysical Changes
Chemical Changes
7. Weather, Climate and Adaptation of Animals to ClimateWeather
8. Winds, Storms and CyclonesAir Exerts Pressure
Low Pressure Due to High-Speed Winds
9.SoilIntroduction to Soil
Soil Profile
10. Respiration in OrganismsRespiration

Goa Board Class 7 Mathematics Topics

Access the Goa Board Class 7 Mathematics Topics by clicking on the links in the table below: 

Chapter No. Mathematics Chapter NamesMathematics Topics
1. IntegersInteger and Its Representation on Number Line
Properties of Addition and Subtraction of Integers
2. Fractions and DecimalsBasics of Fractions
Multiplication of Fractions
3. Data HandlingBasics of Data Handling
Arithmetic Mean
4. Simple Equation Basics of an Equation
Solution of an Equation
5. Line and AnglesRelated Angle
Tariff Lines
6. The Triangle and Its PropertiesTriangle and Its Types
Median of a Triangle
7. Congruence of TrianglesCongruence and Congruence of Plane Figure
Introduction to Congruence of Triangle
8. Comparing QuantitiesComparison of Quantities Using Ratio
Equivalent Ratios
9. Rational NumbersRational Numbers and Its Representation on Number Line
Comparison of Rational Numbers
10. Practical GeometryConstruction of a Line Parallel To Given Line
Construction of Triangles

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Read some of the most frequently asked questions about Goa Board Class 7 Topics below: 

Q: Is GBSHSE Class 7 Topics available on Embibe?

Ans: Embibe has all of the Goa Board Class 7 Topics for Science and Mathematics

Q: Is the Goa Board Class 7 Topics available for free at Embibe?

Ans: Yes, the GBSHSE Class 7 Topics is available for free at Embibe.

Q: Are GBSHSE Books sufficient for preparing for board exams?

Ans: Yes, the Goa Board Books are sufficient for exam preparation because they follow guidelines the Goa state school board provides and cover the syllabus in depth.

Q: What is the Goa State Board’s official website?

Ans: The GBSHSE’s official website is gbshse.gov.in.

Q: When are the Goa State Board’s supplemental school examinations?

Ans: The supplementary school examinations are held in June, as mandated by state government officials.

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