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UGC NET Mock Test 2024: Attempt Latest Online Test Series


UGC NET Mock Test 2024: The National Testing Agency (NTA) will likely conduct UGC NET 2024 June cycle exam from June 10 to 21, 2024. Since immense numbers of aspirants compete with each other in this entrance test, acing it will not be a walk in the park. Therefore, all registered and interested applicants are strongly suggested to attempt the UGC NET 2024 mock test series on Embibe. Attempting mock tests will help them familiarise themselves with the format of the exam.

Take Latest UGC NET Mock Test
UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test – 1UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test – 3
UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test – 2UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test – 4

*Steps to attempt UGC NET mock test with answers are mentioned below in this article.

UGC NET Paper 1 mock tests help aspirants create a better exam preparation strategy. Moreover, they can properly understand the UGC NET syllabus and exam pattern. They can clearly understand the nature, difficulty level, and type of questions asked in the exam. Embibe offers UGC NET Paper 1 mock test with answers. So, candidates can attempt the mock test and prepare better for the exam. Read on to find out more.

Latest News:
UGC announced that NET scores can now be used for admission to PhD.
– NTA is to tentatively conduct the UGC NET 2024 June cycle exam from June 10 to 21, 2024. We strongly advise all registered aspirants to practice online mock test series given on this page to improve their test-taking strategy.

UGC NET Mock Test 2024

Before getting into the details of the mock test, let us have a look at the overview of the UGC NET exam mentioned below:

Name of the ExamNational Eligibility Test (NET)
Conducting BodyNational Testing Agency (NTA)
Purpose of the ExamTo check the eligibility of candidates for Assistant Professor and Junior Research Fellowship (JRF)
Frequency of the ExamTwice a Year
Mode of ExaminationOnline
Type of QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Number of PapersPaper I and Paper II
Number of Questions150
Time Duration3 hours (No break between Paper I and Paper II)
Negative MarkingNo
Official Mock TestOfficial NTA NET Mock Test Link
Official Websiteugcnet.nta.nic.in

Practice UGC NET Chapters for Paper 1

Practice Chapters From UGC NET Paper 1
Research AptitudeTeaching Aptitude
Higher Education SystemInformation And Communication Technology
People, Development And EnvironmentData Interpretation
Mathematical Reasoning and AptitudeLogical Reasoning

UGC NET Exam Pattern 2024

Solving the UGC NET mock test papers is highly essential for effective exam preparation. Before taking up the mock test, it is essential to know the exam pattern. Candidates must understand the exam pattern for NTA UGC NET Paper I and Paper II as given below:

PaperNo. of QuestionsMax. Marks
Paper-I: General Aptitude50100
Paper-II: Subject Selected by Candidates100200

*Steps to Take UGC NET Mock Test

Access the unlimited UGC NET mock test from Embibe and boost your confidence to face the examination. Candidates can follow the below-mentioned steps to take the mock test series:

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe’s official website, i.e., embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Use your mobile number/email to log in.
  • 3rd Step: Select your Goal as ‘Lectureship’ under the Government Job section.
  • 4th Step: Click Next and select ‘UGC NET’.
  • 5th Step: Click Next and select your preferred language.
  • 6th Step: Once done, click on the mock test links to take the TEST.

UGC NET Exam Pattern for Paper I

The UGC NET Paper 1 Syllabus is intended to assess candidates’ teaching/ research aptitude. UGC NET mock tests help in getting an idea about the type and difficulty of the question. The UGC NET Paper I exam is common to all applicants, and it tests the candidate’s reasoning ability, reading comprehension, divergent thinking, and general awareness.

UGC NET Exam Pattern for Paper II

In Paper II, candidates have to select any 1 subject (out of 81 subjects). The questions are subject-specific and test the knowledge of the candidate on the chosen subject.

