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ICSE Class 9 Books: All Subjects Books


ICSE Class 9 Books: We have all heard the saying that “Books are our best friend”. But with digitalisation and changing times books have become less popular. However, the knowledge imparted by books is still the same. In this article, we have provided ICSE Class 9 Books which are helpful in secondary education and students must go through them in order to score well in their exams. Students can get the best results if they refer to the ICSE Class 9 Books 2023 for their exam preparation. Students should thoroughly review ICSE 9th Class Syllabus, and then the list of ICSE Class 9 books should be collected.

This article will help students get a detailed list of ICSE books for Class 9 for all subjects. By using the list, students will not miss any important books. With Embibe’s ebooks, students can study the same concepts in a fun and engaging manner. This will help them understand the chapters better. Embibe’s top academic experts compiled the ICSE Class 9 Books list to help students better understand concepts by referencing the best subject-matter books. Continue reading to know more.

Class 9 ICSE Books for All Subjects

Students can find a list of books for each subject on this page. All the suggested books follow the latest ICSE Syllabus 2023. This list further includes sample papers and workbooks that will contribute to every student’s preparation. Students can make effective use of these sample papers after completing each unit to test their understanding of the topic. They can even practice the model test papers and previous year’s papers from these books to enhance their preparations significantly.

ICSE Class 9 Books for Maths

Maths ICSE Class 9 introduces students to several new topics like Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, and Commercial Mathematics. Further, there are topics like Geometry, Algebra, and Statistics in the Class 9 syllabus, and these chapters are considered to be highly mark-fetching in nature. Students should be familiar with most of the concepts that are used to solve the problem sums included in these chapters. Here is the list of Class 9 ICSE books for Maths that strictly follows the latest ICSE syllabus. Students can use the below information to access the ICSE History and Civics Class 9 textbooks.

Together with Mathematics for ICSE StudentsRachna Sagar/
Bhanu Pratap Singh
ICSE Mathematics For IXS. Chand/Anubhuti Gangal
Secondary School Mathematics for Class 9 (paperback)R.S. Aggarwal and
V. Aggarwal
ICSE Understanding Mathematics Class 9M.L. Aggarwal
ICSE Candid Mathematics for Class 9Evergreen/R.C. Joshi
APC Activities in MathematicsM.L. Aggarwal
Oswaal ICSE Sample Question Papers Class 9 Mathematics BookOswaal Editorial Board

ICSE Class 9 Physics Textbook

ICSE Class 9 Physics syllabus includes topics such as Measurements, Laws of Motion, Fluids, Heat, Light, Sound, Electricity, and Magnetism. These books are well structured and will help students understand different concepts related to the subject. Students can further follow these books and practice from the exercises to actively engage in self-assessment. Students can find the list of books below:

ICSE Physics Book 1 Class IXS. Chand/Pankaj Bhatt
ICSE Concise Physics for Class 9Selina
All in One Icse Physics Class 9thArihant
A New Approach to ICSE Physics Part 1 for Class IXGoyal Brothers Prakashan Class 9
Together with Physics for Class 9Rachna Sagar
ICSE Sample Question Papers Class 9 ChemistryOswaal Editorial Board

ICSE Class 9 Books for Chemistry

ICSE Class 9 Chemistry syllabus includes Gas Laws, Elements, Compound and Mixtures, Physical and Chemical Changes, Water, Atomic Structure, Element-Hydrogen, Matter, and Atmospheric Pollution. The Chemistry laboratory sessions will also include specific chapters on these topics. The books listed below cover the theory and practical topics according to the latest ICSE Class 9 Chemistry syllabus:

ICSE Concise Chemistry Part I Class IXSelina
Together with Chemistry for Class 9Rachna Sagar
Candid ICSE Chemistry Class 9Evergreen/Baljinder Kaur
Simplified ICSE Chemistry for Class IXDr. Viraf J. Dalal
All in One ICSE Chemistry Class 9Arihant
ICSE Sample Question Papers Class 9 ChemistryOswaal Editorial Board

