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GCET Important Topics 2023: Know Subject-wise Topics


‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’ the same way, preparation without knowing the important topics to cover might appear unclear. Every year thousands of students compete for 1300 GCET seats; sounds competitive, right? This is where students become more anxious as they prepare for the exam. But knowing the GCET important topics will help aspirants to get the right amount of confidence to crack the exam.

But will just knowing the right topics help us ace the exam? The answer is NO. Before knowing or preparing for the topics mentioned here, students must understand which subject to focus on and which topics drive the maximum marks. Focusing on these parameters will undoubtedly help candidates be more thorough and avoid the risk of failing the exam. Let us help you become more specific about the GCET topics you must focus on before taking the exam.

Latest Updates:
– GCET 2023 application form will be released on March 23, 2023, and the last date to fill out the same is April 23, 2023.
– GCET 2023 exam be conducted from May 13 to 14, 2023, at various designated exam centres.

GCET Important Topics 2023: Check Subject-wise Topics

GCET covers Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Candidates must check the GCET syllabus to ensure they are well-prepared for the entrance exam.

GCET will be conducted offline. The applicants will have two hours to complete 225 questions, 75 questions from each subject.

GCET 2023 Topics for Physics

Candidates can check out the GCET 2023 topics for Physics from the following table: 

Sl.No.Physics ChaptersTopics
1. ElectrostaticsElectric Charge and Its Properties
Coulomb’s Law
2. Current ElectricityElectric Current
Electrical Resistance
3. Magnetic Effect of Current and MagnetismMagnetic Field
Magnetic Effect of Current
4. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating CurrentAn Introduction to Electromagnetic Induction
Electric Field: Time-Varying Magnetic Field
5. Electromagnetic WavesElectromagnetic Spectrum (I)
Production of Electromagnetic Waves
6. OpticsRay Optics
Sign Convention
7. Atoms and NucleiSize of Nucleus and Nuclear Density
Half-Life and Radioactive Decay
8. Electronic DevicesConcept of Hole
Introduction to n-type Semiconductor
9. Communication SystemsCommunication System
Easy Factual Problem on Communication System

GCET Exam Topics for Mathematics

Candidates can check out the GCET exam topics for Mathematics from the following table: 

Sl.No.Mathematics ChaptersTopics
1. Relations and FunctionsDomain, Co-Domain and Range of a Function
One-One and Onto of Composition of Functions
2. AlgebraUsing Algebraic Expressions – Rules
Algebra of Two Functions
3. CalculusLaws of Limits in Calculus
Second Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
4. Vector and 3D GeometryAddition of Vectors
Direction Cosine and Direction Ratio
5. Linear ProgrammingLinear Programming Problem: Graphical Method
Formulation of a Linear Programming Problem
6. ProbabilityIntroduction to Probability
Random Experiment & Theoretical Probability

GCET Exam Topics for Chemistry

Candidates can check out the GCET exam topics for Chemistry from the following table: 

Sl.No.Chemistry ChaptersTopics
1Solid StateClassification of Crystalline Solids
Metallic Solids
2SolutionsTypes of Solutions Based on Solubility
3ElectrochemistryElectrochemical Cell and Electrolytic Cell
Galvanic Cell
4Chemical KineticsRate of a Chemical Reaction
Mechanism of a Chemical Reaction
5Surface ChemistryEffect of Surface Area and Catalyst on Reaction Rate
Applications of Surface Chemistry
6General Principles and Processes of Isolation of ElementsConcentration of Silver Ore
Extraction of Mercury
7p-Block ElementsIntroduction to p-block Elements
Oxidation States & Lewis Acidity of Group 13 Elements
8d and f–Block ElementsReaction Between Ferrous Ion and Potassium Dichromate
Atomic Size and Ionisation Enthalpy of d-Block Elements
9Coordination CompoundsImportant Terms Related to Coordination Compounds
Werner’s Theory of Coordination Compounds
10Haloalkanes and HaloarenesIntroduction to Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Chirality and Molecular Asymmetry

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GCET 2023 Free Mock Test

Candidates can follow the below-mentioned steps to attempt the GCET 2023 mock test at Embibe:

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  • 5th Step: Refer to the below-mentioned links to attempt mock tests.
GCET Mock Tests 2023
GCET Mock Test 1 GCET Mock Test 3
GCET Mock Test 2 GCET Mock Test 4

FAQs on GCET Topics 2023

Read some of the most frequently asked questions about GCET topics 2023 below:

Q: What is the exam duration of the GCET 2023?

Ans: The GCET exam duration will be 2 hours.

Q: How many subjects will be there in the GCET 2023?

Ans: There will be three subjects in the GCET 2023, i.e. Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. 

Q: How many questions are there in the GCET 2023?

Ans: In the GCET 2023, there will be 225 questions in total.

Q: How many questions will be asked from each subject?

Ans: The GCET exam will have 75 questions from each subject and a total of 225 questions. 

Q: Who releases the GCET 2023 syllabus?

Ans: The Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Goa, releases the GCET 2023 syllabus.

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We hope this detailed article on the GCET Topics 2023 helps you in the best way possible. We wish you all the best for the upcoming exam.

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