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9th Mizoram Board Important Topics


Scoring 90+ marks in the Mizoram Class 9 board exams can be challenging. However, if you carefully prepare for the exams, you can easily score the desired marks. With approximately 1.7 lakh students appearing for Mizoram Class 9 board exams, you should know how to stay ahead in the competition. Well, the only way you can stay ahead of your peers or manage to be among the 10% who score 90+ marks, you must prepare for the exams very well. 

Many may tell you that scoring 90+ marks is difficult. However, it is possible. It can prove useful if you drive your focus to learn. Moreover, Embibe provides the benefit of accessing the question papers, sample papers, and all these study materials for from Embibe. Therefore, you can refer to those and mold your preparation accordingly. 

Mizoram Class 9 Board Important Topics

Students appearing for the Mizoram Class 9 board must focus on topics to score high. Once you know the topics and their mark divisions, the preparation will become easier than you thought. You can therefore prepare a strategy that will allow you to learn. 

All the topics are available in video format for better understanding. The concept of 3D videos play an important role in making the entire learning process fun and interesting. As soon as you have gone through the chapters, you can move to practice these topics. 

Embibe also has chapter-wise segregated mock tests that will help you understand how prepared you are. The best part is that all these topics are segregated chapter-wise to ensure you can prepare efficiently. 

Science Topics

In the table below, we have provided the Science topics for Mizoram board Class 9:

MotionDescribing Motion
Measuring the Rate of Motion
Force and Newton’s lawsBalanced and Unbalanced Forces
Inertia and mass
SoundPropagation of Sound
Applications of Ultrasound
Matter in Our SurroundingsCharacteristics of Particles of Matter
Interconversion of Matter
Is Matter Around Us PureMixtures
Colloids and Suspensions
Structure of the AtomThe Structure of an Atom
Atomic Number and Mass Number
TissuesPlant Tissues
Animal Tissues
Diversity in Living OrganismsBasis of Classification of Living Organisms
Classification and Evolution
Why Do We Fall IllHealth and its Failure
Diseases and its Causes
Improvement in Food ResourcesImprovement in Crop Yield
Animal Husbandry

Mathematics Topics

In the table below, we have provided the Mathematics topics for Mizoram board Class 9:

Number SystemBasic Number Systems
Irrational Numbers
PolynomialsPolynomials in One Variable
Algebraic Identities
Linear Equations in Two VariablesLinear Equations
Solution of a Linear Equation
Lines and AnglesPairs of Angles
Parallel Lines and a Transversal
TrianglesCongruence of Triangles
Properties of a Triangle
QuadrilateralsAngle Sum Property of a Quadrilateral
Types of Quadrilaterals
ConstructionsBasic Construction
Construction of Triangles
CirclesCircles and its Related Terms
Angle Subtended by a Chord at a Point
Surface Areas and VolumesSurface Area of a Cuboid and a Cube
Surface Area of a Sphere
StatisticsCollection of Data
Presentation of Data

FAQs on Mizoram Class 9 Board Topics

The most commonly asked questions about Mizoram Board Class 9 important topics are as follows: 

Q.1: Where can I get the topics for Mizoram Class 9 Board?

Ans: All the Mizoram Class 9 board topics are on Embibe. Therefore, you can check the platform and start the preparation by practising the questions.  

Q.2: How can I score 90+ marks in Mizoram Board Class 9?

Ans: If you want to score higher marks in Mizoram Board Class 9 and stay ahead of your peers, you can check the basic details. Embibe provides the benefits of taking mock tests that will help you understand how much you should be preparing for the exams. 

Q.3: What is the importance of knowing the Mizoram Board Class 9 exam pattern?

Ans: Knowing the Mizoram Board Class 9 exam pattern is very important for students. It will help them understand the difference between the more and less topics. Therefore, the students can schedule their learning properly and stay ahead of their peers. Therefore, they can study and score the marks accordingly. 

Q.4: How many students yearly appear for Mizoram Class 9 board exams? 

Ans: On average, around 1.7 lakh students yearly appear for the Mizoram Class 9 board exams.

Q.5: When is the Mizoram board Class 9 exams?

Ans: The Mizoram Board Class 9 exams will tentatively be in March 2023. 

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