ICSE Class 9 Books for Biology

In ICSE Class 9 Biology, students will study topics such as Basic Biology, Flowering Plants, Plant Physiology, Diversity in Living Organisms/ ecosystems, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Health and Hygiene, Waste Generation and Management. The books listed below cover the ICSE Class 9 Biology syllabus. Students will also find well-labelled diagrams for relevant topics in these books:

ICSE Biology Book 1 for Class IXS.Chand/Sarita Aggarwal
Candid ICSE Biology Class 9Evergreen/A.N. Mittal & Ajay Kumar Bhattacharya
ICSE Concise Biology for Class -9Selina
ICSE Sample Question Papers Class 9 BiologyOswaal Editorial Board

ICSE Class 9 Books for History and Civics

ICSE Class 9 History syllabus includes topics such as the Harappan Civilisation, the Vedic Period, the Mauryan Empire, the Sangam Age, the Age of Guptas, Medieval India, the Mughal Empire and the Beginning of the Modern Age. Class 9 Civics topics include the Constitution, Features of Indian Constitution, Election, Political Parties, and Local Self Government. The books listed in the table below cover all the topics and chapters in the ICSE Class 9 History and Civics syllabus. Students can use the below information to access ICSE History and Civics Class 9 textbooks.

ICSE History & Civics Class 9Sudeshna Sengupta/Ratna Sagar
ICSE History & Civics Class 9Full Marks
New ICSE History and Civics IX Part IFrank Brothers
Indian History World Developments And Civics ICSE Class IXAvichal Publishing Company/B.B Tayal & A. Jacob
ICSE History & Civics Part I for Class IXD.N. Kundra/Goyal Brothers Prakashan
ICSE History & Civics Model Test PapersGoyal Brothers Prakashan Class 9
ICSE Sample Question Papers Class 9 History and CivicsOswaal Editorial Board

ICSE Class 9 Books for Geography

In ICSE Class 9 Geography, students will learn about topics such as Our World, Structure of the Earth, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, Pollution, and Natural Regions of the World. ICSE Class 9 Geography syllabus will also include map work in Geography, in which students will learn to locate, mark, and name the physical features and locations on a blank map. The books for Class 9 Geography given below cover the entire ICSE Class 9 Geography syllabus:

ICSE Total Geography Class 9Morning Star/Dolly E. Sequeira & Jasmine Rachel
ICSE Geography Class 9Full Marks
A Textbook of ICSE Geography Part I Class IXGoyal Brothers Prakashan/Veena Bhargava
ICSE Geography Model Test Papers for Class IXGoyal Brothers Prakashan Class 9
ICSE Sample Question Papers Class 9 GeographyOswaal Editorial Board

ICSE Class 9 Books for English

The ICSE Class 9 English syllabus covers topics in English grammar in detail, such as Articles, Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Prepositions, Sentences, Reported Speech, Punctuation, and Applied Grammar. The syllabus also includes sections on Letter Writing, Notice Writing, Diary Entry, Speech, Article, Report Writing, etc. The Literature section of the subject includes Poems, Prose, and Plays. In addition, there is a reading section that improves the reading skills of students. Class 9 students will find the entire Class 9 English syllabus covered in the books mentioned below:

Shakespeare’s The Merchant Of Venice (for ICSE)Allied Publishers/Lena D’Souza
The Merchant Of Venice WorkbookMorning Star
ICSE Total English Class 9Morning Star/Xavier Pinto & P. Pinto
All-In-One English ICSE 9-10Full Marks
Together with English Language ICSE 9 & 10Rachna Sagar
A Complete Course in ICSE English for Classes IX & XO.P. Singh & Meena Singh
ICSE Self-study in English Language 9 & 10Evergreen/G.C. Mago & Genevieve Lobo
ICSE Self-study Literature in English 9 & 10Evergreen/G.C. Mago & Genevieve Lobo

