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CAT Quants Preparation 2022: Tips & Strategies


CAT Quants Preparation 2022: The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) will conduct the Common Admission Test (CAT) on November 27, 2022. The Quantitaive Aptitude section of the exam is one of the most challenging and demanding in the whole CAT syllabus. This article has provided preparation tips and strategies with the CAT syllabus which can help candidates ace the examination.

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The IIM has released the official notification for CAT on their official website. The registration process for the entrance exam will start on August 3, 2022 and the last date to apply is September 14, 2022. Candidates are advised to prepare for the Quants section as the earliest because of its difficulty level. Read on to know more.

CAT Quants Preparation 2022 Overview

CAT 2022 exam will be conducted on November 27, 2022. The Quantitative Aptitude section aims to test things that include numerical ability, mathematical skills & problem-solving skills. Quantitative ability is mostly included in all MBA entrance exams. Questions in the quantitative ability section of CAT are related to elementary mathematics.

Candidates must prepare effectively in order to score good marks and clear CAT cutoff marks. The candidate must be completely acquainted with the fundamental concepts of solving questions. Quantitative ability is a separate section and will have 40 minutes of sectional time to solve the related questions.

CAT 2022 Preparation: How To Score In Quants?

Candidates must hold an approach in which aspirants must practice many basic arithmetic questions like percentage, profit, and loss. Geometry and number system have been her key areas of focus for the CAT exam. Preparing for quantitative aptitude is considered one of the most difficult tasks for CAT aspirants. No matter how much Mathematics tests the wits, quantitative aptitude is not a nightmare. With some good math tricks, generalized pattern-based formulae, and most importantly, a unique lateral viewpoint for each question. With effective CAT Quantitative aptitude tips, preparing for CAT can be a bit more effective and accurate.

In the last four years, Quantitative Aptitude for CAT has gone through multiple changes. Before 2015, around 70% part constituted Quantitative Aptitude questions. Check below to comprehend the changes in the quantitative aptitude section as of now-

  1. The negative marking is valid in the Quantitative Aptitude section only from 24 to 27; the rest is to remain No-Negative marking questions.
  2. The difficulty level of the CAT Quantitative aptitude section has decreased in recent years.
  3. The quantitative aptitude questions for CAT have increased from 20 to 34.

How Can I Improve My CAT Quants Preparation? 

To begin the preparation for the CAT Quantitative aptitude section, candidates must first plan out the schedule. Regular practice is required to ace this section. Aspirants can seek the assistance of various books available for quantitative aptitude. The formula behind a high score in any section is good preparation. A well-prepared candidate is likely to ace the CAT Quant section.

Quantitative Aptitude in CAT carries a weightage of 34% in the whole exam. As per the pattern of the CAT exams during the past three years, Quant will occupy the 3rd and last section. The section is considered very important as this can get any composition of topics and different types of questions in objective and subject format.

As the test takers start with this section after spending 120 minutes on the other two sections, CAT preparation experts and toppers share key tips on quant preparation. Check below CAT 2022 tricks for Quant. 

Check CAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Before starting the preparation, it is important to understand the CAT Exam Pattern for the Quant section. The Quantitative Aptitude section is the question paper’s third or last section. Aspirants must know the number of questions, CAT Syllabus and marks to prepare accordingly for this section. It is expected that the CAT exam pattern for this year will remain the same as last year, although there could be minor changes in the number and type of questions.

Quantitative Aptitude Pattern

Quantitative Aptitude Questions for CATNumber of questionsType of Questions
Probability, Series & Sequence; Integers; Mensuration and others8-14MCQs with 1/3 Negative Marking; 3-4 Non-MCQs
Number System, PnC2-4MCQs with 1/3 Negative Marking
Modern Math3-4MCQs with 1/3 Negative Marking; 1 Non-MCQ
Geometry3-4MCQs with 1/3 Negative Marking; 1 Non-MCQ
Arithmetic-speed and distance, time-work-days, ratio, percentage, etc.9-10MCQs with 1/3 Negative Marking; 1-2 Non MCQ
Algebra3-4MCQs with 1/3 Negative Marking; 1 Non-MCQ

Major Topics Covered Under CAT Quantitative Ability

Candidates who wish to appear for CAT must even know about CAT Quantitative ability syllabus. A syllabus overview will help aspirants in preparing for the same by providing a clear view of the exam. The below table will help in knowing about CAT quantitative ability syllabus. These includes:

