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How To Prepare General Awareness For IBPS PO Exam – Study Plan


How to Prepare General Awareness For IBPS PO Exam: BPS PO is one of the most notable and challenging exams conducted today. Lakhs of students register for this exam to secure a job in the banking sector, but an exam like IBPS PO requires dedication and in-depth knowledge of the topic. The General Awareness section includes banking knowledge, general knowledge, current affairs and economic knowledge.

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Most government recruitment exams have a section for General Awareness in at least one of the stages of the selection process. IBPS PO has a section dedicated to General Awareness. This section tests candidates’ knowledge on current affairs of national and international events as well as other static general knowledge. Check out the article to know more about the preparation tips.

Practice Subject Wise Chapters 2022 from IBPS PO Prelims

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How To Prepare General Awareness For IBPS PO Exam

Only the IBPS PO Main exam has a General Awareness section which consists of 40 questions each carrying 1 mark. The time duration allocated for this section is 35 minutes. The questions asked in the general awareness section are based on the day-to-day scenarios. It is an unpredictable section as the types of questions asked are never specific or predefined.

Reading newspapers, and informative magazines, and keeping up with current events can help candidates remember important general knowledge details. Allocate half an hour daily for this section as candidates prepare for Prelims. Let us now see how to prepare General Awareness for the IBPS PO exam 2022.

How To Prepare General Awareness For IBPS PO Exam: Know The Syllabus

The first thing that candidates need to know is the IBPS PO syllabus for General Awareness. The entire syllabus can be divided into three categories:

  • Current Affairs: This includes all events and issues of national and international importance for the last six months. More focus should be given to the latest events. Topics include Sports, Science & Technologies, Polity, Awards and Honors, Summits, Latest Budget, Business, Economy, etc. Most of the questions will be based on Current Affairs – candidates can expect 20-25 questions from Current Affairs.
  • Static General Knowledge: General topics like, History, Geography, Indian Constitution, Indian Parliament, Books and Authors, Countries – Capital/Currency, Culture, Sports and Trophies, Inventions and Discoveries. This type of questions have the least weightage – 8-10 questions of this type can be expected.
  • Banking Awareness: Questions related to banking awareness could be from a wide range of topics, like History of Banking, Banking Abbreviations, Banking and Financial Institutes of India, Reserve Bank of India and its Rules and Regulations, Bank Rates, KYC, etc. 12-15 questions related to Banking Awareness can be expected in the paper.

Best Books for IBPS PO General Awareness 2022


Tips and Techniques in English for Competitive Exams
Disha Expert Team

State Bank Probationary Officers Preliminary Examination
Dr. Lal And Jain

Quantitative Aptitude And Reasoning
Shyam Saraf, Abhilasha Swarup

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exam
Disha Expert Team

New Pattern Data Analysis & Interpretation
Er. Deepak Agarwal, D.P. GUPTA

Comprehensive Guide to Mastering the Use of English Idioms & Phrases
Kiran Expert Team

IBPS CWE-IX PO/MT Pre. Exam – Quantitative Aptitude
JBC Expert Team

IBPS CWE-IX PO/MT Pre. Exam – Reasoning Ability
JBC Expert Team

Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency
Dhankar Expert Team

Reasoning Ability Exam Goal Post for Banking Exams
Dreamtech Expert Team

Mental Ability Tests
Dr. Lal & Jain

How To Prepare General Awareness For IBPS PO Exam

i) Develop Reading Habits

As there are topics of a diverse range that come under the General Awareness section, candidates need to read a lot. So, develop reading habits. All three types of questions need a lot of reading. Read newspapers, latest magazines on Current Affairs, General Knowledge books, and books for Banking Awareness. For Current Affairs, candidates need to read newspapers and magazines on a daily basis. They can also read the latest yearbook by any top publication.

ii) Make Notes

As candidates read newspapers, magazines and other books, make sure to note down the various important points, like important dates, who’s who, name of schemes, abbreviations, etc. This will help in better retention. Also, the notes will also help them a lot in time-bound revision.

iii) Watch T.V News Channels

Daily watch T.V news channels. This will increase their General Knowledge too. Tune into a good news channel for a daily bulletin. Watch a popular Indian news channel as well as major foreign ones, especially CNN and BBC. Watch the news every day and make it a habit. During the bank exam preparation, this will keep them updated about current affairs and know what’s happening around the globe.

iv) Go Through Previous Year Questions

Practising previous year’s questions is a must for preparing for IBPS PO General Awareness section. This will give an idea about the type of questions asked in this section. Then, while studying, candidates can focus more on those particular types of information. For Static General Knowledge, practice as many previous year questions as possible. In fact, focus more on the previous year’s questions only. Do not spend too much time reading for Static GK as there is a very less number of questions asked from Static GK. Concentrate on Current Affairs and Banking Awareness.

v) Revise Regularly

As this section needs one to memorize and retain a lot of information, candidates need to revise on a regular basis. Otherwise, they will forget and go blank in the exam hall. So, go through the notes on a regular basis. If making notes seem time-consuming, highlight the important points as they study and glance through them while revising.

vi) Prepare with Banking Awareness Books

Read the books that have all the updated information regarding the general or current events. Choosing banking awareness books wisely shall surely help the candidates in studying the correct information. This General Awareness section is not limited to the banking awareness books or static GK, it involves all the current banking schemes, numbers, profits, etc. So candidates must make a note that they choose the best general and banking awareness books for their preparation.

vii) Keep Everything At Fingertips

Although the syllabus for IBPS PO General Awareness section is vast, and it is humanly impossible to finish everything, make sure whatever has been finished, it should be done properly and all the information about those topics should be at the fingertips. Especially, for Banking Awareness, the topics are comparatively limited compared to the other two categories. So, finish them diligently and memorize them by heart.

viii) Practice Diligently

Candidates must practice questions and take quizzes on a regular basis to test the knowledge of current affairs and general / banking awareness. Mark the questions that candidates get wrong and revise them later.

ix) Do Not Spend Too Much Time On This Section

As this section is highly unpredictable and has a vast syllabus, do not spend too much time on this section. At the same time, remember that they need to clear the cut-off for this section in order to qualify in the IBPS PO Main exam. So, prepare accordingly.

FAQs on IBPS PO Preparation Tips 2022

Following are the frequently asked question and answers related to IBPS PO Preparation:

Q. What type of GK is asked in the bank exam?
Probable General Knowledge Questions asked in IBPS PO. The questions asked are largely related to Financial Awareness. Current Affairs questions are related to events from 2-3 months back. Even Static GK is largely related to people, places, and institutions in the news in the past 2-3 months.

Q. What is the financial awareness bank exam?
Banking and Financial Awareness comprise sections about the role of International Banking Organizations in the development of the financial sector. Therefore, it is important to learn it to qualify for bank exams.

Q. Does general awareness include current affairs?
General awareness means knowledge about the present happenings. General awareness only focuses on the routine happenings of the news around the world. Current affairs or general awareness are common terms used in many competitive exams.

Q. How can I improve my general awareness score?
You can improve your General awareness score by reading daily newspapers, watching news channels, making notes of them, reading books, daily revision of noted points etc.

Q. What is static general knowledge?
Static General Knowledge means the facts that are never going to change in the future. Facts in Static GK cover people, places, things, important days, currencies, dances, etc.

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