ICSE Class 9 Books for Hindi

ICSE Class 9 Hindi syllabus includes topics such as कारक, संधि, समास, पद-परिचय, काल, शब्द रचना, क्रिया, सर्वनाम, लिंग, वचन, क्रिया-विशेषण, भाषा और संज्ञा. The books listed below cover all the topics according to the latest ICSE Class 9 syllabus:

ICSE Ekanki Sanchay WorkbookEvergreen
ICSE Sahitya Sagar WorkbookEvergreen
ICSE Self-study in Hindi Class 9Evergreen
ICSE Hindi Class 9-10  Full Marks
Together with ICSE Hindi 9 & 10Rachna Sagar
Together with ICSE Hindi Practice Material For ICSE Examinations 9 & 10  Rachna Sagar

ICSE Class 9 Books for Computer Application

The ICSE Class 9 Computer Application syllabus covers topics such as the Introduction to Operating Systems, the Internet, Office Application Software, Database Packages, Concept of Objects and Classes, Values and their types, and Conditional and Non-Nested Loops. The books are compiled into a list given below, keeping in view of the latest ICSE Class 9 Computer Application syllabus. They will not only assist you in better understanding the subject but will also assist you in completing your ICSE Computer Application syllabus on time.

Logix Computer Applications With Blue J Class IXKips Publishing World
Together with ICSE Computer Application Study Material for Class 9 Rachna Sagar
Together with ICSE Practice Material for Class 9 Computer Application Rachna Sagar

All the ICSE books for Class 9 are listed in this article and are according to the latest ICSE Class 9 syllabus 2023. Students should study diligently from all the subject-wise ICSE books. These books follow simple and lucid language to assist students in grasping ideas more quickly. Most of these ICSE textbooks for Class 9 also feature several practice questions to assist students in assessing their level of preparation and strategizing accordingly.

How To Prepare for ICSE Class 9 Exams 2023?

ICSE Class 9 board exams are an important exam in the life of every student. Students put maximum effort to cover the 9th Class syllabus on time and devote plenty of time for revision. Follow the below exam preparation tips to score more marks in the 9th Class Semester 2 board exams:

  1. Go through the ICSE Class 9 Syllabus, exam pattern, and unit-wise marking scheme.
  2. Solve all the in-text problems and questions of the ICSE Class 9 books. Then opt for extra study resources.
  3. Try to finish the syllabus portions that contain higher weightage and then move on to the units with lesser marks.
  4. Solve ICSE Sample Papers for Class 9 and previous year question papers to boost exam confidence. Make sure you give these exams in a single sitting of 3 hours.
  5. Prepare a detailed timetable and stick to that. 
  6. Always clear your doubts well in advance. Do not pile them up for the last moment.
  7. Prepare your notes while learning. Try to write your unique answers in the exams rather than replicating textbook language.
  8. Finish the syllabus at least one month in advance and follow a revision timetable before exams.

Start your preparation right away and finish the whole syllabus as early as possible. Practice Class 9 Questions for Science and Maths on Embibe and go through the solution if necessary. You can also take the 9th Class Mock Tests to check your level of preparation.

FAQs on ICSE Class 9 Books

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on ICSE books for Class 9:

Q. Which books are used by the ICSE board for Class 9?

Ans: The CISCE does not publish or recommend books for the ICSE board. However, there is a list of best books that are followed by most schools. These books are unofficially prescribed by the board.

Q: What are some of the best books for ICSE Class 9 Maths?

Ans: Students can refer to this page to know the best books for ICSE Class 9 Maths.

Q: Where can I get explanations for ICSE Class 9 topics?

Ans: Students can find the chapter explainers and ebooks for ICSE Class 9 on Embibe.

Q: Where can I find the ICSE Class 9 syllabus?

Ans: Students can find the ICSE Class 9 syllabus on Embibe.

Q: How many books should I study to prepare for ICSE Class 9?

Ans: Students must primarily focus on their textbooks to prepare for ICSE Class 9. However, for extra practice, students can refer to other books.

We hope this article on ICSE Class 9 books was helpful to you. For more such information, stay tuned on Embibe.

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