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Goa Board Class 9 Study Material: Books, Mock Tests


Does it ever happen to you that you spend hours learning a concept but barely recall anything after a couple of hours? Why do you think that happens? The main reason is that you may not have understood the topic thoroughly. Learning, Practicing and Testing your conceptual knowledge are necessary for successful preparation. Whether you want to learn a topic or just looking for questions to practice, or mock tests to study, Embibe offers the best-in-class Goa Board Class 9 study material. So whatever you need for exam preparation, Embibe is your best bet! 

Embibe provides AI-powered study resources that help build a solid base in the concepts. Instead of reading from lengthy textbooks, you can learn your syllabus from our 3D videos. The visualisation technique helps you retain the information for extended periods. Embibe offers 1000+ sample questions on each subject. Thus you can solve them till you gain confidence. There are 15+ Embibe Explainers which are videos to help you have a proper understanding of all inter-related topics. There’s so much to help you learn, so why don’t you sign in on Embibe and see for yourself?

9th Goa Board Study Material

We know textbook preparation is a must to read and learn the chapter, but who says they cannot be eye-catching and interesting? Check our Embibe 3D video books with solutions, where each question has step-wise answers, so you know how to best answer a question. Keep reading to know and access the most amazing Class 9 Goa Board study material which are 3D video lessons with solutions, practice questions, sample papers and mock tests. 

Goa Board Class 9 Books

Understanding the concepts from the prescribed textbooks should be your first step in the study plan. At Embibe, books are based on the latest Goa Board syllabus, so you don’t have to worry about the concepts. Embibe allows you to pick any chapter/topic and solve questions from the best books for the subject. 

Click on the links below to access these books. 

Sr. No.Goa Board Class 9 Books
1Access Goa Board Class 9 Mathematics Book
2Access Goa Board Class 9 Maths Embibe Big Book
3Access Goa Board Class 9 Science Book
4Access Goa Board Class 9 Science Embibe Big Book

Goa Board Class 9 Sample Papers

Once you have developed conceptual clarity from the books, the next step is practicing the sample papers. Solving Embibe’s sample papers allows you to implement what you learned from the books and analyse your preparation. Embibe’s detailed feedback after solving a sample paper tells you about your weaknesses that need to further work upon. Click on the links below to practice the 9th Goa Board sample papers.

Subject NameSubject-wise Sample Papers
MathematicsPractice Goa Board Class 9 Maths Sample Papers
SciencePractice Goa Board Class 9 Science Sample Papers

9th Goa Board Study Material: Mock Test

Once you feel confident in all subjects, take Embibe’s mock tests.  Embibe’s ‘Create Your Own Test’ feature allows you to tailor your own mock test for a particular topic/chapter/subject, the number of questions, difficulty level, etc. You get detailed performance feedback from our AI technology when submitting a test. It shows your Perfect Attempts, Wasted Attempts, Overtime Correct Attempts, Overtime Incorrect Attempts, Too Fast Correct Attempts, etc. 

The Goa Board Class 9 mock test links are given below. 

SubjectGoa Board Mock Test
MathematicsAttempt 9th Goa Board Maths Mock Test
ScienceAttempt 9th Goa Board Science Mock Test
Social ScienceAttempt 9th Goa Board Social Science Mock Test


Here are some of the common questions about the Goa Board class 9 sample papers that candidates may have on their minds:

Q: Where can I get sample papers for Goa Board 9th Science?

Ans: You can find Goa Board Class 9 Science sample papers for on the Embibe App.

Q: Where can I take the Goa Board Class 9 mock tests for?

Ans: You can attempt mock tests for Goa Board 9th class on the Embibe App. 

Q: How will the 9th Goa Board study material on Embibe help me for the final exam?

Ans: Studying from Embibe Goa Board Class 9 study material helps you learn all the concepts better with the 3D videos. You learn your weaknesses and can rectify them, learn all the key points in a chapter, solve hundreds of sample questions on each topic, take as many mock tests as you need, and receive test feedback that details all the aspects of your exam preparation.

Q: Which is the toughest subject in Goa Board Class 9?

Ans: Most students find Science subject most difficult in Goard Board 9th class.

Q: Is it necessary to solve the 9th Goa Board sample papers?

Ans: Solving 9th Goa Board sample papers is necessary to implement the conceptual knowledge while answering the questions and also to learn your strengths and weaknesses.

We hope this detailed article on the Goa Board Class 9 study material helps you prepare for the 9th Goa Board exam 2023 in the best way possible.

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