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NIOS Class 10 Syllabus 2022: Check Detailed Books PDF


NIOS Class 10 Syllabus: NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) provides flexibility to students to study at home rather than from school. Class 10 is the first milestone for students and at the same time, acts as a determining factor for future academic goals. Thus, students opting for NIOS Class 10 should have vivid knowledge of the NIOS 10th Class Syllabus. Also, they should be well aware of NIOS Class 10 Exam Pattern for better preparation strategy.

The year 2022-23 registration dates are extended up tp July 31, 2022. In this article, we will provide you with all the important information about NIOS Class 10 Syllabus and will guide you through the NIOS subjects class 10th.

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NIOS Class 10 Syllabus 2022: Get NIOS Class 10 Books PDF

The NIOS syllabus for the 10th contains all the topics in relevant to each section of the exam paper. The exams are conducted in the month of October and April for NIOS Secondary level/ Matriculation Level. An on-demand exam is also provided by the NIOS to give more flexibility. These exams are conducted year-round except for the months of October, November, April, and May. 

It is important for the students to go through the entire NIOS class 10th syllabus thoroughly and understand the NIOS subjects for 10th along with the exam pattern to cover the entire NIOS syllabus for 10th while chalking out the study schedule. Students also need to carefully allocate extra time for the important NIOS subjects for Class 10th.

The NIOS 10th Class Syllabus for all subjects is given below. Students can click the direct links given below and download them for their NIOS preparation:

Subject CodeSubject Download PDF
202English Click Here
212Science and TechnologyClick Here
213Social Science Click Here
215Business Studies Click Here
222Psychology Click Here
209Sanskrit Click Here
216Home Science Click Here
211Mathematics Click Here
223Indian Culture and Heritage Click Here
214Economics Click Here
229Data Entry Operations Click Here
225PaintingClick Here

NIOS Subject-wise Syllabus for Class 10

English, Maths, Hindi, Science, Social Science, and other subjects are included in the NIOS 10th Syllabus. Students can check out NIOS Maths Class 10 syllabus here. The NIOS class 10 syllabus 2022 includes detailed topics for each subject as well as the NIOS 10th exam pattern. Reduced NIOS 10th class syllabus 2022 helps in the formation of an effective preparation strategy. The subjects of the NIOS 10th class syllabus 2022 are separated into two groups: Group A and Group B. Language studies were in Group A of the NIOS secondary syllabus, whereas all other essential subjects were in Group B. Candidates who are interested in applying for NIOS admission in 2022 can use this to acquire a better understanding of the courses.  

  • NIOS has categorized the subjects into Group A and Group B.
  • All the language subjects have been placed in Group A. Students are required to choose a minimum of one and a maximum of two languages.
  • All the core subjects have been placed in Group B. Students are required to choose three to four subjects.
  • Students must pass five subjects with one language subject to clear NIOS Class 10 exams.
A English
Science and Technology
Social Science
5. Business Studies
Home Science
Data Entry Operations
Indian Culture and Heritage
Data Entry Operations.

NIOS 10th Class Syllabus for English

Section Name Topics Marks
Reading Unseen Passages 15
Writing Letter writing, report writing, paragraph writing, message writing 25
Grammar Parts and types of a sentence, Subject-Verb Concord, The Verb and a noun phrase, Time and tense, Non – finite, modals, Clauses, Reported speech 30
Literature Poems and Prose 30

NIOS 10th Class Syllabus for Science

Measurement in Science and Technology4
Matter – Structure and Behaviour12
Motion and Force5
The Universe and our Earth6
Our Environment and Natural Resources8
Man-Made Resources and Environmental Problems5
Life Processes17
Health, Hygiene and Diseases4
Agricultural Practices4
Technology and Communication6
Total theory marks85
Practical exam marks15
Total marks100

