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JEE Advanced Mock Test 2023: Practice Test Series for FREE


JEE Advanced Mock Test 2023: Aspirants aiming to secure high marks in JEE Advanced 2023 exam should practice mock tests to their advantage. JEE Advanced could be a challenging exam. A total of 1,55,538 candidates appeared for JEE Advanced this year, out of which only 40,712 candidates qualified. That indicates that only 26 per cent of candidates could make it to the finish line, the admission. Therefore, aspirants should follow a smart study plan with consistency and hard work, and the best way to do it is that they take the JEE Advanced mock test series on Embibe.

By practising JEE Advanced mock tests, the aspirants will be able to get their heads around the difficulty level and an idea of the mark weightage. Plus, access to the JEE Advanced mock test series at Embibe is free, where aspirants can get personalised suggestions from brilliant subject-matter experts through innovative tech. Furthermore, they get a last-minute chance to improve the mock test scores for their IIT JEE Preparation. Start practising now!

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JEE Advanced Mock Test 2023

Want to crack IIT JEE 2023 exam on the first attempt? Get aligned with the free mock test series at Embibe to get knowledge about JEE Advanced exam pattern and how to attempt the questions in the exam.

Practice with a time-based strategy to improve test-taking skills for the JEE Advanced Exam 2023. Given below are the step-by-step instructions for taking the free IIT JEE mock test on Embibe:

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe’s official website, i.e., www.embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Log in through your registered mobile number/email.
  • 3rd Step: Then select Goal as ‘JEE Advanced‘ under Engineering. Then, click on ‘Next‘ and select your preferred language.
  • 4th Step: Once done, click on the below-mentioned links to take the TEST.
ParticularsTest Links
JEE Advanced 2023 All India Test Series – 1 Paper – 1Full Test Link
JEE Advanced 2023 All India Test Series – 1 Paper – 2Full Test Link
JEE Advanced 2023 All India Test Series – 2 Paper – 1Full Test Link
JEE Advanced 2023 All India Test Series – 2 Paper – 2Full Test Link
JEE Advanced 2023 All India Test Series – 3 Paper – 1Full Test Link
JEE Advanced 2023 All India Test Series – 3 Paper – 2Full Test Link
JEE Advanced 2023 All India Test Series – 4 Paper – 1Full Test Link
JEE Advanced 2023 All India Test Series – 4 Paper – 2Full Test Link
JEE Advanced 2023 All India Test Series – 5 Paper – 1Full Test Link
JEE Advanced 2023 All India Test Series – 5 Paper – 2Full Test Link
JEE Advanced 2023 All India Test Series – 6 Paper – 1Full Test Link
JEE Advanced 2023 All India Test Series – 6 Paper – 2Full Test Link
JEE Advanced 2023 All India Test Series – 7 Paper – 1Full Test Link
JEE Advanced 2023 All India Test Series – 7 Paper – 2Full Test Link
JEE Advanced 2023 All India Test Series – 8 Paper – 1Full Test Link
JEE Advanced 2023 All India Test Series – 8 Paper – 2Full Test Link

Why Should You Take Free JEE Advanced Mock Test on Embibe?

  • Experts at Embibe prepare the best JEE test series by carefully studying the previous year’s JEE Advanced exam trends and the official mock test released by the IITs. The effort is to come up with a mock test similar to the real JEE Advanced entrance exam as much as possible.
  • The experts put great efforts at Embibe to define the difficulty level and the overall pattern of JEE Main Mock Test 2023.
  • Candidates can take as many mock tests as required to prepare for JEE Advanced 2023. In addition, we also provide the IIT JEE previous year papers and solutions to give them the extra edge they need. We suggest that the candidates must attempt the previous year’s JEE Advanced paper just like a mock test. It will help them analyse how much they can score on that test.
  • Once the test is over, aspirants can check the same year’s cut-off scores for various IITs and compare their results to figure out how much more they need to work to achieve the desired score to get into their dream IIT.

Benefits of Free Online JEE Advanced Mock Test Series

Below are the advantages of taking the online JEE Advanced Mock Test Series at Embibe:

  1. Enables you to Track your Progress: Gone are the days when we used to wait for days for the results after taking the mock test. These days the online test series cuts down the waiting time for the results. Embibe provides the students with instant feedback and evaluation right after the test. It helps the students identify the gaps in their preparation and start rectifying them. 
  2. Helps in Revision: Attempting the JEE Advanced mock test series helps strategically revise all topics and crucial formulas.
  3. Awareness of Exam Pattern: The students must be aware of the type of questions, marking scheme, and difficulty level of the questions asked in the exam. The JEE Advanced mock tests help understand the exam pattern quickly.
  4. Fair Performance Evaluation: After each test, Embibe provides you with a detailed analysis report of the mock test taken (if you unlock the Advanced Feedback Analysis or AFA). This benefits the students in evaluating their performance (where and what needs to be improved). These tests are marked automatically and thus omit any scope of partiality.
  5. Helps Improve Speed and Accuracy: The online JEE Advanced mock test series helps candidates improve their exam-taking speed and accuracy.
  6. Easier to Manage: To take an online mock test at Embibe, candidates just need to log in with their username and password. Embibe has made the entire process easier, saving examiners time and effort, and test papers can be accessed from any device (PC, tablet, or smartphone). Finally, the results are automatically stored in the Learning Management System, saving the students time.
  7. Motivation and Self-confidence: By taking the online mock test series, students’ performance improves day by day. It gives them enough motivation to perform well in the exams. Also, self-confidence improves by seeing the performance analysis and improved scores.

Start your JEE Advanced preparation by taking the free JEE Advanced mock test series based on the latest pattern and syllabus, prepared by top subject matter experts and IITians at Embibe. Solve more than 60,000 practice questions to crack JEE Advanced with a high score. And make use of Embibe’s Artificial Intelligence-powered tool to reach your fullest potential.