CAT Quantitative AptitudeCAT Quantitative AptitudeCAT Quantitative Aptitude
QuadrilateralsPolygonsHarmonic progression
FactorialsShortcuts in averagesProperties of Ratio, Proportion
Conditional probabilityinfinite geometric progressionDerangement
Remainder conceptnumber systemPermutation
combination/ probabilitystatisticsWeighted average

Create Preparation Schedule

Before starting off with the preparation, candidates must create a proper timetable. Try to devote 3 hours to the QA section. Start with the basics, follow the time strictly and then practice what has been learnt. Make a separate schedule to practice CAT previous year question papers to get the hang of the questions asked in this section. Do not make a monthly planner as it may be difficult to follow initially. Start with a weekly planner on how to prepare for CAT Quantitative Ability (QA) and then break it into a daily strategy.

Begin With The Basics

Candidates preparing for CAT need to first begin with the basic level questions instead of wasting time on attempting difficult or complicated questions.

Once there is clarity of concepts, candidates can start practising and solving more and more questions. Solving simple examples at the beginning and then gradually moving toward the complex questions would be helpful. As per CAT Important Dates, the exam will be held on November 29; aspirants must try to give a reasonable amount of time to clear their concepts.

The key to scoring in the QA section is the clarity of the concepts. Aspirants who are preparing for CAT without coaching can be a part of online study groups with like-minded people and put up their doubts to find basic concepts.

Work on Shortcut Strategies

On how to prepare for the CAT quant, the very first thing that strikes the mind is how to solve the questions accurately in a limited time. Hence, to improve time management for CAT, candidates must try to find ways of solving questions in a simple and rapid manner. One must go for simple methods using real friends or reel environments or take help from Google. It is necessary to comprehend and know the right formula to apply to each question.

While preparing and solving questions of the QA section, one must not attempt too many questions on guesswork due to the disadvantage of negative marking.

Focus On Weak Areas

The key rule for CAT in the initial months of practice is to concentrate on the areas of improvement and overcome the mistakes with practice. During the preparation time, aspirants must give due weightage to weaker areas. However, if aspirants begin their preparation of the CAT in 3 months, it is better to concentrate on the main areas rather than spending time on weaknesses. In case aspirants wish to know the areas of improvement, they can solve CAT mock tests.

Practice According To Sectional Time

CAT will have sectional timing of 40 minutes to answer one section. Candidates must try to solve the whole section by keeping an eye on the time. It is better to move ahead of time as having a buffer time of a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes will leave room for revision on the day of the examination. Time management is not only significant while preparing but also during the exam.

Solve CAT Mock Test And Previous Year Papers

One of the tips on how to prepare for CAT quantitative ability is to attempt more and more mock tests of CAT. The test will assess the weak and strong areas of the candidates. One also gets the experience of writing the actual exam within a limited time. Once they are done with the practice and revision, aspirants can go to post-mocks of CAT. Candidates must practice questions regularly to score well in quantitative aptitude. A minimum of one mock per day is a must when only a month is left for the examination. Through CAT Mock Tests, candidates will get access to a variety of questions that will help them improve themselves.

Solving CAT Mock Tests will also familiarise candidates with the simulated exam day ambiance. IIMs also render the facility of official mock tests. CAT Question Papers are beneficial to assess the paper pattern, and difficulty level of the questions.

Follow Latest Changes In CAT Quant Pattern

With the restored pattern of CAT, one of the key CAT tips for the quantitative aptitude section is to focus on questions based on the CAT previous year’s Quantitative Questions pattern of the last 2-3 years.

While it is challenging to determine the CAT syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude, it is recommended to prepare as per the changed CAT exam pattern. If aspirants continue preparing as per the old pattern of the CAT Quant Syllabus, they may end up with a low score. One cannot rule out the recurrence of questions on forgotten topics in the Quantitative Aptitude section. Priority must be given to the current CAT pattern and on the current topics as per the revised CAT syllabus.

Difficulty Level of Quant Section Of CAT

The number of questions in the Quant section has varied from 20 questions to 50 questions. CAT cutoff for IIMs has varied from 1/3rd of the section to more than 80% of the section. Quant should be more or less of a moderate difficulty level.

What Are The Mantra Of Successfully Cracking Quant Section Of CAT?