NIOS 10th Class Syllabus for Social Science

Module No.Module NameMarks
1Evolution of Human Society17
2India: Natural Environment, Resources and Development15
3People, Society and Culture12
4India’s Struggle for Freedom15
5Citizen, State and the Constitution13
6Democracy at Work15
7Contemporary India: Issues and Challenges13

NIOS 10th Class Syllabus for Business Studies

Module NIOS 10th Syllabus – Business Studies
1 Business Environment
2 Structure of Business Organization
3 Service Sector and Business
4 Banking and Insurance
5 Selling and Distribution
6 Consumer Awareness
7 Career Opportunities in Business

NIOS 10th Class Syllabus for Psychology

Module NIOS 10th Syllabus – Psychology
1 Psychology and You
2 Your Psychological Make Up
3 Human Development Across Life Span
4 Society and You
5 Your Well Being
6 Entry to Work Life and Environmental Concerns
7 A Way of Life

NIOS 10th Class Syllabus for Home Science

Module NIOS 10th Syllabus – Home Science
1 Home Science in Everyday Life
1st Unit: What is Home Science
2nd Unit: The Food That We Eat
3rd Unit: Fibres and Fabrics
4th Unit: Home Maintenance
5th Unit: Health and Environment
2 My Family and I
1st Unit: My Family
2nd Unit: Family Resources
3rd Unit: Rights and Responsibilities

NIOS 10th Class Syllabus for Mathematics

Module NIOS 10th Syllabus – Mathematics Sub-topics
1 Algebra Number Systems
Algebraic Expressions and Polynomials
Special Products and Factorisation
Linear Equations
Quadratic Equations
Number Patterns
2 Commercial Mathematics Ratio and Proportion
Percentage and its Applications
Compound Interest
3 Geometry Lines and Angles
Congruence of Triangles
Concurrent Lines
Similarity of Triangles
Angles in a Circle and Cyclic Quadrilateral
Secants, Tangents and their Properties
Coordinate Geometry
4 Mensuration Area of Plane Figures
Surface Area and Volume of Solids
5 Trigonometry Introduction to Trigonometry
Trigonometric Ratios of Some Special Angles
6 Statistics Data and their Representation
Graphical Representation of Data
Measures of Central Tendency
Introduction to Probability

NIOS 10th Class Syllabus for Indian Culture and Heritage

Module NIOS 10th Syllabus – Indian Culture and Heritage
1 Culture: Definition and Characteristics
2 Indian Culture through the Ages
3 Languages and Literature
4 Indian Philosophical Thought
5 Fine Arts
6 Science and Technology
7 Education
8 Social Structure
9 Spread of Indian Culture Abroad

NIOS 10th Class Syllabus for Economics

Module No.Module NameMarks
1Evolution and Characteristics of Wants7
2Human Wants and Production8
3Increasing Production of Goods and Services7
4Distribution of Goods and Services7
5Buying of Goods and Services7
6Selling of Goods and Services8
7Savings: Banks, Post Offices and Insurance8
8Understanding an Economy9
9Indian Economy: An overview and problems19
10World Economy10
11Environment and Sustainable Development10

NIOS 10th Class Syllabus for Data Entry Operations

Module NIOS 10th Syllabus – Data Entry Operations
1 Basics of Computer
2 Operating System
3 Basics of Word Processing
4 Formatting Documents
5 Mail Merge
6 Basics of Spreadsheet
7 Formatting Worksheets
8 Formulas, Functions, and Charts
9 Creating Presentation

NIOS Class 10 Syllabus – Hindi Medium

The NIOS Books for Class 10 Hindi Medium is tabulated below:

Subject – Hindi Medium Download PDF
Social Science Click Here
Business Studies Click Here
Home Science Click Here
Mathematics Click Here
Indian Culture & Heritage Click Here

NIOS 10th Book: Download PDF

Check the subject-wise links to NIOS 10th book in ePUB from the tables given below:

