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Goa Board Class 11 Important Chapters – For All Subjects


Class 11 is as crucial as Class 12 in senior secondary education as it lays the foundation for your future career path. So, how can you prepare for Goa Board Class 11 exams? The answer is simple! By taking the help from Embibe study resources. Embibe has many study materials like 3D video lectures, books, and solved papers that you can use to improve your conceptual clarity.

This article will give you the Goa Board Class 11 chapter list for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. Having the subject-wise chapter list handy will help you plan your studies more effectively. Along with this, Embibe provides a new way of learning the chapters, which is 3D video learning. An effective way to understand the concepts without much struggle. Get the list of important chapters for the 11th Goa Board.

Subject-wise Goa Board Class 11 Chapter List

We will help you by giving a list of the subject-wise chapter list covered in Goa Board Class 11. The subjects in Class 11 Goa Board are

11th Goa Board Chapters for Mathematics

The following table lists the chapters you will study in Goa Board Class 11 Mathematics. Also, you can follow the links to study each chapter with accompanying video explanations:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
2Relations & Functions
3Trigonometric Functions
4Principle of Mathematical Induction
5Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
6Linear Inequalities
7Permutations and Combinations
8Sequence and Series
9Binomial Theorem
10Straight Lines

Goa Board Class 11 Physics Chapters

If you need help to understand the 11th Goa Board chapters for Physics, click on the links below and watch video explanations:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Physical World
2Units and Measurements
3Motion in a Straight Line
4Motion in a Plane
5Laws of Motion
6Work, Energy, and Power
7System of Particles and Rotational Motion
9Mechanical Properties of Solids
10Mechanical Properties of Fluids

Goa Board Class 11 Chemistry Chapters

Here is a rundown of the 11th Goa Board chapters for Chemistry, along with links to 3D video explanations.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
2Structure of Atom
3Classification of Elements and Periodicity of Properties
4Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
5States of Matter
8Redox Reactions
10s-Block Elements

Goa Board Class 11 Biology Chapters

In the following table, you can check the 11th Goa Board chapter list for Biology and learn them with the help of 3D animation and illustrations:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1The Living World
2Biological Classification
3Plant Kingdom
4Animal Kingdom
5Structural Organisation in Animals
6Morphology of Flowering Plants
7Cell: The Unit of Life
9Cell Cycle and Cell Division
10Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

Goa Board Class 11 English Chapters

In the following table, you can check the 11th Goa Board chapter list for English:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Reading Comprehension
2Creative Writing Skills and Grammar
3Literature Textbooks and Supplementary Reading Text
4Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills

Goa Board Class 11 Important Chapters

Students in Goa Board Class 11 must know the important chapters that they need to prepare. Not only will it help the students score good marks in their exams but also prepare for the upcoming exams such as the Boards or competitive ones. The below table contains all the important Goa Board Class 11 important chapters:

BiologyMorphology Of Flowering Plants
BiologyAnatomy of Flowering Plants
MathsRelations and Functions
ChemistryThe s-block Elements
ChemistryThe p-block Elements
PhysicsMechanical Properties of Solids
PhysicsMechanical Properties of Fluids

FAQs on Goa Board Class 11 Exam

Some of the most frequent questions on the 11th Goa Board Chapters are:

Q: Where can I download the 11th Goa Board chapter list?

Ans: In this article, we have provided the subject-wise 11th Goa Board chapter list. You refer to the list and corresponding chapter-wise questions and solutions for all the subjects.

Q: What are some of the important chapters in Goa Board Class 11 Biology?

Ans: Some of the important chapters in 11th Goa Board Biology are Morphology of Flowering Plants, Animal Kingdom, Biological Classification, Cell: The Unit of Life, and Cell Cycle and Cell Division. You can study all these chapters with illustrative 3D video explanations at Embibe for.

Q: Do Embibe provide chapter-wise study material for Goa Board Class 11?

Ans: Yes, Embibe offers chapter-wise study material for Goa Board Class 11 subjects. It is clear and concise, with easy-to-understand video explanations and solutions.

Q: Where to get practice tests to prepare for the Goa Board Class 11?

Ans: Embibe has a collection of practice tests and sample papers for Goa Board Class 11. All these papers are very close to the actual exam pattern; hence you should attempt these papers to speed up your preparation for the final exams.

Q: What are the preparation tips for scoring good marks in Goa Board Class 11?

Ans: If you want to score good marks in Goa Board Class 11, you must practise a lot. Therefore, start utilising Embibe’s sample papers and mock tests and try to understand the concepts of each subject.

We hope this article on the 11th Goa Board chapter list helps you prepare better. As you can see, there are a lot of chapters in each subject, so you need to practice with sample papers available on Embibe to understand the chapter weightage. Focus more on subject-wise important chapters, and it will help you score well in exams. All the best for the upcoming class 11 exams.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest Goa Board Class 11 exam updates.

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