UGC NET Syllabus

The University Grant Commission (UGC) has revised the UGC NET syllabus for 2024 by reducing the number of papers to 2 (earlier there were 3 papers). Candidates who wish you clear the UGC NET exam should first familiarize themselves with the syllabus of both papers:

  • UGC NET Paper 1 Syllabus
  • UGC NET Paper 2 Syllabus

UGC NET Paper 1 Syllabus

Candidates can check UGC NET Syllabus for Paper 1 from the table below:

UGC NET Paper 1 Syllabus 
Teaching AptitudeLogical Reasoning
Research AptitudeData Interpretation
ComprehensionInformation and Communication Technology (ICT)
CommunicationPeople, Development and Environment
Mathematical Reasoning and AptitudeHigher Education System

UGC NET Syllabus for Paper 2

Candidates can check the UGC NET Syllabus for Paper 2 in the table:

Subject CodeSubject
01UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Economics / Rural Economics /Co-operation / Demography / Development Planning/ Development Studies / Econometrics/ Applied Economics/Development Eco./Business Economics 
02UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Political Science 
03UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Philosophy 
04UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Psychology
05UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Sociology 
06UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – History 
07UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Anthropology 
08UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Commerce 
09UC NET Paper II Syllabus – Education 
10UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Social Work 
11UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Defence and Strategic Studies 
12UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Home Science 
14UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Public Administration 
15UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Population Studies 
16UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Music 
17UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Management (including Business Admn. Mgt./Marketing/ Marketing Mgt./Industrial Relations and Personnel Mgt./ Personnel Mgt./Financial Mgt./Co-operative Management) 
18UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Maithili 
19UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Bengali 
21UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Kannada 
22UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Malayalam 
23UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Oriya 
24UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Punjabi 
25UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Sanskrit 
26UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Tamil 
27UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Telugu 
28UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Urdu 
29UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Arabic 
30UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – English 
31UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Linguistics 
32UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Chinese 
33UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Dogri 
34UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Nepali 
35UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Manipuri 
36UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Assamese 
37UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Gujarati 
38UGC NET Paper II Syllabus  – Marathi 
39UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – French (French Version) 
40UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Spanish 
41UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Russian 
42UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Persian 
43UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Rajasthani 
44UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – German 
45UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Japanese 
46UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Adult Education/ Continuing Education/ Andragogy/ Non Formal Education. 
47UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Physical Education 
49UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Arab Culture and Islamic Studies 
50UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Indian Culture 
55UGC NET Paper II Syllabus- Labour Welfare/Personnel Management/Industrial Relations/ Labour and Social Welfare/Human Resource Management 
58UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Law 
59UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Library and Information Science 
60UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Buddhist, Jaina, Gandhian and Peace Studies 
62UGC NET Paper II – Comparative Study of Religions 
63UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Mass Communication and Journalism 
65UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Performing Art – Dance/Drama/Theatre 
66UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Museology & Conservation 
67UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Archaeology 
68UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Criminology 
70UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Tribal and Regional Language/Literature 
71UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Folk Literature 
72UGC NET Paper II Syllabus- Comparative Literature 
74UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Women Studies 
79UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Visual Art (including Drawing & Painting/Sculpture Graphics/Applied Art/History of Art) 
80UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Geography 
81UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Social Medicine & Community Health 
82UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Forensic Science 
83UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Pali 
84UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Kashmiri 
85UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Konkani 
87UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Computer Science and Applications 
88UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Electronic Science 
89UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Environmental Sciences 
90UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Politics including International Relations/International Studies including Defence/Strategic Studies, West Asian Studies, South East Asian Studies, African Studies, South Asian Studies, Soviet Studies, American Studies. 
91UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Prakrit 
92UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Human Rights and Duties 
93UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Tourism Administration and Management
100UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Yoga 
101UGC NET Paper II Syllabus – Sindhi 

Pre-Requisites for Taking NTA NET Mock Test

Solving mock tests not only increases academic knowledge but also improves test-taking skills. Candidates need to keep a few things in hand before taking the NTA NET mock test. Mock tests have a significant impact on preparing for the exam day. UGC NET online mock tests improve time management skills and boost one’s confidence. NTA has provided mock tests on the official website.