For English Medium

SubjectsDownload Link
English Click Here for Part 1
Click Here for Part 2
Social Science Click Here for Part 1
Click Here for Part 2
Business Studies Click Here
Indian Culture & Heritage Click Here
Home Science Click Here for Part 1
Click Here for Part 2
Psychology Click Here for Part 1
Click Here for Part 2
Economics Click Here
Data Entry Operations Click Here

For Hindi Medium

SubjectsDownload Link
Social Science Click Here for Part 1
Click Here for Part 2
Business Studies Click Here
Economics Click Here
Home Science Click Here for Part 1
Click Here for Part 2
Psychology Click Here for Part 1
Click Here for Part 2
Indian Culture & Heritage Click Here

NIOS Class 10 Exam Pattern

In this section, candidates will find NIOS Class 10 exam pattern, subject-wise weightage, and exam duration.

SubjectsTotal MarksDuration (hours)
English 1003
Mathematics (theory + practical) 100 (85+15) 2.5 + 3
Science (theory + practical) 100 (85+15) 2.5 + 3
Social Science 100 3
Sanskrit 100 3
Business Studies 100 3
Indian Culture & Heritage 100 3
Painting 100 (30+70) 1.5 + 3
Home Science (theory + practical) 100 (85+15) 2.5 + 3
Psychology 100 3
Economics 100 3
Data Entry Operations (theory + practical) 100 (40+60)2 + 2

About NIOS Syllabus

NIOS operates through a network of five Departments in India and abroad. It has a current enrollment of about 2.71 million students at Secondary, Senior Secondary & Vocational levels which makes it the largest open schooling system in the world. The NIOS 10th Syllabus is designed by the board officials of the National Institute of Open Schooling, which consists syllabus for all the main subjects like English, Hindi, Maths, Science, and Social Science. NIOS 10th English Book syllabus is available here.

Class 10 NIOS syllabus gives detailed information about the various sections and concepts for all the subjects. NIOS Class 10 Students are therefore advised to go through the entire syllabus thoroughly so as to make a proper study plan. Students can check out NIOS Books for Class 10 Hindi Medium on Embibe.

Learn & Practice Class 10 Lessons Online At Embibe

Embibe offers various resources for students of class 10. Candidates can take a Class 10 Foundation Mock Test or they can solve Class 10 Practice Questions. These are available for free on Embibe. Embibe also provides candidates with a detailed exam analysis that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the students. Thus, students can work on their weak areas and further improve their scores. This test-taking strategy would be furthermore helpful in the preparation for their board examination.

Aspirants can follow the below steps to take the Class 10 mock test or practice questions

1st Step: Visit the official Embibe website and log in.
2nd Step: Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.
3rd Step: Once candidates are signed up, on the homepage click on the search bar and enter the exam name.
4th Step: Now they can change their goal by clicking on the ‘exam name’ tab. Next, choose the class and then the subject – Science or Maths.
5th Step: Candidates should select the test of choice. Then click on ‘Start Test’. Now read the instruction and then click on “Start Now“.
6th Step: Click on ‘Start Practice’ if they want to practice sample questions.

FAQs On NIOS Class 10 Syllabus

Q.1: Where can I download the NIOS Class 10 syllabus?
We have provided the link to download the NIOS syllabus for Class 10 on this page. The syllabus is also available on the official website.

Q.2: Has NIOS prescribed the same syllabus for Class 10 on-demand and public exams?
Yes, NIOS 10th syllabus is the same for on-demand and public exams.

Q.3: How different is NIOS Class 10 syllabus from CBSE and CISCE board syllabus?
The syllabus of NIOS Class 10 is almost similar to the syllabus prescribed by CISCE and CBSE boards with minor changes.

Q.4: A NIOS student of Class 10 is required to choose how many subjects?
NIOS Class 10 students are required to choose a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7 subjects.

Q.5: How many subjects are allowed in NIOS 10th?
NIOS allows students to study a maximum of 7 disciplines and a minimum of 5 subjects.

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