What Is Advanced Feedback Analysis (AFA) by Embibe?

The Advanced Feedback Analysis (AFA) of Embibe provides detailed feedback and insights on how you have taken your test. If you unlock the AFA after every test you take on Embibe, other than your score and test summary, you will also get detailed solutions and insights into how you performed in the test. It makes the exam preparation better for you as you know exactly where to focus on specifically.

With Embibe’s Advanced Test Analysis, you will see where you stand and what you need to do to improve your score after each mock test. The analysis will provide the following insights:

  1. Score Analysis
  2. First Look Strategy
  3. Subject-wise Time Management
  4. Attempt Effectiveness

Detailed Insights of Advanced Feedback Analysis (AFA)

  1. The Advanced Feedback Analysis analyses how much you have scored and time spent on each subject. 
  2.  It identifies knowledge and behavioural gaps. Note that 61% of your score depends on knowledge and 39% on exam-taking strategy. 
  3. The AFA also focuses on exam-taking skills such as speed, accuracy, stamina, and time management. 
  4. The Advanced Test Analysis pinpoints your weaknesses and provides remedial recommendations that will improve your test score. 

The IIT is a group of educational institutes in India set up by the government to produce high-quality scientists, engineers, and technologists. Getting into the IITs requires determination and hard work. The competition is tough, but it is possible to get through. With the help of every JEE Advanced mock test, you will get to know where you need to focus precisely. Furthermore, Embibe provides free JEE Advanced study material and unlimited JEE Advanced practice questions.

Take JEE Advanced Mock Test on Official Website

Candidates can click on the below-given links to attempt free JEE Advanced official mock tests for both the papers:

JEE Advanced Mock Test – Official

PaperMock Test Link
Mock Test Paper-ITake Mock Test
Mock Test Paper-IITake Mock Test

Steps to Attempt JEE Advanced Free Mock Test

Candidates can follow the below-given steps to take the IIT JEE mock test:

  • 1st Step: Click on the link provided above in the table.
  • 2nd Step: A new page will appear on the screen.
  • 3rd Step: Now, enter the required login credentials.
  • 4th Step: Click on the Sign-in button.
  • 5th Step: Read the instructions carefully and then click on the Next tab. Proceed further to attempt the JEE Advanced mock tests.
JEE Advanced Mock Test

JEE Advanced 2023 Exam-day Instructions 

Aspirants must go through the following important instructions before appearing for the exam:

  1. The mock test will be for 3 hours, and the time will start as soon as the candidate enters the test window. 
  2. Candidates are not required to click on the submit button at the end of the mock test to save their responses. It will be saved automatically. 
  3. Candidates can skip any questions during the exam and can attempt it later. They can also switch sections. 
  4. If candidates wish to check or review any questions later, they can mark those questions as ‘Marked for Review’.
  5. To change the answer to any question, click on the ‘clear response’ and then answer the question again.
  6. To save the response and move to the next question, the candidate must click on the ‘Save and Next’ button. 
  7. The important instructions can be viewed anytime during the mock test. It can be done by clicking on the instructions button in the top right corner.

JEE Advanced Mock Test 2023 — Understanding Interface

While appearing for the entrance exam, the question palette will be displayed on the right side of the screen, showing each question’s status as per one of the following symbols. Check the meaning of each symbol below:

Button ColourStatus of the Button
GrayNot Visited – You have not visited the question yet.
RedNot Answered – You have not answered the question.
GreenAnswered – You have answered the question. All of these questions will be evaluated.
PurpleMarked for Review – You have NOT answered the question but have ONLY marked the question for review.
Purple with Green CircleAnswered and Marked for Review – You have answered the question and have marked it for review. All of these questions will be evaluated.

The JEE Advanced mock test by Embibe is specially designed for students who aim to clear the JEE Advanced cut-off 2023 to get admission to their dream IITs. Embibe experts have curated JEE Advanced 2023 test papers to help students test themselves before appearing for the entrance exam. They have prepared these JEE Advanced mock tests based on insights from JEE Advanced’s previous year’s papers. 

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FAQs on JEE Advanced Mock Test 2023

Given below are some of the most commonly asked questions on the JEE Advanced Mock Test 2023:

Q: Which is the best test series for JEE Advanced 2023?

Ans: Embibe provides one of the best online free test series for JEE Advanced. The detailed analysis helps aspirants to score exceptionally well.

Q: How can I prepare for JEE Advanced 2023?

Ans: The best way to prepare for JEE Advanced and confirm a seat at one of the IITs is by taking mock tests and solving previous years’ papers. You can take free mock tests by clicking the links provided in the article above.

Q: Can I find the official JEE Advanced 2023 mock test online?

Ans: Yes, the exam conducting authority will release the JEE Advanced mock test 2023. Candidates can attempt the mock test on its official website.

Q: How can these mock tests help me?

Ans: These JEE Advanced mock tests can help you develop effective test-taking strategies to help you do well in your exams. With the analysis, you can easily identify your strengths and weaknesses to plan your preparations accordingly.

Q: Where can I find free mock tests for JEE Advanced 2023?

Ans: The official free mock test for JEE Advanced will be released by the exam conducting authority. Candidates will be able to access it on the official website. More free practice mock tests for JEE Advanced 2023 are available on Embibe. Candidates can follow the instructions mentioned in the article to attempt the free JEE Advanced mock tests.

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Now that you have all the JEE Advanced mock test information, you make the most of these free test papers for effective preparation. If you have any queries or facing any issues while preparing for the JEE Advanced 2023, please write to us. We will surely help you out. Embibe wishes you all the best for the exam!

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest news and updates on JEE Advanced 2023!

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