The key to scoring well in the CAT exam is not about how much an aspirant knows. Some of the points to be taken care of includes:

  • Practice Chapter by chapter: The candidate must find a difference between being able to solve the problem and solving the problem quickly and effortlessly. Depending on the difficulty level, 15 to 25 questions should be of easy to moderate level. Practicing every medium of questions for all chapters would enable an aspirant to sail easily.
  • Short Methods and Group Studies: For boosting confidence of an aspirant more than a question is solving the same without involving the use of pen and paper.
  • Building Stamina: Quant should be the last section of the test paper which means that aspirants would reach this section at last.
  • Testing Skill Development: Having 10 to 30 percent of problems as speed breakers is an expected situation in the quant section.
  • Mind calculation: CAT 2022 will offer a basic calculator to all test takers. This will not reduce the importance of mental calculation.

CAT 2022 Tricks For Quant by 99 Percentilers

Many CAT toppers with 99 and 100 percentile have shared that Quantitative Aptitude was their weak area, but they improved a lot in it with consistent preparation. Check below the preparation tips given by most of the toppers of CAT:

  1. Begin with solving the basic questions and gradually move to the difficult questions.
  2. Firstly, focus on clearing the concepts.
  3. Practice as many mock tests as possible to know the weaker sections.
  4. Buy study material to learn the tips and tricks to solve the questions.

CAT 2022 Tips To Prepare For Quant Section: Best Books

Candidates doing self-preparation for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT, cannot deny the significance of selecting the best book for CAT Quantitative Aptitude. Most of the CAT toppers who were weak in Quantitative Aptitude selected for self –preparation after making a thorough search on the best books for preparation. Among other Quantitative Aptitude books, the book by Arun Sharma and Quantitative Aptitude Book By Arihant Publication are some of the renowned CAT Quant books.

The study material of top Coaching Institutes such as TIME, CL, IMS could be beneficial to prepare Quantitative Aptitude for CAT. The reason for the preference of study material on Quant Preparation is the updated information in it as per the latest and expected changes in the CAT exam pattern. The study material also comprises Quantitative Aptitude Tips and Tricks by CAT experts. Check below the preparation tips and study material for CAT preparation of the Quant section:

CAT 2022 Preparation Books

Candidates who do self-preparation for CAT do not deny the importance of choosing the best books for quantitative aptitude for CAT. Candidates who wish to appear for CAT 2022 must go through the books so as to score well in the quant section.

  1. Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT by Sarvesh K Verma
  2. Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal
  3. How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma
  4. Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by Abhijit Guha

Things Present In the Study Material For Quantitative Aptitude

  1. Quantitative Aptitude Tricks by experts on how to solve the questions faster with accuracy 
  2. Quantitative Aptitude Questions for CAT with Solutions
  3. Quantitative Aptitude Practice Questions for CAT of varying difficulty level
  4. Quant 2022 study material to strengthen fundamentals with CAT 2022 Quantitative Aptitude Tips

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Prepare For CAT Quantitative Ability (QA)

Check the most commonly asked questions about CAT Quants Preparation from below:

Q.1: What is the ideal CAT preparation time for Quantitative ability?
: There is no steady time for becoming an excel in QA. The candidate must seek the assistance of books and study material to prepare for CAT quant.

Q.2: How to self-prepare for CAT?
: Often it is observed that candidates first begin to start the preparation on their own. The candidate should know about the CAT exam pattern and syllabus and must even gather the best preparation books, CAT study material and start the CAT preparation by section without leaving anything to chance.

Q.3: How can I improve my CAT quant score?
: The trick to improve the CAT quant score is to work on the speed of answering the question and prepare well as per the exam pattern and syllabus.

Q.4: What is the difficulty level of quant in CAT?
: The Quant section of CAT is challenging and difficult as well. With proper tips and tricks, candidates can score high in this section.

Q.5: Does Quant helps in improving the score of CAT?
: Most CAT toppers found themselves weak in Quant but with proper practice and consistent reading and practice, they score the highest percentile in CAT.

Now that you have a detailed article on CAT 2022 Preparation How to Score In Quants, we hope you give your best to the preparation. Take frequent mock tests and solve previous year papers to boost your study. Taking the mock tests will help you in revision and also improve your time management skill.

Stay tuned to embibe.com to catch all the updates about CAT 2022 Preparation to Score in Quant.

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