The list of things that candidates must keep in their hands before taking up the mock test is given below:

  • System or Device in which you are going to take the mock test.
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Empty sheets/paper
  • A water bottle

How To Take UGC NET Mock Test?

NTA has released an official notification regarding the mock test. Candidates who wish to appear for the exam must undergo NTA NET mock test and get familiar with the online format of the exam. To take the UGC NET mock test, candidates can go through the steps given below:

1st Step: NTA NET Mock Test Login

  • Visit the official website of the NTA UGC NET.
  • Click on the mock test link.
  • Select UGC NET from the drop-down and paper I or your respective subject from the list of 80 subjects in the mock test.
  • Click on the start mock test button.

2nd Step: NET Mock Test Instructions

  • An instructions window will be opened on the screen.
  • Go through all the instructions carefully.
  • Click on the checkbox to agree to proceed.

3rd Step: Take UGC NET Mock Test

In this stage, candidates can start taking the mock test of UGC NET. Here, candidates can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • After going through the instructions and proceeding to the next window, candidates can start with the mock test.
  • Candidates have the option to move on to or switch to any question they want from the questions box on the right-hand side.
  • Users can make use of options like ‘save and next’, ‘save and ‘mark for review’, ‘clear response’ and ‘mark for review’ and ‘next’. These features are available at the bottom of the page.
  • They can use the back or next option on the bottom to move to the next page or go back to the previous one.
  • Choose 1 correct answer option out of the 4 available and move on to answer the next question.
  • Do not click on the submit since it is the last option that has to be chosen once you finish giving your mock test.
  • The time taken will constantly continue to run and candidates can keep track of how much time one takes to answer a particular question. 

4th Step: UGC NET Mock Test Submission

After completing the mock test, candidates have to click on the submit tab. Once you click on the yes option for submission, no further changes will be made. 

5th Step: UGC NET Mock Test Marks

After submission of the test, a page will appear on the screen with a complete summary of the candidate’s answered and unanswered questions, answer options against the questions and the result of the online UGC NET mock test. 

NTA NET Mock Test – Question Status

While appearing for the official mock test, the question palette displayed on the right side of the screen shows the status of each question as per one of the following symbols (the question numbers appear inside the symbols). Check the meaning of each symbol below. 

  • Gray – Not Visited – Candidates have not visited the question yet.
  • Red – Not Answered – Candidates have not answered the question.
  • Green – Answered – Candidates have answered the question. All these questions will be evaluated.
  • Purple – Marked for Review – Candidates have not answered the question but have only marked the question for review.
  • Purple with green circle – Answered and marked for review – Candidates have answered the question and have marked it for review. All these questions will be evaluated. 

How to Take UGC NET Mock Test on Embibe?

Embibe offers one of the best platforms for candidates to take up mock tests and boost their confidence. Candidates can also take Embibe’s Mock test as the official mock test will not be sufficient for in-depth preparation. Check the steps to take mock tests below:

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe. If you are not logged in, we recommend you log in.
  • 2nd Step: Click on the ‘Take a test’ button present under the search field.
  • 3rd Step: A new page will open. Click on the ‘change your goal’ link present at the top right corner of the page.
  • 4th Step: A list of options appears. Select the ‘Lectureship’ option and click on ‘Change Goal’
  • 5th Step: A UGC NET Mock Test Online page appears on the screen.
  • 6th Step: Click on the link ‘Show All’ to view all the available tests.
  • 7th Step: Candidates can click on ‘More Info’ to check the Test Duration, Test Marks, No. of Questions and List of Chapters in the test. And click on ‘Start Test’.
  • 8th Step: After the completion of the test, click on ‘Show Me Feedback’. Candidates can check the test summary indicating marks scored, percentage, cutoff and attempt analysis.

Note that candidates can unlock the Advanced Feedback Analysis to check the detailed analysis of their performance. The detailed analysis will help you check where you are committing mistakes and what areas require more improvement. This clarity will help you to prepare smartly for the next test and eventually score more marks.

