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Goa Board Class 9 Books: Subject-wise Textbooks


Goa Board Class 9 Books: It is rightly said that “A book is a gift that is opened again and again”. But with the changing times, the meaning of gifts has also changed. When was the last time you read a book? You might have to think about it, but if we ask when was the last time you watched a video, then you surely would have an answer. 

Out of all the students who appear for the Goa Board Class 9 exams every year, approximately 65% of students struggle in their preparation due to a lack of the right books to prepare from. It is a serious concern as Class 9 is an important year for you. What if we tell you that we have a permanent solution for this problem that will develop your interest and help you love your studies? Yes, you heard that right. With Embibe’s AI-integrated ebooks and 3D videos, you will have a strong grasp on your subjects and score well in your exams. To find out more about Goa Board class 9 Books, continue reading.

9th Goa Board Important Books

Getting good marks in your exam is like making a good painting. To make a good painting, you need constant focus, patience and good-quality resources. Similarly, to get good marks, you need focus, hard work and the right books for your preparation. We are here to save you some time and provide you with the best books for your Class 9 exam preparation. In this article, you will find all the important books and more for Goa Board Class 9

Goa Board Class 9 Mathematics Important Books

Mathematics is a high-scoring subject, and with the help of the right books, you can surely score excellent marks in your maths exam. With the right e-books, all the difficult formulas and problems get simplified within seconds. On Embibe you can find 6 books for Goa Board Class 9 Maths. To learn more about the Goa Board Class 9 Mathematics books, scroll below. 

MATHEMATICS Textbook for Class IX
NCERT Exemplar Mathematics – Class 9
Mathematics Class 9

Goa Board Class 9 Science Important Books

You can love Science, you can hate Science, but you cannot ignore Science. A lot of you might find Science as a difficult subject, but with the right books, everything’s easy. With over 32 books for class 9 Science, you can practice well and score great marks in your exams. Given below are the Goa Board Class 9 Science books. You can access these by clicking on them.

NCERT Exemplar Science – Class 9

Steps to Access Goa Board Class 9 Books

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to access the important books for Goa Board Class 9 on Embibe.

  • 1st Step: Download the Embibe app. 
  • 2nd Step: Use your mobile number/email to sign up.
  • 3rd Step: Select your goal and the exam name.
  • 4th Step: Click Next and select your preferred language.
  • 6th Step: Once done, click on the Learn tab.
  • 7th Step: Scroll down and access subject-wise books.

Learn From The Best Goa Board Class 9 Books

One of the easiest ways to understand how to prepare for the Goa Board Class 9 exam is to refer to the right books. Students can access these books and start their preparation right away. These books will also help the students in preparing for the Board exams. All the important books that the students of Goa Board Class 9 must refer to are given below:

ScienceGoa Board Class 9 Science Books
MathsGoa Board Class 9 Maths Books

FAQs on Goa Board Class 9 Important Books 

Read some of the most frequently asked questions about Goa Board Class 9 Study Material Below: 

Q. Where can I get reference books for Goa Board Class 9?

Ans: You can find reference books for Goa Board Class 9 on the Embibe application. 

Q. Which author’s books are best for Goa Board Class 9 Maths?

Ans: The books referred by the Goa Board are best for Class 9 exams. However, books by R.D. Sharma and R.S. Agarwal are recommended for Goa Board Class 9 Mathematics. 

Q. What are the benefits of studying Goa Board Class 9 important books on Embibe? 

Ans: If you go through the important books on Embibe, you will get to know all the relevant topics and related questions for your exam preparation in a fun and easy manner. Our subject experts have put together the important topics and concepts in these books so that you don’t have to do extra work.

Q. How many books are available on Embibe for Goa Board Class 9 Science?

Ans: There are 32 books on Embibe for Goa Board Class 9 Science. 

Q. Is it necessary to study from other reference books apart from our textbooks?

Ans: Studying from your referred textbooks is enough, but to have an in-depth practice, it is recommended to refer to other books as well. 

We hope the above article has answered all your doubts and queries. Embibe wishes you good luck and all the best.

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