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LKG Syllabus 2024: Check For All Subjects


LKG Syllabus 2024: Lower Kindergarten, or LKG, is preschool education. LKG students learn through practical exercises like painting, as well as by playing and singing. They pick up the alphabet and numerals in bits. A student has the chance to interact with others during this transition phase from home to school. Students at this stage have very sharp minds and quick learning skills. Whatever they hear and see around them, they swiftly pick it up. 

Therefore, the CBSE LKG syllabus has been created in a way that encourages children to study by having fun. Through inspirational tales and little poetry, it also inculcates moral principles and social ethics in children. At a young age, students can be moulded into any shape. Due consideration has therefore been paid when creating the LKG syllabus. Additionally, LKG books include illustrations and infographics that pique students’ interest in their studies. 

LKG Class Syllabus 2024: CBSE and ICSE

Before getting into the LKG Class syllabus for CBSE and ICSE boards let us have a brief overview of the subjects covered in LKG:

S. No.List of Subjects
1Maths or Mathematics
3General Awareness
4Environmental Science

LKG Maths Syllabus

Below we have tabulated the LKG Class syllabus for Maths for your reference:

LKG Maths Syllabus

Subject-wise Topics
Shapes a) Identify Circles, Squares and Triangles
b) Identify Squares and Rectangles
Count to 3 a) Learn to Count (up to 3)
b) Count Dots (up to 3)
c) Count Shapes (up to 3)
d) Count Objects (up to 3)
e) Count on Ten Frames (up to 3)
f) Show Numbers on Ten Frames (up to 3)
Count to 5 a) Learn to Count (up to 5)
b) Count Dots (up to 5)
c) Count Shapes (up to 5)
d) Count Objects (up to 5)
e) Count On Ten Frames (up to 5)
f) Show Numbers on Ten Frames (up to 5)
g) Represent Numbers (up to 5)
Count to 10 a) Learn to Count (up to 10)
b) Count Dots (up to 10)
c) Count Shapes (up to 10)
d) Count Objects (up to 10)
e) Count On Ten Frames (up to 10)
f) Show Numbers on Ten Frames (up to 10)
g) Represent Numbers (up to 10)
Comparing a) Are There Enough?
b) Compare Groups (Fewer or More)
c) Fewer and More – Compare by Counting
d) Compare in a Mixed Group
Positions a) Inside and Outside
b) Above and Below
c) Beside and Next To
d) Left and Right
e) Left, Middle and Right
f) Top and Bottom
g) Top, Middle and Bottom
Classify a) Same
b) Different
c) Same and Different
d) Classify Shapes by Colour
e) Classify and Sort by Colour
f) Classify and Sort by Shape
Size a) Long and Short
b) Tall and Short
c) Light and Heavy
d) Wide and Narrow
Money a) Coin Values
b) Count 1-Rupee Coins

LKG English Syllabus 2024

Below we have provided the LKG Class syllabus for English for your reference:

LKG English Syllabus Subject-wise Topics
Pre-writing Stokes a) Standing Line
b) Sleeping Line
c) Left Slanting Line
d) Right Slanting Line
e) Left Curve
f) Right Curve
g) Up Curve
h) Down Curve
Capital Letter (A-Z) a) Identification
b) Writing
c) Objects Related to Each Letter
Small Letter (a-z) a) Identification
b) Writing
c) Objects Related to Each Letter
d) Matching Capital and Small
e) Vowels and Consonants
f) Phonic Drill
g) Vowel Words
h) Rhyming Words to Improve Listening Skills
Phonetics a) Sound of Letters
b) Objects Related to Letters
c) Vowels and Consonants
d) Vowel Words
e) Article a/an
f) This-That and These – those
g) One- Many
h) Positions
i) Rhyming Words
j) Use of Genie Board, Flashcards, Oral Interaction, Written Work, Worksheets, Storytelling and Enactment.


Check out link below to engage your LKG going wards in solving some interactive video-based questions

LKG Syllabus for General Awareness

Below we have provided the LKG General Awareness syllabus for your reference:

Junior KG Syllabus For General AwarenessSection-wise Topics
About Myself
a) Myself
b) My Body Parts
c) My Family
d) My Birthday
e) My Home
f) My School
Safetya) At Home
b) On the Road
c) At the Playground
People Who Help Usa) Doctor
b) Teacher
c) Policeman
d) Postman
e) Carpenter
f) Farmer
Transporta) Road
b) Rail
c) Air
Seasonsa) Summer
b) Winter
c) Rainy
Animala) Wild
b) Domestic
c) Water
d) Pet

LKG Syllabus for Environmental Science

The junior KG Syllabus for Environmental Science is listed below:

  • Good habits and manners
  • Project on collecting a few living and non-living things
  • Introduction to traffic rules and safety
  • Parts of the body

FAQs on LKG Syllabus 2024

Q.1: What should be taught to LKG students?  
Ans: Here are some basic things that need to be taught to an LKG student: good habits and manners, living and non-living things, introduction to traffic rules and safety, parts of the body, animals, vegetables and items, etc. 

Q.2: What is the full form of LKG and UKG? 
The full form of LKG is Lower Kindergarten, and UKG stands for Upper Kindergarten. LKG prepares your kid to cope with the more advanced educational environment of UKG.  

Q.3: Is Nursery the same as LKG? 
In the Indian education system, there are 3 years of elementary education before primary education starts, i.e. Nursery, LKG, and UKG. So LKG is the superior class to Nursery and provides more knowledge and learning. 

Q.4: How many subjects are there in LKG syllabus?
The subjects covered in the LKG syllabus CBSE include English, Maths, General Awareness, and Environmental Science.

Q.5: What is the purpose of the LKG syllabus?
Ans: The fundamental purpose of the LKG Class syllabus is to help preschoolers learn about social behaviour, general awareness, environment, etc.

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