Benefits of Advanced Feedback Analysis

Embibe’s Advanced feedback analysis provides detailed feedback and insights on how you have performed in the test. After the completion of each test on Embibe, a test summary is generated and an option to unlock the Advanced Feedback Analysis is provided. Check the advantages to opt for Embibe’s Advanced Test Analysis.

  • Candidates will be able to see how he/ she has taken the test and the areas which need improvement.
  • The Score & Time analysis will help candidates know whether they have spent the right time on a particular type of question.
  • Apart from working on knowledge gaps, candidates must also pay attention to test-taking skills and behavioural gaps. Advanced Feedback Analysis helps you focus on critical exam-taking skills like speed, accuracy, time management, stamina, and planning.
  • The Advanced Test Analysis pinpoints your mistakes & weaknesses, and working towards improving them will improve your test score.

Benefits of Taking UGC NET Mock Test

The mock test is an essential preparation strategy and helps aspirants score well. Mock tests help in measuring strengths and weaknesses. Candidates can check the benefits of taking the online mock test given below:

  • By taking the mock test, candidates can build their confidence and get an idea about how to answer the questions asked in the exam.
  • While taking the mock test, candidates get to practice a variety of questions.
  • Self-analysis can be done while answering questions in the mock test. 
  • Candidates will learn different ways of answering/solving a question.
  • In addition to the mock test, candidates also get to know the exam pattern, marking scheme and the nature of questions.
  • Candidates will also get used to the mock test’s features and functionality, which prepares them for the real computer-based test.
  • Time management has always been a key to qualifying for any exam. Therefore, mock tests can help candidates manage their time effectively. 
  • Candidates will be familiar with the exam pattern, difficulty level, type of questions asked, weightage of marks and other crucial learning that will help strategise preparation.
  • The mock tests will help in having a hands-on experience of the exam.
  • Taking section-wise mock tests help candidates identify the weak and strong areas.
  • After analyzing the mock test, candidates can know where they are going wrong. This will help them to improve and score better.
  • Candidates can check whether or not they are preparing in the right direction. The gap between the present preparation and the actual requirement can be understood.
  • Taking the mock test will boost confidence and will help to improve conceptual knowledge and test-taking skills.
  • Taking the UGC Online Mock test series will help candidates improve test-taking skills such as time management, speed, accuracy, time management, etc.
  • Candidates will be able to track their performance in each stage and improve accordingly.

UGC NET Question Papers 2024

National Testing Agency (NTA) will release the question papers of UGC NET in online mode on its official website. Candidates can download the UGC NET question papers by using their login credentials. The question papers will be released along with the UGC NET answer key and the candidate’s response sheet.

Along with taking the UGC NET mock test, candidates must also solve question papers to know the level of questions asked in the exam. Candidates can also practice from the previous year’s question papers while preparing for the entrance examination.

FAQs on UGC NET Mock Test 2024

The frequently asked questions for UGC NET online preparation are given below:

Q: From where can I take UGC NET mock test?

Ans: Aspirants can attempt UGC NET mock tests from the Embibe app or website.

Q: How many subjects are there in the UGC NET exam?

Ans: UGC NET Paper I is compulsory for all. Paper II syllabus has a total of 81 subjects, and candidates need to make their choice.

Q: What is the syllabus of the NET exam?

Ans: UGC NET exam consists of two sections, namely Paper I & II. Paper I syllabus is common to all. In contrast, Paper II syllabus is available for all 81 subjects. Candidates can go through the syllabus for their respective subjects.

Q: Are UGC NET mock test papers available in English only?

Ans: English is the default language. However, candidates can change the language later on as per their choice.

Q: Why is it important to take NTA UGC NET mock test?

Ans: Taking mock tests gives the real feel of the exam and an exam-like environment that will help you focus on your weak areas, improve time management skills, analyse your preparation, etc.

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We hope this detailed article on UGC NET Mock Test 2024 helps you. Feel to check our app if you have any queries regarding the exam. We will be happy to help you out.

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