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SRMEE Cutoffs for All Campuses of SRM and All Branches


The SRMJEEE 2022 cutoff will be published on SRMIST’s official website, srmist.edu.in. The SRMJEEE cutoff 2022 will specify the range of marks within which SRM University will give B.Tech admissions. On April 30, the official website announced the phase 2 SRMJEEE results. On January 24, the SRMIST released the SRMJEEE phase 1 results.

It should be noted that the SRM University 2022 cutoff will be different for different categories of candidates, programmes, and campuses. As explained in this article, there are various deciding factors that determine the SRMJEEE 2022 cutoff, such as the difficulty level of the exam, seat availability, and so on. As an online proctored test, SRMJEEE 2022 is held in two phases. SRMIST successfully completed phase 1 and 2 of the SRMJEEE 2022 test. The third part will take place on June 25 and 26, 2022. Candidates should read the entire article to learn about the SRMJEEE cutoff 2022 and other related things.

SRMEE Cutoffs for 2021-2022 Admissions for Kattankulathur Campus

In the table below, we have provided the SRMEE cutoff for Kattankulathur campus.

Branch NamesKattankulathur Campus – predicted last ranks
Aerospace Engineering7999
Automobile Engineering5900
Biomedical Instrumentation Engineering18000
Bioprocess Engineering10900
Chemical Engineering7100
Civil Engineering5000
Computer Science & Engineering2200
Electrical & Electronics Engineering1500
Electronics & Communication Engineering2850
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering3900
Food and Process Engineering22000
Genetic Engineering18500
Information Technology2300
Information and Telecommunication Engineering3200
Instrumentation & Control Engineering5500
Mechanical Engineering2600

SRMEE Cutoffs for 2021-2022 Admissions for Rampura Campus

In the table below, we have provided the SRMEE cutoff for Rampura campus.

Branch NamesRampura Campus – predicted last ranks
Aerospace Engineering5600
Automobile Engineering6500
Biomedical Instrumentation Engineering6000
Bioprocess Engineering5000
Chemical Engineering6500
Civil Engineering8000
Computer Science & Engineering6000
Electrical & Electronics Engineering5550
Electronics & Communication Engineering4100
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering5500
Food and Process Engineering5000
Genetic Engineering11000
Information Technology15000
Information and Telecommunication Engineering6000
Instrumentation & Control Engineering3500
Mechanical Engineering3400

SRMEE Cutoffs for 2021-2022 Admissions for Vadapalani Campus

In the table below, we have provided the SRMEE cutoff for Vadapalani campus.

Branch NamesVadapalani Campus – predicted last ranks
Aerospace Engineering5000
Automobile Engineering4800
Biomedical Instrumentation Engineering5550
Bioprocess Engineering8500
Chemical Engineering3300
Civil Engineering5000
Computer Science & Engineering17500
Electrical & Electronics Engineering15000
Electronics & Communication Engineering17000
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering18500
Food and Process Engineering9500
Genetic Engineering9000
Information Technology11000
Information and Telecommunication Engineering12500
Instrumentation & Control Engineering9200
Mechanical Engineering17500

SRMEE Cutoffs for 2015-2016 admissions for Modinagar Campus

In the table below, we have provided the SRMEE cutoff for Modinagar campus.

Branch NamesModi Nagar Campus – predicted last ranks
Aerospace Engineering5500
Automobile Engineering7000
Biomedical Instrumentation Engineering4500
Bioprocess Engineering10400
Chemical Engineering12500
Civil Engineering16000
Computer Science & Engineering12000
Electrical & Electronics Engineering11000
Electronics & Communication Engineering7500
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering16300
Food and Process Engineering11200
Genetic Engineering3500
Information Technology15000
Information and Telecommunication Engineering4600
Instrumentation & Control Engineering7800
Mechanical Engineering16200

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