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Goa Board Class 12 Preparation Tips 2023


Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (GBSHSE) is the primary education board responsible for overseeing and conducting the secondary and higher secondary (10th and 12th grade) exams in the state of Goa, India. The board is responsible for setting the curriculum, conducting exams, declaring results, and granting certificates to students who successfully complete their secondary and higher secondary education.

The Goa HSSC general stream exams for term 2 will be conducted from March 15 to March 31, 2023, while the Goa HSSC vocational stream exams for term 2 will be conducted from March 16 to March 27, 2023. Therefore, the Goa Board class 12 students should start preparing for the exam soon. A study plan can help students crack the exam. However, to crack the exam, students should adhere to a preparation strategy and follow it meticulously. Read the article for Goa board 12th preparation tips.

What are the Preparation Tips for the Goa Board Class 12?

It is essential that students complete the syllabus before the exam dates.They can achieve the desired score if they diligently study for the Goa Board Class 12 exam. The preparation tips provided in this article can help students achieve their desired scores.

Familiarise with the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Students must identify the relevant syllabus for 2023 before starting the preparation. Also, they must check the weightage of different topics and allocate time according to the difficulty level.

Conceptual Clarity

In an effort to avoid anxiety and forgetting material during exams, you shouldn’t try to memorise everything on the syllabus. Having a thorough understanding of the exam’s material, however, will help you write it more skillfully. Try to learn by thoroughly studying the subject instead of just memorising everything.

Practice with Question Papers

To find out what kinds of questions were asked and to know the exam format, check previous year papers. Students must practice a question paper on all key topics so that it helps in the revision process.

Create a Study Plan

You must make a study plan for greater productivity and follow a systematic study programme for the Goa Board class 12 exam. Include time for all subjects and a small amount of time for interests and hobbies. Every 40 to 45 minutes, take a short break to keep your mind active.

Refer to the Best Study Material

Always conduct research before purchasing study materials. Aim for the best because they will give you a competitive advantage over other students.

The top Goa Board Class 12 study materials, including books and practice exams, are available at Embibe. After attempting the mock tests, students will receive feedback on how they performed on the mock exams.

Keep Notes

You should take notes and write the subject of the study in your own language. These notes will be useful in the final moments to quickly revise the syllabus. It stands out as the best Goa Board Class 12 Board preparation advice for 2023.

Goa Board Class 12 Subject-wise Preparation Tips

Here are some subject-wise preparation tips for Goa Board Class 12 exams:

  1. Mathematics: Practice solving sample papers and previous year question papers. Try to understand the concepts behind each question and don’t just memorize formulas.
  2. Physics: Make sure you understand the laws and theories thoroughly. Also, practice solving numerical problems.
  3. Chemistry: Focus on understanding the basic concepts and reactions. Pay attention to the reaction mechanisms and chemical equations.
  4. Biology: Study the diagrams and practice drawing them yourself. This will help you understand the concepts better. Also, focus on understanding the functioning of different body systems.
  5. English: Read a variety of texts, including novels, poetry, and non-fiction. Practice writing essays and summaries. Focus on improving your vocabulary and grammar.
  6. Economics: Make sure you understand the basic concepts, such as supply and demand, market structures, and inflation. Practice solving numerical problems and case studies.
  7. History: Study the events and dates thoroughly, and try to understand the causes and effects of historical events. Read books and articles to get a better understanding of the historical context.

These are just general tips, and it’s important to consult your teacher for subject-specific advice. Additionally, it’s important to stay focused and motivated, and to seek help if you’re having trouble with a particular subject.

Goa Board Class 12 Important Books

Students must study the chapters sincerely to understand the concepts. Then only will they be able to answer questions in the Board exam and obtain good marks. In the table below, we have provided links for students to learn and understand the chapter topics and answer questions on them.

Sr. No.Goa Board Class 12 Important Books
1Goa Board Class 12 Mathematics Book
2Goa Board Class 12 Physics Book
3Goa Board Class 12 Chemistry Book
4Goa Board Class 12 Biology Book

FAQs on Goa Board Class 12 Preparation Tips

Here are a few questions on preparation tips for Goa Board Class 12:

Q: Are preparation tips helpful for getting good marks in the 12 Goa Board exams?

Ans: Yes. If students follow the Goa Board Class 12 preparation tips and tricks provided in this article, they can make the most of their study time and get good marks in exams.

Q: How many hours should I study for Goa Board Class 12 exams?

Ans: This depends on a variety of factors, including the student’s current level of understanding. In general, students should study for at least 5 hours a day to do well in the Goa Board Class 12 exams.

Q: Should I use online interactive books for Goa Board Class 12 preparation?

Ans. Yes. The online interactive books can help students focus on every topic and learn with ease.

Q: Where can I practice mock tests for Goa Board Class 12?

Ans: At Embibe, students can attempt Goa Board class 12 mock tests for.

Q: When should I prepare for the 12th Goa Board exam?

Ans: Students must start their preparation as early as possible to cover the entire syllabus.

Now that you know the 12th Goa Board Preparation Tips 2023, it’s time to start putting them into practice! Download the Embibe app to attempt mock tests for Goa Board Class 12 subjects. 

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