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ICSE Board Class 9 Preparation Tips


Students preparing for ICSE Class 9 exam must aspire to get a top rank among their classmates. But they would need a proper plan to prepare effectively for the exam. Creating a study plan and following it dedicatedly will help students to score well on the exam. Students must also know the exam pattern and cover all the chapters according to the prescribed ICSE Class 9 syllabus.

To help students strengthen their basics in ICSE Class 9, we have provided a proper preparation plan that covers both the easy and difficult topics. Dividing their time based on the subject’s difficulty level will help students know how and what to cover first. Read through the article to learn some of the best preparation strategies to ace ICSE Class 9 2023 exam.

Preparation Tips for ICSE Class 9 2023

You must follow the best preparation tips given below for ICSE class 9:

  • Make Your Timetable: If you know the syllabus for ICSE board class 9, then you make your own timetable and divide the time for each subject. Allocate at least 1 and a half hours for each subject. Dedicate more time to cover difficult topics. Take frequent breaks in between to refresh your mind. Follow a study routine religiously. A well-structured preparation leads to success.
  • Refer to the Best Study Materials and Books: Proper study materials are important to make your preparation complete. The best reference books are essential to impart extensive knowledge on the topics, and sample papers will help you to understand the question paper pattern. It is more convenient when you have all the required study materials.
  • Practice More: Once you have completed your studies, practice the questions from the chapters; the more you practice, you will remember them for a long time. More and more practice will enhance your speed and accuracy. You will learn the right way to answer the questions.
  • Solve Previous Year Question Papers: Previous year papers give you insights into the questions and the marking scheme. Solve at least 5 to 6 question papers before the exam. Focus on the difficult questions and the questions that have been frequently asked for years. Students who solve papers always find the exam question paper easy and top the exam.
  • Attempt Mock Tests: Mock tests is the most efficient way of practice. Taking mock tests regularly will give insights into your performance and highlight the areas of improvement. Mock tests reduce exam stress and improve your preparation level. Attempt mock tests regularly to boost your self-confidence.

Prepare with Trending Tests for ICSE Class 9 Exam

To prepare well for the 9th ICSE 2023 exam, our subject-matter experts have curated the subject-wise test series. Click on the below-mentioned links to access the full test:

Subject-wise Full Test
Mathematics Paper – 1 Mathematics Paper – 2
Science Paper 1 – Physics Test – 1 Science Paper 1 – Physics Test – 2
Science Paper 2 – Chemistry Test – 1 Science Paper 2  Chemistry Test – 2
Science Paper 3 – Biology Test –1 Science Paper 3 – Biology Test – 2

FAQs Related to 9th ICSE Preparation Tips 2023

The most commonly asked questions about ICSE class 9 preparation tips are answered below:

Q: Who administers ICSE class 9 exam?

Ans: Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) administers ICSE class 9 exam.

Q: Where will I get the best books for ICSE class 9?

Ans: You can access the best books for ICSE class 9 on Embibe.

Q: What are the study materials provided by Embibe for ICSE class 9?

Ans: Embibe provides books, practice questions and mock tests for ICSE class 9.

Q: How many subjects are there in ICSE class 9?

Ans: There are 11 subjects in ICSE class 9, such as English (Paper-1), English literature (Paper-2), Maths, Indian language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History and Civics, Geography, Environmental Science and Computer.

Q: What is the minimum passing marks in ICSE class 9 exam?

Ans: Students must score 35% to pass ICSE class 9 2023.

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I hope this article about ICSE class 9 preparation tips is helpful. Follow the above preparation tips to maximise efficiency.

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