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IBPS PO Exam Preparation Tips 2023


IBPS PO is a very competitive test, thus candidates must have a solid grasp of the material to succeed. In addition, aspirants should be thoroughly familiar with the IBPS PO exam syllabus and exam pattern. All applicants are encouraged to confidently hone their test-taking techniques. The candidates can also use Topper’s Preparation method to pass the exam in one single chance.

Take Free IBPS PO Prelims Mock TestsTake Free IBPS PO Prelims Mock Tests
IBPS PO Prelims Test Series – 1IBPS PO Prelims Test Series – 6
IBPS PO Prelims Test Series – 2IBPS PO Prelims Test Series – 7
IBPS PO Prelims Test Series – 3IBPS PO Prelims Test Series – 8
IBPS PO Prelims Test Series – 4IBPS PO Prelims Test Series – 9
IBPS PO Prelims Test Series – 5IBPS PO Prelims Test Series – 10

*Steps to attempt the mock test are mentioned below in this article.

This article will highlight the main exam preparation tips for the IBPS PO exam that every candidate must know. Continue reading this webpage to find more.

IBPS PO Exam Preparation 2023: Check Preparation Strategy Here

Check some of the exam preparation tips for the IBPS PO exam here in this section below:

  • Making a Schedule

Aspirants should create a realistic timetable after they are aware of the exam format and material for IBPS PO. They should study for five to six hours minimum every day. The candidates should identify their weak areas and focus more on them.

  • Making Basics Clear

To improve their comprehension of the tests, all the aspirants must concentrate more on knowing the fundamentals. The candidates must sharpen their analytical abilities across the board.
Learning the derivations is equally vital for this section because it is ineffective to memorise formulas to perform well in the Quantitative Aptitude Section. Likewise, they must recognise the significance of theory in each chapter of the section on reasoning.

  • Create Notes

If candidates write and read brief summaries of the units, it will be simpler to remember. Before the test, it will be useful for reviewing the chapters. Writing down the key ideas after thoroughly reading the parts is a good technique to ensure that you remember knowledge for a long time. Before the test, they can also consult IBPS PO study guides.

Check IBPS PO study materials here.

  • Practice mock tests

The candidates’ IBPS PO preparation won’t be over unless they develop the habit of routinely practising the mock tests. Try to complete as many IBPS PO practice tests as possible. The mock test series can be availed for free from here at Embibe. Additionally, they can also complete the previous year’s exam papers to learn the format of the questions and the importance of each section’s questions.

Practice the IBPS PO mock tests for free!

How to Attempt IBPS PO Mock Tests for FREE?

Check the steps given below to access the mock tests for free from here at Embibe:

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe’s official website, i.e., Embibe.
  • 2nd Step: Use your mobile number/email to log in.
  • 3rd Step: Select your Goal as ‘Banking’ under the Government Job section.
  • 4th Step: Click Next and select ‘IBPS PO Prelims or IBPS PO Mains’.
  • 5th Step: Click Next and select your preferred language.
  • 6th Step: Once done, you can take free mock tests and attempt the All India Test Series from the lists of available resources.
  • 7th Step: Scroll down and click on the test series that you want to take.
  • 8th Step: The test home page will open. Click on the button ‘Start Test’.
  • 9th Step: An instructions page will open. Click on the check box next to ‘I have read and understood the instruction’ and click the ‘Start Now’ button on the bottom right.
  • 10th Step: The test will start. The time remaining will be shown on the right-hand top of the page. Once you answer the questions, click on ‘Submit Test’.
  • 11th Step: A message will appear confirming whether you really want to submit the test. Click on ‘Submit Test’ to submit the test, and click on ‘Continue Test’ to continue solving the questions.
  • 12th Step: After submitting the exam, click ‘Show Me Feedback‘ to view the test feedback.

FAQs on IBPS PO Exam Preparation Tips 2023

Some of the frequently asked questions on the IBPS PO exam preparation tips are given here below:

How many hours of study are required for the IBPS PO exam?

Every candidate must do a minimum average of 6-8hours of study for the IBPS

How to access free study materials for the IBPS PO exam?

At Embibe, candidates can avail the free study materials along with the chapter-wise topics for free.

How to avail me of the IBPS PO exam mock tests for free?

Embibe offers the mock test series for the IBPS PO exam absolutely free.

What is the quick exam tip to prepare for the IBPS PO exam?

Practice as many mock tests as you can- this is a quick tip to prepare for the IBPS PO exam.

How do crack the IBPS PO on the first attempt?

Practising the mock tests, and previous year papers and opting for the correct source of study materials are some of the necessities that must be followed diligently by all the candidates for cracking the IBPS PO exam on the very first attempt.

We hope that this detailed article on IBPS PO preparation tips 2023 helps you. Feel free to check our website or download our app if you have any queries. We will surely help you.

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